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FORD F150 Just replaced my fuel pump - no luck

So Ive had a loss of power and a low fuel pressure (22psi) for a month now and I cant seem to pinpoint the problem. Ive replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump but the pressure hasnt changed. Any ideas of what the problem could be PS also I removed the vacuum line from the fuel pressure regulator and the pressure goes up by about 10 psi and when I pinch the return line shut the pressure shoots up to about 80. dont know if thats normal or not

I doubt thats it but feel to see if its hot. If the relay is hot - Its bad. You getting the same pressure reading you did with the old pump That sounds like the regulator or sticky injector. Not to common of a problem you have a Haynes or Chiltons book Something with the spec pressure numbers Ill post the fuel sheet and give yuh a fault finder link to check out - Fault Finder Link -

FORD F150 fuel superheater

has anyone ever seen this or done one themselves or even heard about this before Ive only read an article about it but it seems to make sense. heat the fuel so when it is injected into the cylinder it atomizes quicker for a better air to fuel burn - just throwing this out there - now im gonna sit back and watch

Not necessarily... the CAI that so many of us have is to give more molecuels of O2 (cold dense more O2). More O2 is picked up by the PCM which in turn adds more fuel to maintain that magic ratio for air to fuel. More fuel more power I beleive Troyer has mentioned several times that he gets max power from his engines when they are set to 205 degrees or somewhere close to there. I have noticed this

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FORD F150 Air in Fuel Line... HELP

I have what I believe is air in the fuel line. If I run my truck for less than 20 minutes and shut it off it will not restart unless I open the hood take an ink pen and press the air valve looking thing on the fuel rail behind the back of the engine. fuel will spray all over me and the engine compartment but as soon as I turn the key presto it will start every time. It is like I get an air pocket in

KOEO 45-60 psi KOER 50-60 psi Key off pressure should remain constant for 60 seconds min. Pressure should reach its max when the regulator vacuum hose is disconnected and plugged. Check reg vac. hose for fuel. Take care -Chris

FORD F150 unusual fueling problem

93 F150 duel tanks. Rear tank will not take fuel. Nozzle shuts off as soon as fuel starts flowing. Looked into filler and the anti-siphon flap is there. (thought it might have come off and blocked things) Checked to see if hose to tank could have been damaged. Looks normal. Also co incident with this the rear pump will not come on when switching tanks. The fuel indicator will not change to the rear

FORD F150 Tornado Engine Performance Maximizer

This engine performance maximizer made by Tornado installs inside air intake hose between air intake and air filter box on electronically fuel injected vehicles. It is suppose to create a swirling motion constantly forcing air around corners and bends and through the intakes. Is this for real Does this thing work Will it improve gas mileage and horsepower It is for years 75-00 fullsize pickups.

FORD USA F150 2001 screw fuel pump replacment

Looks like I need a new fuel pump. Have 40 psi in the morning that during the day dwindles down to the teens and I loose power. fuel filter is new. What is the best way to get into the tank Remove the tank Lift up the bed Is there anything else I should replace while doing this Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If it&8217s any thing like my 01 Expo it&8217s a 2hr job max. Start the truck engage the fuel shut off switch in the passenger side kick panel the truck will die. Next open the fuel cap keep it off. I found it hard as hell to try sucking the fuel out of the tank so I didn&8217t but some one else might be able to help on that one. If I remember correctly there should be 3 straps 2 horizontal to the

FORD F150 Transferring gas with the fuel pump(s)

Ive been using the dual tanks of my 96 as a sort of tanker for the MCs. I remove the valve core on the pressure test schrader and attach a long piece of hose. I made a FP relay jumper wtoggle switch which I put in place of the relay to turn the pump on and off. My Q is Anyone see any possibility of damaging the fuel pump doing this that Im overlooking In case youre wondering why Im doing this its because

FORD USA F150 1993 5.0 auto-fuel vapor canister leaks

My 1993 F150 5.0 EFI Auto. has a fuel vapor canister leak have been smelling gas when I run the air con. and I just noticed today that it was dripping onto the driveway. What can cause this problem

The dripping on the drive is normal that is what it is suppose to do. You do not have an air intake under the hood where the fuel vapor canister is. The air intake for the AC system if on max is the passenger compartment and if on normal is in front of the windshield. What you smell is water that has dryer on the evaporator from not switching your AC system to vent about 5 minutes before you shut the

FORD F150 P1132 and P1152 codes coming up

Hi all My truck was acting up a month ago and the CEL came on. I pulled the codes with my reader and got P1132 and P1152. I cleared it but didnt really have a chance to drive the truck again. The torque converter on the car cracked and the car had to go to the shop. So I used the truck to go to work and back. Coming home the CEL popped up again. I just pulled the codes and they are the same ones. They

Pessure s - Engine running psi 28-50 Key on engine off psi 35-45 Thats all they say for the 2000. Heres another set lol - fuel system pressure idle Vacuum hose attatched ---- 30 -45 psi Vacuum hose detached ---- 40 -50 psi fuel system hold pressure (after 5 minutes) 30 -40 psi fuel pump pressure (maximum) 65 psi Huh I have the FS DVD up on your model PCED Well this is from the manufacturer to ford

running psi 28-50 idle Key on engine off psi 35-45 Thats all they say for the 2000. ( 2000 model) Heres another set lol - fuel system pressure idle Vacuum hose attatched ---- 30 -45 psi Vacuum hose detached ---- 40 -50 psi fuel system hold pressure (after 5 minutes) 30 -40 psi fuel pump pressure (maximum) 65 psi Oh I see where you got 2000 rpm. I looked up your model year (2000) on the ford

FORD F150 have a spark issue also says lean

Hi my 97 f150 4.6 has a missfire on the computer when I had the check engine light scanned.It alsosaid fuel system lean on bank 1and 2.The truck hasnt skipped fire that I could feel but it has lost power and got harder on fuel. The mechanic took out a couple plugs and said they looked black and to try a set of plugs and wires the coils were already replaceddoes anyone else have any suggestions it is greatly appreciated.THANKS

Posted by croft4306 Ok so I am going to check the fuel pressure soon and was just wondering if the place that you hook up the guage is from what i found on the search on the fuel lines on the pass side and the pressure should be about 35psi.Just wondering if I had this right and also is there a certain kind of fuel psi guage for this cause I will need to buy one. Thanks Just make sure it has a ford

FORD F150 CEL after tuning

I happened to borrow a SuperChips 1715 tuner and now the CEL is coming on. I ran the default progaming with 87 (oops) but in about fifty miles of driving the light came on and I got these codes P1000OBD Systems Readiness Test Not Complete P1154Bank 2 fuel Control Shifted Rich (FAOSC) I returned to stock and after filling the tank with 93 octane I decided to try again. I used the tuner default and let

are still on the vehicle would be long overdue for replacement regardless of mileage) fuel filter MAF sensor cleaning EGR system & EGR port cleaning etc. etc. On a 1997 model by now just from a time standpoint regardless of vehicle mileage virtually every original engine sensor needs either replacement or cleaning. Its imperative that all vehicle maintenance be up to snuff at levels in excess of fords

FORD F150 Engine shutting off

My god father is having trouble with his work van. When you turn it on it will only stay on for a couple seconds then turn off. The only way to keep it on is keep on revving it and even then the engine doesnt run smooth and gives off a different exhaust smell (Ive smelt it before just cant think of what it is.) There is no SES light on but I was about to pull a P1000 code (readiness test not passed

system hold pressure (after 5 minutes) 30 - 40 psi fuel pump pressure max 65 psi Regulator Check Connect a hand held vacuum pump to the fuel pressure regulator and read fuel pressure wvac applied. Pressure should decrease as vacuum is increased. You can also detach the vacuum line from the fuel pressure regulator and verify vacuum is present when the engine is running. Fault Finder

FORD F150 Just got Diablo Predator and Spectre Intake.. a few questions

Hey guys kinda new to the tuning scene here just wanted to have all my ducks in a row before i start this little project. Just picked up a diablo predator and spectre intake they havnt been delivered yet but should be here within a few days. My question is i heard there are canned tunes for specific intakes.. k&n airraid etc. Well since my intake isnt one of those which tune should i install on it

only reason for the &8220custom&8221 program to support the CAI is because the design is poor resulting in false readings from the air intake sensors etc&8230.period If you look at the dyno charts from many of these supposed HPTQ increases they are typically around 5%-7% at peak rpm ranges&8230&8230.guess what 5% is a standard deviation even amongst mfg dynos and if you go to this link httpwww.fordracingparts.comdownl...ceTechTips.pdf

FORD F150 So what about propane

Someone help me out please or point me to some threads where this has already been discussed. Gas going up fast... I paid 3.40 for real gas yesterday. I personally think itll be 5 a gallon this summer... we all know why and who. Seems to me that propane will be less effected by events in the ME and by political obstruction to domestic oil production... especially in the short-term if you know what

loss in fuel economy but they no longer offer the system on F-150s (could it be to avoid EPA fuel economy testing). Propane conversions typically get better fuel economy than what would be expected from the fuels lower BTU content per gallon. Theres no way to know the actual loss unless you bought identical propane and gasoline vehicles and did a side-by-side comparison yourself. As for the OEM ford

FORD Team JDM installs and dyno tunes Whipple 6.2 Raptor Supercharger kit

Last week we had a local customer of ours come in to have his 2010 Raptor 6.2L Supercharged with the new Whipple 2.9L kit. Some quick background on the truck is that he was running a tune and air kit as well as a full Kooks exhaust system we installed over this past summer. Since Whipple still does not have tuning available for their Supercharger kit we purchased it in a tuner version. We aquired the

FORD F150 Cels P0172 & P0175

I had the coads checked at auto zone. i just put the stock MAF back on and im selling the jet one i guess i dont need it and it not helping me so.... bit anyways i did a search on here and i dont know what could be causting it. the truck studders when i go from a start if i give it to much gas. so im driving around like my my grandmao The up stream O2s where replaced around 500 miles or so. i removed

it is still running unplug the vaccum line at the fuel pressure regulatorpressure should rise apprximately 10psi.Also cheack the vaccum line going to the regulator to make sure there is vaccum.There is actually quite a few steps to cheacking the fuel pressure but that is all i can remember right now If you have a book it will give the min and max of psi.Oh and a new regulator is about 80 from ford

FORD F150 True Duals or keep it single

UPDATED 2110 Ok so when I was taking off my old side steps I took a look at my muffler and what I thought was a Super 44 is a knock off probably a Flopro. Throwing that thing out and getting either some bullets or 14 Magnapacks. I live in CA so I will be keeping the stock cats. I love 4.6 Punishers (with stock cats) mblouir and rudaays (Youtube name idk his name on here if hes a member) exhaust. I

2.25 ss mandrell bent x piped setup its not even a comparison -driiving my 04 with 185 k miles even with stock tuning in comparison to my new 2010s that are empty is not even a comparison even running them side by side -my 04 will walk away from the 9 othe 2004- 2010 vans i all ears if ya want to talk about static pressure velocity pressure and total pressure on what works on 5.4 modular ford

FORD F150 Want to Supercharge your F-150 Great Deal inside

JDM Engineering F-150 Saleen Supercharger Power Package Special Looking for a supercharger kit for your 2004-2008 ford F-150 truck One that can make over 400 HP at the tires have full towing capabilities maintains every day drive ability and gets better than stock fuel economy Team JDM has put together a package with the Saleen series VI twin screw supercharger JDM custom tuning supercharger pulley

FORD F150 2003 F150 4.6L Buck & Jerk...Lean condition

I have fought this same problem for almost 2 years now. My F150 will frequently intermittently buck and jerkhesitatestutter and always throws a code for a lean condition on engine bank well as sometimes showing a cylinder specific misfire or just a general misfire detected within so many revolutions after start-up code. Rough idle and when it acts up while driving the RPMs will fluctuate wildly...first

FORD F150 Misfire code P0303

Good Morning I have a 2001 4.6L F150 Supercrew. Last night it start to buck and hesitate under normal load. I got it home and detected a burning smell under the hood. Test drove it some more and the engine light came on. Got the code read and it is P0303 which I was told was cylinder 3 misfire. Question 1. What cylinder is 3. Is it on the left bank (drivers side). I cant find any identifers. Question

onto the SAME cylinder they came from. Grease them up well to focus pulse to plugs correctly - that also saves your boots from all those nasty carbon trails that break down the silicone. Start all the new plugs with a scrap piece of 38 air hose IF you dont want to take any chances screwing up the head threads - thats to easy to do unfortunately. Plug torque is 28 lbs. Absolutely DO NOT go by fords

FORD F150 injector cleaning

How do you clean your injectors Take it to ford Or is there a way for you to do it yourself What is backflusing Was reading someone elses post about a fuel fitler and they mentioned backflusing what is it

Here is your awnser greencrew... I do about 4 injector cleanings a week. We (and most dealers) use a machine called a Motorvac. That is the most common machine but there are other machines that do the same thing. Here is what we do procedures change from shop to shop and I think our service is the best way to go. First I unhook the fuel lines both pressure and return (depending on model this can be

NISSAN MAXIMA I I need help. Got several issues. Please review

The other day when I was getting into my car leaving work I notice a pool of oil sitting under the right center middle of the front hood(basically in front of the driver by 5 feet). I checked all the fluids noticed the motor oil was somewhat low so I took my 2002 maxima se 6 speed into the dealer today for an oil change and to ask about the oil spill. I also have a mechanic that I work with but I couldnt

I have a 95 maxima 1) Starters are doable (easier than domestic fords in my opinion) 2) Radio Antenna is easy 3) Plenum gasket and valve cover gaskets are ok to do. You can change your coolant and fuel hoses which are hidden when you do this at the same time. 4) Was able to recharge AC with one of those R134A canisters 5) Changing coils and spark plugs is easy 6) I thought the front and rear brakes

FORD F150 DTC List

DTC Index PCM - Powertrain Control Module P0010 Intake Camshaft Position Actuator CircuitOpen (Bank 1) P0011 Intake Camshaft Position Timing - Over-Advanced (Bank 1) P0012 Intake Camshaft Position Timing - Over-Retarded (Bank 1) P0016 Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation - Bank 1 Sensor A P0018 Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation - Bank 2 Sensor A P0020 Intake Camshaft

P1115 Intake Air Temperature 2 (IAT2) Circuit High (SuperchargedTurbocharged engines) P1116 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Out of Self-Test Range P1117 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Circuit Intermittent P1120 Throttle Position Sensor A Out Of Range Low (Ratch Too Low) P1124 Throttle Position Sensor A Out Of Self-Test Range P1125 Throttle Position Sensor A Intermittent P1127 Exhaust

FORD F150 P0171 and P0174 again with a twist.

Before anyone hammers me on this one which has been gone over and over again read through before submitting the standard answer. Hopefully one of the pros here can help me out because im baffeled on this one. The Victim Me The Defendant 1998 Expedition 5.4 2WD The symptom (and keep in mind this is my last thing wrong with this truck and its off to inspection) Lean codes 0171 and 0174. What has happened

No MAP sensor. Good post MATT - Yea you need to drop back to simple fuel system diagnostics. You have a pressure gauge for the schrader correct. I think that should be looked at first that will tell me more than Freeze Frame data. Do you have the correct numbers You need them fuel system pressure ( idle) Vacuum hose attacthed....................................... 30 to 45 psi Vacuum hose detached........................................

FORD F150 4.2 nay sayers

Just curious why there seems to be so many that think the 4.2 ( 2006 to clarify) is not a reliable engine. I sold my 04 Roush charged Supercrew and the 06 FX4 and picked up a lowly 06 STX 4.2 regular cab flareside to use when I need a truck as I now have a Jeep TJ as a daily driver. Solid with 70000 miles on the ticker.After the initial clean up plugs and fluid changes I have done a 4-2 drop installed

Okay part2 up to this point I spent approx 200.00 radiator 10.00 IMR bushings 9.00 upper plenum gasket 450 70 mounting on tires 12 vacuum line 98 dollars plug wires and plugs 56 on coilmodule 25 gator water belt 3 t-stat 66 upper and lower hose 28 camshaft sensor 18 gas cap And still I had a truck with zero power. So investigating even more reading threads on this site and others. Read stories of

FORD F150 DIY spark plug story w a happy ending...

... but just barely. New member here. Sorry in advance for the long post. I have a 2004 F150 S-cab with the 5.4 L motor. I bought the truck brand new in June 2004 (0204 build date) and currently have 62800 miles on her. Though the truck was running fine I decided a few weeks ago that my 6 year old truck could use some new spark plugs despite the 100000 mile recommendation in the manual. Since Ive done

FORD USA F150 tune up on 2001 f150 5.4L

Hello all from a newbie. I have still been experiencing some misfire problems since my engine carwash incident of 2 weeks ago o. I bought my 2001 f150 4x4 Scab w145K miles a month ago from a very nice honest private party wnear mint condition. They had the dealer change out the plugs 30K miles4 years ago when they bought the truck. In addition to the misfire situation I created with the engine wash

Mine were no problem with 6 of 8 original plugs at 120000 miles in a 2001 screw. I would start right off by pulling the intake throttle body and drivers side fuel rail. Watch o-rings on the injectors and rail as well as the gaskets on the power connectors for the COPs and injectors. I ended Up giving everything a liberal helping of dielectric silicone including the injector o-rings. I only ended up

FORD F150 P0401 Troubles (sorry about repetition guys)

I know a bunch of this stuff gets hashed over and over guys but I did read through a number of post and still would like to know what the most common solution is to this code. I checked the voltage to the EGR and the DPFE and the voltage is within spec. The resistance on the EGR is within spec. I did just run seafoam through the truck about a week ago and replaced a bad O2 sensor. No new codes until

The PCM does not allow the EVR solenoid to supply vacuum to the EGR valve until coolant temp is somewhere over 100F. That does not prevent testing the DPFE only with the engine off. Pull the two differential pressure tubes froim the DPFE and check tubes for blockages. If clear check the DPFE ports for corrosion and moisture. Hook vacuum to ref port (small port on front) using a hose and sucking on

FORD USA F150 94 F150 AC Help...

Quote Originally Posted by projectSHO89 Before screwing around under the dash pop the hood and inspect the small vacuum line that feeds through the firewall. It is located between the battery and the firewall and is notorious for developing leaks. When vacuum to the HVAC control head is lost all airflow automatically defaults to the defroster. Airflow through defroster only is almost always a loss

Does it stop blow air in both the normal and max settings My 94 stopped blowing air in the max - recirulation- setting at about 35 mph but it worked fine in the normal setting - outside air. I found the vacuum line to the vaccum motor that operated the recircualtion damper had a small hole it. I cut the hole out and installed a rubber hose and no problem. The vacuum line in question was a white plastic

Quote Originally Posted by RMS05 Does it stop blow air in both the normal and max settings My 94 stopped blowing air in the max - recirulation- setting at about 35 mph but it worked fine in the normal setting - outside air. I found the vacuum line to the vaccum motor that operated the recircualtion damper had a small hole it. I cut the hole out and installed a rubber hose and no problem. The vacuum

FORD F150 Injectors

does anyone know what pound fuel injectors a 2005 5.4 v8 has

Quote Originally Posted by Bluegrass Injector flow ratings are usually rated at 40 psi fuel pressures. Changing the design for the same flow rating does not change the flow rating only the spray pattern and quality. In blower use with an FMU the injectors pressure is raised to make them flow more fuel but there is a limit to how far this can be taken before the next larger injector flow rate must be

FORD F150 air filters gas mileage

For some reason people seem to think that if they put a high flow air filter in their truck it will get better gas mileage. Well I dont believe it and Im going to explain why. To start lets go over the procedure that your engine uses to determine how to use its air. Im going to use my 97 5.4 for example. At cruise the engine uses readings obtained from the barometric pressure sensor the intake air

Quote Originally Posted by tritonpwr Resistance has the same affect regardless of throttle levels. Just because resistance exists at WOT does not mean there is none at idle. Even though the throttle body is restricting air flow thereby holding RPMs down the engine must still use its own energy to pull air along the intake and to the throttle body in the first place. The air will not flow through there

NISSAN MAXIMA IV 1999 i30 egr control solenoid vacuum line routing

Hi All This is my first infiniti and I need a detailed vcume line routing picture. There are 2 solenoids side by side each have 3 ports green and tan elect connections. I really need to see a close up picture of them and where the lines come from and go. Im also trying to figure what this vacuum actuater that seems to open and close the intakeitsnext to fuel pressurebypass actuator forgive me for not

FORD F150 Adjustable themrostat for efans

Hello I am in the process of putting dual electric fans in my truck. I bought an adjustable thermostat kit with relay. What I am wondering is there a way to have the fans come on low say at 160 and when things get a little too hot have them kick into high My thermostat will only adjust when the fans come on not high or low. I have searched but cant seem to find anything that turns on low and then kicks into high. Jeff

Quote Originally Posted by BLUE20004X4 ...snip....I set the dial to come on a bit after the stat opened guessed at what temp but its probably like 195. I have now an infared temp guage the point and shoot laser ones. The fans seem to come on when that reads around 180-185. I point at the top of the rad where the temp probe is and on the rad hose both by the stat and rad inlet. Where do you guys aim

FORD F150 Misfire Detected on Cyl 5

Ok Im bad go ahead and flame me I deserve it. 5.4 in the truck has 139K on it and still on the original plugs as far as I know I got the truck with 32K on it. 2 days ago in 95 deg. heat and 90% humidity I was running the AC on max on the freeway for about 40 minutes bringing my mother in law over to our house engine was running fine. Truck sat for about 45 minutes in the driveway and when we went to

Quote Originally Posted by 8mmag Ok Im bad go ahead and flame me I deserve it. 5.4 in the truck has 139K on it and still on the original plugs as far as I know I got the truck with 32K on it. 2 days ago in 95 deg. heat and 90% humidity I was running the AC on max on the freeway for about 40 minutes bringing my mother in law over to our house engine was running fine. Truck sat for about 45 minutes in

FORD F150 Strange vibrationsurge

I have an 03 with a 5.4 with 47k on it that I bought used about 6 months ago. Recently Ive noticed that when accelerating from a stop or slowing down to a stop theres a vibration I can feel that seems to be coming from the engine compartment somewhere between 10-15 mph. I cant really hear anything that might give a hint as to what it is only feel it throughout the truck. It also vibrates and has a

Yea thats a fuel vapor hose for the EVAP - it should say that right on the hose if it hasnt worn off. Listen to what your being told - I use to run a K&N - When you run an oiled filter you have to service the MAF more often. Thats why I dont run them anymore. Oil - will mist the MAF SPECIALLY after a fresh oiling whether done correctly or not and if your running a 3 intake your suction is maxed

FORD F150 1990 with codes 32 56 64 & 67

Around Christmas time I bought my son a 1990 F-150 to drive. He is 17 and it seems to suit him well. It has the I6 and an automatic. After the holidays I put in a new rotor distributor cap plug wires (which looked to be the original ones) and plugs. The air filter was fine. Changed the oil and filter and off he went. It was running very well. Very smooth. A week ago the lower radiator hose blew a hole.

FORD F150 Sea Foam

Under much recommendation I bought some Sea Foam to put in my truck. Its a 98 F150 4.6 with almost 90000 miles. I love this damn truck its sick. Anyway has anyone ever put Sea Foam directly into a intake vacuum line Did it work Would you all recommend Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Timbo

you can stand there and hold the bottle to the hose yourself the motor will try to stall while taking in the treatment. Ive heard two different ways not sure which is the best or most correct. 1. let the motor stall and shut itself down 2. bring the motor just before it stalls then remove the vac line from the bottle and manually turn the key to shut off I usually have a friend hold the bottle to the

FORD F150 Hydrigen generator boost kits

So i got get my 04 f150 smoged today at a local smog station. In the waiting room there is a demo for hydrogen generators boost kits. Demo was pretty much like glass container filled with distillwater had some sort of heating coil when you turn your engine on it activates coil in container producing hydrogen gas. The gas then travels via roughly 14(my guestimate on size) unpreasurized sucken

FORD USA F150 97 Failed CA Smog Burning too rich

My 1997 ford F150 4.6 failed the California Smog for the first time. 160K miles. My HCs were over maximum and COs were high. The technician said the engine was burning too rich. Some of my mods include Air Force One intake magnaflow exhaust bosch fuel injectors(I think injectors are same a stock size) and new upstream O2 sensors. I would like to fix the problem and not some temporary fix to cheat the

Quote Originally Posted by dougbartholomew My HCs were over maximum and COs were high. The technician said the engine was burning too rich. Some of my mods include Air Force One intake magnaflow exhaust bosch fuel injectors(I think injectors are same a stock size) and new upstream O2 sensors. You can rule out the intake & exhaust. And if your EGR were suspect NOx should be affected but you didnt mention

FORD F150 gas mileage

I have a 1994 F150 5.0 with 187000 miles and gas is killing me I only get 12 miles to the gallon and i was wondering if there was any way to make it get better with the job I just started i feel im going to be in trouble with it. So is there any way to get better gas mileage seems my only option is to sell the truck and I dont think i could do that.

is that around town highway mixed my 93 4x4 got about 11 around town with a worn out 5.0. right now i can get 9-13mpg around town depending on how i drive. there are small cheap things you can do like insulating the stock airbox and hoses with a foil face self adhesive foam insulation and throw in something like a K&N drop in filter. advance the timing a few degrees(stock is 10 btdc). do a tune up

FORD F150 Getting some pep out of my 4.2

Ive got a 97 F150 with the V-6 4.2. Its got 100000 miles on it and is in great shape. The thing is it has no power...never did When I put 265s on it it got much worse. I didnt pay a lot of attention to it because I planned on trading it in for a V-8. But its in such good condition Im thinking about keeping it and just doing whats necessary to get a little more power out of it. At least enough to be

Good posting Excellent question. Engine wear isnt a prime concern these days mainly due to the better quality alloys used and the elevated quality systems used by auto manufacturers these days (Im an inspector who works in the aerospace and automotive fields so Im qualified to speak about these topics). Your number one focus should be on freshening up the wear items. O2 sensors spark plugs wires VACUUM

FORD F150 Is there anyway...

that i can take all the smog crap off my motor and it syill run on the factory EFI

long story short im tired of my motor running rich as st. my LTFT (long term fuel trim) is maxed out at 25%. o2 sensors are new. no header leaks. and i have a feeling that its doing this to save my motor. all of my wave forms are within factory specs. btw i have no cats now. and im tired of my air pump hose running to nothing. another question..will long tubes off a 79-93 foxbody mustang fit on my truck

FORD USA F150 very rough 4.6l 1999 f150

Hello im new to this forum and i must say there is alot of very good info here that being said I hope someone out there can help me im kinda new to the whole fuel injected mass air...... basically non-carborator engine and this one is driving me NUTS ive had the truck for about a year and a half it had 185000miles on it it now has 205000 i just had the trans rebuilt and now im having a rough idle and

Cant find one that sucks. Well heres this - From the manual - idle 30-45 psi idle wvacuum hose detached 40-50 psi Hold pressurekey offafter 5 minutes 30-40 psi System max 65 psi _______________________________________________ Regulator - Connect a hand held vacuum pump to the regulator and read fuel pressure wvacuum applied. Pressure should decease as vacuum is increased. Detach the vacuum line from the regulator and verify vacuum is present when the engine is running.

FORD F150 Round 2 87 octane superchip....

I checked with superchip told them I wanted a chip that would be tuned for 87 octane they told me it doesnt exist. Since Ive used company gas for the last 5 12 years Im not going to go out and start buying premium fuel now. I talked to Mike T previously which stated the chip can be done as a custom application I assume in a part 1100 application. The previous topic link. 87 octane chip I do want firmer

Hi hoseclamp 1.) You should have called us not Superchips. That isnt something Superchips is going to do for you directly. Nor will they even talk to you about it. Superchips isnt the least bit interested in providing chips or tuners for use on anything less than premium gasoline as you dont gain much power that way. The way to get a Superchip program for use on 87 octane is by calling US here at Performance

FORD F150 EGR Vacuum 3 in on acceleration

Hello. My 5.4l has a hesitation when I apply just a light accelerator. I just replaced the EGR valve and have done a lot of testing. The vacuum at the EGR valve hose while driving is 3 in at slight acceleration and 5 in at normal acceleration. I assume the 3 in is causing the EGR to open a little and cause the stall. Is the vacuum control valve doing this

Hello The EGR operation is more involved than that. Here is an overview of how it works. First there are several conditions that must be present before the EGR is called to operate. 1. The vehichle speed. 2. The throttle opening angle of the tps. 3. How long the TPS is at the opening angle. There may be other parameters in play as well. ..Above about 45 mph the PCM looks at the length of time the TPS

BMW SERIES 3 E46 E46 stage2 engine package 215rwhp super sprint shcrick cai ecu

Just seeing if any one would be intrested in buying a full street race package comes with tuned computer shrick cams full super sprint exauhst system and cold air induction box on my 323 I have 215 rwhp from theses mods they cost me over 10000 at the time but now my car is probly dead after what I hit so was going to take all these parts off before I give it to insurance the tune on the computer is

better have a decent dynamic CR. To give you an idea to what extent this occurs we find that with our example a 300-degree race cam used with a static CR of 121 has a dynamic CR of only about 8.31. This snippet of info should bring home the importance of having sufficient CR for a big cam. If it doesnt then maybe the dyno test results in Fig. 4 will. These are some tests I did with the 2-liter ford

C4 Technical Summary and FAQ - Please Read on a Regular Basis.

The first and most important where do new users go for the answers to the simple questions Right here This is a living document. As suggestions are made they will be updated within this page so users dont have to surf. I would like to see posts kept to a minimum or at the very least deleted every so often. Within the text will appear words in bold print that means it is a topic covered in a section

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