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I have a brand new set of stalks sitting in the box if you want to make me an offer. Regards Dave

Originally Posted by pieandapint I have a brand new set of stalks sitting in the box if you want to make me an offer. Regards Dave Ditto. httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...t16427&cat68 Whats the part number of your current stalks

FIAT STILO Indicatorwiper stalk removalfix

Hi there Had my mot last mon and as well as few general bits i needed to replace steering wheel (leather had split at top) and idicator stalk wasnt cancelling properly. I ordered replacement parts off ebay and have attempted today Got the airbag out and steering wheel off. But for the life of me i could get the indicatorwiper stalk unit to come off is the a certain way to get it off screws or clips

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L Indicator stalk problems (steering wheel clicking) MK1 Sporting 1.6

Hi there. Today my Punto developed a problem where when I turn the wheel left it clicks quiet loudly. Also makes multiple clicking noises when bringing it back round. It does it when the left indicator is off but does it even louder when the left indicator is on. I can actually feel when it is clicking and at times it becomes so stiff that it feels like the steering wheel has locked up Its only when

sound like the indicator unit itself has broken. not sure on mk1 but i know on mk2 both control stalks are joined together in a big unit wich is near &163100 from fiat i think with out fitting. mk1s may have single units which will be alot cheaper.

KIA SORENTO II XM Australian model indicator stalk

Noticed last week it was becoming stiff to use. Now it it will not auto cancel turning either way. Will take it to the dealer today also to book in the mood lighting fix and the annoying center console noise problem.

Havent had the indicator stalk problem or the console noise but i do have a rattle in my RHS back door. My unit has been booked in for 1st October for the Radio repair and mood lighting and hopefully repair the door rattle as well. Im starting to worry about the build quality a little as until now I have had 3 problems in 4000kms although only one of them was serious (fuel leak) the others are minor. Overall though Im satisfied with the overall driving experience.

Providing all the connections are intact before battery is reconnected the car shouldnt realise its been disconnected from the look of the unit on shop4parts the air bag loom is part of the indicator stalk assembly so be really sure its not been damaged by some goon at the local scrappy

FIAT DUCATO Flasher Unit Indicator Problem

Hope Ive got it right as this is my first post. I picked up my 2002 Fiat Ducato Hymer Motorhome from storage this afternoon which is about 8 miles from home to prepare it for going away tomorrow (Fri 7th Oct). When I parked it outside the house I noticed that all three left hand indicator lights - front side and rear - were continuously illuminated (not flashing) even though the ignition was switched

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS A I 168 Looking for help with Headlightindicator stalk....

My wifes 1999 A190 Avantgarde headlights are stuck on. I found a similar post here click This explains briefly that it is an easy switcharoo. Looking for a couple more details.... Can you disable the high beam in the interim (until fixed) so that we are not dazzling city drivers Is it a seperate bulb or is it one of those highlow bulbs Any one know the part number of the stalk Is it a common failure

Its is common problem. Most people replace the stalk which is an easy diy job. What happens is that the stalk is spring loaded. The load is against the plastic housing of the stalk unit. Overtime the housing in this area weakens and the spring pushes through enough for the stalk to slip into full beam . I have repaired one by plastic welding so in my opinion the existing stalk is able to be repaired.

Before doing anything else check the wiper motor itself. The unit sits in the plenum chamber beneath the windscreen and if the drain holes for it are blocked (there are two with weird rubber grommets which allow water to pass ) will very soon be sitting in a bath of cold and goopy water. Mine was.... .... which meant that the wiring and connectors were full of crud and needed to be cleaned off dried and then put back together. Worth a check at least.... Phil

An easy DIY change of parts however Im not to confident in what your mechanic has said as the stalks doesnt even control the wiper motor its the body computer that does that. Ive remove steering shroud yourself then stalks take the stalk unit apart (not at all difficult done it myself) do a continuity check to find out that pins on the connecting plugs from the cars wiring loom control the wipers then

Originally Posted by goonbreath If I go to a scrappie I will have to remove it myself. I am happy to buy one off eBay but I need to know the difference between the types that is what I am trying to find out. Have you a MK2 or a MK2B As far as i know all MK2 stalks will be the same. Its not a big job to take off either whip off the steering wheels and disconnect everything and then same for the unit with the stalks on it

FIAT BRAVA 182 Indicator Headlight Stalkarm 96tdi 100

Hi does anyone know if just the arms can be replaced where from and how much it has snapped straight off so obvoiusly need one asap. any advice would be great. thanks mel

hiya sorry its the arm you move up and down to turn indicators onoff and headlights on and off. Left hand side on car. can you get just the arms do they like plug in or do i need the full unit and how easy are they to fit its a barva diesel 96 p reg. 100 sx cheers mel

No problem Try also this link below its shows how to disassemble the stalk unit

there is no point replacing a single stalk. the stalk assembly is very easy to replace as a whole unit a scrapyard replacement will cost you &16310. you need to reomve the steering wheel when doing that you must disconnect the battery first wait 20 mins then you can reomve the airbag. do not reconnect the battery until the airbag has been reconnected and refitted. this is important to avoid switching the airbag light on permanently. to switch it off it will cost you money at a dealer.

BMW SERIES 5 E34 Changing indicator stalks

Hi guys I realize this is (most likely) not a very common or sought after mod but Im still going to ask I am wondering if anyone has ever tried to change their old stalks with those fancier ones from a newer (ie. e46e39) model On pics from ebay the units (to which the stalks themselves are connected to) seem to be similar in shape so if they fit the slots on the column thatd be great or when they dont

FIAT PUNTO Indicator Wiper stalk help

Hello all after a little help. Ive a 2004 Panda and need to replace the indicator and wipper stalk assay which has the steering clock spring built into it due to the horn not working. I dont really want to get this part new from Fiat as it will probably cost a bomb. My reason for posting in this section is because iirc theyre the same as in the late Puntos (2000-2005) (pre Grande). Could someone with

Hi guys. Thanks for your help last night. Just to let you know that I went to the scrappy today and found that the mk2 Puntos had identicle looking stalks to my Panda. But when removed the unit as a whole is different only have 6pin plugs and not 9 like the Panda so unfortunatly they were no good and Ive got to try searching the net for what I need. Thanks again though. Jon.

FIAT DUCATO 2.8jtd headlightindicator stalk problem

Hi We are touring Spain and the motorhome ( Ducato 2.8jtd 05 swb ) has developed a problem with headlights. When on dipped headlights indicating left or right switching to main beam or just touching the switch stalk sometimes causes the headlights to go out ( including the dashpod lights ). Wiggling the stalk about causes them to come back on again but I am dreading the switch ( which I assume is the

connection for clock spring and radio controls 3. Undo the fixing nut. 4. Remove the steering wheel. Remove clock spring 1. Undo the fixing bolts and move the clock spring aside. 2. Disconnect the electrical connection (2a) and remove the clock spring (2b). Remove steering column trim 1. Remove 4 boltsscrews holding bottom cover and remove 2. Remove two bolts holdint top cover and remove Remove stalks

connection for clock spring and radio controls 3. Undo the fixing nut. 4. Remove the steering wheel. Remove clock spring 1. Undo the fixing bolts and move the clock spring aside. 2. Disconnect the electrical connection (2a) and remove the clock spring (2b). Remove steering column trim 1. Remove 4 boltsscrews holding bottom cover and remove 2. Remove two bolts holdint top cover and remove Remove stalks

FIAT BRAVO Indicator Stalk

My indicator stalk does not auto reset itself when I put the car straight after a turn it will keep flashing until I manually turn it off Is this supposed to happen and how do I fix it if its not Thanks

Shouldnt happen probably reqires a replacement stalks unit. Ive had it on various cars before just cancelled it manually

Originally Posted by Most Easterly Pandas Shouldnt happen probably reqires a replacement stalks unit. Ive had it on various cars before just cancelled it manually Guess I need a new one not sure how much it will cost me though better get on the old interweb anyone know where to get a decent one Thanks

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Fiat seicento indicator wiper stalk replacement

hi all i have a knackerd on mine just wondered what was involved in replacing the whole unit cos i have a repacement ready to fit it a 2000 x reg 899cc sx model with airbag if thats any help many thanks steve

unit replaced now and works better than it did quite an easy fit . have notice the flasher relay unit has seen better days. wheres the best place to buy a replacement one many thanks steve

Im pretty sure its a standard unit. Take it to a local factor and they should be able to match it.

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Cancel dipped beam flash using indicator stalk

I&39ve done a little bit of searching but nothing so far so here goes... I don&39t know if this is the same for US models but in the UK flashing the headlights brings both dipped & main beams on. Having fitted HIDs I&39d like to avoid this since flashing the HIDs shortens their working life. On most of the local roads where I&39d want to flash the lights driving around with dipped beam on permanently

Well I spent a while fiddling around with the switch & a multimeter disabling individual wires by insulating the contacts etc etc. No joy - it seems that the flash switch merely sends a signal to a computer somewhere which knows to put both sets of beams on (I&39m deliberatly simplifying a bit since I don&39t know enough about the ECUs etc not to get caught out) so this could be a tricky one if it

JEEP WRANGLER Indicatorblinker not cancelling - switch repair write up.

Mods. Not sure if this is best posted here or in tech articleswrite ups. Move if you feel its neccessary. OK. First off apologies to all those who were posting in the earlier thread about this problem where I stated I would do this write up. It&8217s taken more than the two days I&8217d stated but here it now is - for any and all that are interested. Parts for our vehicles can be expensive - even more

FIAT BRAVA 182 urgent help indicator problems

help wanted asap please i have just realised that my indicator has stopped working the unit clicks when i indicate but does not tick repeatedly and the indicators dont work also the hazard lights dont work when i press the hazard button. i have replaced the stalk but still no joy so was wondering whether it could be a problem with the unit that the stalk is attached to or maybe a loose wire behind

FIAT PUNTO Indicator problems

Hi I wonder if anyone can help or give advice. I have a 2000 W Mk 2 Punto which has developed a problem with the headlights when indicating. When the headlights are on and I indicate the headlights go off the side lights are still on. As soon as the indicator is off the lights come back on again. I have been told that this is a problem with the indicator unit has anybody had the same problem I have

unfortunatly the clever peiople at fiat decided to make one huge unit lol soo the indicator stalk is joined by a huge collar to the wiper stalk on other side. and steering wheels needs to be removed to fit it. there are 2 types depending on wether you have intermittent wipe control or just fast and slow. unfortunatly i dont know the part numbers though i thikn from fiat its &163100 as its large unit

LINCOLN Guide to fix 6667 dash indicator lights

Well it has taken me nearly 20 years to finally fix these lights. I have a 1966 Continental and I believe most of what I am about to say may relate to 67 too. I am aware that there are some differences between both years. It seems that the indicator light issue is between these years only. Basically Lincoln was trying to develop a safety feature letting the driver know when a bulb is out. With a sequence

FIAT UNO II indicators (

our indicators have started going nuts. occasionally work very intermittently but seem to be driving around with no indicators at all (or hazards) so think probably ought to sort. anyone else had this just the relay the relay is dangling from the wires in the passenger footwell at the moment (as it has always been). Looked in Haynes bloody useless Katie x

Hi Katie Are we talking about a Mk1 Uno (one stalk on column) or a Mk2 Uno (three stalks on column for lights indicators and wipers) The Mk1 has the flasher relay mounted to the bracket of the stalk switch on the steering column. Sometimes the relay works loose and falls out - remove the covers around the steering column put the relay back in and use a bit of hot-melt glue to prevent it falling out

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 VITO Indicator hazards problem

Hi guys I need your help I have a Vito 110 CDI 1999 on a T. My indicators left and right work fine but when i depress the hazard unit i just get a buzzing short circuit sort of sound and the hazards dont work. also wipers are ok on intermitent and full fast sweep but normal sweep is slow or sometimes doesnt work unless i move the stalk to a different position and then back again.Now is this a replace

FIAT PUNTO Stalk Switches Airbag Light

I have just replaced the steering column stalk switches on my Mk2 Punto as the indicators and lights were not switching properly at low temperatures. This seems to be a common problem. Its a pain to do as both stalks are incorporated in one unit so the steering wheel has to come off. I disconnected the battery before starting the job and waited 10 mins before disconnecting the drivers airbag as per

FIAT BRAVA 182 Indicators sometimes not working

Its odd but on some days the indicators on my Bravo are working on other days they only work sometimes or stop completely. I push the stalk up or down and the clicking noise is not there and there is no indicator flashing on the dash. Can anyone advise as to what the fault might be Im guessing the problem is somewhere round the steering column switches I was trying to remove the covers today. Got the

Column switch is that the one on the stalk right underneath Also im wondering would it be better to salvage a stalk unit from a scrappies or just buy a new one from Fiat garage - what would the prices be for each My gut feeling is that the switchstalks unit is worn out so it only works sometimes. If i buy one from a scrappies it could be the same thing again. Not sure what to do. Its a bit of trial

AUDI A4 B5 How do you...Removal of indiacator stalk beside steering whell

Hi all Can someone give me the dummy guide to removing the covers to get to the indicator stalk I want to have a look at the indicator switching unit due to left turn issues - relay has been eliminated Thanks

FIAT 500 II Dodgy indicators

Something I noticed a while ago but have done nothing about - my indicators dont seem to be even. When I turn the right hand indicator on it often cancels too early and I have to switch it on again and sometimes the left indicator doesnt cancel at all (it does click as if it has cancelled though). Has anybody else had this on their car And is it an easy fix I dont want to book the car in at the dealer

This has been covered many times before across different models but Ill run through it again- The indicators are designed to cancel once the wheel has reached 90deg from straight-ahead in the direction youre indicating. If the wheel doesnt reach 90deg- it wont cancel (ie when leaving a roundabout). But if you enter a roundabout and indicate right when you turn slightly left to join the roundabout the

FIAT BARCHETTA Steering Column Stalks Headlights

Has anyone had any experience with the headlight stalk lever Had a few instances where when using indicators headlights go off or going from high to low beam the low beam lights fail to come on normally followed by panic shaking of the stalk lever to recover... Im pretty sure its a problem with the lever. has anyone else experienced this before I start tearing things apart Anyone know if they repairable


Hi Recently my wiper stalk has snapped off from the steering coloumn. All the wires are still connected and it still works but isnt able to be reattached as there isnt enough strength for it to work. I have bought a new stalk section (indicator and wiper unit) and have taken it to a garage to be fitted but they said it would need to go to fiat as it requires specialist tools. Does anyone know if this is true or has anyone fitted this part before and know what to do I have a 1.2 active Thanks

FIAT PANDA New Panda 4x4headlights cut out with indicators

My panda headlights cut out using indicators - does anyone know what might cause this and what to check. I am suspecting and earth relay or even indicator arm fault - any ideas on where to start diagnosing this one thanks

A well-documented fault arising in the combined indicator and headlamp stalk. Some on here have replaced the unit although it is a bit tricky. I managed to cure the problem by spraying switch cleaner obtainable from electronics shops such as Maplins into the switch unit.

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 Turn indicator problem..

I have an 84 230CE and am pretty much at my wits end with a really silly little problem I had a indicator bulb blow (OSF RHD car) and so replaced it. Next time I used the indicators it blew the OSR bulb. I thought this was down to flukebad luck so I replaced that and the OSF bulb blew again.. I have chased the wiring as best I can but couldnt find any shorts to ground. I also checked the flasher unit

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 no indicators

Hi just to fill you in had start error on dash after a flat battery and jump starting of my discovery ecu sent away and repaired followed instructions about pins 56 on unit behind clocks reassembled every thing van starts great went out and then found no bloo-y indicators at all hazard switch lights up but nothing happens indicators dont work on stalk and no indicator light in instruments thinking

FIAT PANDA Panda indicator problem

indicator problem on Panda 45 CL (1985) The right hand indicator works fine but there is a problem with the left side. You flick the stalk and it flashes only once but carries on ticking without flashing. Any ideas Vin 92 Tipo TD SX 86 126 FSM 86 Panda 750L 85 Panda 45 CL

Thats odd. indicators are designed to flash at the wrong rate if a bulb is not working that and the speed of the clicking is meant to let you know there is a problem. It is the same flasher unit for both sides - its switched to either the left or right circuit by the indicator stalk switch If youd said that say a back lamp was on almost continuously and the corresponding front lamp was off but the

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Stalk wiring cinquecento 96 anyone

Hi I was bored of my old dashboard in my cinq. One day i got a bright idear putting a seicento dash in the cinq. Well im almost done but cant figure out the wiring of the stalk unit. having trouble finding the right cables of indicator lights washer wiring. does anyone have a wiring diagram for me (exuse my english Im from Holland) grtz Marco

MERCEDES BENZ CLK II 209 CLK 240 Indicator problem

Hi I have a CLK 240 2002 W209. I have had it for 9 years and for the last 6 months the indicator stalk is not working properly. The right indication wont stay and I have to hold it with my hand when indicating right. Does anyone know if it can be fixed or do I need a new unit Thanks

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 WTD Mk1 sliding door handle and indicatorcombination switch

Hello peeps As title pleaseIf you could please pm on what you have and your price. Uk only please Best regards Lee

Hi Lee do you mean the indicator stalk unit

Quote Originally Posted by Custom Chris Hi Lee do you mean the indicator stalk unit Hi Chris Yes thats the one please mate The contact inside mine has worn out for the front fogsWas gonna have a go at fixing it but the hazard switch decided to drop to bits Regards Lee

FIAT DUCATO Ducato Indicator Problems

I have a Fiat Ducato 3.0 2008 Motorhome and am experiencing a problem with the front offside (Driver Side) indicator. When I indicate right or switch on the Hazard Warning light the lamp does not illuminate the mirror and rear lamp flash as normal. The dash indicates a lamp problem and flashes quicker than normal indicating a build failure. If I leave the door of the van open and attempt to lock the

The indicator stalk is connected directly into the Body Computer which switches the relevant lamp on. Personally I would suspect the plug socket to the RH headlight unit even though it appears ok when the alarm is set.

FIAT PUNTO My indicators have stopped working.please help

Hello all Weird - my indicators was working last week then suddenly stopped all my lights work but indicators and hazards do not work.I have checked all bulbs and fuses but all are fine. About a day or so later it started working again today the same happend. aaarrrr please help. iv looked on the net and people have said a flasher unit anybody had the same problems Your reply would be much appreciated. Thank you

Id say its probably the switch thats gone then or is dodgy at least. Im not sure if the indicator stalk and hazard switch are one whole unit This happened on my Golf but it was the fuse not the switch.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Indicator problems

Hi guys can you help my indicators have decided to work only when they want to sometimes they wont work at all or they will just flash once or twice then stop or sometimes they will work perfectly. They usually foot work when its cold or wet any ideas on how to fix this as its really annoyin of lol thanks guys

I had exactly this problem and thinking it was the famous burned contacts problem inside the stalk unit stripped it down and found absolutely nothing wrong. In fact the unit was much much better than the unit I got from the scrappy.... However I removed and reseated the relay and made extra sure the plug-in connectors were fully home and its been fine ever since.... Have a look at the connectors and

FIAT PUNTO Indicators not working properly

Hi guys Have a 99 Punto sporting. Sometimes when I put on the indicator it wont work. Ill then try to put it on a few minutes latter and it works no prob. Anyone any ideas as to what this is Is it expensive to fix Thanks

Originally Posted by Xen Either dodgy stalk contacts a bad earth or a faulty flasher unit... my first bet would be the flasher unit. May be the contact between the flasher unit & its socket(I had this problem) unplug it & plug it in a few times add a squirt of WD40 this worked for me

Example offers of car parts indicator stalk unit

  • ** Rover 200 Indicator Stalk Unit 1993 ** - Wimborne,United Kingdom (9.99 GBP)
  • SKODA OCTAVIA WIPER INDICATOR STALK UNIT 2004-2009 - Huddersfield,United Kingdom (55.00 GBP)
  • BMW 5 SERIES E39 INDICATOR STALKS UNIT 2001 - Barnet,United Kingdom (25.00 GBP)
  • BMW 5 SERIES E39 INDICATOR STALKS UNIT 2003 BC - Barnet,United Kingdom (25.00 GBP)
  • JAGUAR X- TYPE WIPER, INDICATOR STALK UNIT 2002 (2553K) - Bournemouth,United Kingdom (49.99 GBP)
  • MAZDA DEMIO WIPER INDICATOR STALK UNIT 2001 (2551K) - Bournemouth,United Kingdom (49.99 GBP)
  • HONDA JAZZ WIPER, INDICATOR STALK UNIT, 2003 (2543K) - Bournemouth,United Kingdom (45.00 GBP)

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