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NISSAN knock noise from steering wheel

Today I realizedwhen I - turn the steering wheel to either left or right and suddenly turn to the oposite direction - going straight and make a sudden slight left or right turn (when going slowly of course) I hear a knocking noise coming from the steering wheel column. I am pretty sure that noise is new. Here is a video Normally the noise is more like a knocking on wood in the video it sounds like

that is my biggest gripe. I knew coming into a Nissan that qualitydurability would be down a few notches from Honda but knowing it and experiencing it are 2 different things. I like the options I got in mine and knowing that some of them are pretty much exclusive to the Rogue kind of evens the scale for me (OEM HIDs all around camera system bose etc...) but when I read THIS on about the hyundai

NISSAN 19 Wheels for Blue Rogue Zentralle or Konkave

Alrighty Ive been carefully picking picking picking away trying to decide what I want for my Rogue and Ive come down to the final two choices and am at a total dead-lock. Whats your pick Privat Zentralle EXE Konkave It will go on this car Size will be 19 with 245s. I do not know the weight but they should be similar. Both wheels are close to stock offset so thats not an issue. -Ed ______________________ I drive The EddNog Rogue

FN01R-Cs come to mind). Thats why I eventually wittled away until I got down to these two choices as they are not excessively sportyaggressive and at the same time not overly blingy or overly utilitarian looking. If they look a lot like something that should go on a sportwagon then its exactly what Im going for. The competitors in that comparison btw were Ford Escape XLT AWD Honda CR-V EX 4WD hyundai

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KIA SPORTAGE III sportage vs forester vs rogue.

Hi Im in the market for a new vehicle and these 3 are at the top of my list. I will hopefully have time to test drive in a few weeks but am curious of other peoples experience with these 3. How does the sportage awd compare to the others. Subaru tends to be regarded as the best there is so how close does the kia get to it THe kia certainly offers more toys and trim level for the money but my priority is safety drive comfort and fuel efficiency. Thanks in advance.

To any buyers out there that are in the same predicament my wife have been in for the past 3 weeks over what SUVs to buy this may help you somewhat. Firstly Id like to start by saying 1saxman doesnt know what hes talking about and hes going to wake up one day a realize that he bought a vehicle with cvt the jokes on you bud sportages use cvt and so have many other manufacturers for many years. This might get a little lengthy but stay with me here Why we bought the Rogue After test driving everything from CRV Rav4 Jeep Compass CX-7 Sportage tucson Equinox and the Rogue my opinion is that Nissan has the best value for your dollar. This is from accessories (all the trimmings) ride comfort noise insulation probably the one of the best CVT systems in cars to date safety and most importantly reliability. I spent countless hours prowling the web for all the issues faults and complaints to each of these manufacturers. Over the years number of problems Ive found Nissan is up there with the CRV and Rav4 in lack thereof. Why we DIDNT buy the Sportage Dont get me wrong the Sportage is amazing to look at I almost left with one after first visit just by its looks alone and it provides some great features for the cost but you cant help the feeling that the only value this suv has IS those extra features. EVERY dealership we went to whether it was the salesman in question or another employee listening in anytime we said we were looking into the Sportage they just chuckled. I asked curiously why they didnt approve. Each one of them said that they used to work in a shop and they were filled with Kias more regularly than any other manufacturer that Kias fall apart the second you drive them off the lot. After sparking my interest to learn more I was horrified. I spent 2 full nights researching Kia and the Sportage in general. I was disgusted by the sheer amount of problems people have had and Im not talking 10 year old cars here im talking even brand new 2010 2011. Everything from their Sorento to their smaller cars. Electronics going haywire Numerous airbag deploys (from different victims) when they werent in a crash and no deploys with those that were causing major injuries. Cars literally dying after 300 miles off the lot leakage AC problems transmission engines going out... the list goes on and on and on... Surely this is just people who HAVE problems that are bitching fair enough but when you really dig deep and even find numerous youtube videos of peoples new Kias with 2000 miles on them failing to change gear check engine lights going on and off randomly stereo system lights not turning off when the car is turned off AC blowing cold and hot cold and hot I cant help but think to myself how did they get to this point..... Its like Ford but worse. On top of those issues the ride is very firm steering feels like youre driving 5 tons and requires quite a bit of effort to move the wheels CRAP reliability scores from different sources and just the general all round knowledge that Kia has shit customer service and provide their cars with 100k mile warranties because they know that if they didnt people wouldnt be able to drive them. To those that have Sportages and have had NO problems then I really wish you the best of luck but my familys lives are more important than to mess around with that type of crap. Well what should I get These are just my opinions but Ive spent enough time researching and test driving these vehicles that Ive categorized them like so. Rav4 - If you want a car to depend on for life go for it but dont expect it to have any features for the cost that others offer CRV - Not as smooth or as quiet as the Toyota but still up there in reliability Rogue - Great all around marks smooth and quiet ride premium features for similar cost of basic featured CRVs and Rav4 CX-7 - Not bad not great. An inbetweeny model. Great interior quality rides ok can get expensive after putting in all your gadgets. Sportage - VERY slick styling and definitely a head turner. Premium features without the premium cost hard suspension and stiff steering. Expect the car to fall apart regularly. Compass - Not as bad as the Sportage in reliability but dont expect Jeep to last long without your first issues popping up. Rides smooth loud engine noises though. Equinox - For an American car great interior not as smooth as Id like bigger trunk space than others reliability expectancy is mid range pricer than others. tucson - Too small for my liking and a mediocre ride. Price range is in the middle ok features you can definitely expect to rely on the hyundai over the Kia with confidence.

expect Jeep to last long without your first issues popping up. Rides smooth loud engine noises though. Equinox - For an American car great interior not as smooth as Id like bigger trunk space than others reliability expectancy is mid range pricer than others. tucson - Too small for my liking and a mediocre ride. Price range is in the middle ok features you can definitely expect to rely on the hyundai

NISSAN JUKE Is the Nissan Juke a good buy if....

Ill be buying my first car very soon--Im a recent college graduate and Ive waited a long time for this. The things Im prioritizing are good mileage safety storage space cost (since if the first 2 are good the car will pay for itself). Ive been looking at the Honda Civic hyundai Elantra Toyota Corolla but the truth is that I want a small crossover because I have stuff to carry and Im in that phase of

the Honda dealer. Thanks Just FYI the Juke storage capacity is a bit limited. The slope of the rear hatch makes it so things in the trunk need to be shorter than the seats and the back seat is a little cramped for tall or portly friends. They are 6040 and fold flat though so with them down it becomes a huge space. If you need a bigger vehicle and dont care about the turbo have you considered the hyundai

BMW X3 F25 Thoughts on drive of Q5 and X3 today - both 3.0L

Had a second round of comparative car shopping today with a drive of the 2013 Q5 3.0 and the 2013 X3 3.0. Q5 far less turbo lag due to supercharger very quite and quick acceleration light steering (may not be a plus) more elegant exterior due to nice chrome trim and lack of plastic body cladding. X3 lots of guttural power after brief turbo lag nicely laid out interior nicer steering wheel much louder

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