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BMW SERIES 5 E39 New brake pads and discs

I have a BMW 525i 2001. I need to change the brake pads and discs on it. Can somebody suggest me a compatible and reliable aftermarket brand for the parts and where I can buy them Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by David Suri I have to change the front and rear brakes on my 2001 540I. Anyone here got directions. I have changed brakes before on my old 1500 Dogde Ram Truck and 1998 honda accord but never on a BMW is it pretty much the same or am I way off base Thanks David It is pretty easy Jack up the car Remove the wheel Pop the spring loose and set aside On the backside of the caliper

TOYOTA YARIS Changing Front Brake Pads

My wifes 2005 Camry is going to need front pads soon. Ive changed them myself on other cars and wonder if this car is similiar I seem to remember 2 14 mm bolts holding the calipers on Push the piston back into the caliper with a large C clamp Thanks for any help

Threaded caliper pistons will be found on rear disc brakes and do require a special tool to retract. The tool is cheap and easy to find but can be a bit tedious to use. front brakes on the Camry are a breeze and should be zero problem as long as you have minimal hand tools. For a car youve never done before its worthwhile to find a photo DIY online and familiarize yourself with the particular caliper youll be working on. Also if youre changing rotors find out if they are screwed-on to the hub like many hondas are. I had to get a special-size phillips for my wifes old accord but still a breeze.

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HONDA ACCORD &9658 1990-2002 Accord FAQ

If you have a link you want added then PM me or Touringaccord with the link and one of us will add it in. honda-Tech Terms of Service accord Forum Rules Learn How To Use The Search Feature Here Learn How To Use the IM (aka PM) Feature Here Engine How-To Replace Timing Belt Timing Balancer Belt and Water Pump on a F22B1 Setting Rear Balance Shaft Position How To Use a honda Crank Pulley Tool How To

MAZDA 6 I GG GY Brake swap - rx-8 to 6s

Hello Simple question - I&39m wondering if anyone tried to swap front brakes in 6s - I think rx-8 calipers and discs should fit well - anyone knows something about it Comparing stock 6s 282mm rx-8 has almost Big brake It would be less expensive to get parts for such swap than buy brand new kit... I got pretty good deal for calipersrotorslines from rx-8... Looking for ideas Thanks ps. sorry for my english

was just a question - At first I wanted to check it onboard - Any suggestions from You mazda6club members is important for me as in Poland where I live people have no experience with 6s and come to my car as a BAD Mazda with weak ford v6 duratec. You wrote about testing... I know many ppl who own Civics and the basic mod for brakes in their cars was swap of 260mm disccaliper to 282mm (stock in honda

MERCEDES BENZ 124 124 W124 brakes please help

Can any one please help me with this peculiar scary problem the other day i was driving the car at relatively high speed about 180KMPH and i had to slow down for some reason and the brake pedal just went in it was really a very scary moment for me does anyone have had same problem the brakes became okay when i pumped the pedal but it really scares me to go at high speeds what are the factors behind

pins have caliper lube on them. If the pins arent lubricated then the sliding calipers wont slide and they might get pulled out and stay out. The calipers slide on lateral pins so that the whole thing moves when you step on the brakes. The reason is that it works OK but only requires the cost of one piston to make it work. Although high performance cars typically have fixed calipers note that hondas

Quote Originally Posted by ptkacik If the disc isnt running perfectly true it forces the caliper to slide continuously back and forth OR pushes the caliper piston back inside and develops a paddisc clearance. honda made a machine years ago to turn (true up) the rotors on accords on-the-car to overcome a problem with the disc runout. My front rotors have about 0.001 - 0.002 total indicated runout (TIR)

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