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HONDA CIVIC FAQs - Frequently Asked (Tech) Questions

This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) thread for the 92-00 CivicDel Sol subforum. Notes To Contributors Any suggestions for improvement of this FAQs thread are welcomed encouraged and appreciated. PM RonJHT your comments and suggestions. We are always looking for new content to include in this FAQs sticky. Please give back to the honda-Tech (H-T) community. When you do a job on your car take

HONDA ACCORD 1990-2002 Accord FSWTTWTB (Apr - Jun 2013)

Rules 1. No bumping its a sticky so its always at the top. 2. If you need to contact a member send them a PM do not post commentsquestions in this thread. 3. 1 post for your parts for sale do not post multiple times for the same parts. 4. Post a picture of your item for sale in the picture(s) you must have your username and date included. Please update your listing if something is sold or you no longer need something you wanted to buy.

2 rear top hat assemblies. 50 ignition switch with matching with oem keys 100 stalk boots (1 set still avail) 10 [colorRed][b][size3] map sensor 35 NGK WIRE SET for accordprelude with F22 engines 40 shipped NIB exhaust 0 - ring gaskets 12- for both 1 lower balljoint castle nut NIB 5 EA shipped authentic jdm plate. (comes with jdm dirt still attached ) 30 each JDM SPATS SPORTS front strut bar 165 obo

FORD F150 I found it - the original Piston Slap topic. Enjoy

bbraynor posted 07-21-98 0701 PM ET (US) HELP The 5.4L may have a design flaw If you have experienced a cold start knock or more simply a knocking sound when starting a cold 5.4 please let me know Others have had this problem which sounds unfixable. Any info would be of great help. The 99 5.4 Ive been informed should have been fixed. I bleed FMC Blue but my experience with problems makes me shudder

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 E60 M5 driving impression from an E90 335i owner

Hey guys Just wanted to share my experience this holiday weekend with an M5.... As a point of reference I have owned a VW Corrado prelude VTEC E46 328i and now own an E90 335i. My friend gave me the privilege of taking his wifes (yup...wifes) Alpine WhiteBlack M5 for the entire holiday weekend while they were out of town so I had a chance to sample it extensively in highway city and the occasional

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Test drove my first 540i6 this morning....and then new BMWs impressions inside

Hi all This morning I test drove my first 540i6 - a 2001 model with 118000 on it in fairly good shape overall. It was at a very nice local dealership being sold for a friend of the owner with full maintenance records for 12900. Within the past 20-30k miles it had had a new clutch flywheel cooling system and a few other nice things to have replaced. It was equipped with premium PDC sport heated seats

Good read. Thanks for the review. I recently bought my first BMW a 2001 540i6. I have driven numerous hot rods 911s a Lotus Espirit turbo a Shelby 427 Cobra etc. My last two cars were honda Sis. Before that I had a 4ws prelude. Ill take this 540 over the lot of them. I live in Hot Springs AR. When I made up my mind to buy one I conducted a pretty extensive search. Predictably I had trouble finding

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS C I 202 C220 engine smoothness

Ive had a 1995 C220 with Manual 5 speed transmission for just over two months now this is my first Benz. I have a question regarding the smoothness of this M111.961 engine and whether what Im experiencing is normal. Its perfectly smooth till 3500rpm then it becomes harsh as anything and very rattly with a LOT of vibration (with a similar to main bearing rattling sound thats almost scary) then from

When I was younger we had an E220 124 sedan and when the E39 5 series came out we upgraded to that (2.5 I6) and I didnt feel it any smoother just a lot quieter. Of course maybe I wasnt looking for harshness so I am unsure whether this means anything or not. I have however driven a 4 cylinder honda prelude (2.2 VTEC) and that was remarkably smooth. It was completely vibration free and I was amazed at

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