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HONDA ACCORD V CC7 CD CE CD7 CD9 CF 94 Accord suspension upgrade

Im planning on doing my first upgrade by lowering my accord 2in I dont want to dump to much money in to it. I found this on ebay httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotors...ories Any ideas and also I had a 91 accord which was lowered 2in and i had to put a camber kit on it. So im wondering if i have to have a camber kit on the 94 also

Im not familiar with the brand under which these are being offered but Id try to do some additional research if I were you. I suspect that these are no more than stock replacement Gass-filled shocks with a shortened spring. The damping rate(s) are not even adjustable. Youre also going to require a camber kit for both the front AND the rear. Youre more than likely going to have inner fender clearance

Can anyone tell me why they dont make suspension upgrades for the front of a 94 but everything for the rear or is it just me and I cant find it

Unless you want to bling up your car there is very little reason to use performance suspension links as they dont do squat. front control arms with an adjustable ball joint position are the only non stock parts you need when lowering.

Quote Originally Posted by confused accord Maybe I should have been more specific I can find upper and lower control arms for the back but nothing aftermarket for the front any help on where to get some or something thats the same that will work ef civic upper controls fit the 5th gen

HONDA ACCORD &9658 1990-2002 Accord FAQ

If you have a link you want added then PM me or Touringaccord with the link and one of us will add it in. honda-Tech Terms of Service accord Forum Rules Learn How To Use The Search Feature Here Learn How To Use the IM (aka PM) Feature Here Engine How-To Replace Timing Belt Timing Balancer Belt and Water Pump on a F22B1 Setting Rear Balance Shaft Position How To Use a honda Crank Pulley Tool How To

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BMW SERIES 5 E60 E61 Which car lasts longer Honda Accord or BMW E60

Ive owned civic accord and now BMW E60 528i M sport. 99 Civic lasted 130k miles without any major repairs before I sold it. 08 accord lasted 70k miles without any major repairs before I sold it. Now I just bought 08 E60 with 70k miles. It would all depend on maintenance but considering same level maintenance with honda will E60 last longer Ive been hearing American car lasts 100k Japanese car lasts 200k German cars last 300k. Is this true

Quote Originally Posted by 5 series nubbie I drove an 89 accord to 130k miles 02 accura tl to 120k mi. hondasaccura are very reliable vehicles but they are appliances. I honestly wouldnt call hondas appliances...Toyotas definitely but hondas tend to have a bit more soul and character in them. I had an 87 accord LXi hatch (300K miles) 110hp and 89 accord LX (200Kmiles) with the carbed 98hp 2L and remember

Quote Originally Posted by jim165 89 accord LX (200Kmiles) with the carbed 98hp 2L and remember those had that awesome double wishbone suspension set up all handled pretty doggone good for a front driver. I really enjoyed driving them both. The newer hondas are possibly close to being appliances but not...quite. My wifes old Solara my sis-in-laws 13 Camry their sisters Corolla....toasters.

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 2008 Honda Accord Sedan vs. 328i

Guy in my office is buying one and claims the EX version will be BMW-like handling at honda prices. To me the exterior is a 3-series knock-off. Is honda reliability better than BMW or does it get down to the fact that a 3-series has more sophisticated brakes steering etc. so naturally it is going to need more maintenance Personally the Japanese cars including the G35 have a sterile feeling that takes the joy out of driving.

2 cars ago I had a honda Prelude VTEC. The steering on that car was more communicative than my 07 3 series. The wacky dash and over-dramatized cam and intake runner switchover gave it some character. I remember a 99 328 I test drove back then having better steering feel than the E9X - but maybe its just me... If BMW continues washing down the 3 for the masses we could get to the point an accord and

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 W124 front suspension is SAFETY CRITICAL

Hi so following another thread that got closed for some reason can any one point me at a pictorial DIY on how to properly test the front ball-joints on a W124 thanks

right front ball joint goes first. However on my 190E its the left side ball joint that needs attention It might be due to road crown- near the right side of most roads in LHD countries is more slanted than the left hand side near the peak of the crown putting the RH ball joint under a different load and orientation than its LH counterpart. This issue is obviously not unique to the 124. I saw a honda

HONDA ACCORD 1990-2002 Accord FSWTTWTB (Apr - Jun 2013)

Rules 1. No bumping its a sticky so its always at the top. 2. If you need to contact a member send them a PM do not post commentsquestions in this thread. 3. 1 post for your parts for sale do not post multiple times for the same parts. 4. Post a picture of your item for sale in the picture(s) you must have your username and date included. Please update your listing if something is sold or you no longer need something you wanted to buy.

Not much else to say here. MORE PIX AVAILABLE ON REQUEST the rest are at the bottom Located in Central NJ. PM email notifications come straight to my phone so either PM me or text me with any and all questions (732) 570 9285 . Willing to ship almost everything (obvious exceptions enginetrans) PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING AND ARE SLIGHTLY NEGOTIABLE PLEASE DONT BE A DIRTBAG. Dont forget about the

BMW X1 E84 2013 BMW X1 front passenger side suspension making screeching noise on speed bump

Hi All I had my new X1 for 2 months 3000 miles on it. When I drive over small speed bumps in my apt complex sometimes the front passenger side speed bump makes a screeching noise(metal on metal). Took it to a dealer place different from where I purchased they blew me off saying they could not reproduce it and they did a visual inspection with a torch light and nothing seemed broken. After I got it

BMW SERIES 5 E39 01 530i ride feels like a lowered Honda Accord

I have a 01 530i and since last few days the ride is so uncomfortable just for the information I am running on stock 17 with tires with 20 000 miles on them and my air pressure is about 40 PSI man the ride is so uncomfortable all the time it feels like either I am running on a flat tire feeling every bump on the road steering so hard cant tell and also when I make turn it feels car is dragging itself

40psi is too high in my opinion. Before replacing anything else I would first decrease the tire pressures to about 32-34psi on the front and about 34-36psi on the rears and see how the difference feels. Even I tend to think sometimes that the ride is unbearably harsh in my 530i sports suspension and think about downgrading from the 17 pilot ps2 tires to 16 all seasons but when I decrease the tire pressure just a bit it feels a tad better.


This is some good info from another forum all collected in one place for the R18 guys. Original Thread Great work by HiTechPerform on Some opinions have been removed and extra info added. Im sure we can add to this and make it better. Lets help the R18 guys out instead of the normal buy an si response to questions about mods. ENGINEUNDER THE HOOD Valvecover whonda & iVTEC logo

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Same suspension as the 5 series

i was hanging out with some of my mechanic friends a couple days ago. my rsx driving buddy was ripping on my 6 while my other buddy was disagreeing with him. other buddy told me that the 6 uses the exact same suspension setup as the 5 series. is this true

Current 5 series uses a cheap Macpherson struts for the front. I have one so I know. It drives like a modified accord nothing special but not bad either a bit too bumpy for a 50K luxury car IMO. Mazda6 copies the honda accords superior double wishbone setup for the front. The rear is where the MAzda6 is similar to a 5 series or most BMWs the shocks are separate from the springs. Nissan also uses the

NISSAN well i got the rental what a piece

well some of you know that i hit a deer and its at the dealers getting fixed i got the rental today wow a piece of garbage i though dodge would put something decent out there older dakotas were okay but the new one is well just junk for starters it has a V8 magnum it has no power or get up and go our nissans V 6 has way more power and pep i dont like the dodge at all it handles horrible in the snow

Quote Originally Posted by JoeO26 The ridgeline is meant to be more of an upscale SUV with a truck bed something honda is very good at making. No they are not rugged for for offroading and have a small V6 but if you know what you a buying it for when you get one they are nice little trucks. I cant say anything bad about Toyota or honda after how I have been treated by their cars and trucks I dont think

JEEP WRANGLER Accord at 50mph to your rear wheel....

Not the greatest pictures but this is what happens when you get nailed by a honda accord in the rear wheel area. As you can see the entire rear suspension is shifted to the driver side by 3 - 4. Oh and the accord was much worse off front end pretty much gone back past the rad area airbags deployed etc. Nobody hurt which is good.

HONDA FIT Would these Volk Rims fit my Lexus Ct200h

Hello I am new to this forum did some searching on ce28n but didnt find much to assure that they properly fit on my car. I have a set of rims that came off my 2006 civic they are the CE28N-L manufactured in 2005. They are titanium gun metal Volk rims in 18. (215 45 18) They are 5 bolt pattern and engraved in the metal it says 5x100 and in the inside it has a sticker (see picture) but for any with any

Originally Posted by crestkid19 Heres another picture of the front of the rims and on the lip of the rim it has the 5x100. So is what on the actual rim accurate or whats on the sticker Ultimately though given the information would they fit the car okay Thanks in advance according to the attached web site here is the following info honda Civic Wheels & Tires Buyers Guide at PRO Civic All 2006 Civics

JEEP CHEROKEE Zone Offroad Suspension

Ive got a 98 Cherokee Classic and am looking to get this thing looking sexy off the ground. Ive been looking at various suspension lifts and wanted to know if anyone has heard of anything of this suspension system. Any info would be great.

I just put in the zone 3 lift on my 90 xj. So far so good it lifted it a total of 4 inches front and rear. Im sure it will sag a bit soon enough. Now I just need to find some tires ( I think my honda accord has more aggressive tread).

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 suspension collapse OMG

after 6 years trouble free motoring with my 210 I joined this site. Since then my AC is acting up and now this happens 300TD 150K avantgarde I had the two front suspension springs replaced for new by an indie using OEM parts about a month ago. The ride appeared to be a little higher than what i had been used to but both front springs had lost the lower ends about 3 inches long so i thought it was just

.......... Even its just like honda accord... when you are running on the street front wheels can fly away with no reason..

NISSAN Nismo.. good handler

Just curious.. I dont know a ton about the difference bw the normal suspension and the Nismo suspension other than the Nismo is better setup for the off-road stuff.. my question is.. are the Bilsteins of the Nismo stiffer therefore contributing to less body roll making the Nismo a better ROAD handler than the SELEs (or other trucks for that matter) orrr should i basically not take curves too swiftly

HONDA FIT Will these fit

18 infiniti staggered wheelstires how will the staggered look on the Juke Thoughts on this deal Thanks

If is to be believed the offset on these should be 45-47. according to they should be 0.6 closer to the suspension in front which should be acceptable. AWD or FWD Should be fine on FWD. If AWD the stagger will upset the torque vectoring making an unhappy juke.

HONDA FIT will firestone destination MT 26575R16 tires fit a stock 4d jk rim

I have an 08 4d jk with the tiny 22575R16 tires and the super basic rims on it. I dont want to lift it yet and want to keep the rims that came with it. Does anyone know if I can fit firestone destination MT 26575R16 tires on these rims. From what Ive read it should be no problem to fit the 265s into my wheel wells without rubbing Im just not sure about being able to keep the old rims. Any help is much appreciated

Quote Originally Posted by riptide according to the FAQs of the JK 33s will not fit without a liftspacer on the front. 32s are the max site without lifting it. Or at least thats what the FAQ says. Id love for someone to prove me otherwise as Im saving up for tires and would like to get 33s but dont want to lift it yet. Just some clarification. A 33 will fit and could rub the plastic of the fenders

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 Climate control worst part of car and suspension settings not sticking after restart

Ok this is my third BMW just returned in Jan a 650. I love almost everything about the F10 except 2 things 1. Climate control is garbage. The auto mode is not a true auto function. I set temp to 72f. But on a hot day in Florida the fan speed stays manual set wtf. No other auto climate works like this. You might as well have no auto setting it does nothing. The purpose of auto mode is to set temp and

and I absolutely hated the climate control in that car...I much prefer the additional fine tuning on the f10. I felt I could never get the thing right in the highlander and would end up monkeying with it all the time...the f10 lets each passenger optimize to their level of comfort. Whatever floats your boat. Surely no auto climate control could be more retarded than the one I had in my old honda

NISSAN 1 month old and its over(

Just bought my Pro4X last month and today I got into an accident with it I got T-boned by a honda accord who was crossing and didnt see me coming. The rear right door is damaged on the bottom and the rear axle was pushed back into the rear of the fender well. I didnt get to see how bad the damage was because it was raining. I know the truck wouldnt move it just revved and when I tried to put it into

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Mazda3 front rotorspads fit on Mazda6

Will Mazda3 front rotorspads fit on Mazda6 Mazda3 offers amazing braking performance in its stock version 60-0 in 114ft Mazda6 even that is heavier and more powerfull than M3 offers smaller rotors and very poorly designed front set-up. Can we use Mazda3 brakes on our M6

I have great news for you M6Ser the stopping distance IS better than 131 ft......... Published from 2003-2004 family sedan Test Braking 60-0 (in Order) 1)Chrysler Sebring 117.8 ft 2)Suzuki Verona 121.7 ft 3)Toyota Camry 121.8 ft 4)MAZDA 6S 123.5 ft 5)Mitsubishi Galant 125.5 ft 6)VW Passat 126.5 ft 7)Hyundai Sonata 132.0 ft 8)honda accord 133.4 ft 9)Nissan Altima 137.3 ft 10)Chevy Malibu

NISSAN Lowering your Rogue

Of the people on here who have lowered your rogue what have you found to be the pros and cons of doing this. Also if you have any pics I would love to see how it came out. Thank You

as fast as the rest of the tire. expect to invalidate your warranty. expect to lower the value of your car. basically expect to re-install all the original equipment in your car in 2 years time. if someone was to ask me my opinion id tell them to stay away from raising or lowering the suspension at all costs. I want to both agree and disagree with you... When I had my accord I installed the HFP (honda

JEEP CHEROKEE confused Jeep Stolen for the 3rd time

Sometime Tuesday night my 90 Cherokee Laredo was stolen from my driveway. They broke the drivers side glass and cracked the steering column to hot wire it. We live in AZ and the jeep was taken from Phoenix to El Mirage where it was found in the morning by the cops still running on the side of the road. They handed it over to a tow yard and now the tow yard is holding on to it until a state inspector

I STILL DONT UNDERSTAND WHY ANYONE WOULD STEAL AN XJ TO JOY RIDE IN IT Top Ten Stolen Cars Toyota Camry honda accord honda Civic Oldsmobile Cutlass Jeep CherokeeGrand Cherokee Chevrolet Full-Size Pickup Toyota Corolla Ford Taurus Chevrolet Caprice Ford F-150 Pickup Top Ten Areas Phoenix AZ Fresno CA Modesto CA Stockton-Lodi CA Las Vegas NV Miami FL Sacramento CA Oakland CA Seattle WA Tacoma WA httpwww.unionpriv.orgbenefitsautocc_topstolencars.cfm

KIA OPTIMA Highway steering wander issues and more insight

Found the following article online regarding the electric steering on our Optimas. Apparently its a TRW unit that is manufactured by MOBIS. I highlighted a few comments in the technical article that may shed some light on our twitchy steering. It appears that the motor needs to be calibrated for the on center position. Apparently it is accomplished at the end of the assembly line but is required to

local tire dealer do a road force balance and he said that all the tires were in very good shape with very little difference and runout...he rotated the tires...I dont think that they are bad tires and are actually quite quiet at highway speeds. Im not keen on spending 600 to replace the tires when they are probably not contributing to the wander issue. On an unrelated issue I test drove a 2013 honda

88-91 CRXEF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

88-91 CRXEF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Please PM a moderator if a link doesnt work or if a link should be added to this thread. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- non-honda-Tech link 1. General information and resources What does CRX stand for Differences among CRXs Many CRX photos for jdm lovers US 1991

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Buying an E36

Quote Originally Posted by fiveightandten Ive been piecing this together little by little over the past few months in my spare time. I figured mind as well post it up. Its a work in progress. But we seem to have a decent amount of noobs around here lately so hopefully it will help someone. Should you buy an E36 M3.... Lets first understand what the car is and where it came from. 3 simple points to

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 Motor Trend F30 Absolutely Annihilates Every Potential Competitor

I point this out just because the F10 is a scaled up version of the F30. I cant ever recall reading such unabashed praise for a car. Sporty Luxury Sedan Comparison The More Things Change Eight Contenders Vie For Sport Sedan Supremacy From the May 2012 issue of Motor Trend By Motor Trend Staff Photos Julia LaPalme Illustrator Paul Laguette In the car world a new BMW 3 Series is a big deal. BMW created

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS B I 245 recent review to B200 - Canada

Here is a recent review of our beloved B200 - interesting to note that they reference Benzworld forum relative to the rust issue amongst other items. The Tardis of the car world The Tardis of the car world Peter Bleakney for Wheels 2009 Mercedes-Benz B200 Turbo with Sport Package PEI.12Mark Toljagic SPECIAL TO THE STAR Fans of the BBCs Doctor Who TV series know the Tardis is a fictional

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 The Essential Questions of W123 Ownership

Well all these questions some here and others there have been answered by most but Id like to get all the replys compiled in one location. The w123s are special cars most of us know that as we are here trying to fix them and keep them going strong. So one common question is why Why do you choose to drive the w123 The most obvious answer is price quickly followed by the timeless design wonderful build

Basically I was still financing my honda accord and racking a lot of harsh miles on it. Once it hit 100000 miles I started worrying I was going to have to buy a new car soon to replace it. So I started thinking about cars I could buy cheap that could work as my mule while the honda sits at home as the weekend car. I considered the Mercedes diesel because my German friends Dolly and Irwin Pikowski owned

FORD FOCUS Impressions Focus ST vs. Golf R

Introduction . Hello to all. Ive been reading this forum for a while and this is my first post. I recently had a test drive in the ST and Id like to share that experience and get your feedback. To make things a bit more interesting I am comparing and contrasting the Ford Focus ST to the VW Golf R as I came close to buying a R early last year. By way of disclosure I have never owned a Ford or VW vehicle

Quote Originally Posted by Quintin Several vehicles use struts and upper and lower control arms hondas most notably. 03 full frame Fords have upper and lower control arms with a strut up front too. I beg to differ.... If the vehicle uses a double wishbone suspension whether it uses a torsion bar or a coilover or a separate coil spring and shock its not called a strut front suspension in my book. Heres

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 BMWs Super Coupe - Falling in love with the all new BMW 335i coupe

link httpyahoo.businessweek.comautoscontentoct2006bw20061017_704775.htm OCTOBER 17 2006 Reviews By Thane Peterson BMWs Super Coupe - Falling in love with the all new BMW 335i coupe Up front. The tagline in billboard ads for the new BMW 335i is that the car represents the coup detat of coupes. Its a cute line but my own reaction was more like a coup de foudre which is French for falling in love at first

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE why no strut tower braces for ZJ

ok so i had a thought today why no strut tower braces for our rig i come from a honda background having owned and tuned two DA integras and rebuild numerous other honda cars and there are all sorts of bracing options for those cars. like our ZJs they are of unitbody construction and benefit greatly from strut braces and such and i know we can get subframe connectors but why not strut tower braces the

The big difference is we have a solid front axle as opposed to the hondas IFS. The Jeeps unibody sees only a tiny fraction of the twisting forces that a honda sees because our body is simply resting on the front suspension whereas a hondas IFS is trying to twist the shock towers inboard just sitting still according to a Jeep engineers post I read front suspension design and dynamics are a big part of why an XJ weighs about 1000lbs less than an IFS 4Runner.

BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 Infiniti M vs. BMW 5 (2011 models)

Lets have a civil discussion about the 2011 Infiniti M models compared with the BMW 5 series. The Infinti engines are normally aspirated while the 535i and 550i F10 5-series are turbocharged. Despite this the Infiniti has similar horsepower and gas mileage. The BMW has brake regeneration while the Infiniti does not which saves power. Infiniti claims it has a revolutionary new concept in passenger cabin

because the salesman told him it was better than a 5 series. If the Acura and others were truly better we would all be buying Acuras Infinitis and Lexus instead of BMW. I dont think thats true at all theres a car for everyone and everyone doesnt want or like BMWs. And no BMWs arent superior to Acuras theyre just different (and more expensive). In fact you could make a pretty good argument Acura (honda)

NISSAN I Drive A Versa Because I CHOOSE To

When we went shopping for a new car this time around we researched and test drove more vehicles than for any previous transportation Ive owned. The vehicle I had coming off lease was a turbocharged 2003 Chrysler PT Dream Cruiser (a VERY rare model and a blast to drive). Every vehicle was test driven a night in the country to evaluate headlight effectiveness and interior visibility. Some vehicles have

this size and this price point. For me the biggest LACK in the Versa is ironically what its name suggests VERSATILITY The design of the luggage area in the Hatchback at least is a bad joke IMHO considering the numerous other examples Nissan had an opportunity to study such as the Toyota MatrixPontiac Vibe Chevy HHR and the reigning king of versatility in a small car the Chrysler PT Cruiser. The honda

shape and the hatch keeps you out of the rain while loading. I also tried the refresh mode the other day. Just remove the front headrest slide the seat forward and presto... you have the same feature as the Fit. The Fit does have more versatility but in order to get the fancy folding seat they sacrificed comfort and padding. The small driver footwell and no dead pedal killed it for me. Also the honda

BMW SERIES 5 E39 DIY 1998 528i REAR Bearing the Easy Way

DIY 1998 528i REAR Bearing the Easy Way - When replacing the REAR Bearing of E39 most procedure books call for Special Tools etc. Also pulling the Hub off the Axle Splines can be difficult etc. So when people hear about REAR wheel bearing in the E39 they sweat. - With this DIY it is no sweat at all If you follow this simple DIY you should be able to replace the REAR bearing in 1h per side. The key

BMW Z3 E36 2003 SCCA classing proposals

Again the time is now or never to write in about the proposal to move s-54 engined cars out of SS and into AS M52 cars from AS to BS. please e-mail to below is a copy of my letter and of an e-46 M3 owner to the SCCA Dear Sirs Im writing in support of the proposal to re-class the BMW M Coupe (S-54315hp) from SS to AS. It has been shown that it is not possible to compete at more than a local

NISSAN MAXIMA VI J31 2006 Maxima Review

The Maxima is Nissans flagship sedan and is for those who need family sedan room but also want a car with extroverted styling that is fun to drive. The fast sporty Maxima shares its basic design with the automakers top-selling Altima four-door but is longer wider higher and heavier with a more solid feel. Both the front-drive Maxima and Altima share a smooth dual-overhead-camshaft 3.5-liter V-6 but


Anyone have them on their car

and tailbone from spine over railroad tracks pot holes cracks and small insects. I had not mentioned that my hard springs shocks and tires were also fantastic at amplifying and transmitting terrible tyre noises into the passenger compartment that vibrated throughout the car. A loud stereo was the only way to wash some of that drone out (my exhaust system at the time didnt help either). A honda

BMW SERIES 5 E39 E39 quality with Japanese car

I have a 2000 528i and a 1996 Nissan Altima. The E39 needs repair on Vanos CPS PS pump and more. But the 1996 Nissan Altima only changed a coolant pipe. Dont know why the Germany cars quality is bad than Japanese car

Quote Originally Posted by hokiehigh The 2nd gen TL (00-03) has tranny issue I have a 03 (bought brand new) right next to my 540. I guess I lucked out since I never had any problem with the TL minus the brake (rotor warp need to be resurfaced). Acura did extended tranny warranty to 100k miles wish BMW did the same for the cooling system. Had a 04 honda accord for 3 years bought new and sold with 36k

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Tire wear different shop advice and where to get Alignment

Ive owned this car since 92K miles and previously no work had been done to the suspension. At 103K I did front Thrust Arm Bushings and replaced 1 front control arm. I am now going to replace the other control arm and do an M5 rear sway bar with new sway bar links (all parts lemforder). I have really bad inner tire wear on front and rear. On a new set of tires only 2000 miles I can already see the wear

alone so I will admit to my own hypocrisy. Take the car to someone that really knows BMWs. Ive spoken frankly to many shops here about whether or not they can really line one up correctly and the answer is always the same - let the BMW store do it if you want it done right they are entirely too technical for us. Lets face it we are not talking about a something as primitive as a Dodge Caravan or honda

PONTIAC FIREBIRD IV 97 strut bar on a 1999

Just looking for a simple question i found a front strut bar for a 1997 firebird for 40 bucks and im really hoping that it would fit a 1999. They look basically the same if so id be pretty damn happy

(the Or is important here) falls to the bump stop because the spring isn&39t attatched to anything I call it a strut. But that&39s just my personal opinion that comes from working in a shop having to have a specific criteria how to bill out jobs. Otherwise I&39d bill &03620ea for F-body fronts while the focus guy below gets billed &03660ea when the car&39s rolling out of the shop in 20 minutes. honda

NISSAN NYTimes Review of the Rogue 31108

HERE in far northern New Hampshire just a few miles from Quebec the site of the onetime Indian Stream Republic seemed an appropriate place to take the Nissan Rogue. In 1832 the locals exhibited some roguish behavior by declaring themselves a sovereign nation having grown frustrated by a 60-year dispute over the boundary of the United States and Canada. Four years later Canada gave up its claim and

Example offers of car parts honda accord front suspension

  • HONDA ACCORD FRONT SUSPENSION SHOCK ABSORBER 1999 - - Chester,United Kingdom (65.79 GBP)
  • Honda Accord Shock Suspension Leg Passenger Front 2005 - London,United Kingdom (48.99 GBP)

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