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BMW SERIES 5 E39 528 vs Honda Prelude

hey my brother owns a 1999 honda prelude 5spd and i have a 1997 528i 5spd just wondering which car is faster in a race. 1999 prelude stock vtec no upgrades vs 1997 528i 5spd stock no cars are modified all stock which one would win in a race

I dont think it really matters who will win. The question is who is happier driving their respective cars.

BMW SERIES 5 E39 For kicks 540i 0-60 and 14 mile times (stock) rate well against many cars

Probably been posted before but I found this (uncredited) list on another site Year Make & Model (0-60) (14 Mile) Acura 1997 Acura 2.2CL 8.9 16.7 2002 Acura 3.2CL Type S 6.8 15.0 1996 Acura 3.2TL 8.1 16.4 1999 Acura 3.2TL 7.4 15.7 2002 Acura 3.2TL Type S 6.2 14.8 2003 Acura 3.2CL Type-S 6.5 14.9 1986 Acura Integra RS 9.3 17.0 1986 Acura Integra LS 8.8 16.5 1989 Acura Integra LS 9.3 17.1 1990 Acura

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FORD F150 swatted a Preludehahahaha

They had it comingriding my alol AnywayI was coming back from dropping my fiance off at work(again)and this black prelude came out of nowhere and started tailgating me...... SoI moved overbeing a perfect gentleman. They didnt passthoughjust came up alongside and matched my speed. We soon came to a light and sat side by side. When the light turnedI punched it and took off like any Superchipped vehicle

BMW SERIES 6 Some chick asked if my car was a 7 series coupe

I was hanging out with a friend today and she asked me if my car was a 7 series coupe. Funny thing is it made me think and it kind of does look like a two door seven.

sure but isnt the basic chassis the same as the 5. just as the x5 is based on the 5 chassis. car cos do this all the time. honda prelude accord oddyssy old vigor... same chassis civic and integra ... same chassis and the engine argument doesnt work.... ex. the 3.0L engine is used in the 130i 330i 530i .... and so on. not one of the body sheet metal and most interior pieces are shared between the e46

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Tough for me not to be biased but of the cars in C&D review. SLK32 should be number 1. Logic...

The retractable top. If all of the ratings in the categories C&D uses remained the same and you add the top the SLK should be number 1. The advantage of the SLK top is understated in the reviews I have seen - just a cool or neat br If there was a top category the SLK should get a 10 soft tops with glass (vette M) - a 6 or 7 at best and soft tops with plastic (Boxster - a 5 or br I find

You admire the honda S2000 so much because of its 240hp...Didnt you know that horsepower counts at the top gear at full load This means that peak HP doesnt come until redline at top br Torque is what matters unless if youre on a straightaway on a race track. If youre not even going to race then HP doesnt really br The SLK32 builders themselves said that they were aiming for torque

AUDI Carbon Fiber Hood Yay or Nay

I picked up a 2000 nogaro blue s4 but i need to replace the hood. I cant decide to get a new oem hood and paint it to match the car or if I should get an oem style carbon fiber hood and just run the raw carbon look. car is stock otherwise. I plan to put some lowering springs in in a week or so. I am looking for opinions on the carbon fiber hood look.

yes be yourself... show your personality through your ride Thats how I feel anyway. I am a DJ as well as a tuner and spinning electronica at random partiesclubs is like letting your feelings flow from you brain to the speakers. same with modding a car to fit your personality... or maybe not so much that but I like my car to reflect who I am. I also have a 1999 honda prelude with full tein suspension

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 air-matic conversion to coil springs 2000 S430

Hello ive seen a lot of post discussing airmatic to coil this isnt based on my opinion but on me actually getting the conversion done by strutmasters. its been a week n the ride is smooth i must admit its ruffer then the airmatic smooth ride but it still has a smooth ride. pushed my benz to 120 miles on the highway and the handling was good and i have a lead can say

register. NY may have higher taxes in many respects but car taxes are higher in NC. You would know this if you lived in NY. lol yeah and you would also know regardless of the once a year tax...that nyc has damn near the highest insurance if you see the taxes reg and insurance all go hand and hand and you dont even live in new york city ask any new yorker how is there insurance for a 83 honda

TOYOTA YARIS Bass inside the car not outside.

I noticed that since my sub is in where the spare tire used to be (and is facing up) most of the bass stays within the car. The bass can be nice and loud inside the car but you can barely here it outside the car. Its either the positioning or the fact that my enclosure needs to be redone in MDF (I did it out of some old 34 plywood I had laying around). Does anyone have thoughts on this

trunk vibration and a bit of the thump. however if I roll the windows down you can hear it comming from over two blocks away. sound dampening for the win. keep in mind not everyone wants to hear the music you are listening to. I turn my stuff down when going through residential areas after dark or often when at stop lights. only time I really try to annoy anyone with my system is when a 1980s honda

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Wheel Weights

Credit to the original poster... I sure as hell didn&39t do all this work Acura Integra GS 92 Cast 14x5.5 15.5 Acura Integra GS-R 94-95 Cast 15x6 16.0 Acura Integra GS-R 96 Cast 15x6 15.5 Acura Integra GS-R 97 (00 LS) Cast 15x6 15.0 Acura Integra GS-R 98-01 Cast 15x6 16.3 Acura Integra Type-R (JDM 4-bolt) Cast 15x6 12.3 Acura Integra Type-R (JDM 4-bolt) Cast 16x7 17.0 Acura Integra Type-R (US model)


Welcome to ITR Forum on honda-Tech this thread contains links to interesting and helpfull topics all put together for quick reference. If you own itr and just browsing through this site join us in neverending ITR topics (we all did at some point) new users are always welcomed How Many ITR Were Sold in the USDM How many ITR are there] Importing a Grey Market Vehicle (the facts on whats legal and whats

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Decision E39 Vs 05 Acura TL

Hi all Im debating buying an E39 540i (01-03 Sport package 6MT) or an 05 Acura TL Type-S. I currently have a honda prelude in which Ive done a handful of track days and a few seasons of autox. I love the prelude but Im 28 and I feel like Im starting to outgrow it. Im ready for something with roof rack compatibility useful back seats and class. Whatever I buy I will likely take to the track again at

&9658 ALL GEN Integra [FAQ] - DIYWrite ups How to etc

Post up any threads you thought were helpful and I will add them to the list.. any model integra just specify which generation.. Please NO CONVERSATION OR IRRELEVANT POSTS IN THIS THREAD. They will be deleted.. FAQinfo links only Glossary 1) General Integra 2) Gen 1 specific 3) Gen 2 specific 4) Gen 3 specific 1) General Integra car security information

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 Seat upgrade

Some might see it as blasphemy but if people here accept lowering and fake AMG trim this should be fine. I chose to use bucket seats from a 6th generation (1992) Mitsubishi Galant. It was a close call between the Galant an Eclipse GS and honda prelude also in the yard. The Galant won because the honda and Eclipse both would have required brackets to mate with the rear mount holes and the prelude seats

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Brake swap - rx-8 to 6s

Hello Simple question - I&39m wondering if anyone tried to swap front brakes in 6s - I think rx-8 calipers and discs should fit well - anyone knows something about it Comparing stock 6s 282mm rx-8 has almost Big brake It would be less expensive to get parts for such swap than buy brand new kit... I got pretty good deal for calipersrotorslines from rx-8... Looking for ideas Thanks ps. sorry for my english

was just a question - At first I wanted to check it onboard - Any suggestions from You mazda6club members is important for me as in Poland where I live people have no experience with 6s and come to my car as a BAD Mazda with weak ford v6 duratec. You wrote about testing... I know many ppl who own Civics and the basic mod for brakes in their cars was swap of 260mm disccaliper to 282mm (stock in honda

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 You know there isnt much difference between us and riceboys...

At least the SLK32 ownersbr br We have a radical body kit. (with no aerodynamic advantages strictly for style)br We have a trunk spoiler (although not to outrageous)br We have trick wheels. (that look aftermarket)br We have an aggressive exhaust. (with fake sized chrome extensions)br We have a forced induction engine. (which is the ultimate mod for the riceboys)br We have a cool steering wheel. (and

TypeR stickers on its sides. br br When I was growing up people on my street had ricemobiles and the cobbled up Civics werent exactly the most good lookingfast car in the world. I think that you are blind to whats on the street a little. Maybe youve been reading too much Compact Sports car Magzine with their supurbly done Skylines and Supras. That is no more based on reality than the average honda

TOYOTA YARIS The great intake debate

Quote Originally Posted by camelll NST said that the damper is for NVH for the driver and to eliminate cabin noise Toyota was not thinking about cabin noise on a 12000 dollar vehicle show me anywhere else on the car the were concerned with cabin noise. Thats an easy one come on. From the mods I have installed so far I think my cold air intake made the most noticeable difference. The acceleration is

Do you have a SRI or a CAI I know I wont pass for now but I think its just a matter of time until a manufacturer obtains an executive order for a CAI. What Im trying to say here is that the reason I wouldnt pass is beaurocracy related and not emissions related. But at the end of the day its just a guess I have an AEM CAI. I just searched the carB database and found that an AEM CAI for a 1990 honda

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 WSJ Article...

THE DRIVERS SEAT By JEFF SABATINI BMW Recharges a Favorite December 22 2006 Page W11C Ask anyone who makes a living reviewing cars to choose a daily driver and chances are good that a BMW 3-Series will be their pick. For going on two decades BMWs best-selling model has been a favorite of driving enthusiasts taking up residence on car and Driver magazines 10 Best list back in 1992 and remaining there

MAZDA 6 I GG GY See through hood

I was with some friends last night discussing out cars and I was bitching how my friends prelude Impreza and Maxima have tons of parts and upgrades available to them and the mazda6 has some stuff but its prices are a bit steep and the selection is limited. I have to give it praise to a lot of the members on this forum that proto-typed kits exhausts turbos and all the different parts that are available

it. Just wondering your opinion on this or any suggestion on companies to contact once its made to send a proto-type to. Maybe even a see through grille to match and leds or neons behind it and under the hood. [b] I have seen those hoods before... They can look cool if the car engine is done right.. Personally I think for me I wouldn&39t be interested in one... It seems too ghetto ... aka honda

FIAT PUNTO a common problem with puntos

is it just me or is anyone else on here sick of hearin those words if its so common y dont fiat fix em up properly before theyre sent out into the world of rip-off garages so far ive heard about... headlights footwell head gasket any more to add to the list

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AUDI A4 B5 Anyone running REVO software

I can now get REVO software at a local shop... Im still leaning towards APR but this is the e-mail I just sent the shop owner just trying to think out loud I want your 2cents If you have REVO I want you 5cents Quote Ive been looking at Revo Uni and Apr. Uni only has the stage 1 for my car... I was thinking about stage 2. Im limited to the mods I can do on my car do to SCCA rules... So I cant go a full

Shadow (4-cyl Turbo & V6) Shelby Charger Turbo Spirit (4-cyl Turbo & V6) SRT-4 Sundance Turbo Dodge & Mitsubishi Colt Turbo & Mirage Turbo (1984-88) Colt Turbo & Mirage Turbo (1989-92) Eagle Summit Turbo (16v) (1989-90) Fiat & Bertone X19 Ford & Mercury Capri (4-cyl & 6-cyl) (1971-77) Capri (1991-95) Contour SVT Cougar (1999-2002) Focus SVT Fusion & Milan (6-cyl) (2006-10) Probe (Turbo & V6) honda

FIAT PUNTO Alloy wheel fitment

Hey Ive been trying to sell some alloy wheels on Fiat Forum for a while however Im not really having much luck so Im going to resort to selling them on eBay. Something which I really didnt wanna do because eBays daylight robbery if youre selling something expensive Anyway to the point - I know that the Puntos wheel fitment is 4x100 ET38 (dont really know what the ET38 bit means tbh) and I was wondering

35 to 45 57.1 KA 96 4x108 35 to 42 63.4 Mondeo 93 to 00 4x108 35 to 42 63.4 New Fiesta 02 4x108 38 to 42 63.4 New Mondeo 00 5x108 38 to 45 63.4 Probe 94 to 98 5x114 35 to 42 67.1 Puma 90 to 01 4x108 35 to 42 63.4 Scorpio 94 to 00 4x108 35 to 42 63.4 ScorpioGran 86 to 94 5x112 35 to 42 63.4 Sierra 84 to 94 4x108 35 to 42 63.4 Street KA 03 4x108 35 to 42 63.4 Transit Connect 02 5x108 35 to 45 63.4 honda

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 535i and Integral Active Steering

We are about ready to finalize our 2012 ED order of a 535i RWD M-Sport in AW & OysterBlack Nappa. Other options include Cold Weather Driver Assist Premium Technology SAT HUD SideTop Cameras Rear sunshades. Should we add Active Steering Our SA thinks it will likely mean new tires every 20k - true My search on the forum indicates many think this would be an important option on an F10. I am concerned

(city driving parking etc.) IAS is VERY nice. For aggressive driving its more a matter of tasteexperience. On a larger car like the F10 I really dont like IAS for aggressive driving. Some long time ago on a 4WS prelude I loved it but a much smaller car. Test drive them both if you can or tell you dealer to do a dealer search until youve found cars in stock to test. This reminds me of the 1990s honda

PONTIAC FIREBIRD I 1968 Firebird Resto Modded

Hey there My name is Alexander Jackson I am 23 years old and I live in NashvilleTN. I have always had an interest in cars my whole life. It has started with a 1986 honda prelude 2002 honda Civic SI then a 2000 honda S2000. All these were extremely fun but I was burnt out on just minor engine modifications and suspension. SoI decided to take on a full restoration of American Muscle. It did not take

BMW SERIES 3 E46 Pin hole in the Radiator

Does anybody have an idea how to fix a pin hole in the radiator on the plastic side of it. Any suggestions .......Thanks

were stuck with cooling systems that need total replacement at 60000 miles.... That is not really accurate. Almost all cars past and present are still made with radiators that basically last a lifetime. Im young enough that each of the 5 cars Ive owned before my BMW were newer than the 80s and each and every one of them had its original radiator doing just fine at 100Kmiles. The 93 honda

Quote Originally Posted by Alexbo That is not really accurate. Almost all cars past and present are still made with radiators that basically last a lifetime. Im young enough that each of the 5 cars Ive owned before my BMW were newer than the 80s and each and every one of them had its original radiator doing just fine at 100Kmiles. The 93 honda I just sold had 200k miles and the coolant system never


OK i changed my plugs a while back when i tuned up my car with a fuel filter. well do they need to be gapped at 44 or is it 28 to 32 and would ngk platinums work better then the copper autolights

HeHe I own both a mustang and a honda prelude. Downgraded LOL You drive a sephia bud. I have owned a sephia (frigging tin can on wheels) and a 01 spectra (another tin can on wheels and a 05 spectra (a bit better). Hell just point your finger near a sephia and itll dent it LOL. Cheap exterior metals too... All were highly underpowered cheap materials (they call rear defroster an option) (also power

FORD F150 What to Do

My truck has been going down hill since it hit about 175000 miles Lost my tailgate so now i have a green truck black gate. The engine has been acting funny high idle burning oil like crazy and has piston slap or lifter i dont know. I dont have alot of cash being 16 and all. I got the truck for free so i cant complain alot. But i will any way. I am looking into a new engine or completely new truck still

Well I have desided what to do for now. My brother has a 1989 honda prelude that he will give me because he owes my rents some cash. you did not hear that from me. I am going to drive the prelude and save up some cash to do what i want to with the truck Hi Performance engine and stuff like that. I know its not a ford but hey its a car and a fun one at that. I guess i will be gone from boards for a while till i start to build my truck up thanks for all the Info.... Cya matt

FORD F150 I found it - the original Piston Slap topic. Enjoy

bbraynor posted 07-21-98 0701 PM ET (US) HELP The 5.4L may have a design flaw If you have experienced a cold start knock or more simply a knocking sound when starting a cold 5.4 please let me know Others have had this problem which sounds unfixable. Any info would be of great help. The 99 5.4 Ive been informed should have been fixed. I bleed FMC Blue but my experience with problems makes me shudder

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 E60 M5 driving impression from an E90 335i owner

Hey guys Just wanted to share my experience this holiday weekend with an M5.... As a point of reference I have owned a VW Corrado prelude VTEC E46 328i and now own an E90 335i. My friend gave me the privilege of taking his wifes (yup...wifes) Alpine WhiteBlack M5 for the entire holiday weekend while they were out of town so I had a chance to sample it extensively in highway city and the occasional

just to add my 2 cents here my 528i 1998 has been nothing short of reliable mechanically for myself and the previous owner and I enjoy every time I turn the key. My good friend is a pizza delivery guy- makes next to nothing. We are researching used coupes for his next daily. He was considering a honda prelude a nissan 240sx or a I6 manual e36 3 series. Hes going after the 3er because its better looking

FIAT 500 II Miklysas Fiat 500 Cup.

Hi Im new to this forum and to Fiat I bought this 500 Cup when I was on vacation. I was up late one night on the internet and found this for sale in Oslo Norway so I drove down and sold my BMW and bought this. The car is a 2008 model which had only run approx 14000 miles when I bought it two weeks ago Its a 1.4 sport 100hp with sportmode fully automatic aircon (havent seen that on many 500s) and of

Originally Posted by miklysa Amen to that. Im just 22 turning 23 in October so Ive got lots of time on my hands My first car was a honda prelude and my second was an MB190 which I lowered as hell and my third car was a 06 BMW 318 which I also lowered so Im familliar with the pains of getting in and out of such cars P I didnt mean getting out of cars as such. What I was saying was and older person driving

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 2008 528i 0r 535i

Am preparing to purchase a 5 series. Can not decide if I want the power of the 535i or the economy of the 528i. Do any of you lucky people who have received your 08 5 series have any fuel economy feed back yet I feel the 528i is under-powered... hell a Camry has more HP and torque plus better gas miliage.

basic maintenance I had the auxiliary fan go bad which made it run all the time which ran the battery down one window regular (which is known on this car to go bad) go bad and two exhaust cam sensors. That is it. It is a very reliable car. Granted BMW makes some problem cars (all manufacturers do) but overall it can be a reliable car if properly maintained. Will it give you as few problems as a honda

BMW SERIES 5 E39 How much respect you have on the road

I was just wondering how much respect do you guys get when you drive your e39 on the streets. In Russia for example if you drive e39 or any expensive car youll have a LOT of respect almost everyone yielding road to you because most people cant afford that kind of cars and those kind of cars drive either really cool guys or rich people(btw you cant be just rich in Russia you have to have some connections

at night is quite awesome with the low beams and fogs. people tend NOT to cut in front of me. maybe the cars will look faster with brighter lights... id say a big suv will gain more respect on the road because other driver will chicken out. it seems like the 3ers respect me the most on the road. id never had an issue with them when driving in the e39. but when i drove my prev car (a 97 style honda

BMW Z3 E36 Miles on Z4M from the factory

Z4M owners with ordered cars -- How many miles did your car have on the odo when you picked it up from the dealer Mine came in with 31 miles on the odo which seems a little high.

Yeah those two thoughts go hand in hand. If it doesnt matter to you it doesnt matter. If i does matter to you it matters a LOT. The first brand new car I ever bought was a 1985 honda prelude got it right after getting my first job after college. A buddy of mine had a new Accord but I wanted something sporty. It had 5 miles on the odometer at pick-up. The Z4 M Coupe is the only other car Ive been willing to buy new and absorb the early the depreciation on myself.

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 Deployed Soldier Undecided...335xi or 535xi

Hello Everyone I am brand new to the forum as you can see. A quick introduction I live in the NYC area singleno kids but Im currently deployed overseas with the U.S. Army. Ill be in the sandy paradise for another 8-10 months. Im very indecisive of what series I want to purchase. I know I want a AWD but I want some ownerexpert opinions. Obviously I cant just goto a dealer and see for myself and looking

me). I cant talk specifics about actual dimensions and such - but test driving the 335 is what got me decided on buying a BMW this after looking at Infiniti GM as well as Lexus ISES. Then my wife got involved and she got me thinking that the 335 was a little small. By feel- the 335 seems quite a bit smaller side to side - and the back seat is definitely not inviting. It reminded me of my 2 door honda

BMW SERIES 5 E39 My Topazblau 03 540iA MSport

(If you hate reading scroll down for some pictures) Ive had my 525i since Jan 2010. All the maintenance are done and its a good daily driver. However its always under-powered as we know. I decide to find an 03 540i MSport someday as an upgrade and my ultimate daily driver. I am open to any color and any transmission. One day in Nov 2013 I was browsing the local craigslist ads for 540i Msport and one

car it blends in nicely since it is almost color matched. Very nice build. M-Pars used to be special until there are replicas out there. I do like them but Id like to be different since many others E39s have them not just the MSport anymore. Moreover the RH M5 are nice classic looking wheels 3-piece 5 spokes with lip. I do have negative comment on the exhaust tips saying burnt tips belong on a honda

FIAT PANDA Panda for saleNeed a front wiper motor...

Hello everyone Bella my beloved Panda decided to throw her wiper off when i was driving down the motorway in the pssing rain the other day. The gear on top of the motor is threaded so I imagine that Ill need a complete wiper unit assembly. Do any of you lovely people have a spare one that I can buy from you Im looking for this so that I can sell her. She has 54000 miles on the clock and is a G reg.

Amazing I used the car all through the winter when my shtty citroen xantia broke down repeatedly. Now the xantia is running as it should I dont really need the panda anymore. I love it and its never let me down but my folks are on to me to get one of the cars out of the drive and i think its time for the panda to go to someone who can enjoy her. (that and the fact that im on ebay bidding for a honda


This will sound really stupidbut having owned a mini and did alot of reasearch into moddifying minis i used to lust after a a could have a honda vtec engine 1.6 fitted into a mini.Just wondering wether this would be possible with a cinqas if you can get a 1.6 crx engine to fit in a mini surley you could get one to fit in a cinq

Originally Posted by vandisian it has two cams mate not a poor mans turbo turbos the easy option the technology is straight off racing cars. Incredible power and naturally aspirated. 100bhp per litre thats ferrari stuff. Oh not to mention the handling. hondas are SWEET Sorry mate would disagree. Having driven a v-tech civic and a few other turbo and non turbo applications i dont think v-tech is something

PONTIAC GTO Rubber stoppers in Hood

Has anyone removed the rubber stoppers in the 06 hood You know the ones that block it from being a function ram air hood I would imagine that it would let some of the heat dissipate. My only concern would be water getting in or your engine bay getting dirty...Any one have any expierence with this

Or a crappy paint job if it happens. What makes you think the GTOs had anything but a crappy paint job Many of them have had paint issues. Mine had to be resprayed because of peeling paint. Quote Originally Posted by Poncho Dan If such a thing was possible you wouldnt have any paint left on your wheel wells. Or FRCs for that matter. Not only is it possible but it happened on my winter beater (89 honda

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Im a sell out Changed order from MT to Step AT

Hey guys dont flame just yet Let me start by saying what this thread is not 1. It is NOT yet another thread about which is better AT or MT 2. It is NOT yet another thread about helping me decide which one to get.. I am just hoping this could be helpful to anyone who is (was) facing the same dilema as I was.. My background I have never had an Automatic car I am 30 and this will be my 7th car all have

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Got my own BMW

As many of you know the 2011 335is Coupe that I have talked about with great pride for the last 1.5 years is actually my wifes car and her daily driver. My car is a 2000 honda S2000. Well I finally got my own BMW Since Ive hung out in this forum the most I thought Id share. (This is long) Less than two weeks ago I met a woman at a club Meet & Greet who had just recently moved to the area and when she

a convertible before the S2000 and never really considered one. In 1994 when my 88 prelude got stolen but recovered the next day with the interior completely stripped I assuaged my depression by renting a Miata for three weeks while they installed a new interior. I loved that little car but the practical side of me said that it was too impractical no trunk space only 1 passenger. That was until honda

BMW Z3 E36 S2000 antenna... why

I was breezing through the December issue of eurotuner while flying to L.A. today. Pat Lams Z3 2.8 is featured. One item struck me as curious... an antenna from a honda S2000. Anyone know why Just better reception or is there something special about the S2000s antenna

Quote Originally Posted by fatmanz3 I want to do the same swap of my antenna. Let us all know for sure if the threads match and if theres any change in reception. Thanks. I cant be sure but from the eurotuner pictures it looks like Pat swapped the whole kit and kaboodle not just the mast. Possibly because the threads dont match. I personally wouldnt mind having a power telescoping antenna if it significantly improved my reception. I might even start listening to the local public radio station in my car again. From my hazy recollection the reception in my honda prelude was much better than Ive ever had in my M. It had a power telescoping antenna.

BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 What should I buy for my wife

Hello I have had two early 80s 6 series and my wifes last BMW. She had a 2001 330Ci sport. It was awesome ...until something froze and oil went from the sump up to the intake manifold and hydro locked the engine with oil. Never trusted the car after that. Now that Im older and wiser I guess I would just understand that it was a CVV system error and just replace the oil separator four lines and oil

never go a serie back down... Not sure where Ill go from here... From 750 LI to B7...LOL Whatever I get her she will keep it forever...and I will maintain the machine as it was originally engineered. No shortcuts with a nice unit. And there will be enough parts out there to keep it running fine. Im serious she wouldnt want another car for at least 15 years...shes just like that. She had a 1988 honda

BMW SERIES 5 E39 540i quad exhaust

Hey guys so Im new to this and Im interested in getting a 540i. Either a 2000 or a 2003. But whichever one i get I want to add a quad exhaust for a more muscular American tone. But not sure what brand of exhaust to get Would I have to get a rear bumper that would fit a quad exhaust How much would the whole process cost Help please. Thanks.

As Californias we tend to have higher standards for our cars no matter if it is a 4th gen honda prelude or bmw 540. Here you are likely to see atleast 2 M5s on your daily drive and they will laugh at your fake quaf tips. Your pipes may be real as in air flow through all 4 but your car is what is fake. Quad exhaust mirrors bumper kit lip spoiler M6 wheels. what The price difference between an E39 M5

Quote Originally Posted by jmanyoyoyo As Californias we tend to have higher standards for our cars no matter if it is a 4th gen honda prelude or bmw 540. Here you are likely to see atleast 2 M5s on your daily drive and they will laugh at your fake quaf tips. Your pipes may be real as in air flow through all 4 but your car is what is fake. Quad exhaust mirrors bumper kit lip spoiler M6 wheels. what

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Blast from the Past 1987 325i Road Test

I posted this thread in the E30 forum but thought that it might be of interest to current 3 Series owners httpwww.bimmerfest.comforumssho...94post6159794 . Some notable excerpts from the September 1987 Consumers Reports Test Drive comparing the Volvo 760 Turbo the Saab 9000 Turbo the BMW 325i and the Sterling 825-SL (PDFs are attached to the original thread) In the overview The BMW 325i is advertised

TOYOTA TACOMA What do you think of your Tacoma

I have had many vehicles starting out with a 2000 honda Civic SI as a 16th birthday present a 2003 Jeep Liberty (piece of junk) as a graduation present a 2004 VW Jetta 1.8T a 2004 Chevy 1500 Z71 a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2007 Chevy 1500 Z71 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1987 Jeep YJ and then there is my 2011 Toyota Tacoma. Its not the nicest of vehicles I have owned but it is by far

Cab XLT with appearance package-My first new car always wanted a truck had no need for it but always wanted a F150 (loved the 97 style change but this was the best thing I could afford) 01 Ford Ranger SuperCab Flareside Offroad Package -My random upgrade one day when home for summer with extra job cash in my pocket also a great truck sold it to my dad he still has it in his arsenal of trucks. 00 honda

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 Should I order a new 335

This is my first post on Bimmerfest. A little history about me and the cars I have owned in the past my help with what I am posting. I am dating myself a bit here but my first BMW was a 1971 1600 the next year I traded for an 1971 2002. In 1976 graduated high school and purchased my 2002tii for 2800.00 which I drove for the next several years. Anyone who is about my age knows how great these original

to get anal about all those aftermarket rice-boy mods. Im not as old as you but lets just say I grew up drooling about the Lancer Evo Subaru WRX Mazra RX-7 Toyota Supra and all the nice cars in that category which we envied the Japanese for living the Europeans for getting and always wished they imported them to America someday...or brought back in the case of the latter 2. Well I got the honda

Rocking not sliding c5 seat

Dear Corvette Techs Im determined to repair the rocking seat of my 2000 6 spd. coupe which is my first Corvette- at age 53. I have put a lot of time and effort into the project and I am absolutely amazed at how totally disconnected Chevy and GM are on the subject. The fact that a 50000 premier American sports car can have a seat that rocks around with barely five digit miles on it is a disgrace. I

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 06 330i Minor HP gains available

Hello everyone- Ive been searching the board and I can find all kinds of links to increase HP for the 335- however not finding much for the NA 330. Im not looking to make my driver a bullet (if so I would have bought the 335 coupe- wow what a fun car) however a little more blast would be great. Anyway- who out there can make some recomendations for one or two mods to make my ride a little more special Ill get some pix up soon Many thanks-

tune-ups.. (many possibilities.. I donno about Dinan and piggybacks since I never tried them) if you want to keep your car sound as it is try reducing the weight of your car ex carbon fiber hoods (if it matches the color and your taste..) and replacing other parts with lighter parts... its not gaining any HPs but helps in a way.. less weight to pull.. I dont know about BMWs but when I had honda

Example offers of car parts honda prelude car mat

  • Honda Prelude (5th Gen 96-01 Tailored Car Mats BLUE - Runcorn,United Kingdom (26.95 GBP)
  • Tailored Fitted Carpet Mats HONDA PRELUDE (1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001) Black - Maghera,United Kingdom (20.95 GBP)
  • Car Mats to fit Honda Prelude (97-01) + Boot Mat + Logo - Wigan,United Kingdom (59.99 GBP)
  • JDM Honda Prelude 3G RHD Floor Mat Carpets BA BA4 BA5 Si 2.0Si 4WS - Nuova Zelanda (65.00 USD)
  • Honda Prelude 1997 2001 Black Velour Tailored Carpet Mat Set - United Kingdom (29.99 GBP)
  • Honda Prelude 1997 2001 Grey Velour Tailored Carpet Mat Set - United Kingdom (29.99 GBP)
  • Honda Prelude (5th Gen) 1996 To 2001 BLACK QUALITY Tailored Car Mats Set Carpet - Dewsbury,United Kingdom (23.90 GBP)

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