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JEEP CHEROKEE Fuel hose for tranny cooler line

So i have had a very annoying leak in my tranny cooler line and decided to do a quick temporary fix. I cut the hard line and spliced in some fuel hose for the time being. I tried to use oil cooler line but i could not get it over the hard line. How long do you guys think this will last I double clamped it and its holding good right now.

the difference is the amount of braiding inside the hose. Transmission lines are subject to very high pressure. I would try to get the right hose soon.

The cooler lines are not under much pressure at all. The pressure is all inside the tranny. I have run fuel hose for 3 years now without issue.

Quote Originally Posted by the_weirdo The cooler lines are not under much pressure at all. The pressure is all inside the tranny. I have run fuel hose for 3 years now without issue. This is good to hear. The hose that was on it from the factory was garbage and was still holding fine. The leak was from the press fitting to the hard line. I guess we will see what happens but like I said... it seems fine for now.

im running fuel hose and it works just fine.

JEEP CHEROKEE transmission cooler upgrade

i heard a bit about swapping in a tranny cooler form a jeep grand cherokee they have plate style coolers what kind of connections do i need to do this or can i just use rubber fuel hose and hose clamps

I kept my rad cooler more for fluid warming in the winter. Some of the guys who live in the south eliminate the rad cooler altogether. Most of the guys up north will keep that loop to help warm the fluid in the winter. Probably doesnt make a big difference. I bought the Hayden from advance. It works fine and is almost identical to the B&M. Dont use fuel line use tranny fluid line.

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JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2.7CRD Fuel filter problems

Can anyone advise what the fuel line setup is for a 2.7CRD Austrian built 2003 WJ Grand cherokee Ltd.( Right Hand Drive ) I have read every thread I can find but it would appear that this model has a different fuel line set up. The best I can surmise is the fuel straight out the tank to filter mounted within the engine compartment to a lift pump mounted just in front of rocker cover. From their to

appear that this model has a different fuel line set up. The best I can surmise is the fuel straight out the tank to filter mounted within the engine compartment to a lift pump mounted just in front of rocker cover. From their to high pressure pump. Can anyone with knowledge let me know if this assumption is correct before I start replacing bits or dropping fuel tanks etc. Also anyone know of a jeep

JEEP CHEROKEE 1990 4.ol Fuel Rail-- same as 2000

My uncle has a 1990 jeep cherokee Laredo with the 4.ol and his fuel rail is leaking [real safe I know] and I am in the process of finding the parts and fixing it for him. The dealer says that the part is NLA and I want to know if the one on a 2000 cherokee is the same. I know the 4.ol is pretty much the same over its run but possibly have different diagnostics or emissions stuff that could make the

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Fuel pump on Grand 4ltr

Hinew member with a jeep grand cherokee 4ltr petrollpg 1996 in the uk. been browsing this forum for a while and must say lts a hive of information much more info than i can get in uk. pretty sure my fuel pumps packed up on my jeep runs lovely on lpg but wont start or run on petroli dont fancy dropping my tank mainly because its got all the lpg pipes attached to it and really dont want to disturb it.

fuel pumps 15-16 years ago which said theres problems with these pumps failing when overheating to begin with. Not sure you have much choice but to drop your tank and replace the pump assembly. I went with an OEM quality Bosch 67646 Electric fuel Pump Assembly for my 96 ZJ from Amazon for 222. Fits both the 4.0 and 5.2 96 ZJs. But if you have a 96 XJ it takes another model of fuel pump. httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf13f...post13861074

JEEP CHEROKEE anther fuel economy thread D

ok so ill be replacing the cap and rotor with either stock or maybe a bosch not getting check engine light but i might change the o2 sensor just in case....besides improper tire infletiun(mispelled on pourpose lol) what else am i forgetting at this early or rather late hour

can switch to a larger tire and re-gear to match but you still have the rolling resistance of larger wider tires to overcome. 7) Switch to a manual trans. Manuals have less parasitic drag on the engine you control your own shift points keeping it at lower RPMS and it weighs a lot less than an auto fluid and cooler setup. 8) REDUCE WEIGHT. Who needs power windows and an overhead console This is a jeep

JEEP CHEROKEE Trans cooler line

Well jeep is back in the shop and the mechanic says it needs a new trans cooler line. Bad news they arent made anymore. Might have to have one custom made. Whats the deal with this part are there any third partys that make them What exactly is this part Thanks for any comments...

a pack of 4 for about 3. Here is the link for the lines at Napa. They may not stock them but they can usually get them the next day. Take the part numbers with you incase the person working there cant use a computer. httpwww.napaautoparts.commasterp...Line&VehCodeY The lines are pretty long like 5 and 6 ft. Now would be a good time to install a aux tranny cooler also. Theres a nice write up on

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Transmission cooler lines - best way to replace

The transmission cooler lines on Anns GC are very rusty and though not leaking yet probably will in the near future. What are you guys using to replace your cooler lines Thanks Blake

Quote Originally Posted by jeeples Along with that look for fuel injection style hose clamps. They have smooth bands vs. the slotted ones found on traditional worm drive clamps. The slots in the worm drives can cut into the hose and cause leaks. Real good point and fuel injector type clamps are what I tried to use when just installing a trans oil cooler and half the metal lines on my sons 96 4.0 XJ.

Thanks guys Very good information. I think Ill check out Rock Auto and try to get the replacements as that is not a bad deal at all. And I understand putting a slight flare on the end of tubing to keep the hoses from sliding off. I got to thinking.... several years ago I needed to replace the fuel hoses on my 1995 CumminsDodge pickup with a 12 valve engine. The lines are only about a foot long each

Youre probably going the best route by installing all new metal lines. Ive found it best on the quick-disconnect fittings to blast some brake cleaner in the fitting to to get the dirtgrit out maybe blow some air in there and then follow it up with a rust cutter. Always helps to have a 38 quick-disconnect tool around. Ive never installed rubber hose in place of metal trans lines until I just plumbed

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Budget power steering cooler

Recently I had a steering box failure and while I was replacing the box and pump I decided Id do something that Ive always had towards to the bottom of my mod list. A budget power steering cooler using a stock ZJ transmission cooler on the opposite side of the existing cooler. On a 5.2 the stock tranny cooler is on the passenger side so the PS cooler will be conveniently located on the driver side

JEEP CHEROKEE Engine Oil Cooler Dual Remote Oil Filters--Longevity & Cooling Potential

A recent forum thread put the idea into my head but I have no opinion on it nor do I have much personal experience to draw from. I thought I might seek some discussion here to explore the idea. Specifically my thinking has been XJ 4.0s walk awfully close to the line between adequate and inadequate engine cooling. Engine oil is one potential avenue of supplementary engine cooling. Engine oil coolers

not offering this idea as a way of fixing a 4.0 overheating issue. Im not that stupid but the facts regarding the 4.0s heat and cooling are relevant to this idea so I expressed them. And there are rare situations where a fully-functional stock cooling system is inadequate (but there are lots of other more effective ways of enhancing cooling). The if it aint broke sentiment is overpowering among jeepers

JEEP CHEROKEE Factory Tranmission Cooler

I just got my jeep back from the shop I know I dont have a factory tow package bc I have no hitch. Its a 1996 Country 4x4. I had the coolant system flushed with a bunch of other work well Ive had it for 2 months. Anyways I was looking at the grill and noticed it looks like I have an aux cooler in front of the radiator. Its almost as long as the entire grill and has a hose coming out the bottom it runs

Awesome Ya I just got my jeep out of the shop bc I had a fuel leak from the fuel filter and some other things wrong my parents moved so I have no garage or tools to work on it. I had them quote a tranny cooler wow it was expensive. So now its either to uhaul or junkyard for a hitch. hmm Im almost ready to tow

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE pwr strg cooler

I got this on the cheap awhile back. It was for a newer model jeep. It has cushioned mounts and a threaded hose that looks like it would screw directly in the gear. I could splice the lines with pressure hose double barbs and fuel injection clamps if I wanted to mount it out front. But Im thinking of making it a more passive cooler. As yall know by now I own a 2 wheel zj so no wheeling. Given the length

JEEP CHEROKEE Special tool for trans cooler line fittings

For those of you who have replaced your trans cooler hoses what did you use to disconnect the fittings on the rubber end of the line These ends look like rocket engine bells and appear to have snap-on type tangs on the inside. I know GM makes a special tool for a lot of their fuel lines and some oil coolertrans cooler lines so I was wondering if this is the case for jeeps too or is there an ordinary tool that will suffice to disconnect these Ideas Thanks Chris

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Loss of Fuel PresureHard to StartStalls when Driving

My 97 4.0 Petrol.zg has a hard time starting (takes about 5 seconds) Once started all is fine and can sometimes drive 50 miles without an issue then suddenly stalls while driving to restart it can then take up to an hour but so far it has always started. I have tested the fuel pressure with stable good pressure around 50 psi however as soon as I turn it off pressure drops to ZERO instantly. Is this

beat the below price of 120 for a Brand New Bosch 67649 fuel Pump Module for 97-98 on a 97 4.0 ZGZJ. Even with 52.40 shipping to QueenlandAustralia its a heck of a deal. Youll have to open an ebay and PayPal account if you dont already have one but its easy to do. E-Herko on ebay is a very reputable dealer some of us have used and Bosch is now the replacement OE supplier of fuel pump modules to jeepChrysler.

JEEP CHEROKEE Cooler line to transmission fittings

My new Dorman cooler lines didnt include new ones. Cant seem to find them on Autozone or Checkers websites. Am I just blind Maybe they werent supposed to come out during removal of the line but they both busted.

The dealer wants 23 each. Found them online fuel Oil cooler Line Repair Kit83504447 by the jeep Specialists Morris 4x4 Center

JEEP CHEROKEE Transmission cooler line problem

hey guys I recently replaced the lower tranny cooler line and am having trouble with getting it to connect back into the transmission. after a couple of days of trying I finally got the clip to connect back into the transmission but now theres a tiny leak coming from it and Im thinking its the O-rings. any advice for getting them outwhere I can get new ones I also wanted to know what kind of tranny

There are two o-rings separated by a spacer. fuel Oil cooler Line Repair Kit83504447 by the jeep Specialists Morris 4x4 Center

JEEP CHEROKEE Trans cooler line

Hey guys need some assistance from someone on here. My trans cooler line that connects to the lower radiator disconnects itself really easy. I can put it back on and it snaps but I can pull it back off with little effort. None of the local auto parts stores has this part readily available and I was wondering if there is a O-ring and maybe the quick disconnect that can be replaced It6s a new radiator

fuel Oil cooler Line Repair Kit83504447 by the jeep Specialists Morris 4x4 Center

JEEP CHEROKEE question about Fuel pump PCM

I spoke with a guy at OReilley Auto parts here in town and he advised me that the 99 XJs have a seperate PCM for the fuel pump... Is he just stupid or is there some truth to this My pump was having trouble on start up for a few weeks now. But if I smack the tank She would fire right up and it never gave me any problems while driving. While letting it idle in the drive yesterday it started sputtering

If you smack the tank and it starts working then go buy a pump. FYI I think he ment theres a seperate fuel pump relay not pcm. Theres only 1 pcm in a jeep...Rob 1 more quick note your fuel pump gets hot while operating thus you should never run your tank below 14 tank of fuel. The more fuel you have the cooler the pump will be...Rob

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE More power in a 5.2 v8 fuel injection

Hello i have a zj 5.2 v8 with fuel injection and would like to have more hp is this possible If its possible how i do it Some times when i go deep with acelerator the car fail in the speed passing sems that the gear dont go in then i take out the foot and the gear goes. Some one can help me Thanks

it cost about 10 at the junk yard. you take the pancake air hat off and install the one from a 5.2 durango witch helps the motor rev its not a power adder its mostly response and a few ponies. you do have to cut the hood frame a little but any DIY guy could do it with a grinder and some patience. be sure to take the durango longer stud( its obvious) next is the taurus e fan conversion. httpwww.jeepforum.comforumf13f...l-pics-233676

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Which fuel is best

I try to find out what is the best fuel to use in the 3.6 V6. The past 10k miles I tried 87 89 and 91 octane fuels in different situations. (Please note that I installed a cold air intake and a Magnaflow catback). My conclusion is that the engine performs best with a 89 octane fuel. I tried to find information on the Chrysler jeep site and I ask the dealer. So far nobody could give me an answer. Im sure I find some answers here....

Quote Originally Posted by padgett If it were designed only for 87 PON that would be correct but the Pentastar is flex fuel so aint necessarily so. Have been accused of making things to complex so will leave almost all math out. There are two important things about fuels (gasoline diesel ethanol) for IC engines 1) energy per gallon 2) flame propagation rate (how fast it burns) These are not the same. Whether racing or just driving the purpose is the same maximum chamber pressure with an even burn at the sweet spot (varies by engine but generally between 5 and 15 degrees ATDC). Everything that goes on is a SWAG at making this happen. Oh and while cleaning the air. Alcohol has about 34 the energy of gasoline so you need more (richer mixture) 87 PON burns faster (doesnt need as much advance) than 89 or 93 (am at sea level so 93 is common here - whole nother subject). OK forgetting the energy part which is as (1) E85 is the equivalent of about 105 octane gas which means it burns slower than anything youd find other than at a race track or airport. Bottom line is that a normal car designed for 87 PON will have shorter advance maps than one designed for premium and may act retarded (less power) on 93 because it cannot dial in enough advance for the slower burning fuel. Pentastar is different. Since it is designed for either 87 PON or E85 (and everything in the middle) the maps will need to have enough advance for a 105 octane fuel. So you might see some benefit from the higher octane. In fact with the current 2 cyl. problem using 89 for heavy loads at low rpm might be a good idea. I saw mention that the P0302 may have a fuel component as a cause and wondered about the 85 octane common in mountain states. So the computer is designed to recognise E85 or lesser mix so must be able to advance far enough the question is whether it can recognise the difference between 87 and 93 octane. If I was designing the PCM periodically (once a minute ) when at steady state (in cruise under 40% PLA and not overheating is nice) Id ramp up the advance to the edge of detonation then back off a degree or two. That is the sweet spot and possible with modern electronics. True PID feedback loop. Now whether Chrysler does this is unknown. Would probably not help with EPA ratings but could make a big difference in miles and miles of miles and miles on the Interstate. Is part of the digital engine controls for some jet engines. Back in 73 Pontiac got in big trouble with the EPA for doing something similar (why the engine color changed) but they didnt have computer controls just a timer. However for the pentastar Id need to look at the programming to know how they detect gasahol and what they do about it & Chrysler does not share that with mere owners. Alternative would take a multifulel system (trivial) a tablet OBD dongle 5 program and a couple of days of testing. So 50k (5k for the test 45k for explaining what it all means). Short answer maybeso. ps still think everything would last longer if run 15-25F cooler & engine fan was brought in sooner. AS for the CAI throw away the filter (stock is fine) and keep the hose I was seeing 150F IAT today. One of these is a turbo diesel. Thanks for the info...I think my jeep does perform better with 89 octane

JEEP CHEROKEE does anyone know where i can get transmission cooler lines in ontario

i got two bad cooler lines. and i cant get them anywhere. and i reallyy dont want to go to a dealer. and ive been told its hard to make my own.

Quote Originally Posted by rawk hard xj I had holes in the rigid line and just cut out the bad spot and patched in some rubber fuel line with hose clams. no no no no no My Dodge Dart caught in fire because someone thought that was a good idea - someone patched a cooler line with fuel line rather than actual transmission hose. Sprung a leak while I was driving and because it was dark I didnt notice

Quote Originally Posted by N8N no no no no no My Dodge Dart caught in fire because someone thought that was a good idea - someone patched a cooler line with fuel line rather than actual transmission hose. Sprung a leak while I was driving and because it was dark I didnt notice the smoke right away. Had to waste a fire extinguisher and my transmission was garbage after that. Yes transmission hose exists

JEEP CHEROKEE Increased fuel mileage 3mpg

After reading posts on fuel mileage and thermostats I tried a couple of things. First I removed the air filter box and cut out the front and outer sides (just below the filter line and leaving the corner as a post). On the back and engine sides and on the bottom I drilled many 38 holes. Second I replaced the thermostat with a 180 (from 195 stock). The result has been an increase in gas mileage of 3

First off running hotter and using higher octane case have NOTHING to do with each other. The only reason that some engines require higher octane is if they have a higher compression ratio...period. Next yes the same mathematical formulas apply to race cars as well as jeeps. They are both internal combustion engines. You said something to do with the fuelair mixes. Gasoline is ONLY combustable at a

and better mileage pump cooler air into it. Insulate the stock airbox get a snorkel and relocate the IAT from the manifold to the airbox lid. Oh yeah pull the lead out of your right foot make sure your tires arent under inflated and make sure youre running the proper gears for your tire size. Those three things right there can make a bigger difference than any engine mod. And dont ever assume jeep

On a carb car 190 or so is a good constant temp to shoot for in a fuelie New cars come with a 205-210 stat. The reason for the high stat is EMISSIONS.. has nothing to do with mileage. The hotter your engine the hotter the cat the hotter the cat (up to a point) the more effective it is. Engine wear is a non issue over an operating temp of about 185. If you put a 180 tstat in the jeep and you temps drops

JEEP CHEROKEE Higher octane fuel delima....

Hi everyone Ive been doing some research on the web google searches etc and have found a lot of information about what the differences are in various fuel octanes. One of the more reputable sites I found said that using a higher octane fuel then your engine requires will not harm the engine. I would agree with that....I think its a myth that higher octane will hurt an engine. They also said that using

I dont run anything over 89 in my xj but from years of racing quadsbikes i learned that fuel has alot to do with how your engine performs the higher the octane the cooler it burns also... as far as running hightext in your jeep (wheelin) imho i dont see a need for it... but thats just my 2 cents and im pretty sure the way gas prices are itd be your 15 dollar differnce in the tank

JEEP CHEROKEE GREAT fuel system mod

I had just installed my new exhaust manifold and wrapped it with that DSE header wrap stuff. While checking everything over I felt the fuel rail. TOO HOT TO TOUCH. Not good. Hot fuel sucks. I cut a length of header wrap the length of the fuel rail notched it for the injector bungs wrapped it around the fuel rail then steel zip-tied it to the fuel rail lengthwise. ....Then I took some of that flexible

JEEP CHEROKEE Tranny fuel and Engine cure all

I as well have an AW4 and I used to have slams in to gear on hard excelleration I switched in a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil and it works Awesome I also suggest you take it to a shop and have A pro flush done in the jeep dealer I work at they have a flush machine that hooks directly into the cooler lines and gets all the old fluid out we charge 60 dollars for the service but it is the best I have ever

JEEP CHEROKEE tranny cooler question

I was parusing through the magazine and saw the stock tranny coolers for 19.95. The pic had the radiator lines and some clamps. Is that all it costs I thought it would be a little more than that. Well the site says 20.95 but anyway here is a link . Is this what I want If so how is the instal any good writeups Thanks

I just bought a tranny cooler I will be installing it this weekend and i was wondering what would be considered over cool. I bought a B & M tranny cooler 24000lbs gvw. What would happen if i over cooled it I understand that running a motor too cold is terrible for fuel economy but whats the problem in the tranny would the fluid be too thick Anyone know which way the factory auxiliary cooler is run Thanks Jon

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Tranmission Cooler

Hello everyone I have a 2002 Grand cherokee Limited 4.0 i6 and I am leaking tranny oil in the font of my truck. Checked all the lines and all were good. Noticed wetness on passenger side of what appears to be an actranny cooler. Was this seperate from radiator or was it an all in one type. My question is can I just add an aftermarket cooler and bypass original cooler Do I have to replace whole radiator. Please Advise Thank you Nick

Theres a heat exchanger inside the radiator the connectors for that are on the drivers side. There is also a cooler albeit a small one stock on towing package versions. The connectors are on the passenger side. The connectors have always been problematic as they are held in with and o-ring spacer o-ring seal set-up. The connector seals can be found at a.) the dealer b.) or c.) some

JEEP CHEROKEE tranny cooler lines

I was just searching for an old post came up empty. Its about changing the factory auto tranny lines. Mine have been leaking for wuite a while and I think its time I take care of it. All I remember it was something to do with high pressure fuel lines or something but the rest I totally forget. If someone has done this and can fill me in Id greaty appriciate it.

you have the idea dremel the ends off cause the high pressure ends they have on there are a jacked up deal. once both ends are dremeld off slap in the new line and clam em 2 on each side id recomend. you should be able to find the tranny cooler line not the fuel line. theres a difference. both rubber just search around even if you have to find it at the dealer Sean

Almost any autoparts store should carry bulk power steering return line that you can also use. Its the same as tranny cooler line (both are hydraulic fluids) but most of the parts jockeys (at least at chain parts stores) wouldnt know this. Definately DO NOT use fuel line It might work temporarily but eventually the tranny fluid will soften it and it will fail. Also use the high-pressure style fuel

JEEP CHEROKEE Transmission outlet line to cooler

I have a kinked transmission line. (I think it happend from the same rock that bent my tie-rod ) Anyway I called the jeep dealer to order another one and they said its the return line. The FSM is calling it an outlet line from the transmission. Its the line that comes out of the front of the transmission and runs under the harmonic balance. This is not the return line right I was going to try to unkink it with a pair of pliers but I dont want to break it.

I replaced mine when they developed leaks with rubber only I did it from the trasmission all the way to the cooler. I used aftermarket adapters that I found at pepboys --- not exactly my favorite parts store but they had it you should take your old line ends to make sure you have the right threads and you will need ones for your cooler as well. I also used 38 fuel injector hose which is over kill as

Quote Originally Posted by Timmy.o.tool I replaced mine when they developed leaks with rubber only I did it from the trasmission all the way to the cooler. I used aftermarket adapters that I found at pepboys --- not exactly my favorite parts store but they had it you should take your old line ends to make sure you have the right threads and you will need ones for your cooler as well. I also used 38

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE one more question about trans cooler QD fittings

Ive been fighting a small leak in the quick disconnect fitting of the pressure side of the transmission cooler oil line. The general consensus in prior threads here is to just cut out that whole assembly and double clamp some hose in its place. I just bought some hose for that purpose but Im leary about clamping to the stub on the radiator side. No barbs short distance oily surface and pressurized

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE transmission radiator cooler bypassed and trans temp light on

hello ive been browsing this forum for about a month now. i just bought my first jeep a couple of months ago. Its a 2004 jeep grand cherokee laredo. Well last night i was sitting in a mcdonalds drive thru for about 20 minutes and my od off light came on. On my way home just about 3 miles away my transmission temp light came on. So after checking my fluid level i noticed it was bubbly on the dipstick.

what would possess someone to do something so ridiculously stupid bypass the transmission cooler... that is as dumb as cutting fuel lines to save on gas. bluepoint i wish you the best of luck. do the fluid change add a large cooler and be nice to it for awhile.

JEEP CHEROKEE Trans Cooler Lines

This is a basic 101 question but I cant figure it out. My 01 XJ trans cooler lines have quick disconnect fittings at the radiator. How are they disconnected Is there a special tool to use that disengages the spring clip in the fitting Any help would be appreciated.

Quote Originally Posted by MSHarnett Which connection are toy talking about There is the upper one which is simply just screwed on and the lower well Im not sure what that is. Are you talking about the factory aux. tranny cooler What are you trying to do Not so on my 01 it has standard quick disconnect fittings similar to fuel lines on top and bottom. I got my answer elsewhere. Simple crow foot type

JEEP CHEROKEE transmission cooler lines

i have a 98 cherokee with 4.0L I6 with AT. recently busted my radiator and now im trying to remove it to replace it so it doesnt leak anymore. i got the top transmission line off of the radiator but the bottom line ( not sure which is return or line in ) unbolts but its still like stuck in the radiator. im afraid to break any of the lines forcing things to come loose because those lines are decent money plus the time to replace them. its getting dark out and its my DD please help ASAP

The bottom line uses a sort of clamshell clamp that you push into the fitting on the trans line going to the rad. It will spread the fingers in the line connection and you pull it off. If you unbolted the connector to the rad it will not come off because it goes into the cooler inside of the radiator and it is soldered inside. The connector you need is the one that I mentioned and the tool is a 516--38th

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE How to install the Dorman Tranny line coolers

Okay so I bought the DORMAN Part 624306 from advance auto and I destroyed them trying to install them on my jeep..... I cant seem to figure out how in the world you are supposed to get these on here... Can ANYONE help me who has done this I get stuck trying to get them around the exhaust pipe.... If pics are needed I will provide. part I got is right here

Quote Originally Posted by hezx so the two front connects are good with those prong things then mine do not have quick connects in the hoses. Ill post a pic if you need to know what Im talking about So are the new lines long enough to reach the radiator or do they stop just short of the fan shroud On my 96 the high pressure quick disconnect in on the male 2-3 metal 30 degree nipple coming out of the

JEEP CHEROKEE Tranny Cooler Hose Popped Off...

On the way in to work today. Didnt come completely off I still had enough pressure to start from a stop and stuff like that but I lost some fluid. I was going to go out at lunch and clamp it back down then stop at the autozone on the way home and top the fluid back off. Is this possible Im not too familiar with how the whole thing works dunno if I need to bleed out air pockets in the fluid or anything

Thanks for the advice buddy you really saved my today. It wasnt reading on the dipstick so I had a co-worker drive me over to advance. Brought back 2 quarts of multi-vehicle (they didnt have any mercon 3) and that was enough to get me back on the road. I bought some coarse sandpaper and some fuel line hose clamps Im going to scuff up the nipple and double-clamp it so dont have to worry about it coming

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 91 Cherokee rough idle stumbling acceleration fuel pressure drops fast

Hi guys I a little hesitant to post because Im a huge lurker but not tech-savy enough to answer others questions. However Im at the point now that I may need to bring my XJ in and have a mechanic look at it and I figured Id make one last-ditch effort by posting and maybe save myself some . I dont have a lot of tools. The jeep 1991 cherokee HO 4.0 L6 The symptoms It began maybe a month ago I noticed

Just to interject...If you do not have access to a compressor or the valve wont hold pressure you can remove the plug feed sturdy nylon rope in the hole while the piston is at the bottom of its stroke until the cavity is full. Turn the crankshaft and Viola the valve wont fall into the cylinder when you take the keepers and springs off. Just reverse the direction you turned the crank and pull out your rope. BOOM done. Oh just my 2 cents but if your valve wont seal you are better off doing a head job. I know I know but if you take the time and money and get a head job when you determine its an upper engine problem you wont regret it. The 4.0 6 is an easy one to work on. Its an old motor with old school heart even if it has new tech bolted to it. Your Mom probably warned you about listening to a guy that speaks in absolutes but without fail every motor I did a head job on ran stronger cooler and more efficiently. Period. Anyway good luck hope it works out. I loved my 91 cherokee limited had everything....went anywhere.


How hard are tranny cooler lines to replace on a 93 ZJ 5.2L mine have been leaking and its finally time to replace them might just have a local shop do it depending on how dificult it is

I was just poking some fun ... Most fuel injection hose is ok. But one must check the SAE to verify as it is not something that you want to gamble with. NAPA sells tranny cooler hose BTW Matt.

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