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FORD F150 Sway bar worth it

I was looking in the LMC Truck catalog and came across sway bars for the front and rear. My truck does not have one and I was thinking if they are worth it for a F150 4x4

FWIW I posted this at in response to a question about the effect of sway bars on an F150s handling Quote A vehicle with A-arm front suspensions starts off with a slight amount of negative camber (i.e. wheel pointing inwards at the top) strut suspensions start with a bit more. As you go into a corner and the outboard suspension compresses the negative camber of the outer wheel with respect

FORD F150 Changed my Plugs Today

Well I was worried with all the hype of the 916 plugs breaking off in the heads and having to be surgically removed etc... I bought the OTC socket and removal kit etc in prep. So I wanted to get the Motorcraft multi piece plugs out ASAP and a one piece in. I have 2.5 years and 38k miles on my 5.4L. All eight plugs came out with ease. I was pleasantly surprised. I chose NGK Iridium stock replacements.

Quote Originally Posted by MGDfan ford recommends 60K now. No such thing as a 100K plug - too many folks have seen unacceptable gap growth with high mileage. These plugs are not that expensive - no reason to leave them in that long... NGK Part 372 ZNAR6AIX11 Iridium IX 6.92 - Rock Auto MOTORCRAFT Part SP509 HJFS24FP Finewire Double Platinum 7.40 - Rock Auto Fresh plugs FTW MGD This is what ford

JEEP WRANGLER Steering Wobble high speed only

You folks have already answered a lot of my questions without me even having to ask but heres one I havent seen yet Driving down a parkway here outside of DC (the GW Parkway for any familiar with the area) there are a couple of overpasses crossing creeks and waterways or other sections of the pavement tangle. When I transition from the smooth asphalt of the road across the metal joiners my front wheels

FORD F150 Custom Turn Signal Adjustment

Hey all - silly question somewhat but Chrysler has a nice feature where if you tap the turn signal stalk it will activate the turn signal for 3 seconds withouth having to hold it. Just wondering if anyone has done anything similar to fit to an F150. It seems like a silly feature until you use it for awhile - its kinda nice Thanks.

96 to the 99 with the 97-98 MY trucks ). While some things are similar the 2011 MY trucks have the steering Column Control Module ( SCCM ) instead of a MFS now. The SCCM takes the function request ( turn signal high beams 4 ways etc ) from the lever and converts is to a request sent over the Module Comm Network to the BCM - The SJB ( Smart Junction Box ) was only in the F150 for the 09-10 MY and ford

96 to the 99 with the 97-98 MY trucks ). While some things are similar the 2011 MY trucks have the steering Column Control Module ( SCCM ) instead of a MFS now. The SCCM takes the function request ( turn signal high beams 4 ways etc ) from the lever and converts is to a request sent over the Module Comm Network to the BCM - The SJB ( Smart Junction Box ) was only in the F150 for the 09-10 MY and ford

FORD USA F150 Looking at purchasing 93 f-150 What is the problem areas

I found a mint 93 f-150 with 4x4 and a 5.8l wondering if the tranny or transfer cases are weak in these trucks It will be used for a workhorse if i do buy it would it be a bit of cash at 200 000k or are they good or what could you do to prevent them from failing so other than the simple stuff like fluids thank you any input on this would be greatly appreciated

engines especially after OBDC Emissions reduction systems dramatically increased the stress and demands in function are predisposed to internalize excessive amounts of contaminants including chemical and hard particles in addition to the limited abilities of petroleum based lubricants & fluids to retain their physical and chemical properties when exposed to high temps or the process of transition

FORD F150 clutch bypass

on my 84 f150 I have what the previous owner referred to as a clutch bypass it allows me to start my truck in gear. anyone know anything about this or how I go about restoring the wiring to OEM spec

foot to depress the clutch. Ya have to remember this was before computer controlled engines and generally starting an engine required a pumping of the gas or when it caught you had to keep the engine running at speed or it would die. Thankfully the carbs with their lousy choke systems are gone now. But the healtoe on the brake and gas was a pain an most older folks were not going to make the transition.

FORD F150 Will Dons Bolt ever make it home

Rumor has it fomocofan dropped him off in Jersey to buy a jeep... turns out the jeep was a POS so he didnt buy it... the owner ditched Don at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere only to find his way back to Mass. on his own. (If you ask me I think this was all fomocofans plan to get rid of Don). So will Don call his young Jewish girlfriend to come rescue him or will he be stuck in Jersey forever I think Ill start looking at places to live in PA.

the fender flares is a hack job. Other than that what a great jeep. hehe So after 5 minutes checking it out I tell the guy I just cant spend that kind of money for this jeep. So he tells me he will drop me off at the bus station. A minute later he pulls over and says here is the bus stop. Well this is a little hick town in east bum fck midlle of nowwhere. I find a phone number for the NewJersey transit

JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE trouble codes noob needs help

Hi all what a great site spent the past 7 hours lookin around . just bought a 1998 5.9ltd for a 1000bucks car is mint outside of these 3 codes PO743 PO753 PO748 I know that these are transmission codes from my research but not familiar and not sure how bad are they are these just sensors that need to be replaced or is it more of needing a new tranny completly I cannot really tell driving wise cause

P1260 Fuel Pump Speed Relay Control Circuit P1260 Theft Detected - Engine Disabled P1260 Theft Detected - Engine Disabled P1270 Vehicle Speed Limiter Reached P1270 Vehicle Speed Limiter Reached P1281 Engine Is Cold Too Long P1282 Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit P1285 Cylinder Head Over Temperature Sensed P1288 Intake Manifold Short Runner Solenoid Circuit P1290 CHT Sensor Out Of Range (ford)

NISSAN MAXIMA II 84 to 88 Maxima Wagon Spotted

I went for a little drive today to see where this garage Im gonna take my Maxima to get aligned was at. I got there and what do I see sitting in the weeds but a Maxima Wagon Body looked in decent condition but they had already closed. Tomorrow Im gonna head over and take some pics and if it runs and the price is right I just might buy her. Anyone else on here own any 2nd gens Did they make wagons in 1st gens This one looked like a 2nd but Im not too sure...

need broad appeal and advantages that are instantly apparent even to buyers who dont know the difference between a carburetor and a carbohydrate. While the 1977 810 was the largest sedan Datsun had ever sold in the United States it was also a move toward the deepest part of the American mainstream. It wasnt just another Asian alternative to cheap American sedans like the Chevy Nova Dodge Dart or ford

BMW SERIES 3 E90 E91 E92 E93 First drive in an E90

I got an E90 325i as a loaner car from a BMW dealership when my M Coupe was in for its 1200 mile service. What follows are my impressions of the car. The exterior is not the tasteless mess that the 5 and 7 series are but it lacks the refined ellegance of the E46 3 Series. There are some angles from which the car looks unbalanced and akward where the E46 looked perfect from every angle and some detailing

its the second best but why toss out a perfect system for a newer one thats almost as easy to use This is another example of German over-engineering at the expense of usefullness. Which brings us to the key. Oh wait its not a key...its some sort of button-sporting fobplug thing. Ok forget that its actually larger than the previous key forget that it does NOTHING different forget that its clunky ford-looking

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