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HONDA PRELUDE V 98 Prelude build thread

Part 1 of the orange peeled prelude (will be revised and edited when i have time) Just got this prelude not even a month ago and i am full swing into building my first car. I picked up a 98 prelude with 210 miles on the body for a fairly cheap price I bought this car mainly because the body was in good shape new tires and some parts that i figure i could pawn off jdm h22a block 2 h22a4 transmissions

I gave you all the information you needed to have a plug-n-play setup in your 98 prelude. I guess you are wanting to run the euro-r in its original JDM form that it came to you in Meaning keep the euro-r fuel rail distributor lower timing belt drive pulley and balance shaft pulley run the 3 wire IACV and EGR valve. If that is the route you want to take then below I listed the items you would need. The harnesses you need from Rywire is an obd2a-obd2b ecu jumper harness and OBD2 USDM prelude TO OBD2 DISTRIBUTOR ADAPTER both are found right here httpwww.rywire.comcatalogobd2a-...ness-p-20.html httpwww.rywire.comcatalogobd2-u...pter-p-72.html Also in this thread is information about the euro-r swap the Rywire ecu harness and how it needs to be modified to make your PCD euro-r ecu work in your prelude as well as how to wire up the 3 wire IACV and EGR valve httphonda-tech.comshowthread.phpt3138261 Here are pictures of my modified Rywire harness and PCD ecu

HONDA ACCORD &9658 1990-2002 Accord FAQ

If you have a link you want added then PM me or TouringAccord with the link and one of us will add it in. honda-Tech Terms of Service Accord Forum Rules Learn How To Use The Search Feature Here Learn How To Use the IM (aka PM) Feature Here Engine How-To Replace Timing belt Timing Balancer belt and Water Pump on a F22B1 Setting Rear Balance Shaft Position How To Use a honda Crank pulley Tool How To

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HONDA CIVIC FAQs - Frequently Asked (Tech) Questions

This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) thread for the 92-00 CivicDel Sol subforum. Notes To Contributors Any suggestions for improvement of this FAQs thread are welcomed encouraged and appreciated. PM RonJHT your comments and suggestions. We are always looking for new content to include in this FAQs sticky. Please give back to the honda-Tech (H-T) community. When you do a job on your car take

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE I ZJ Gone through 6 belts now... I need help

I have gone through about 6 serpentine belts now on my 5.9 in the last year in half... I need suggestions on what to do about this.. I have a new Waterpump Newidler pully new power steering pump and pully new tensioner and the belts are still going bad or chirping then squeeking.. It did this prior to replacing all the accessories and after... I dont know whats causing this... Did it with the old powersteering

Quote Originally Posted by ZeeJay1997 Edit It was Lou I was reading another thread where someone said the rubber in harmonic balancer can separate and the pulley will move in and out. May be worth looking into. The rubber can separate causing the balancer to slip and squeal like a pig. Just last week this happened on my honda prelude and when I took it apart thats what the problem was

JEEP CHEROKEE funny thing happened last i need a little help

So I was out cruising around last night on the parkway when I felt my power steering go out. I pull over to the side of the road and I see steam coming from the engine compartment. I pop the hood and my water pump decides to spit up all my coolant. I look around for any problems and notice my fan belt had come off and wrapped itself around my fan. I finally get the thing untangled and try putting it

FORD F150 I found it - the original Piston Slap topic. Enjoy

bbraynor posted 07-21-98 0701 PM ET (US) HELP The 5.4L may have a design flaw If you have experienced a cold start knock or more simply a knocking sound when starting a cold 5.4 please let me know Others have had this problem which sounds unfixable. Any info would be of great help. The 99 5.4 Ive been informed should have been fixed. I bleed FMC Blue but my experience with problems makes me shudder

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Test drove my first 540i6 this morning....and then new BMWs impressions inside

Hi all This morning I test drove my first 540i6 - a 2001 model with 118000 on it in fairly good shape overall. It was at a very nice local dealership being sold for a friend of the owner with full maintenance records for 12900. Within the past 20-30k miles it had had a new clutch flywheel cooling system and a few other nice things to have replaced. It was equipped with premium PDC sport heated seats

Good read. Thanks for the review. I recently bought my first BMW a 2001 540i6. I have driven numerous hot rods 911s a Lotus Espirit turbo a Shelby 427 Cobra etc. My last two cars were honda Sis. Before that I had a 4ws prelude. Ill take this 540 over the lot of them. I live in Hot Springs AR. When I made up my mind to buy one I conducted a pretty extensive search. Predictably I had trouble finding

BMW SERIES 3 E46 need parts number

Hi all and thanks in advance. I have a e46 328ci and need some parts. I am trying to find out where I can these parts for the best price at and yes I did search around and only got so far. is confusing when it comes to finding parts unless you know the parts number. Heres the list for the parts I need cabin air filter thermostat oil level sensor drive and ac belts water pump these are the

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  • Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley Rover 600, Honda Prelude/Accord/Shuttle 14357 - Nottingham,United Kingdom (34.39 GBP)
  • New Genuine Honda H22 Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley Accord Prelude Shuttle - Brentwood,United Kingdom (39.99 GBP)
  • New Genuine Honda H22 Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley Accord Prelude Shuttle - Brentwood,United Kingdom (39.99 GBP)
  • TENSIONER PULLEY TIMING BELT FOR HONDA PRELUDE 2 1992-2000 T9389 - Bradford,United Kingdom (26.31 GBP)
  • TENSIONER PULLEY TIMING BELT FOR HONDA PRELUDE 2.2 1993-2000 T9540 - Bradford,United Kingdom (43.15 GBP)

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