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FORD F150 2006 F150 XLT 5.4L Starter Relay

All does the 2006 f150 have a starter relay on the firewall could somebody post a picture of where it is at Im having trouble finding it. Thanks in Advance. More information After I left the Gas Station last night it sounded like the starter was still engaged I turned the Key Off and it sounded like it was still cranking over. After a few seconds of it cranking over it shut off. I Started the truck

even if I cant figure out how it would work well in practice. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Thanks Code - Jack Jack- I looked for the starter that I spoke about earlier and indeed I evidently deep-sixed it. I did come across a very good layout with a LOT of pictures (not a lot of deep explanation) that Im sure will give you a better understanding of the inner workings of a late ford

JEEP WRANGLER I YJ 87 wrangler 4.2 starter not engaging properly

87 wrangler 4.2 starter seems to not engage properly with the fly wheel. both have been replaced the starter a few times. When i put in a new starter the jeep will start a few times but makes a loud noise the eventually will break altogether. Any Ideas Thanks Shane

Quote Originally Posted by Mediceagle My 87 Jeep wrangler 4.2 has the same issue. I changed the flywheel and have broken the bendix on about five ford starters at this point. The engine runs great the body is bsicly rust free. My daughter is 17 and thinks its time to make it a everyday driver. When the starter is engaged it makes a loud noise. I will start for a month or so then the gear will shatter.


FORD F150 I need a diagram

Can someone with access to a service manual please send me a wiring diagram for the Body Security Module in a 2006 Supercrew F150 with factory remote keyless entry Id really appreciate it.

once already ). The pulse you need is an output where are you going to get this from remember the UBP Bus is a transitional item cannot say for sure the pulse width would be long enough to trigger the coil on a latching relay to get the Neg input to the remote starter. Interesting RMST you have never seen that where the input could be external. Then again I really dont know any aside from the ford

FORD F150 Bye-bye 4.6 & Hello 454 Bbc

Anyone know of a previous Project that someone has removed the 4.6L and went to Big Block Motor Trans Rearend. I have a 500HP i built last year for my jetboat and never installed. The 4.6 is the Biggest Joke from ford in quit some time. Almost as bad as their 4R70W Trans. When i looked at the availabilty of High Performance transes and rear ends it all came to me. Drop in the Big Block and have a Killer

Well I guess there are two ways to do this project. First and maybe the easisest would be to adapt the body over to a chasis with the proper components. If you want to stay 2wd then it will be a little easier. The other option is to stick with the ford chasis and swap out the running gear. That will probably be a lot of fabrication (motomounts tranny crossmember etc.) Then comes the rear diff. I am

FORD F150 Patmans version of the Gotts intake mod

traced around the PVC pipe and used a cut off wheel to open the fender up a bit rubber isolator ring to keep it setup like factory we also removed the silencer while we had the intake apart

Almost the same thing I did the first time around expanded the opening except I didnt install that rubber trim piece. Nice Patrick Second time I upgraded to receive a Volant cold air box. Larger square opening. Good Job mister BTW- I also sanded the lip out of that schedule 40 on one side for smoother transition. Patrick whats that deal by your hand - is that for the car starter That push-pin thing. Removed mine 3 years ago -never reinstalled it again. Just curious as to what exactly it does.

Quote Originally Posted by jbrew BTW- I also sanded the lip out of that schedule 40 on one side for smoother transition. not sure what you are talking about Quote Originally Posted by jbrew Patrick whats that deal by your hand - is that for the car starter That push-pin thing. Removed mine 3 years ago -never reinstalled it again. Just curious as to what exactly it does. that is a hood switch for Taylors alarm and actually those are taylors hands

FORD F150 How do you keep engine from racing when first started

When I first start my 2001 Screw 5.4 the engine runs up to about 1800 to 2000 rpms then starts to slow down. I hate doing this to a cold engine. Id really be leary of doing this in the north country in sub zero weather. Is there anyway to keep them from doing this Id like to keep it under 1k rpms at start up if possible.

Mine runs up to about 1350 or so then drops back to 720-750 acording to the test rig. Only does the fast-idle when cold on a hot start it just does a smooth transition from starter motor rotation to running rotation never increasing Rs at all. Keep this in mind... sure theres more wear on start than most other times... however look at these new hybrid cars. All of us with the 97 F-150 have MODERN engines

FORD F150 Very Odd Electrical Problem. 04 fx4

Two days ago my truck wouldnt start it would crank once and then stop like somehow the starter just suddenly didnt have any power to it. Once this happened I noticed a weird electrical clicking sound coming from the back of the cab right where the cab and the bed meet. I pressed on the brake pedal and the clicking stopped and when I released the pedal it started up again. Not wanting to burn out my

FORD USA F150 1995 F150 XLT 4x4 302 Extended Cab Problems

This is long My truck is this... 1995 F150 XLT 4x4 Automatic 5L 302 Extended Cab 79K Miles Here is the Picture httpwww.personal.psu.edupww115wwwtruck.jpg Problems and Questions Rust above rear L&R Wheels Rust Below Doors When I accelerate it hesitates then picks up and runs around 2-2.3K but does not really set me back in the seat AT ALL. Ive driven other pickups in the late 80s and mid 90s that are

FIAT DOBLO New to the Fiat Forum

Hi everyone I have just joined your forum after doing a search for a doblo forum Bought my Doblo Cargo is april it is a 53 Reg 1.9 diesel non turbo in red I have done roughly 35000 since april as I work as a courier so its mostly motorway miles it does.It currently has 94500 miles on the clock Had to replace the whole exhaust from the cat back at about 62000 miles and the down pipe at about 87000 had

Originally Posted by Ozzie1989 fords are good reliable strong and you just cant beat the transit Mmmmmm all car makers have good & bad cars in their rangepersonally I think the transits are awfulhigh pressure pumps breaking up(same system as merc sprinters which have same fault) central locking problemsrear drums that have to be cut off with a grinderstarter motor & front suspension problems...nah

MERCEDES BENZ CLASS V 6382 Mercedes dealers are F%%

have been having heaps of problems with my 2004 Vito 119xland the dealer just seems to not want to listen to my concerns .In the 2 years I have owned it (purchased brand new)I have had 3 power window motors failthe door hinges rusted out and almost made the doors fall offFuel pump 145k what a jokenumerous front end problems.NOw the door near the hinge has cracked right from top to bottom. The dealer

at Angle Park (the same idiots who charged me 1300 for two injectors). I actually found their service ok in comparison to other people in which I have had dealing on other vehicles. The problem with most mechanics nowadays is they hire apprentices to do jobs that should be handled by trained staff in order to cut corners. You may think the Vito is crap it could be worse though you could own a ford

WMW Computer Throttle Filter Module

Hey Everyone Internal Combustion Engine Technology Inc Just released a new really interesting Product. They are giving away about 10 units to get some feed back on how you like the unit and to be sure the harness lengths are correct. We just got ours in the mail and will be installing it shortly. Dont miss out on this deal. all you pay for is shipping and give a little feed back. Check out there add.

BMW SERIES 3 F30 Active Hybrid 3

Hello I am currently in the market for a 335i. Currently I have a 2010 G37 and a 2011 X5 35i Premium. I learnt to appreciate BMW and the N55 from my experience with the X5. I really did not want to post anything on this forum until I got the 335i but I wanted to ask your opinion on the Active Hybrid 3. I plan to take delivery around Xmas. It seems to me people are missing the point with this car. The

city. On the highway its basically identical to a 335i in fuel economy. If you turn on Eco Pro mode you can coast with the engine detached which on a slight grade makes it possible to maintain your speed without touching the accelerator. Wheres this car truly shines is when you hit stop and go traffic where I easily get 28mpg in bumper to bumper traffic and Comfort mode. Try doing that even in a ford

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  • Ford Transit Starter Motor 2.2, 2.4 TDCI, NEW BOSCH UNIT - 12 Volt, 2.0 kW - United Kingdom (79.50 GBP)
  • Ford transit starter motor solenoid,starter solenoid. - Ireland (18.00 EUR)
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