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JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Independant Front Suspension

Whats the deal with everyone hating on liberties and their independent front suspension Whats so terrible about itI just dont see why it is the reason for such disgust among other someone clue me in Also on a side note - took my renny for its first real trail ride yesterday with a jeep cherokee 4wd...and WOW i was impressed the liberty suspension was great and it handled so nicely...didnt

Go here and I can demonstrate my point. This is a 4runner we did a solix axle swap on. Okay first thing youll notice in the picture 4th row down and 3rd from the left the axle up front acts as a lever - allowing the tires to move along a plane. The IFS suspension will keep the same clearance under your diff as you lift a tire up. The A-arms are the only

JEEP CHEROKEE Front Suspension Rebuild. DIY

How difficult is it to replace your own Bushings and front suspension parts I will consult my Haynes or Chilton manual but wanted the opinion of the experts here. Thanks Steve

Thanks for all the replies. Any links to control arms would be appreciated. Any parts houses in California that you guys deal with My front suspension on my 99 cherokee has not been touched and shes got 140K on her... I can feel them rattling. I also had a quack of a joke of a jeep specialist mechanic replace the front hub assembly several times improperly and the dude didnt come through on his gaurantee

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JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Lower front suspension arm

Hi i have a stock 1998 jeep grand cherokee. I was doing a little offroading with some co-workers and bent the passenger side front lower suspension arm. The arm itself looks straight i guess but the bracket that holds it to the front axle is bent. I was wondering if it would be dangerous to drive until i get time to fix it. Everything rides and sounds normal. None of the welds are cracked that i can see. Also any ideas on what a used arm might cost at the junkyard if i need one

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE front suspension strutts

I am due to replace the stock KJ suspension. I see OME offer some for 4x4 off road capability. I have a 2.5 lift kit & need a stiffer front damper. Can you recommend a damper or have you used these units jeep cherokee (KJ) Shock (front) - KYB 331017 if so what your thoughts. Thanks

JEEP CHEROKEE Front suspension problem - Cherokee 1989

Hi Couple weeks ago I changed Coil spring - standard size - dedicated to jeep cherokee but springs are new - so the car is little bit lifted - 1 higher. I put new tire - original size should be 22575R15 - my tire are 23575R15. After these upgrade I noticed that if I drive fast - 60 mph and road is not flat (some bumbs rough asfalt with high frequency and density crosswise waves) front of the car starts

You need to find and tighten any loose parts or locate and replace any front end parts that are worn out. Death wobble is not similar to a wobble from an unbalanced tire. It is by far worse. When death wobble hits you will know&8230 it&8217s a violent shake from the front end that feels like the jeep is about to fall apart. Usually when it happens the only thing you can do to stop it is to slow down.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Front Right Suspension Problem clunk and rapid bounce over bumps. 96 Grand Cherokee

I have a 96 jeep Grand cherokee 4x4 and some times when Im doing 30-40 miles and hour and I hit a bump can be small or big sometimes the wheel will bounce very rapidly over and over again. It would bounce like 10 times in 5 seconds. It feels like the car is trying to bounce off the ground on the front passenger side. I took it to a shop and they said the front stabilizer shook was leaking and the spring

I had the same problem on my 96 grand cherokee but with out all the bouncing around just loud clunking when i hit bumps. It turned out to be worn out sway bar links put two new ones it and it drives like a new jeep no clunking.

JEEP CHEROKEE Front end vibenoise when suspension is compressed

Please forgive me if this is a stupid question but from what I can gather its not a wicked common problem and I cant seem to find the answer. My XJ is sitting on about 3 of lift up front. Other than the new suspension and having an alignment done Ive done nothing to the front end. It drives down the road fine but upwards of about 55 MPH the driveline starts to make a loud groan that quickly gets louder

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ my 93 Grand Cherokee front suspension

Hi there. Im replacing basically every thing in the front suspension. Tie rods ball jointscoil spacerssteering damperall. But there is one thing I dont like. When I take dip bumps (they are all over this city) the jeep sinks to far down. I think the coils are tired I once bought coils at autozone for my 87 pioneer (I miss it) and they were as soft as the old ones so Im wondering if there is a stronger

JEEP CHEROKEE cherokee front suspension

I have a cherokee that has been raised and not the sports shock absorbers on the front end have popped out into the wheel arch are these removable or are they integral to the suspension many thanks

JEEP CHEROKEE Front suspension clunking noise Any help appreciated.

Ok well Ive had my 96 Sport for several months now and really love it. It has way too much power compared to the tiny 2.8 V6 that was in my Jimmy and the jeep just plain drives wonderfully. One thing bothers me though whenever I go over a large bump (such as a pothole or when I pull into a driveway) I hear this clunk noise from somewhere around the front tires. Its not all that loud (though still plainly

JEEP CHEROKEE What needs attention Front suspension area

I recently purchased a 1996 cherokee Country with 115k miles..It runs great and I am about to take it to a tire shop in a day or two to have different tires put on it. But in looking under my front end yesterday I noticed some wet areas ( or is it just grease ) and so I took some photos and thought I would post them here to get some sound advice. That way I can ask the tire shop to look into any areas

JEEP CHEROKEE Crash damage - front suspension bent - thoughts

So in a parking lot on Christmas Eve our 98 cherokee was t-boned at a fair speed on the passenger side. Body damage was minimal - crumpling around the front wheel fendor - new fender or hammer and live with it but the main blow must have been delivered on the wheels. The rear tire blew - no big deal - and the whole front end shunted a couple of inches to the right. The most obvious distortion is to

JEEP CHEROKEE 1998 XJ crashy front suspension

Guys quick cherokee has a harsh ride on the particular when going over bumps road holes (UK roads are crap) and speed bumps the sensation is like you can feel the front suspension through the steering this normal in which case the BM 540 touring I moved from to the cherokee was too cosseting or have I got a problem I need looking at

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Front Suspension Questions

Hi I bought my first jeep yesterday 96 limited 5.2L . Runs great drives like crap has a 4.5 OME lift on it with 31 tires everything else seems to be stock. It does have DEATH WOBBLE which i am trying to fix. The first thing i noticed was the shocks had movement after looking closer the bottom gromlets are worn out and the top ones are gone. This i would assume is just a side effect of the death wobble.

I should clarify the jeep does turn right however the radius is larger than my F250 and it turns to far to the left will almost turn back onto its self. The disconnect issue is just a loose bolt (not sure why the guy didnt tighten it all the way down). He swears its a OME lift the only thing I have found that says its a OME 4.5 lift is at httpwww.rocky-road.comzjome.html . I really couldnt tell you

Also with the steering from where the wheels are straight there is only 34 of a turn to the right while 1 and 14 of a turn left. I am hoping the steering can be corrected with an alignment after i replace all the TREs and bushing throughout the front suspension. I checked for slack in the steering box (having my wife slowly turn the wheel as i watched the pitman arm). Didnt see anything bad there it started to move at the exact time she turned the wheel with no pauses during rotation in either direction and no slack when changing from one direction to the other. Still waiting on parts arrival before tearing the front suspension out. jeep has 232k miles and from what i can tell almost zero maintenance.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Have knocking in front suspension

Theres a knocking sound in my front suspension and in my rear suspension. Also the jeep seems to sway a bit when driving . Just replaced shocks all around and front upper and rear upper control arms. Could this be the ball joints

JEEP CHEROKEE Right front suspension troubles

Ive noticed somethings wrong with my right front suspension lately and its getting worse. I go on trails with my jeep nothing special just a little trail next to some train tracks close to where I live. Theres bumps and humps you know everything that makes a trail. If I go just fast enough over a bump with my right front wheel will cause a loud thump. Loud enough to cause you to think you broke something.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Front End Suspension Knock.... Getting Aggravated

I made a post maybe 2 weeks ago about my front end suspension kinda popping or knocking in the front. I found that my sway bar end links were shot so replaced those and my exhaust was hitting the undercarriage got that fixed and I thought my problem was sloved Fast forward to today. I am driving and any bump in the road that I hit I can hear the knockpopping noise up in the front end. And again I can

the 98 ZJ I was working on still had U-Joint front axles Jack the front of the truck up and turn the wheel all the way to the right using your hand on the tire observing the tie-rod as it moves past the axle shackle for the rf lower sway link bolt... I am still trying to figure a fix for this on a particular jeep even with new shocks and alot of suspension work up front if you come up over a swell

JEEP CHEROKEE Front Steering and Suspension Components

I am trying to figure out what ball joints and tie rod parts to order and I am confused. Does anyone have an exploded view diagram with parts labeled of the front end suspension and steering for a 95 cherokee Thanks

JEEP CHEROKEE front suspension sway cost

I am looking to buy a 99 cherokee Sport with 113000 miles. Everything looks real good except there is a noticible knocking sound coming from the passenger side front shock area when I shake the suspension from side to side or up and down. My though is a bad shock Any other ideas things I my not know about Also what would you pay for on in very nice condition i.e. no visible rust clean

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ 94 ZJ interchangeable front suspension parts

im making my 94 jz 5.2 rwd. i have heard that all of the parts are interchangeable but when i got onto e bay to buy all of the suspension parts they only specify some for a 5.2 and others for only 4.0 anyone have any advice before i buy the kit thanks httpwww.ebay.comitm130477860542...ht_1447wt_1396

1. you have a first gen 249 tcase and when you pull the front driveshaft the jeep will roll when in park and burn up the viscous coupling. 2. all ZJ front suspension components are the same regardless of year engine etc 3. i would not buy off brand balljounts and TREs. get moog. 4. i want to make sure you are aware that you HAVE to have some sort of stub shaft in the front hubs for them to stay together.

JEEP CHEROKEE Front end suspension feels loose

Back when I lifted my jeep I used a trac-bar relocator bracket instead of an adj. trac-bar but later when I put spacers in front I also installed an adj. trac-bar but didnt remove the relocator bracket. Also I think I messed up my TREs when installing the spacers because I had to stuff one side of the axle up and droop the other as far as I could (numorouse times) to get the coils out (even with the

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Front suspension feels REALLY loose - what could be wrong

On the 2011 G.C. limited I just purcahse I noticed the front suspension feels really loose. Ive had other jeeps before so not sure if this is normal but I dont think so. Over bumps the front end seems to shudder (kind of like if the shocks were bad - but they probably arent). It shakes enough that the HIDs shake too and thats annoying. just wondering if anyone has experienced this and what the possible causes could be. I noticed there is a TSB that might be related. Thanks

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Front and Rear Suspension Components...

I know this is dumb but what are the components that make up the front and rear suspension of the jeep front Upper Control Arm Lower Control Arm Pitman Arm Track bar Tie Rod Sway Bar Drag Link Steering Stabalizer Springs Shocks Rear Upper Control Arm Lower Control Arm Sway Bar Track bar Springs Shocks Am I missing anything

JEEP CHEROKEE Front suspension noise. (NON-lifted)

Damn. At least 10 posts a week on this topic.....but every one of them comes from the lifted crowd. Bone stock suspension XJ. When I hit speed bumps or potholes it sounds like something is looose. More like a dull thump on the drivers side. I jacked it up today checked brake calipers shocks track sway etc......nothing. It all looks acceptable. Bushings are worn but not bad. Everything else LOOKS fine.

it sounds like something is looose. More like a dull thump on the drivers side. I jacked it up today checked brake calipers shocks track sway etc......nothing. It all looks acceptable. Bushings are worn but not bad. Everything else LOOKS fine. Maybe I missed something. Ideas If it helps at all it started All of a in it want there one day the next it was. Thx all. Once had a jeep

JEEP CHEROKEE Suspension Noise Left front

Hi and thank you all for taking a look at my post. Well here is the thing I picked up a 93 XJ for 900 in the Chicagoland area. I plated it and insured it and have been driving it around. I must say this being my first jeep is awesome. However I have been hearing like a suspension type clunt noise coming from the Left front. I looked at the front end and all the steering parts like tie rods and such

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE front suspension noise

Hello jeep wizards I have a 2003 liberty sport that is making a knocking sound in the front end. I have some technical knowledge from doing minor repairs on the car when I first received it(parents offloaded it to me). It has 180000 on it and I cant tell if any of the front suspension parts have been replaced other than the control arms in a recall. Of course there is plenty of rust on everything.

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 50 Dollars for New Skid plates Front suspension and Transfer case

The website just for jeeps has alot of great things for a stock jeep but also found skid plates on the website too. 50.44 for front suspension skid plate 50.44 for Transfer Case skid plate trying to share the deals for all. Enjoy

JEEP CHEROKEE Cherokee needs new front suspension - need parts list and OEM source

My 1991 4WD cherokee has several issues Upper and Lower Arms need replaced Balljoints need to be replaced What else should I replace while doing this Where can I get Mopar replacement parts My mechanic recommends staying away from after market parts.

you need part 76046.80x from That is their Super Kit for the cherokee. It will give you new bushings for the control arms track bar sway bar and leaf springs. Just make sure you measure the diameter of your swaybar before ordering so they can give you the right sized bushings for it. Bushings wont matter if they are factory or not quadratec is legitimate. Then go to your local auto parts

JEEP CHEROKEE converting dana 44 front to control arm suspension

ok so let me explain. I have a 87 comanche that was converted to leafspring front suspension about 6 years ago. it has dana 44s front and rear from a wagoneer. I dont really know why the previous owner converted to leaf springs up front... maybe he didnt want to weld the brackets on the 44 to accept control arm suspension. well i want it to flex better. I want to convert it BACK to control arm but

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Weird front knocking suspension

Just installed an IRO 5 log arm kit tie rod drop pitman arm bilstein 5150s and new rims and there is a weird knocking noise in the front suspension when I go over large bumps or dips in the road. I had it aligned and everything has been re-torqued per specs but there is still a knocking. I have already checked the sway bar and it is not hitting anything. I trimmed the cup on the bump stops cause they

Quote Originally Posted by Freestyle713 is it a knocking or a rattling to check your ball joints lift the front end up with a jack and try to move your wheel in every direction but not rotationally. if it is loose then its your ball joints. if its more of a rattle then its probably your exhaust. Both but I am worried about the knocking because it sounds like metal on metal. The rattling is probably

JEEP CHEROKEE Anyone using TNTs front suspension

I was looking at TnTs Y-link setup and was wondering if anyone here has used it. I liked the Unibody stiffeners used in conjunction with the bellypan as well that really struck a chord with me after a day of cutting rusty sheetmetal out from between where my rocker was and the boxed framrail section of the unibody.

Quote Originally Posted by HeavyMetal strength skid plate clearance Ride. if those are the only things tnt has going for them id say theyre doing pretty good hehe yep. Theyre just jealous because they cant afford it. A bit of information for the ignorant. So lets see here Port-O-Let-Greencherokee..errr I MEAN TEAL.......Horse Crap is all ya got for me Sounds like youve got Diarrea of the mouth with

Quote Originally Posted by tealcherokee i hate tnts kit everyone so excited about the bent arms because of the clearence its horse crap... and you have to drop your front suspension to do any tcasetranny work why is it horse crap i spent a lot of money last year on on XJ just to gain an inch or so more of belly and rocker clearance. every little bit helps. you can drop the front suspension in 10-15

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Groaning noise in front left suspension

So lately ive been noticing this weird groaning noise coming from my front left suspension. I have a 2013 overland. When coming to a stop the front suspension obviously gets loaded. When the car comes to a stop and i let off the brakes the suspension unloads and makes this low pitched groaning noise...this noise comes and goes and isnt reproducible on demand (maybe) a temphumidity thing Noise only

JEEP CHEROKEE XJ 1998 XJ Front Suspension Schematic

Ive looked through all the stickys and checked Google as well... Im looking for a detailed diagram of the late-90s (1998 specifically) front suspension components. Im trying to learn what each component isdoes because I bought a 98 XJ with all the brand-new front end suspension parts dumped into a large dufflebag. Now I need to know how everything fits together... Thanks

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE WJ Front Suspension Spacers.

Hey guys. Just lifted my jeep. She rubs just a scoche on the inner front fender liners when turning on paved roads. My question is Does any one know where I can get like a 34 inch to 1 inch spacer for the front coils It would level out the lift and solve the rubbing issue. TIA.

Here you go Level Lift (34) 2-Spacer Pair (fits WJ F-only) WJ jeep Grand cherokee level spacer kit 34 .75-inch leveling spacer [KOR-9712-A] - 59.97 Hard-KOR jeep Accessories for Wrangler Grand cherokee Commander Liberty and cherokee by

JEEP CHEROKEE where to check for clunks in front suspension

I have small clunk in the front end I get it mostly when going slow over bumps like speed bumps and such. I also get it ALOT when I am off roading. I have tried bounching the front end while sitting still and I get nothing not even a sqeak so I dont think its control arm related. someone told me the front driveshaft might need to be greased but I did that and it was very low it took ALOT of grease

JEEP CHEROKEE Front suspension noise normal

I have replaced everything suspension steering and drive line. Lifted 5. No wobble. But I am just wondering if the thump or noise I hear up front in the suspension when I hit a sharp bump or fwy washboard is just the result of my mods. Everything is all good and tight but you would almost think something is loose up there. On smooth dips the suspension flexes fine and no noise. Everything is rubber

JEEP CHEROKEE front suspension rubber bushing

I am goint to replace all the rubber bushings in the front end of my 98 cherokee this fall. Does any supplier have a complete kit of them or do I have to buy the all separately Also....I have a harmonic balancer I bought for my 99 cherokee (it is now gone) and I need to know if they are interchangfeable. Both have 4.0 sixes. Thanks in advance for all help

JEEP CHEROKEE Ladder Bar Front Suspension

I was working under my front end of my XJ this past weekend and was wonding. Has any one every tried running a ladder bar front suspension. The reason i ask is that I have built older fords in the past and did it on the D44 front ends. Swaping the stock ones out using a Fab Tech style Rear ladder bar. Is it possible and probiable to do it on an XJ. I know that switches it to a two link front end I

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ Question for anyone with a 93 with stock front suspension

I need to replace my front bumpstops and the cups they fit into are so corroded that the little tangs that hold the bumpstops have rusted away. So Im looking at the Mopar catalog to replace the cups and the diagram of the front suspension indicates that there is a spacer (part 5200 5645) that goes between the cup and the body frame but my ZJ doesnt have this - the cups just bolt directly onto the frame.

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Sqeeeeky front suspension

My front suspension is quite squeaky when going over speed bumps etc. LOUD too. No noise during normal driving though. Is the front suspension lubricatable I havent had a chance to look just curious if any one has done this before. thanks....

JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE Creaking front suspension when cold

Im posting this as info because my wife is no longer embarassed by the noise.(and her shade tree mechanic husband) Most research indicated that you just live with cold weather bushing noise spray with silicone or install zircs on the control arm bushings. My noise centered in front passenger suspension area. I sprayed every rubber steel contact I could see and it removed most of the frontback motion

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE Front suspension overhaul

So Im spending some of my tax return back on doing a complete front suspension overhaul. I plan on replacing all tie rod ends with sleeves track bar bushings and control arm bushings. From what rock-auto has listed it seems that replacing the whole control arms with bushings is the way to go cost wise. I just want to double check and see if the part numbers are correct before I buy. Track bar bushing

OME(old man emu) is one of the best suspension available for the liberty. Boulder bars carries this suspension but they may only have HD springs. If you do not have an after market bumper (such as ARB) then you only need light duty springs. Im not sure if they can order them or not. They carry the OME shocks you need for both the front and rear. This will give you around 1.5in of lift and a much better ride. Just remember that its one of the best but also one of the most .

JEEP CHEROKEE Steering and front suspension torque specs

I might be pulling my front axle out soon what are the torque specs for the front suspension and steering components Like the TREs LCAs UCAs and any thing else that might need to come off THANKS

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