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anyone know where to get or made carbon fiber exterior door handles and the piece for the lock

HONDA CIVIC FAQs - Frequently Asked (Tech) Questions

This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) thread for the 92-00 CivicDel Sol subforum. Notes To Contributors Any suggestions for improvement of this FAQs thread are welcomed encouraged and appreciated. PM RonJHT your comments and suggestions. We are always looking for new content to include in this FAQs sticky. Please give back to the honda-Tech (H-T) community. When you do a job on your car take

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HONDA ACCORD &9658 1990-2002 Accord FAQ

If you have a link you want added then PM me or TouringAccord with the link and one of us will add it in. honda-Tech Terms of Service Accord Forum Rules Learn How To Use The Search Feature Here Learn How To Use the IM (aka PM) Feature Here Engine How-To Replace Timing Belt Timing Balancer Belt and Water Pump on a F22B1 Setting Rear Balance Shaft Position How To Use a honda Crank Pulley Tool How To

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Decision E39 Vs 05 Acura TL

Hi all Im debating buying an E39 540i (01-03 Sport package 6MT) or an 05 Acura TL Type-S. I currently have a honda prelude in which Ive done a handful of track days and a few seasons of autox. I love the prelude but Im 28 and I feel like Im starting to outgrow it. Im ready for something with roof rack compatibility useful back seats and class. Whatever I buy I will likely take to the track again at

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 Deployed Soldier Undecided...335xi or 535xi

Hello Everyone I am brand new to the forum as you can see. A quick introduction I live in the NYC area singleno kids but Im currently deployed overseas with the U.S. Army. Ill be in the sandy paradise for another 8-10 months. Im very indecisive of what series I want to purchase. I know I want a AWD but I want some ownerexpert opinions. Obviously I cant just goto a dealer and see for myself and looking

me). I cant talk specifics about actual dimensions and such - but test driving the 335 is what got me decided on buying a BMW this after looking at Infiniti GM as well as Lexus ISES. Then my wife got involved and she got me thinking that the 335 was a little small. By feel- the 335 seems quite a bit smaller side to side - and the back seat is definitely not inviting. It reminded me of my 2 door honda

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 What should I buy for my wife

Hello I have had two early 80s 6 series and my wifes last BMW. She had a 2001 330Ci sport. It was awesome ...until something froze and oil went from the sump up to the intake manifold and hydro locked the engine with oil. Never trusted the car after that. Now that Im older and wiser I guess I would just understand that it was a CVV system error and just replace the oil separator four lines and oil

never go a serie back down... Not sure where Ill go from here... From 750 LI to B7...LOL Whatever I get her she will keep it forever...and I will maintain the machine as it was originally engineered. No shortcuts with a nice unit. And there will be enough parts out there to keep it running fine. Im serious she wouldnt want another car for at least 15 years...shes just like that. She had a 1988 honda

21337s EF Sedan build

UPDATE Swapped on a freshly rebuilt 97 GSR head - 122011 UPDATE 30K MILES DOWN Her first Tune-up - 110411 UPDATE Thermal R&D Exhaust installed w Video - Page 33 - 080811 UPDATE Mild roll on the fenders - 080311 UPDATE 16x7 Rota Auto-Xs installed w Pics - Page 32 - 072311 UPDATE Skunk2 IM installed w Pics - Page 26 - 102710 UPDATE Picked up a Skunk2 IM yet to install - 102010 UPDATE REGISTERED AND INSPECTED

Yep interior is grey and blue. And no it was Dual Point. Going to have to upgrade the harness and fuel system to handle MPFI for the swap. Okay as this is my first B swap (Im a long-time Accordprelude guy) youll be seeing several tech related questions come. What harness can and should I use for this Should I just grab the Rywire swap harness --- httprywire.comstore8891-crxcivi...b18c-p-72.html Im

Example offers of car parts honda prelude door handle

  • HONDA PRELUDE 2.0 16V 1994+ OSF O/S/F DRIVERS SIDE FRONT INTERIOR DOOR HANDLE - Rotherham,United Kingdom (11.00 GBP)
  • HONDA PRELUDE 1995 WILL FIT 1992-1996 - RHS / OSF DOOR HANDLE BRACKET - Manchester,United Kingdom (5.99 GBP)
  • HONDA PRELUDE 1995 WILL FIT 1992-1996 - LHS / NSF DOOR HANDLE BRACKET - Manchester,United Kingdom (5.99 GBP)
  • HONDA PRELUDE 1995 WILL FIT 1992-1996 - LHS / NSF DOOR HANDLE BRACKET - Manchester,United Kingdom (5.99 GBP)
  • HONDA PRELUDE 1995 WILL FIT 1992-1996 - RHS / OSF DOOR HANDLE BRACKET - Manchester,United Kingdom (5.99 GBP)
  • HONDA PRELUDE 1995 WILL FIT 1992-1996 - LHS / NSF EXTERNAL DOOR HANDLE - Manchester,United Kingdom (19.99 GBP)
  • Honda Prelude S Reg Inner Driver Door Handle. Breaking Prelude - Birmingham,United Kingdom (15.00 GBP)

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