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HONDA ACCORD V CC7 CD CE CD7 CD9 CF 94 Accord suspension upgrade

Im planning on doing my first upgrade by lowering my accord 2in I dont want to dump to much money in to it. I found this on ebay httpcgi.ebay.comebaymotors...ories Any ideas and also I had a 91 accord which was lowered 2in and i had to put a camber kit on it. So im wondering if i have to have a camber kit on the 94 also

Im not familiar with the brand under which these are being offered but Id try to do some additional research if I were you. I suspect that these are no more than stock replacement Gass-filled shocks with a shortened spring. The damping rate(s) are not even adjustable. Youre also going to require a camber kit for both the front AND the rear. Youre more than likely going to have inner fender clearance

HONDA ACCORD &9658 1990-2002 Accord FAQ

If you have a link you want added then PM me or Touringaccord with the link and one of us will add it in. honda-Tech Terms of Service accord Forum Rules Learn How To Use The Search Feature Here Learn How To Use the IM (aka PM) Feature Here Engine How-To Replace Timing Belt Timing Balancer Belt and Water Pump on a F22B1 Setting Rear Balance Shaft Position How To Use a honda Crank Pulley Tool How To

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This is some good info from another forum all collected in one place for the R18 guys. Original Thread Great work by HiTechPerform on Some opinions have been removed and extra info added. Im sure we can add to this and make it better. Lets help the R18 guys out instead of the normal buy an si response to questions about mods. ENGINEUNDER THE HOOD Valvecover whonda & iVTEC logo

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Same suspension as the 5 series

i was hanging out with some of my mechanic friends a couple days ago. my rsx driving buddy was ripping on my 6 while my other buddy was disagreeing with him. other buddy told me that the 6 uses the exact same suspension setup as the 5 series. is this true

Current 5 series uses a cheap Macpherson struts for the front. I have one so I know. It drives like a modified accord nothing special but not bad either a bit too bumpy for a 50K luxury car IMO. Mazda6 copies the honda accords superior double wishbone setup for the front. The rear is where the MAzda6 is similar to a 5 series or most BMWs the shocks are separate from the springs. Nissan also uses the

NISSAN Lowering your Rogue

Of the people on here who have lowered your rogue what have you found to be the pros and cons of doing this. Also if you have any pics I would love to see how it came out. Thank You

as fast as the rest of the tire. expect to invalidate your warranty. expect to lower the value of your car. basically expect to re-install all the original equipment in your car in 2 years time. if someone was to ask me my opinion id tell them to stay away from raising or lowering the suspension at all costs. I want to both agree and disagree with you... When I had my accord I installed the HFP (honda

88-91 CRXEF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

88-91 CRXEF Civic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Please PM a moderator if a link doesnt work or if a link should be added to this thread. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- non-honda-Tech link 1. General information and resources What does CRX stand for Differences among CRXs Many CRX photos for jdm lovers US 1991

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Buying an E36

Quote Originally Posted by fiveightandten Ive been piecing this together little by little over the past few months in my spare time. I figured mind as well post it up. Its a work in progress. But we seem to have a decent amount of noobs around here lately so hopefully it will help someone. Should you buy an E36 M3.... Lets first understand what the car is and where it came from. 3 simple points to


Anyone have them on their car

and tailbone from spine over railroad tracks pot holes cracks and small insects. I had not mentioned that my hard springs shocks and tires were also fantastic at amplifying and transmitting terrible tyre noises into the passenger compartment that vibrated throughout the car. A loud stereo was the only way to wash some of that drone out (my exhaust system at the time didnt help either). A honda

Quote Originally Posted by Quintin Several vehicles use struts and upper and lower control arms hondas most notably. 03 full frame Fords have upper and lower control arms with a strut up front too. I beg to differ.... If the vehicle uses a double wishbone suspension whether it uses a torsion bar or a coilover or a separate coil spring and shock its not called a strut front suspension in my book. Heres

MERCEDES BENZ 123 123 The Essential Questions of W123 Ownership

Well all these questions some here and others there have been answered by most but Id like to get all the replys compiled in one location. The w123s are special cars most of us know that as we are here trying to fix them and keep them going strong. So one common question is why Why do you choose to drive the w123 The most obvious answer is price quickly followed by the timeless design wonderful build

Basically I was still financing my honda accord and racking a lot of harsh miles on it. Once it hit 100000 miles I started worrying I was going to have to buy a new car soon to replace it. So I started thinking about cars I could buy cheap that could work as my mule while the honda sits at home as the weekend car. I considered the Mercedes diesel because my German friends Dolly and Irwin Pikowski owned

PONTIAC FIREBIRD IV 97 strut bar on a 1999

Just looking for a simple question i found a front strut bar for a 1997 firebird for 40 bucks and im really hoping that it would fit a 1999. They look basically the same if so id be pretty damn happy

(the Or is important here) falls to the bump stop because the spring isn&39t attatched to anything I call it a strut. But that&39s just my personal opinion that comes from working in a shop having to have a specific criteria how to bill out jobs. Otherwise I&39d bill &03620ea for F-body fronts while the focus guy below gets billed &03660ea when the car&39s rolling out of the shop in 20 minutes. honda

BMW SERIES 5 E39 DIY 1998 528i REAR Bearing the Easy Way

DIY 1998 528i REAR Bearing the Easy Way - When replacing the REAR Bearing of E39 most procedure books call for Special Tools etc. Also pulling the Hub off the Axle Splines can be difficult etc. So when people hear about REAR wheel bearing in the E39 they sweat. - With this DIY it is no sweat at all If you follow this simple DIY you should be able to replace the REAR bearing in 1h per side. The key

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Single turbo kit for the 3.0l v6...........

I never stop working for you guys............ anyone here live near spring TX that owns a V6 and wants to do a single turbo kit post up let me know. i have someone willing to build the kit for free if you get the parts needed for the build. but i need a car to give to him to make the kit. Holla. V6 owner doesnt need to be in spring TX but if person is not living there must be willing to leave the car

INFINITI FX I 2006 Corvette ZO6

Put on your bibs gents Top Speed 200MPH Weight 2910lbs PW 5.7lbhp 0-60 3.6 seconds Chassis & suspension development by Pratt & Miller Aluminum Hydroformed frame produced by DANA - 34530x19 Rear tires. Brakes designed by Brembo - 6 piston front 4 piston Rear Brake Calipers - Cross Drilled (cast and camfered) Rotors Engine Development by KaTech To be hand built by new HP Engine Plant LS7 427ci 7.0L.

over wheel motion while delivering a composed and compliant ride quality. During normal driving the chassis exhibits comfortable and confident handling characteristics when pushed harder the car remains stable and secure with outstanding road holding. Now whats wrong with thinking outside of the box Would you consider it better and high-tech if it just came with MacPherson struts like every honda

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 History of your W201s

What are the stories histories of your W201s e.g. how you got purchased them previous owners etc heres my story My 1989 190E 2.6 was ordered by my mother in Feb. 1989. She took delivery of the car from European Motors in Oakland CA (now MB of Oakland) The car was a garage queen until 1997 when my father used it as a daily driver. He got tired of it and sold it to a family friend in 2002. The family

ones. - refinish the wood on the shifter console. - Euro headlights - different seat covers. I consider my 190E close to a labor of love. It needs work done but I dont mind. I try to do as much of the repairs myself as I can. Some things are easy to fix and others are best left to my mechanic. To me the 190E is just a quality solid feeling car. I would pick it in a second over my brothers 2001 honda

BMW SERIES 3 E36 Normal E36 vs M3 E36

HELLOW EVERYONE please ive been looking for answers at this question but i could get no. What are the differences between the normal e36 and the M3 E36 cause iam about to buy a new one wich is m3 but i can see no big difference can anyone help me please....

for extra front camber. That car would run circles around the M3. Not be marginally better. Man I have never seen so much badge love. Poser Because you made a 328is faster and out handle an M3 you are a poser roflmao I still dont see how this is possible to have this BMW elitist attitude when it is JUST an e36 M3. Hell there are probably 10 sub 6000 dollar 95 M3s on craigslist right now. That is honda

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Ricer Ditty --- Off Topic

You Might be a RICER if 1. You have more exhaust decibels than your engine has horsepower. 2. You have aftermarket front wheels for racing but stock rear wheels. 3. Your engine makes twice as much horsepower as torque. 4. You ever painted your wheels to match the same color of your car. 5. You put your automatic car in neutral at every stoplight in order to roll it back and try to fool other people

FIAT UNO II uno Turbo

Credits Brand FIAT Model Uno 16v Year 1990 Color Florence Blue the color came out in Fiat cars from 1987 to 1990 Owner Flavio Fraga Prepared AD Performance Category front Street Drift Num 11 Weight with driver ballast 975kg according to the regulation of the CBA the minimum weight required for a car that uses 16v engine in category STD is 970kg while the 8v (Most Goals) run against me with 890kg

BMW SERIES 5 E39 Prices of E39s at auctions Worth the risk

Hi all Im thinking about getting an E39 probably a 97 or 98 528i. Been doing a ton of research on them and they seem to have their repair quirks but are otherwise solid vehicles. I was wondering if anyone had ballpark figures of what E39s go for at auction I know a friend of a friend who buys cars at auctions he found my friends Jag for him at an auction. Anyway he can probably find me an E39 at an

the Z still feels incredible. Granted Ive replaced most of the suspension and bushings etc but it still amazes me at how great it feels. Thats part of why Im looking at an E39 instead of a Camryaccord. I figure Ill still have whatever car I buy at 250K miles and figure the Bimmer will still be rock solid look aan ride great and still be a BMW while a Camryaccord will just be some old Toyota or honda.

the Z still feels incredible. Granted Ive replaced most of the suspension and bushings etc but it still amazes me at how great it feels. Thats part of why Im looking at an E39 instead of a Camryaccord. I figure Ill still have whatever car I buy at 250K miles and figure the Bimmer will still be rock solid look aan ride great and still be a BMW while a Camryaccord will just be some old Toyota or honda.

NISSAN MAXIMA Feeling better about a bad situation

First off Id like to thank the folks here for contributing to what seems to me to be one of the best owners forums Ive seen. Im brand-new to this forum landing here because of a little mishap I recently had with my 99 accord. As you can see I was the loser in a near-direct T-bone at 55 MPH. Some guy turned across a fast highway right in front of me. He must have found out I had the engine completely

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS E II 210 Should I reconsider my 01 E430 purchase

I just agreed to purchase a used 2001 E430 from a dealer in PA and Im supposed to pick it up tomorrow. The car has 61K on it and appears to be in great shape from the photos. My problem is I have always owned Acura and honda vehicles and the reliability is second to none. I jumped on this site to see what I might be up against in terms of problems and Im not getting the warm fuzzies This is going to

Quote Originally Posted by tvo-2 it isnt about the STATUS (that wasnt even what i was talking about) just MUCH rather be in an 01 e-class rather than the 91 accord...when considering SAFETY....and isnt THAT the most IMPORTANT thing considering its the wife and kids safety in terms of survival when your car gets smashed by someone else yes id agree. but i havent heard of hondas front spring perch

TOYOTA TACOMA 09 Whining Noise Anyone

Well maybe Im just being paranoid - I hope so. But I have noticed just a slight bit of a whining noise on my BRAND NEW 09 V6 4x4 DC Auto TRD Sport Longbed. I have less than 500 miles on it so far. It sounds a lot like rear end noise - an issue I had with a Ford F150 (that was never fixed - even after multiple rear end jobs). Although the noise seems very slight at this point I am concerned. Anyhow

to be okay for now. Of course if youve followed the thread that seems to be about a two to 4 week fix . . . well see I guess. Did I mention the service tech that had been working on my truck was a 20 year veteran . . . So if anyone is interested heres a little update and repair history on my truck a 2007 Tacoma 4Dr SR5 TRD Sport. I purchased it a year ago with 11700 miles on it from a local honda

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  • HONDA ACCORD 2.0 2.2 FRONT SUSPENSION COIL SPRING 1994 - 1998 - United Kingdom (49.95 GBP)

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