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NISSAN First time Nissan owner

Hard to believe at 56 yrs old I have never owned a Nissan. By dredging my organic hard drive located inside the 20lb pimple between my shoulders I have owned a lot of vehicles. Some that come to mind are VW Bug(air cooledx3) VW Fastback Porsche 911(x2) Dodge D100 Van Mustang II F150(x2) Toyota 4X4 pickup Ford Fiesta Citation Civic Corolla Intrepid Monte Carlo SS Crown Victoria Silverado. accord(X2)

NISSAN Fred Predict Record Gas Prices for Spring

February 17 2008 The Energy Information Administration is predicting record gasoline prices by spring with the cost of a gallon of regular self serve hitting 3.40 or more. The agency forecasts that oil supplies will be tight enough to push the national average gas price past the record set last May at 3.23 a gallon. Gasoline prices are already up 75 cents a gallon over a year ago. The average price

suffering from too-little industry competition. If a certain oil company would cut costs across the board and sell gas for say 25 to 35 cents cheaper per gallon they would sell multitudes more gasoline and products than their competitors (which would result in more profits albeit at a smaller margin which would still be able to have a profitable end-result). Oh well. Rant over. I bought a 1992 honda

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BMW SERIES 5 F10 F11 Motor Trend F30 Absolutely Annihilates Every Potential Competitor

I point this out just because the F10 is a scaled up version of the F30. I cant ever recall reading such unabashed praise for a car. Sporty Luxury Sedan Comparison The More Things Change Eight Contenders Vie For Sport Sedan Supremacy From the May 2012 issue of Motor Trend By Motor Trend Staff Photos Julia LaPalme Illustrator Paul Laguette In the car world a new BMW 3 Series is a big deal. BMW created

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS S IV 220 What GAS Grade Do Most Of You Guys Use

What GAS Grade Do Most Of You Guys & Gals Use I Was Using Chevron Supreme 91 Octane They Have 3 Grades All with the cleaning power of Techron Chevron Regular 87 Octane Recommended for most gasoline-powered passenger cars and trucks Chevron Plus 89 Octane Recommended for higher-performance cars and engines prone to knocking on lower octane levels. Chevron Supreme 91 Octane Recommended for cars where the manufacturer recommends use of premium grade gasoline. Harley03joe

or Premium - Feature Is premium fuel worth the premium price Can you hurt a high-octane car by running it on the cheaper stuff BY FRANK MARKUS November 2001 Pages 1 2 Visit Our Buyers Guide ╗Select a Make Select a Model Or research by Editors Choice Most Researched Select A MakeClose Acura Alfa Romeo Aston Martin Audi Bentley BMW Bugatti Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Dodge Ferrari Ford GMC honda

BMW SERIES 3 E46 MT 330i ZSP vs Auto Infiniti G35

Who should win Theres this guy in a silver G35 constantly trying to challenge me on my way back home this evening. Sigh I cant cause Im still a manual newbie who cant even start his car faster than a corolla from a stop. Sad and frustrating but I guess one day Ill become better. However Im kinda curious can an auto g35 out run a MT 330 zsp What about an accord v6

With a five-speed automatic sending power to its front wheels the EX V-6 four-door needed 7.0 seconds to reach 60 mph and covered the quarter-mile in 15.5 seconds at 92 mph. The six-speed two-door hit 60 in 5.9 seconds and hustled through the quarter-mile in 14.5 seconds at 98 mph. Yikes. accord V6 sedans only come in auto. The accord hybrid (auto) ran 0-60 in 6.7 for C&D. Actually the honda

Howdy all It will come down to a matter of driving feel to most. For me I have always tended to like the sportier better handling feel of hondas over Toyotas although I admit both are great car companies and I am a shareholder in both. Interestingly enough I found myself after looking at the 2006 HCH leaning on spec toward the Prius over the HCH because it had a fold-down rear seat had electronic stability

NISSAN NYTimes Review of the Rogue 31108

HERE in far northern New Hampshire just a few miles from Quebec the site of the onetime Indian Stream Republic seemed an appropriate place to take the Nissan Rogue. In 1832 the locals exhibited some roguish behavior by declaring themselves a sovereign nation having grown frustrated by a 60-year dispute over the boundary of the United States and Canada. Four years later Canada gave up its claim and

JEEP CHEROKEE Calling All Firestik II Owners

Hey all I was thinking of buying a replacement antenna for my cb and Ive read only good things about the Firestik II.... So the question is... Where is the best place to mount one of those badboys If you have pics post em if not just type about where you stuck it... (dont take that the wrong way guys...) Thanks Tim

rear portion of the front quarter panels. The nice thing is that you can unscrew them when youre not using em and put them away so they dont get stolen. On a side note Dont put flags on fiberglas whips (like the firestiks) - they break too easy and it can damage the antenna. Metal whips are a bit stronger and will be a bit more resiliant when it comes to putting on a big RC style flag on your 84 honda

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Ricer Ditty --- Off Topic

You Might be a RICER if 1. You have more exhaust decibels than your engine has horsepower. 2. You have aftermarket front wheels for racing but stock rear wheels. 3. Your engine makes twice as much horsepower as torque. 4. You ever painted your wheels to match the same color of your car. 5. You put your automatic car in neutral at every stoplight in order to roll it back and try to fool other people

PONTIAC GTO C4 Corvette or an LS2 GTO If you have no preference tell me about ur GTOs handling

In my opinion the gtos pros and cons over the c4 Pros 4 seats 400 hp engine premium interior and sound system. Cons No sunroof (worth installing one you guys) handling(is the handling really bad on the GTO) Style How many times has 4 seats been a blessing to you guys without kids Would having a mere 2 seats be a pain in the ass And another big question Handling. Give me some nimble handling cars that

buy a GTO. Youre comparing two cars a Celica and an Integra to something that has a completely different purpose in life. Kinda like saying is an Integra or Celica going to impress someone like the GTO. Depends are you at your local Sonic Burger trying to impress 18 year old girls or are you going someplace to spend time with adults. Now I would never in any situation buy an Integra Celica or honda.

NISSAN Best Car...

Hey what has been your Best car your Worst car and where does your Versa fit in that list 2008 SL Sedan 6spd 1967 Cessna 150 1990 honda NX650

question. Some people equate BEST to reliability pure and simple. I tend to look at other features as well such as how does it look is it comfortable on a long haul or fatiguing to drive do I actually enjoy the car and the overall experience. Over the years Ive owned over 20 different vehicles. I can definitely state that the WORST car Ive ever owned was a Supposed Standard of the World a 1990 honda

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 Bless me father Mercedes for I have sinned

I went to get the oil changed in the wifes honda accord today. Sitting on the show room floor was a beautiful yellow S2000 with a black rag top all decorated for Valentines Day. br I started to have... Um thoughts about the car. Approaching her from the side I soon found my finger tips lightly brushing its fenders and supple body lines. What a body I thought to myself as I began making my way to her


I dont think this has been posted yet httpwww.mpt.orgmotorweekreviewsrt2514b.shtml 2006 Volkswagen Passat Program 2514 The Volkswagen Passat has earned its place as the benchmark in mid-size family car design. It combines smart styling great use of space and class-leading safety with intelligent power and near sport sedan handling. Now its time for an all-new 2006 Passat and maybe also time for rivals

na motor before i add induction and truthfully when i do go that route even in past jap cars i fully plan and build a spare motor specifically for a turbo or charger. I buy the right parts do machine work etc... plus with this being my first bmw im not experienced or even confident enough to bolt on a turbo for even 5psi with 140k on it. On the other hand i would and could do it to a toyota or honda

NISSAN SENTRA V Need Information on 2002 Sentra SE-R and Spec-V

Im getting married soon and I need to sell my 98 240sx for something 4 door and front wheel drive. I want to stay nissan and I want sport. I have been looking at the Sentra SE-Rs and Spec-Vs. I want the 2.5I engine..does anyone know that model for this engine (ex. KA24DE). What is the difference between the SE-R and Spec-V How does the Spec-V have 10 more HP with the same engine Do the 2002 models

so the rev limit cannot be moved. Even if it could the piston speeds are already critically high. Sunbelt Performances Jim Thompson who built the engine for Joe Hermes SPEED World Challenge Spec-V says he would hesitate to push the stock internals even to 6800 rpm. The cylinder head on the other hand flows exceptionally well--better than any SR20. In many ways the QR25 is reminiscent of a honda

MERCEDES BENZ 190 W201 Need Advice - finally found a 1985 190D (MANUAL TRANNY)

This will be my first Mercedes-Benz purchase. I have a reliable honda Civic but I want a Diesel 190D to tinker around with (possibly veggie oil project car). I found a 1985 190D 5-speed Manual on the East Coast. I test drove it yesterday - drives excellent. The guy wants 1200 for it and I offered 650 but he hung up on me before I could really negotiate. I want to call him back and bargain some more


2nd broken window in 2 mos. First time they broke the passenger window and stole whatever they could find- including first aid kit dvd remote etc. This time someone just busted out my back window for the of it. God Im pissed. You have something nice and take care of it and it becomes a target for assholes. I sincerely hope something bad happens to these people. Thanks.

stolen but left the radar detector and video camera - window busted and a quarter (in plain sight) and a jar of change under the seat stolen - door lock drilled out and radiosubwoofer stolen - window busted and radio stolen - door lock drilled and 3000 worth of track stuff (helmet bag suit etc) and tools (socket set etc) stolen Worst of all the day after my wedding I got my father-in-laws 1994 honda

MERCEDES BENZ SLK R170 R171 Does OK But Not Great in Magazine Comparos

The new R171 SLK350 still has a way to go to run with the best of the sports cars according to some comparos in the leading USA car magazines. It came in dead last in the Road & Track 9-vehicle comparo although they said some nice things about it. It was next-to-last in the 4-convertible Car and Driver comparo beating only the Chrysler Crossfire (R170 AMG) clone. The mag lamented that the SLK55 they

Hang on for 13.8 seconds and the quarter-mile will pass at 103 mph on its way to a redline-limited top speed of 161 mph. (Why our tester ran to 161 instead of a governed 155 is a mystery.) The tranny part Quote Mercedes offers its seven-speed automatic dubbed the 7G on its new roadster but our SLK350 had a precise and rewarding six-speed manual. The shifter feels like the love child of a honda

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