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FORD F150 Oxygen Sensors

I have seen lots of talk about swapping out stock OEM O2 sensors with new ones. In particular sensors builts by Wells are touted as the best. What is the advantage or gain I cant find anything that supports changing them out except in the case of a failure.

the O2 gets hot enough it starts sending a signal to the PCM the PCM then makes adjustments to the fuel curve. This is closed loop. Quite right. The O2 sensors fail when they slow down in their reaction time to the levels of O2 between outside or ambient air and the exhaust stream. This is almost always because the tip of the sensor has become contaminated. As stated the heaters allow quicker transition

FORD FOCUS Removing the Oxygen Sensors from the Connectors

Quick questions. Anybody have any actual advice on removing the oxygen sensor connectors or something I tried to install my DP the other day and got stuck on that step. I felt around and I could not for the life of me unclip them. Every install I read just said they were tricky or some variety there of. Doesnt help theyre located in such an awkward position. I feel really silly asking this but Im stumped.

It helps to remove the cowling below the windshield gives you more access. The exhaust transition is not optimal but works without a hitch.


FORD F150 K & N Cold air Intake

I have a 2004 F150 Lariat with a 5.4L and just put on a K&N Cold Air Kit now the truck starts fine but is very rough at idle and even stalls dead. I have double checked all the connections and there was only one air return line to hook to the new pipe. Mass air meter is in the correct direction not sure what to do now any help much appreciated Steve

are only 2 intake kits we have seen that even have the potential for not needing retuning and even then on some trucks they still need the AFs corrected. Nobody has dynod or datalogged or tuned as many F-150s as we have - not K&N (who has a policy that only requires testing on 3 vehicles before shipping new products by the way - that is nowhere near enough with the 2004 & up F-150 or any 3-valve ford

FORD F150 P1000 code & Superchip1715

I use a Superchip 1715 and lately the P1000 code never goes away. Last time I changed my tune I put over 1000 miles on before I changed it again and right before I change my tunes I always check for codes ... WHat can be causeing this

Fanuc This is perfectly normal you will always get that P1000 code for a while any time you change tunes (including going back to stock) with any flash device - same thing happens if you just disconnect the battery. This is fords doing not the tuner causing the problem - that is assuming you do not have something wrong with the vehicle itself that is causing that. The P1000 code happens any time power

FIAT 500 II Parking Sensors - Opinions

I dont know whether to get the factory-option parking sensors or to just do without them Ive never had parking sensors before so its not something id miss but I wonder if its something that could be of benefit What do you guys think

Originally Posted by RobW get some cones and practice parking between them - then you will learn the size of your car Its not really a case of knowing the size of the car though. In my 8 years of driving ive owned 8 cars varying in sizeshape from a Citroen AX to a 206cc and currently an 02 ford Focus. I had no trouble parking any of them and none of them had sensors. Ive also happily(ish) driven a

Originally Posted by RobTuck Its not really a case of knowing the size of the car though. In my 8 years of driving ive owned 8 cars varying in sizeshape from a Citroen AX to a 206cc and currently an 02 ford Focus. I had no trouble parking any of them and none of them had sensors. Ive also happily(ish) driven a transit van or two. Its those unseen obstacles I worry about. One of my local Tescos for

FORD F150 wideband o2 after cat ok

Hi I have an 01 f-150 5.4 with some mods and I am having a hard time finding a muffler shop that will install an oxygen sensor bung in my drivers side header collector near the factory o2 before the cat. I was wondering if you could get decent airfuel readings after the cat Is it possible to remove the secondary o2 and put the wideband o2 there From what I understand the secondary oxygen sensors are

has an opinion on this which is why weve done the testing that we have and continue to do........... 1.) When doing a permanent install of any wideband on a vehicle weld the bung in before the cats - the sensor will last longer and you dont have to worry about being familiar with the initial spike - I.E. pattern of dispersal of the stored oxygen from the cats when initially going thru the transition

FORD F150 Tornconfused

Ordered a 1715 programmer for my truck since it has the ability to tune with 87 octane. Many months ago Mike told me a 5-8hp gain if possible but Superchips web site says no hptorque increase with 87 octane tuning Hypertech shows dyno readings with a gain of hptorque on 87 octane with its programmer but the last hypertech I ran gave a rough idlestumbling at low rpms (was a 95 F150 5.8L). Plus I never

be a few areas in which it does OK - but overall for the past few years since they went reformulated year-round weve seen that its just not doing the job in high-performance applications & thats where we have problems with detonation - again in stock vehicles its fine you just see a lower mpg. And of course virtually all computer controlled gas-engine vehicles have active knock sensor systems (fords

FORD USA F150 99 250 v10 loss of power and running rough

1999 V10 Superduty 4wd with 200K (lots could be wrong I guess). Headed out today and the truck started losing power. Ran OK with throttle barely cracked but try to accelerate and it would shift down correctly but start slowing down. OD light started flashing but would go off on restart and it only happened twice. I suspect it was an issue with not being able to shift properly due to the loss of power.

Ok got up this morning to go get the codes pulled and the CEL was off. Got the codes pulled and unfortunately it didnt point to any specific sensors(thats what you guys are for... ). 1131 Lack of bank 1 02 transitions-Lean ECM detected bank 1 O2 at its lean limit (which I dont know if it means the sensor was trying to lean out a rich mixture or that it was detecting a lean mixture at its limit) 1151

FORD F150 What does open loop mean

What does it mean for a car to go open loop I have alse heard it said that the car wont even go open loop from the factory. What does open loop mean in terms of engine and tranny operation

is always running at stoich AF (typically 14.641 on pump gas) as the PCM is constantly taking data from the front O2 sensors and adjusting the AF ratio based on that data. But running at stoich AF also means the engine cannot tolerate a lot of spark - it runs at stoich AF as that is the ideal AF ratio when a lot of power is not needed to burn all the fuel best emissions etc. Then OL operation is transitioned

FORD F150 Rough Idle

Hi All My 2003 5.4L 140000 just started idling very rough. About 6 weeks ago I had the plugs changed and shortly there after I replaced two COPs that were causing misfires. The truck was running very smooth for 5 weeks or so. This week it started to idle very rough. It would stall if I stood still while in drive for any length of time. The RPMs would hang around 600 and the dip even lower. I didnt

and the problem improved maybe 5%. I chalk that up to having 140K without cleaning the original MAF. I went back to AutoZone to get credit for the core charge and the CEL came on again I figured I might as well get the codes read again to see if anything has changed. This time I got 4 of them P0171 - fuel trim bank one condition P0174 - fuel trim bank two condition P1131 - lack of bank one O2 transitions

FORD F150 Superchips 1715

I gotta question for anybody who can answer me. I cut off the mufflers on my truck (professionally..Left Cats) and put a K&N air filter on my truck. It is a 4x4 but I dont really use it that much (hate cleaning the damn thing) but anyway if I put the 1715 on my truck is it gonna make a difference that i had done those mods to my truck. I am really looking for performance but I also would really like

doing an in-depth custom tune or whether the 1715 Micro Tuner is the better choice for your particular truck - just give us a call at our number listed below & well be happy to go over all of that with you. The background on this is these trucks have many different software revisions inside their PCMs each model year and in some of them they have more deeply ingrained issues with things like transitioning

FORD USA F150 97 5.4L - Engine miss or hesitation runs rough

Hello all 1997 F-150 5.4L V8 Automatic XLT I have a problem that I cant make happen. From time to time the truck will start to run really rough it feels like it is missing a cylinder or something similar. The check engine light will not come on. It can happen anytime. What I mean is when I first start it morning or afternoon (cold) it may happen. When I start it after it has been running for a while

FORD F150 lean code p0171 and p0174

Im reading lean codes will the brake booster cause this codes to pop up__ i get p0171 and po174. I have checked all the vaccum lines and the intake it seem ok. Im reading good signal from the mass flow sensor according to haynes book When im monitoring the O2 sensors bank 1 and bank 2 the oscillating waveform at idle makes voltage transitions from near minimum (0.1 v) to near maximum (0.80v) and thats

FORD F150 To TQ or not TQ That is the 2WD Question.

So Ive been doing a lot of research (i.e. search) on the subject and it appears theres so much confusion over this. Do the 2WD F-150 models come with torque management of some kind By this I mean an actual technique that works as a traction control device Many vehicles come with traction control but all it does is detects excessive wheel motion during heavy acceleration and retards timingcuts back

have a non-Roush-supplied tune whose is it And I think some of you folks are confusing Torque Management with true Traction Control. There is a vast difference. Traction Control deals with wheel slip due to road conditions for the purpose of maintaining vehicle stability - TQ Mgmt involves torque modulation for a host of reasons driveline protection seamless soccer mom shift smoothness gear transitions

FORD F150 Mike question on CPU and chip with DOHC

I dont know if you or anyone has done this but what happens if you bolt in the 32v DOHC How does the computer like it Could you custom burn a chip to compensate if the stock CPU could not How about with a 87 octane program Heard of anyone doing this This would be on a 97 4.6 F150 with a 5 sp.

Hi Matt90GT Those types of conversions weve been involved with here at Performance have always involved using the complete DOHC wiring harness sensors & ECU for proper operation and that is what I would always recommend. The DOHC engines have aspects that must be controlled via the ECU that the SOHC versions do not such as IMRC for the computer-controlled mutli-stage intake transition etc. In your

FORD F150 Fuel Trims Explained Short Term & Long Term

The fuel system monitor is an on-board strategy designed to monitor the fuel control system. The fuel control system uses fuel trim tables stored in the powertrain control module (PCM) keep alive memory (KAM) to compensate for the variability that occurs in fuel system components due to normal wear and aging. Fuel trim tables are based on engine RPM and engine load. During closed-loop fuel control

rapidly and many samples not one are averaged to determine that X% fuel enrichment is resulting in Y% change in airfuel ratio. Basically a lot of averaging and the more samples which are averaged the more accurate it gets even with 1 bit sampling. It doesnt need to be 100% accurate for cruising just close. For wide open throttle the computer uses open loop and runs much richer (though open loop transition

FORD F150 Wanna remove my smog equip

I wanna get rid of all the smog crap under the hood. I dont think it will give me any power but it will sure help clean up the engine compartment. Just wondering if anyone has done this and if it will cause me ill wanted side affects. I have a 92 f150 4x4 aod 5.0 no cats.

up power for obvious reasons but on a newer vehicle I wouldnt even think of doing this simply for resale. Strangeranger that does have some truth to it but keeping the smog pump in doesnt solve the problem. The catalytic converter is a catalyst. Meaning a substance that speeds up a reaction without being consumed itself. Most cats are produced using Palladium or Platinum both of which are heavy transition

FORD USA F150 1995 F150 XLT 4x4 302 Extended Cab Problems

This is long My truck is this... 1995 F150 XLT 4x4 Automatic 5L 302 Extended Cab 79K Miles Here is the Picture httpwww.personal.psu.edupww115wwwtruck.jpg Problems and Questions Rust above rear L&R Wheels Rust Below Doors When I accelerate it hesitates then picks up and runs around 2-2.3K but does not really set me back in the seat AT ALL. Ive driven other pickups in the late 80s and mid 90s that are

I have driven ford transits for over 20 years. We started out with windows in the rear doors then they installed a bulkhead in the next version no rear vision. Then the windows were removed for security reasons. So driving now we have the luxury of rear sensors. I can now park the transit using wing mirrors and sensors so to sum will get used to it

NISSAN MAXIMA II 84 to 88 Maxima Wagon Spotted

I went for a little drive today to see where this garage Im gonna take my Maxima to get aligned was at. I got there and what do I see sitting in the weeds but a Maxima Wagon Body looked in decent condition but they had already closed. Tomorrow Im gonna head over and take some pics and if it runs and the price is right I just might buy her. Anyone else on here own any 2nd gens Did they make wagons in 1st gens This one looked like a 2nd but Im not too sure...

need broad appeal and advantages that are instantly apparent even to buyers who dont know the difference between a carburetor and a carbohydrate. While the 1977 810 was the largest sedan Datsun had ever sold in the United States it was also a move toward the deepest part of the American mainstream. It wasnt just another Asian alternative to cheap American sedans like the Chevy Nova Dodge Dart or ford

TOYOTA YARIS Shifting into neutral

Does doing this at stoplights really help mpg on an automatic transmission or is that just a myth We have a difference of opinion on it among my friends.

it up and put it into D you have to wait about three seconds before it will move. Stepping on the gas will damage it. Good friend of mine whose father worked as a professional mechanic had one and loved it but cautioned me never to step on it to make it go before the pump pressure reached proper levels. Youll blow it up he said. Im not surprised that the Aveo is touchy about its tranny. The ford

FIAT DUCATO III 250 2008 Ducato 2.2 100bhp Idle erratic when cold

Can anyone help me. Over last 2 months i have had trouble with the engine dipping on tickover as though it is about to cut out. It has been Fiat again first it had new egr valve then problem continued then second time had a software download on ecu and cured it for about a month now its started again so back to fiat and they admitted they have a few doing it and dont know what it is. So are saying

Andy examiner is a very powerful the right hands If the idle is that bad then by monitoring parameters it should be obvious enough to spot something that is not right. Just a thought Corkman mentioned ford engine...if its same as transit (I believe it is) then we were changing temp sensors by the bucket load and I know Fiat are using these one-fit sensors.

All wiring harnesses show no signs of water to ecu at all. I have noticed few times get water sitting around injector on top of engine block. Could this be causing any problems Obviously im getting water ingress in usual places although when its rained and ive looked under bonnet no real signs of bad water leaks anywhere. The problem has always seemed worse the colder it is. I know T14086 said ford

All wiring harnesses show no signs of water to ecu at all. I have noticed few times get water sitting around injector on top of engine block. Could this be causing any problems Obviously im getting water ingress in usual places although when its rained and ive looked under bonnet no real signs of bad water leaks anywhere. The problem has always seemed worse the colder it is. I know T14086 said ford


hi all again ok here is my story braught a sedona 2.9 2002 a month ago as a non runner story has it from the elderly man that whilst driving one day it just conked out... ok so he spent 800 having the injectors replaced recons i believe (this car is mint btw hence me buying it) after having the old ones removed via a mobile mechanic and many hours of pulling snapping and drilling all watched buy said

I need to sleep its been a long day lol these pumps work by making pressure via a spinning rotor head as I understand it its parts on this rotor which start to break up maybe due to cheap fuel not having the same lubrication properties or it may just be a poor design although if the latter delphi had at least 5 years withe the sedona Im my mind to rectify this but yet these pumps still fail many fords

JEEP WRANGLER II TJ Purchasing 2004 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Need Assitance

edit Assistance.. I feel wasteful making a new thread but Id like some quick help. Please help me advise me on what I should be looking at on the vehicle to make sure its a good purchase. The Vehicle 2004 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Edition 12k -4.0L 6 cyl -5 speed manual trans -4X4 -Limited slip rear axle -Soft top w factory tinted windows -Full hard doors -Sound bar w Pioneer speakers -Factory subwoofer

goes well to get the paperwork rolling to seal the deal. Just to repeat this was female owned and she washed this jeep inside and out religiously at least once a week. The last 3 weeks its been sitting at her ambulance corp only to be taken to get cleaned. I really hope I found my wrangler. I want this vehicle to last me longer than my Grand Prix (7 years got rear ended and totalled) and my ford

WMW Computer Throttle Filter Module

Hey Everyone Internal Combustion Engine Technology Inc Just released a new really interesting Product. They are giving away about 10 units to get some feed back on how you like the unit and to be sure the harness lengths are correct. We just got ours in the mail and will be installing it shortly. Dont miss out on this deal. all you pay for is shipping and give a little feed back. Check out there add.

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