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FORD F150 Anyone installed aftermarket seat beltharness

I have a 97 Expy. Has anyone tried to install a racing type harness in the middle of the second seat or anything else that would provide a shoulder strap My son likes to sit there and I would prefer he have something more than just the lap belt. Thanks in advance.

Im glad you posted that question. We have that discussion with my daughter quite a bit. Either she wants to site there or she wants Mommy or Daddy to sit there. She knows it not as safe as the other seats but to a tired 4 year old that doesnt matter much FWIW our Volvo has a shoulder harness in the center rear seat. Its a nice feature I hope ford will transition over to other cars.

FORD F150 Disconnect the annoying seatbelt buzzer

That thing is driving me CRAZY. Ive disconnected the wiring harness plug going from the seatbelt receiver under the seat and it keeps beeping at me. Ive also installed a temporary wire splice connecting the wires together and that doesnt work either. Anyone found a way to kill that stupid buzzer Sometimes I just want to take a quick trip to the store a block away and not have to put my belt on. Never mind - failed to do a search first. Found the information I was looking for.

has more mass than most other vehicles on the roads in neighborhoods. Most school bus routes are on slower neighborhood streets not as heavily commuted by large trucks and such. If a bus collides with a car there is virtually no damage to the bus (or its occupants). I am not saying they shouldnt have to wear seat belts - Im saying why they can not wear them and they are still relatively safe in transit.

View Seat adjustment motor for FORD TRANSIT TAUNUS

FORD FOCUS Focus ST seat measurements needed

Hi All- I am in need of a little helpexpertise. Any chance you can help me w the following measurements from current generation Focus ST seats- -mounting fastenersbolts eye to eye measurement front to rear -mounting fastenersbolts eye to eye measurement side to side left to right Any idea if the airbag seat belt etc plugs are the same on a set of front 2013 Focus ST seats vs a 2010 transit Connect

Many thanks guys that helps a lot. hemiCouple- Any chance you can also take a quick photo of the air bag & seat belt plug under the bottom of the seat while you have it out In the event someone is interested the measurements on a transit Connect seats mounting points (center to center) are - -front (horizontal) approx 16.75 -front to rear (foraft) approx 14.75 Will have to create a custom adapter

FORD InfantToddlerBooster Seats

A while back when I was deciding between a SuperCab and SuperCrew I asked what car seat fit and looked best in a Raptor. My daughter just turned 3 and I got her a transition toddlerbooster seat. These are pics of a Britax Frontier 85 S.I.C.T. Side Impact Crash Technology. It is a top rated and top seller it looks and fits great in my Raptor. I thought I would share some pics for anyone looking for a car seat. Yes obviously saftey comes first....

FORD F150 Cooled seats....weird feeling

The weather has been nice here in FL so I tried out the cooled seats a few times. The idea of cooled seats is interesting but even on the lowest setting it feels not right. The best way I describe it is that it feels damp and cool not the best feeling for me. Anybody else feel the same way

Posted by HotLap I too felt that way (especially here in SoCal) until it was cold enoough to have light ice on my windows and the steering wheel heater combined with the heated seats was pure heaven (This is in my 5 series BMW). Seriously I dont use it very often but when I do its pretty sweet having a heated steering wheel It would be heavenly here in MA. BTW my Plat has been built is in transit

FORD F150 Flip Chip Transition Time between positions 1 & 2

How long does it take for the F150 computer to transitionadsorbchange from one program to the other program More detailed question My chip is a towing calibration in position 1 & a muscle car program in position 2. (Wout resetting computer and just flipping the toggle switch with the ingnition off) Is there a re-learn period after flipping the switch or does it happen instantly Or is it a 80% transition

Good question. Ive been thinking the same thing myself. But I cant bring myself to switch the dang thing off the power mode ------------------ 2000 F-150 XLT Black FS 5.4L 4x4 ORP Da Flip Chip 3.55 Limited Slip Stepups Sliding Rear Window 6-Way Power seat Remote Keyless Entry Lund Trident Bug Shield Custom Exhaust Fumoto Oil Drain Plug Valve (a must for do-it-yourselfers) Wise Bedrug So many mods so little cash On the up side no wife to create a filibuster.

Quote Originally posted by Northmoose Ordered a while ago but had to wait until the ice on the river broke up so the ferry could run. Just think alot of people who ordered on this forum complained if their trucks took longer than a week in transit A lot of us have become insulated from the influence of Mother Nature...thats not so where you live. I found Yellowknife on the map. Great Slave Lake is

the drivers seat...and the goofy orange lighting made me feel like I was under a warming light at a cheap restaurant. Kids loved climbing in the back seat though. Question about the progression....Do you get a build date on your order and then later on it is issued a VIN Or is the VIN issued at the time of your order being pulled for production Tim your order is entered into the order bank then ford

Technical Service Bulletins For The 1998 F150 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Service Bulletin Number 99128 Bulletin Sequence Number 645 Date of Bulletin 9906 NHTSA Item Number SB606449 Make ford TRUCK Model F150 Year 1998 Component AIR CONDITIONER Summary SOME VEHICLES MAY EXHIBIT A WHISTLING NOISE WHILE DRIVING WITH AC IN THE OFF SOME VEHICLES MAY

FORD F150 baby carseat help

I am about to have my baby boy arrive inthis work in the next couple of weeks and have some questions in regards to the infant carseats and the big 3-in-1 seats as well. I have a 05 SCAB... I have figured out that the infant carrier seat will fit nicely in the middle of the back seat but as for the 3-in-1 rear facing it has to be finaggled between the front seats and doesnt sit as recomended. Do you

a permantely installed base. You just snap the carseat inout as needed. Very handy with small babies. Also if you have 2 cars you can buy 1 extra base. Then the carseat is portable between either vehicle without messing with the base every time you switch. Link below is the actual carseat I have. I like it so much Ive owned 3 so far. Theyre good seats. Graco Snugride Carseat 2nd seat This was a transition

FORD F150 Changed my Plugs Today

Well I was worried with all the hype of the 916 plugs breaking off in the heads and having to be surgically removed etc... I bought the OTC socket and removal kit etc in prep. So I wanted to get the Motorcraft multi piece plugs out ASAP and a one piece in. I have 2.5 years and 38k miles on my 5.4L. All eight plugs came out with ease. I was pleasantly surprised. I chose NGK Iridium stock replacements.

Quote Originally Posted by MGDfan ford recommends 60K now. No such thing as a 100K plug - too many folks have seen unacceptable gap growth with high mileage. These plugs are not that expensive - no reason to leave them in that long... NGK Part 372 ZNAR6AIX11 Iridium IX 6.92 - Rock Auto MOTORCRAFT Part SP509 HJFS24FP Finewire Double Platinum 7.40 - Rock Auto Fresh plugs FTW MGD This is what ford

FORD F150 Exclusive Ford to build current and new F-150 pickups at same time

By Deepa Seetharaman DETROIT Tue Jul 23 2013 857pm EDT DETROIT (Reuters) - ford Motor Co will produce both its current F-150 pickup and a new model for about six months to avoid disrupting sales of the top-selling U.S. vehicle and safeguard against potential kinks tied to the trucks extensive overhaul people familiar with the plans said. The second-largest U.S. automaker aims to start production of

They gave you the choice of both the Heritage and the new F-150 for 2004 but options were very limited on the Heritage. How will ford put together the options for the 2015 old body style In 2004 it was RC or SuperCab only. XL or XLT. Lightning. No Lariat. No FX4. No King Ranch. No Payload Package. No leather. It looks like they limited the engines back then too. However it would be great if ford brought

FORD F150 2003 Road Test Review

OK I picked up a White 2003 Expedition XLT for a 5-day run to New Orleans LA & back. 5-days and roughly 1300 miles later I must report that the 2003 is a winner. Its still not as pretty as my 2000 (My opinion) but she did turn her share of heads as well. First off- Interior Comfort. (Cloth seats) Well done ford. PWR Driver side the seats felt great no sliding good grip good thigh support good lateral

KIA OPTIMA Impressions of 2013 Ford Fusion

Today I saw and scrutinized the new Fusion. It was Hybrid listing for about 32k. I have been very impressed with pictures showing its Aston-Martin styled grill as well as the lines of the car itself. Seeing the car in person but not driving it I was frankly quite disappointed. In person to me the car looked VERY generic like a larger Focus. Maybe it was the charcoal gray color but it was fairly well

Ha I was going to start a thread with my impressions of the new Fusion tomorrow Guess Ill share my .02 here. -) -The doors have much more heft and feel more solid when opening and closing them. Theres also a very reassuring thunk sound unlike ford products of before. Having said that door sounds are not indicative of actual safety. -The front seats didnt seem as comfortable as my SXLs. Its not just

BMW X5 E70 Do rear seats fold flat w third seat

According to another thread on this forum the rear seats dont fold flat unless there is a third seat--is this true Wed originally tried to order the third seat but found that we couldnt unless we also ordered leather which we really dont want. Since our kids are grown we dont need a third seat but would really like to have the cargo area completely flat for dog crates etc. Can anyone confirm if the

Kathy maybe you need a ford transit van if you are seriously hauling antiques In my smaller X3 to get the seats to fold flat you must remove the rear seat cushion then the seat backs will fold totally flat. Otherwise there is a slight rise in the cargo floor. You may want to consider a new XC90 as there is a split rear hatch door that creates a platform to rest longer items on when carrying them home.

A ford transit van Well thanks but I think well just keep our Volvo for antique hauling. That actually solves that dilemma as long as the old girl keeps puttering along. Still mulling over what to do about changing my X5 order. It wont be produced until June so I can still change it. There are other advantages to the third seat obviously.

Quote Originally Posted by KathyF A ford transit van Well thanks but I think well just keep our Volvo for antique hauling. That actually solves that dilemma as long as the old girl keeps puttering along. Still mulling over what to do about changing my X5 order. It wont be produced until June so I can still change it. There are other advantages to the third seat obviously. Plus a big disadvantage with


Ive seen the numbers on this chip. Something like 28HP and 46 ft lb on the 5.4... I have also read MANY articles saying that chips are a waste of money Can you feel an increase in power Will it pay for itself by better fuel economy Doesnt it void the warranty Are you required to install a colder thermostat too Does it screw with your trans shifts How easy to install on a 98 Expedition I used the Hypertech

gracious enough to spend their time trying to help you get the very information you ask for. Thats the whole reason Im here to help answer those questions. All you have to do is ask a specific question and youll get an answer ok Lets tackle your 2 points in your last post............. With regards to your automatic transmission its the programming that is the problem and not the hardware itself. ford

FORD F150 Lightning spotted in London

Anyone here driving a black L this morning around 0830 near Westminster I knew there are a few over here but didnt think Id actually see one. Didnt get a chance to shot out as I was on foot. Was nice seeing one over here.

Rover 4x4. It did not handle and was built on a heavy chasis - what does he expect. Handles better than any other pickup truck on offer in the UK - I know as I own one ( my 2nd Lightning ) and I have owned many different types of truck and have driven them in all weathers. Yes even in the snow I will use my L truck. Clarkson even reviewed the new GT40 and stated that it had an engine from a ford


Service Bulletin Number 99-8-16 Bulletin Sequence Number 642 Date of Bulletin 9905 NHTSA Item Number SB606420 Make ford TRUCK Model F150 Year 1999 Component ENGINE Summary ford MOTOR COMPANY NOW RECOMMENDS SAE 5W-30 VISCOSITY GRADE FOR SERVICING ANY ford GASOLINE-POWERED VEHICLE REGARDLESS OF MODEL YEAR. TT Thought that this might be of interest to you. ------------------ 1999 ford F150 XLT 4x4 Off

defects or to obtain information on cars trucks child seats highway or traffic safety. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Report Date October 1 1999 103230 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Service Bulletin Number 99-4-6 Bulletin Sequence Number 477 Date of Bulletin 9903 NHTSA Item Number SB60476 Make ford

KIA CARNIVAL St Became The Owner Of A New Sedona Crdi 7 Seater

I became the owner of a Kia Sedona last Friday 22nd of October bought new from my local KIA dealership. I was keeping my fingers crossed that the collection would go smoothly. I drove my trusty Saab 900s (1996) P reg for the last time wondering if I was doing the right thing by part exchanging this car that had seen me almost trouble free for over 136000 miles since new. The reason for trading up was

FORD F150 Airbag deployment question.......

I have an 01 f150 that the bags deployed in. The seatbelts no longer will retract. Any connection between the two I swerved to avoid hitting a child on a bike at 10mph and tapped a lightpole. Dented the front bumper near the frame stub and poof. There they went

the RCM. Also no note in cell 46 about SIR and non SIR seats with the pins noted above. EDIT Just found the Sub wreck and that was a standing still wreck so the SRS was not armed ( no speed and no deceleration ). The E-150 wreck no mention of the speed. It was fast enough to pop the fuel inertia switch but I have seen posts from members where pulling into a parking lot with a less than smooth transition.

FORD FOCUS ST3 HID bi-xenon easy upgrade stages from Free to around 200 bucks.

Hi all I am new to the board new to the Focus ST scene and this is my first car to sport a turbo. I bought my full-equipped ingot silver ST3 a couple of weeks ago and so far its been amazing. I am impressed with ford. However coming from a Gen3 Acura TL the first thing I noticed was that the stock bi-xenon on the ST3 werent as good as the TL bi-xenon were. So I set out to upgrade them. Well that was

FORD F150 2003 Expedition restyling

I read about a complete change in the 03 Expedition in Truck Trend. I was wondering if anyone had any other information. The article said they would be out in July 02 with a price of about 1000 above the 02 prices. I am interested in finding out how acurate this information is.

Much to much money for an overgrown Explorer. The outside has a cheaper appearance but the inside is even worse. Just too plasticy. Even the airvents look dopey. Ill stick with my 2000 Expy. In fact I just signed up for an extended warrenty through ford for 100K miles or 7 years. The only plus my wife liked was the fold down back seat. But thats not a transition I do too much anyway. I was really disappointed

FORD F150 2004 F-150 performance

Hey guys Gotta say this is the best place ever for finding out the dos and donts for the blue oval. Ive been on pins and needles waiting for my account to be activated so I can participate in the boards I test drove and ordered a 2004 crewcab 5.4 that should be delivered in the next couple of weeks. The only prob I found with the truck is that is seemed underpowered. When I stomped on the gas I expected

Hi Bogie As of this time Troyer Performance is the only company offering that tuning for the 2004 ford F-150 5.4 motor - it is done by flashing the PCM. We participated in the R&D sessions to develop that tuning with SCT (Superchips Custom Tuning) and we have the exclusive on that from December 1st 2003 until the CAN flasher (the next generation of Micro Tuner that will be able to work on the 2004

FORD F150 BlownHarleyFord

all my relatives are from Niagra falls NY. near you wheatfield to be exact. My grandfather retired from the harrison radiator plant. and my aunt still works there. i have also been a diehard GM fan but found a gread deal on a 2000 ford f150 harley davidson. i live in fl. but usually visit buffalo twice a year. maby i will see you cruzing in the summer sometime. -steve

Steve Dont even know where theyre holding the cruise nights anymore. But you bet your Ill find out. I know they held them at Garcias (Gone) then they held them up on transit at Rookies (Gone). Dont know where they are now. Got some time to find out. Ill go up with Gramps and his 75 Vette. I used to make SOOOO much fun of fords it wasnt funny. Whos the jackass now (Shut Up HarleyGuy) Mike ------------------

FORD F150 driveshaft angle

Im wondering if when you lift a truck with spindles new rear leaves and shocks(assuming thats how its done) is the driveshaft not on too much of an angle or is there a certain angle allowance before there is any performance change or damage to the rear dif. ------------------ Black 98 F150-XL 2WD 4.6L 5spd. RegCab Short WB Windsor Triton (slapless to date) 3.08 rear Air Rear Slider Triton V8 Badges

ford4ever Im your neighbor down the road (transit). Hope to see you out at Cruise night up at Players (or whatever theyre calling it this year). Mike ------------------ Stay Out Of My Taildust 2000 Black Harley Davidson F-150 5.4 Liter V-8 K&N Air filter 6 Disk CD Changer Sliding Rear Window Heated seats Hidden Hitch Lund Front Blackouts GTE Rear Blackouts Block heater McGard Wheel Locks

FORD F150 Converterless exhaust

I know there are like 3 or 4 converters on the exhaust system on the 99 4.6 f-150 my question is how many if any can you take off for a clearer louder sounding exhaust note. Will it effect drivability or will it just spark off the MIL code like the mustangs Are there any MIL eliminators you can install like the stangs I just want the truck to sound louder and clearer just like when you put on a offroad pipe on a mustang. thanks for any input.

yeh mil eliminators off stangs will work on any fordvehicle. there are 4 cats total 2 pres they just have a few screens on them their mostly for size transition to the smaller exhaust pipe and to make the bend. the only true cars are the two right below the front seats. u can remove them but u will have problems passing inspection. unless theirs sniffers used in ur area for inspection id suggerst piping through the cats or just gutting them out. so that they will pass the visual inspection

FORD F150 question for mike t

i was wondering what my best option would be . i have a 97 4.6 with pacesetter shorty headers true dual flomaster turned down exhuast the airbox mod mentioned in tech tips and a b&m shiftplus shift improver. right now i have a jet power module which i am tired of. i was also planning to put 4.10 gears up from my stock 3.55. would the flash module work best for me or would it be more worth it to spend

you may be perfectly happy with your performance at that point. Since you have a 1997 model your truck still uses a traditional reduction gear in the tailshaft of the transmission to recalibrate the speedometer for your proposed 4.10 gear change so you do not need a custom program in the Superchip for that. Recalibrating the speedometer with the correct reduction gear (which you can get from any ford

FORD F150 WIP 2012 SCrew Build

I recently bought a 2012 F150 SCrew with 5.0L V8 5.5 box and 4x4. I am planning on doing some work to it over time and figured I would start a thread for those interested in following my trucks progress. Bare with me if I dont post pics of work often as I am finishing up school and transitioning into my full time position within the next few months. Regardless I will be putting on my 20in wheels tonneau

FORD F150 Congrats to me (I hope LOL)

After 7 years and 180000 faithful miles I sold my 2000 XLT4.6 to a Mechanic friend (minus the heater core). I got off the plane from Chicago Thursday and into a 2007 F150 Super Crew Lariat with 33680 miles for 18900 (blue book 24895). I swapped the old air filter for a K&N. I am freaking amazed at the mileage 20.5mpg from Spring to Alvin Texas and I am sitting at 17.1 around town. Very stoked about

friend (minus the heater core). I got off the plane from Chicago Thursday and into a 2007 F150 Super Crew Lariat with 33680 miles for 18900 (blue book 24895). I swapped the old air filter for a K&N. I am freaking amazed at the mileage 20.5mpg from Spring to Alvin Texas and I am sitting at 17.1 around town. Very stoked about the vehicle however it seems as though the jack was swiped during transit.

Quote Originally Posted by code58 If you lucked out and got a real late 07 you may have the new heads and one piece spark plugs. Yep they dont eject they dont wanta come out (as in break off). The cam phasers should have long been taken care of by 07. I think they made the needed changes in about 05 or 06. You say they jack was swiped during transit what does that mean The jack is mounted under the

Originally Posted by Jhawk Well after a much too long absence from the forum im finally back. Ive been busy transitioning to active duty and moving across country but im finally starting to get settled. Figured I would write up a review of my road trip from Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast. I left NJ on Jan 2 with my 2011 SCabs bed and rear seat loaded with a little over 400lbs of home goods and

1 versus the completely stock factory program. Its not much of a gain which is why we tell people not to expect a real raw increase in power when using 87 octane in the custom Flip Chips set up with one program for regular and the other our normal performance program for premium gas. Sure it runs and accelerate a bit better due to gaining a few horsepower but mostly due to the removal of transitional

FORD F150 Dash Swap Complete-New Pics wWinter shoes

Here are some pics of the completed dash swap as well as some with the winter rimstires. For of those of you who didnt see my other thread. Dash is from a 06 Lariat dash is painted dark shadow grey metallic to match. Easy swap all together. I got around 500 total invested in the whole deal. Getting my truck aligned wednesday and have the 35 grapplers and stealths put on. then shes off to detailwash and clay bar then off to a the auction block Enjoy XLT glows green at night just like the gauges

Quote Originally Posted by Stealth Man thats awesome Nice work Quote Originally Posted by BGF150 awesome man just awesome now that i know what color to paint the dash to match the existing XLT one i am seriously considering taking on this project. yea i wish i would have take some pics of the silver specifically for you but it looked like CRAP there was no transition between the dash pieces i just

FORD F150 07 expy suspension

ok so I think I found the new suv were gonna get I REALLY would prefer one of the off white 07 limiteds but thats out of the price range Im looking to spend if I didnt have two current 400 car payments I would BUT since I do Im really looking for like 300 or less so I found this epxy for 195 its an 07 2wd and says dual front airbags and Im wondering does the back have that as well and can I use it

FORD F150 Superchip. . . . well worth the money

To anyone considering a Superchip (and to those who are not) I highly recommend it I know this is just adding to the long line of people who have sung its praises put the Superchip does everything it says it does. Just got it in last night and my truck idles better shifts better and just plain runs better. For those of you who are wondering if you can feel the power let me tell you my experience. After

noticeably harder as this happens on all those vehicles. So you get not only the torque gain in the engine from the Superchip in that situation you also get back the torque that the factory program robs at full-throttle in 2nd gear at higher rpms. There are a few areas where the power gains are considerably larger than the rated peak engine power gains like I described above in what we call transitional

FORD Jiggly Test Drive

No the sales person wasnt a woman it was the truck. Test drove a Blue Raptor at Berge ford in Phoenix. They have 3 in stock sold their Black one but every other color there as of Oct. 27. I last shopped for a truck in 2004. The new ford 150 was out as was the Nissan Titan. The ford was slow and the Titan had a ton of cool feature that now are standard on most trucks. So the Titan won that contest.

The jiggly ride could be due to the road surface The running boards are certainly made for grip...suggestion is when you exitenter stand on the running board and then step down. I do it all the time...just not as tall as you. also you could try leaning outward with your hand on the door handle and then transition your hand of the top of the door as you are stepping out. For seeing over the hood raise

FORD FOCUS Illuminated gear shift

Has any one have a illuminated gear shift Bose upgrade audio system And few other little mods

Car looks good bro I would love to go to Europe just to see if I could get used to driving a car from the other seat...would it be a smooth transition or would it be like a right handed bassist trying to play a left handed bass guitar or a right handed golfer trying to swing left handed clubs

Originally Posted by pbass6811 I would love to go to Europe just to see if I could get used to driving a car from the other seat...would it be a smooth transition or would it be like a right handed bassist trying to play a left handed bass guitar or a right handed golfer trying to swing left handed clubs Any good driver can do it. We lived in Oz for a few years and I drove a stick daily. The only issue I had was perfecting a hot 3-2 downshift. It actually made driving fun

FORD F150 Want More Hp And Tq Check This Out - CAMS

Check this out and post your comments. httpwww.compcams.cominformation...eCamshafts.pdf

tricks at your local machine shop. this is according to FOX LAKE. 1. 3 angle valve job that opens the valve seats to match the extreme outside of the valve margin. that gives maximium throat opening as the factory leaves it pretty much close. all 3 valves. 2. polishsand roll ports. AL paptito posted to avoid removing material as much as possible from the ports but just cleaning them up. 3. bowl transition

tricks at your local machine shop. this is according to FOX LAKE. 1. 3 angle valve job that opens the valve seats to match the extreme outside of the valve margin. that gives maximium throat opening as the factory leaves it pretty much close. all 3 valves. 2. polishsand roll ports. AL paptito posted to avoid removing material as much as possible from the ports but just cleaning them up. 3. bowl transition

FORD F150 AARRGGHH Looking to get a new truck (kinda long)

I need some help on deciding to buy a new F150. Decided to post this hear cause this board is highly read. I dont own a truck now and never have. I REALLY like the F150 looking to get a XLT supercab with 4x4 5.4L shortbox and the usual trimmings. I love the looks and the comfort and the performance. So does my wife. I own two jeeps a cherokee (my rig) and a grand cherokee (my wifes ride). We really

Karl I too never owned a truck before this one. Although I do not access big city traffic much at all I do from time to time. I dont have a problem with the size at all although there was a transition period of course. You learn where you can go and park and where you cant. They arent that big. Others do this type of driving all the time and get used to it. They will fit into any normal parking garage

FORD F150 Chips for 2004

When can we expect the aftermarket to catch up with the 04 Is it likely to be a couple months or are we talking NEXT YEAR Im specifically interested in the 1715 and the Air Force One intake for an 04 Superduty 5.4 If its likely to be a while I may think about going ahead with dual exhausts in the meantime.

center console etc. This 2004 drives sooo much better than the 1997-2003 vehicles do - until you hit a big bump it feels like youre driving a mildly lifted Caddy its so smooth - its a much better highway cruiser than our 2001 4x4 wORP was and we were happy with that one. I cant wait to see just how much better it will respond with a proper tune on it as its obvious that there are more insidious transitional

FORD USA F150 97 5.4L - Engine miss or hesitation runs rough

Hello all 1997 F-150 5.4L V8 Automatic XLT I have a problem that I cant make happen. From time to time the truck will start to run really rough it feels like it is missing a cylinder or something similar. The check engine light will not come on. It can happen anytime. What I mean is when I first start it morning or afternoon (cold) it may happen. When I start it after it has been running for a while

FORD F150 Happy Fathers Day To All

My wife just asked me what I wanted for Fathers Day. I said I know exactly what I want. I told her Ive been wanting the Edge Evo. She said no problem Am I in the twilight zone Just ordered it off Ebay. Cant wait for it to get here. Free 1 Day Air FTW

Well I havent actually timed a 0-60 before or after the Edge so I dunno. Been running level 2. I will say its a whole lot faster than it was. When 2nd gear grabs it will throw you back in the seat Im down to about 18 tank of 87 so soon we will be trying level 3 It really holds a gear a lot longer and the transition between gears is much quicker.

FORD F150 Horsepower gains

Are there any graphs showing actual horsepower and torque gains by using a superchip on a ford 5.4 I want more than firmer shifts for my money. Is there any proof of added horsepower or torque I would like more power but want to see the proof. I know most people like the superchip but I havent seen the real world proof please help. ------------------ 01 supercrew XLT4x2all black5.4captains chairs355

difference in the seat of the pants so to speak so when you see people talking about feeling that power gain you know that its basically delivering the goods. There is a graph in our online ordering system the one that wittom provided the link to but its a just a limited graph that was designed to show just whats happens to power during the upshifts in automatic models thanks to removing the transitional

FORD F150 Lighting Lower porting project

porting for a friend for his project truck. spent about 4 hours on it today still need some clean up on the ports and get everything blasted and coated. still got the plenum and blower to port. ill post up more pics when i get around to it next weekend. if the thread is still alive. there is quite a bit of material that comes out and im still 18 away from the sealing surface. all of the rough porting done and the flange surfaced. just needs some hand sanding now and then gets heat tanked.

Looks like a good project just be wary of porting the blower. You dont want to mess up the port timing of the blower. Every test Ive seen with professional ported blowers loses power until they speed the blower up and of course the unported blower would have made more power too with a smaller pulley so the test articles are worthless. im just going to take it apart clean it clean up any rough transition

FORD F150 Scored some awesome side mirrors

Ok I just scored some 2011 FX4 side mirrors. Power fold puddle light white caps the works for 300. Now I have a 2006 Lariat with power mirrors (not fold) not to sure what else. Is it possible to do a swap and convert mine to these new power fold mirrors. Thanks for the help guys. Sorry Im currently at work and on my phone. So if there is already a topic on this then I apologize in advance.

( to be able to reverse the polarity to change the mirror fold direction ). This can be a single switch or as tg150s install with a switch for each side ( which is a nice feature to have ). Did you find the diagrams for the changes required for the common ground vs the individual grounds ( for turn signal and heater function ) The 2012 ( which should be the same as the 2011 the 0910 were the transition

Example offers of car parts ford transit seat

  • Einspritzdüse Ford Transit Seat Ibiza Malaga DN0SD1930 - Deutschland (10.00 EUR)
  • NEW GENUINE DENSO DIESEL INJECTOR FORD TRANSIT 6C1Q-9K546-AC 06- 6C1Q9K546ac - Seaton,United Kingdom (150.00 GBP)
  • Austauschmotor Motor generalüberholt 0km VW Sharan Ford Transit Seat 2,0 TDI BRT - Paderborn,Deutschland (2950.00 EUR)
  • NEW GENUINE ECU FORD TRANSIT 2.2 /2.4 DIESEL 2006-2012 6u71-12a650-cb 1432321 - Seaton,United Kingdom (165.00 GBP)
  • Ford Transit Seats - Chelmsford,United Kingdom (40.00 GBP)
  • Ford Transit 1991 - 2006 Amber Indicator / Side Repeater ( New ) Fits all ford - Seaton,United Kingdom (0.99 GBP)

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