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ford transit spacer IV E
ford transit spacer IV E
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ford transit spacer V FD FB FS FZ FC FM FN FA FY GY P65 P70 P80 PH2 PJ2
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ford transit spacer VI TT9 PT PU PH PJ
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ford transit spacer I 81E 72E 73E 74E
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ford transit spacer II
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ford transit spacer III T E

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FORD F150 Blower spacer

just wondering what everyones thoughts on the reichard racing blower spacer where. is it worth the money dyno results iat

I run a JLP lower spacer on my truck. I have also run a phenolic spacer on the upper plenum before going to a sheetmetal plenum. Since I use a small MP blower I try to keep all restrictions in the inlet tract to a minimum. My truck runs very strong for the parts used. I have no real proof that the spacer works but my numbers indicate it is helping. My IAT2s are high due to the over 4X ratio that I employ. That spacer helps keep detonation at bay. It also greatly aids the transition into the heads by spacing the intercooler off the floor. Jim

FORD FOCUS Throttle Body Spacer

Got the prototype throttle body spacer done and installed. Testing it right now with a tune from Torrie and so far no ill effects. Seems to be running good not sure on hp but feels a bit more responsive. I am working on a runner transition plate next (see other thread) when they are both on the car I am headed to a dyno to see what I get. Here are a few pictures of waht would be in a kit plus on car pictures. If you are interested send me a message.

Good work Definitely looking forward to seeing what you do with the runner transition plate. Youve sparked my interest. Have fun and drive safe -Ocysp

Originally Posted by Ocysp Good work Definitely looking forward to seeing what you do with the runner transition plate. Youve sparked my interest. Have fun and drive safe -Ocysp x2.

Meh.. looking forward to that runner transition though


FORD FOCUS THMotorsports.comtfbeast2 dyno test the breedt intake spacer

This item has been a huge talk subject for as long as i have been looking at it. claims of anywhere between 5-25 HP and almost 60 TQ. I spent a good time talking to dewey trying to figure out what it will do. Now am unable to give you a stock - spacer review as my car is modified already. But i will be doing a pre spacer dyno with my current setup then installing the spacer and running a post install.

Good luck man. I put the TTR IM on and it smooths the transition like the spacer does. It provided some very nice low rpm power. So you should definitely get a measurable improvement. Cant wait to see.


I just instaled a new big bore throttle body and a throttle body spacer. I ported the spacer to make a smooth transition between the intake and the TB. I used the supplied spacers to move the bracket for use with the spacer I checked the return springs I made sure it wasnt binding up I D.C.ed the battery for a while checked all connections I put everything on how it was suposed to go on... ect ect...

FORD F150 Hellwig part numbers

I was thinking about getting a new aftermarket front and rear anti-swaybar from Hellwig. I know they make one for the rear but Im not sure about the front. If anyone has done both could you tell me what the part numbers were Thanks ------------------ 1997 ford F-150 XLT 4x4 Supercab short bed Options Off Road package Towing package 4.6L V8 Captains chairs LS rear axle green with two tone tan Modifications

Buckster et al I installed the new front and rear Hellwig sway bars yesterday and I am impressed with both. Installed the front first and did a test drive on some freeway transitions and noticed improved stability while on the transitions at a higher speed. The front took less than an hour. The front kit comes with a choice of 6 or 9 end link bolts and neither fits the 2 wheel drive. Called Hellwig

FORD FOCUS Symposer Delete Plate

Finally got my symposer delete plate done. After putting on my exhaust the car sounded weird with both so it was time to go. I would like to confirm that the symposer is a fake sound. I tore it apart to find out what was in it. There is no connection between the intake and tube that goes in the cowl. So far I have not seen any adverese effects by taking it off. If anyone is interested I have 10 available

Originally Posted by OCDSPEED What is the point of a throttle body spacer on a FI car Subscribing for runner spacer.. Slightly more plenum volume possibly The runner spacer seems like the wrong way to go for high RPM help unless the transition is as bad as all that (I have a hard time imagining how it got to be this way though).

FORD F150 75mm Throttle Body Question

Anyone have the BBK 75MM Throttle Body installed wspacer If so is it a direct fit or is there some work you have to do to attach the cables

A spacer alone is not worth much. If you are going to 75mm TB the elbow needs to be sized to match for a clean transition. Here is one from my superchargerd 4.6. It is 75mm straight thru till the curve of the elbow. I added a spacer to increase plenum volume.

Quote Originally Posted by ONELOWF A spacer alone is not worth much. If you are going to 75mm TB the elbow needs to be sized to match for a clean transition. Here is one from my superchargerd 4.6. It is 75mm straight thru till the curve of the elbow. I added a spacer to increase plenum volume. Hey what type of place does the porting for the plenum Is the stock tb and plenum size 65

FORD F150 Need to replace skyjacker shocks need reccomendations

Hey all so i have had the skyjacker 6 on the truck for less than 10K miles and have taken it offroad quite a bit(mostly trail riding some mudding mostly sand) and the shocks are SHOT. The front is starting to sag and the rear is SQUEEKY as and i can push the bed down with 1 hand. SO its time to replace the shocks front and rear. What do you all suggest i know i want the front to lift up another 1-2 from where it sat when i first put on the skyjacker kit it just looks lower to me than the rear.

Hey everyone first off thanks for all the help Sorry its been a while since ive been on here busy with my transition from active duty to Air Guard Quote Originally Posted by rrozell Just replaced skyjunker struts with bilsteins struts for 4-6 lift. Worked great able to remove 1.5 strut spacer bc bilteins gave me addition 1-1.5 of lift from skyjacker struts. Ride is 300% better. 288

FORD F150 6 Inch Fabtech with Dirtlogics

How is the ride with the Dirtlogic coilovers I just spoke to a rep at Fabtech today and they are not using the Fabtech front struts anymore. They are sending out the stage 1 with spacers. I guess they are developing a bilstein strut but wont ship those for a few months. Sounds like the Fabtech struts were junk. So the only choice I have with the Fabtech is coilovers really. Im afraid the ride will be rough.

I think they shouldnt of sent any of the stage 1 kits with spacers and just release the new and improved strut and made a transition. I am sure the strut that came with it before is better than a used stock strut with spacer. I hope they adjusted the price point for that period of time aswell.

for the 5.4 engine. Newly designed forged Diamond racing pistons with upgraded steel rings and thicker tool steel pins are available now. We are also looking at a further revision to improve our existing stage 3 CNC cylinder head. Also planned are a couple camshaft options specifically for the 5.4 3 valve engines. Some of the info is missing from the website currently. We are in the process of transitioning

FORD F150 Pre-PI head engine PI intake manifold alignment

Hi Just wondering if anyone has had a pre PI engine and tried seeing if the bolt down pattern and water jackets were in the same location on a PI intake manifold I know that the Pre-PI had smaller rounder intake ports and the PI has slightly more rectangular larger intake ports. Please reply Thanks Lowflyingbird

Hi I know the port matchup is poor. My first concern is bolt hole and water port alignment. I believe the intake bolts down flat (same plane) both sides. This possibly being the case I could mill a set of 12 6061 Alumium spacers to ease the port shape transition. Probably take me less than a day to make while having a beer or two.... A few more days if I just keep knocking them back and BS ing with my friends. I love this icon

FORD FOCUS Intake runner plate Moroso Catch Can Install

Some pictures (more to come soon) of my recent install of Corsairs Intake runner plate and the Moroso catch can First off why install a catch can when we already have an oil separator This is why its not bad but theres still buildup nonetheless. Now behold the shiny Before After ---------- Now to answer some questions... Whats my mileage A little over 12k miles I run Penzoil Ultra. Does it fit with

Originally Posted by booost Sorry for the stupid question but what does the runner do It just looks like a spacer. See how the intake opens up to a flat surface on the head This makes a more aerodynamic transition from intake manifold to head (an alternative to pulling the head and doing a port and polish)

FORD F150 Chipping and throttle plates

Has anyone had any experience with G Force chips Ive read some on these after market spacer plates that claim to give better perfomance numbers as well. Although there is plenty of testimonials from customers who say they dont work. Anyone care to comment I have a fresh 4.9l that I just dropped in with a Comp cam (260H) and springs (903-12) set. I looked all over the net for better

Your TB is 44mm. A couple of people have adapted the 50mm TB from a 302351 to a 4.9. It is a long way from a bolt-on the linkage operates differently and the ports in the intake dont match so you need to fab up a spacer (not one of those silly swirly things just a straight taper.) They have reported no gains in performance. It would seem that the TB is not the the limiting factor in the intake system of a 4.9. If you bypass the MAF the engine will run grossly lean and youll likely burn up some valves or a possibly a piston or two. If you want to get your 4.9 to breathe better you need to do some head work pocket port the valve bowls profile and reduce the valve guide bosses polish and CC the chambers and do a 3 angle valve job with back-cut intakes . The actual ports require little or no work other than cleaning up the port to bowl transitions.

FORD F150 Unhappy with upgrades need advise

My story starts with me purchasing a programmer by hypertech in transit to my house I find this board and read that I should have gotten a programmer from Troyer. Received the Hypertech and sent it back the same day. Got online and found the Troyer web site. The only programmer I could find for my truck (2004 F-150 SuperCrew with the 5.4 new body style) was the Superchips. I thought Great this must

FORD F150 Troyer Performance - Stage 1 Performance Package

I just ordered my Stage 1 Performance Package from TP. Im starting this thread as a play by play to let yall know how it goes. This will probably be most helpful to others thinking about ordering this package in the future. Package Details httpwww.troyerperformance.comcgi...oStage104354C What is included SCT XCAL3 w custom tunes from Mike Troyer Air Force 1 3.0 Air Intake (upgrade for small fee) Magnaflow

I put the TP stage 2 kit on my 01. Its great I increased my mileage by about 2.5 (running the 90 oct perf tune) over stock with MUCH better power and driveability. You can look in my gallery for some issues with the wiring on the AF1 (It may be different on the 04) and the spacer I used between the exhaust and spare. Also the inside of the factory Y pipe (I cut it out and welded in a new one). Hopefully the 04s have a better transition in the Y than mine did. Its a really great kit and makes em drive like they should.

FORD F150 Shocks and Swaybar Recommendation

Hey Guys I have an 03 Screw. Im looking to change out the shocks and also install a rear swaybar. Ive always thought Bilsteins were the best but Im leaning a bit toward Edelbrocks.... Any pros or cons Anyone have experience with both Also... what kind of swaybar would you guys recommend TIA Jag

some test fitting. Im sending out a beta version to one of the board members here for some independent evaluation. Between that and completing our paperwork procedures the new version should be available within two weeks. It is important to note that although the 7621 kit is pretty universal for all post 97 F150s the 02 and 03 FX4s are going to require a kit manufactured AFTER 091503. During the transition

FORD FOCUS Stupid Question Regarding Downshifting

Well Iv been driving a manual for about five years now with a short 18 month break. During this break Iv been really working on my downshifting technique on my motorcycle while entering corners. I just bought my ST last week and will be driving manual again but I cant help but feel like I dont know what Im doing when Im slowing down for a turn that wont require a complete stop. I have been trying to

hit your front brake and the gas at the same time on your FZ6 And you downshift in corners I guess I just dont know how to ride. Oh and what is smoother for the passengers than keeping the clutch in and only downshifting once Your not setting lap records at the Nurburgring. On the bike your typically in the gear that your going to turn at before you initiate the turn but there isnt time in the transition

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