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FORD F150 Fuel filter specs (microns)

Does anyone know what the filtering size (microns) is for a stock fuel filter (01 Supercrew 5.4l) I am running all new fuel celllinespumpfilters etc and I am wondering whether to go with a 10 micron or 40 micron filter after the pump. I tried searching and I couldnt find any info anywhere. Thanks

ford fuel filter specs call for multi point injection system to have a maximum rating of 10 microns absolute. Smaller is much better and filters of 5 microns absolute is preferred. A particulate of 40 microns will not go thru an injector and will cause permanent damage.

Quote Originally Posted by Labnerd ford fuel filter specs call for multi point injection system to have a maximum rating of 10 microns absolute. Smaller is much better and filters of 5 microns absolute is preferred. A particulate of 40 microns will not go thru an injector and will cause permanent damage. Thanks for the info That is what I figured- I will run a 100 micron filter before the fuel pump and a 10 micron filter after the pump.

FORD F150 Fuel Filter Change

I want to change the fuel filter on my 4.2 2000 F150. Well I found where it is located. However I cannot understand how to remove the fuel line tube connections on either end of the filter. There are metal clamps at the end of the tubes that are stumping me. Has anyone removed these fuel line tubes and replaced them Any help would be appreciated.

Im not recommending this. I am running the factory filter at 181K miles. My belief is that if it will still flow the max required fuel (wide open at high RPMs) it doesnt need replaced. I test this periodically but hooking up my scan tool graphing either one of the pre-cat O2 sensors and running wide open through 3500 RPMs. This does two things first is it demands the maximum fuel flow from the pump

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FORD F150 fuel filter flow direction

So Im well aware that there is an arrow on the fuel filter that designates which way it is supposed to flow. However when I got under my truck to change it the other day there was a larger line and a smaller line running side by side. The fuel filter is in the smaller line as Im sure everyones is. Isnt the small line the return to tank And if so I thought the fuel filter on these was in the feed line

The smaller line with the fuel filter is a high pressure fuel supply line and the filter arrow is direction of flow to the front. That larger line also has the connectors on it but it is NOT a high pressure fuel supply line. It is part of the vapor containment system. Squirrels ate a 4 inch section out the top of mine but they just nicked the fuel supply line. fuel flow is marked so that maximum use

FORD F150 Changed fuel filter (good) Truck Dead (bad)

1997 F150 4X4 5.4L. I finally got back around to attempting to change my fuel filter on Tuesday night. Rather than use the little plastic removal tools I went and bought a small metal one that jbrew posted on here as having some luck with (not the 7 scissor type from auto zone). I told my wife Id work at it for 15-20 minutes. Well by that time I had half of it off so I couldnt quit there. Took about

Quote Originally Posted by tomclem Figured I would throw this out since this thread is about possible fuel filter. Just changed mine for the second time in my 05 5.4 screw tonight. I use the little scissor deal from Advance which works great(does take a little pressure to disconnect though). Anyhow from the looks of the fuel that dumped out on the upstream side I would recommend changing this thing

Quote Originally Posted by jbrew Alaska check your fuses. The ignition mini fuse under the dash and and the maxI fuse in the PDB under the hood before you purchase a battery. Also if you have a bad connection the post you could have slowly drained the charge. You have a 20 or 30 amp mini fuse wired right into the alternator harness. It by the firewall next to those big MEGA 175s. Follow the harness

FORD F150 Fuel Filter Canister

Some might know a long time ago my quick disconnects broke and I did a fairly extensive write up on a way around them. Well I am going to change my fuel filter in a few months but instead Im thinking of making it a little easier and going with one of these The key on pressure IIRC is 27-30 PSI with a max of 50 PSI engine running. I just dont want to have any surprises even though Fram says 200 PSI. I like the fact that it goes down to 5 micron. Anyone run one of these or similar setup

FORD F150 Fuel Filter

I have heard from several reliable sources that in newer vehicles if the fuel level drops below 14 of a tank repeatedly you can damage your fuel pump. Something to do with cooling it. Has anyone heard of this

My friend just had this happen in his motor home. It was frustrating to diagnos because it ran fine with more fuel in the tank. Even with only a little bit of fuel in the tank once the pump cooled down it worked for a while. I dont know that running the tank low caused the problem but his motor home has a relatively small tank and hed just done a cross country trip where he was stretching each tank out to the max. I would think that any fuel pump will wear out eventually.

FORD F150 Anyone Replaced Their Own Fuel Filter

Just wondering. I need to have the fuel filter changed and cooling system serviced and Im not sure I want to mess with it myself. Might be a good time to go meet my dealer.

Thanks for all the replies. I think Im looking for an excuse to just take it and let someone else do it. However max you hit some close to my heart I hadnt thought about. Its funny how some Techs although may be very talented dont take much care when it comes to protecting the body etc. from scratches and the like. I guess Ill buck up and do the filter myself the coolant I could do too and sinc ei

FORD F150 Just changed the fuel filter...

...and it was a little bit of a pain in the

Quote Originally Posted by f150fella08 i think id just pay the 65 buckaroos Like I said it wouldnt take to a computer alignment. I paid yea 65 twice and one tried again free but they couldnt get it. The first time they said it was my Bilsteins (to short) that they were bent. They were replaced wMonroes. Bilstein sent me new front shocks - installed them about a month ago. The last alignment with the

FORD F150 chip system for maximum fuel economy

i have a 97 5.4 expedition and im looking to get the best programmer for mpg... the truck is a total daily driver and grocery getter. thanks guys

You will get more mpg from good maintenance than you will a programmer. Plugs filters and fluid changes. Sent from my iPhone using IB AutoGroup

FORD USA F150 1988 Ford F150 no power to fuel pumps

1988 F150 302 efi no power to fuel pumps. I have replaced the eec relay and fuel pump relay. I can not hear the fuel pumps running. jumped the dlp fuel pump relay to return signal relay and pumps worked but still no fuel. Will start with starter fluid but dies when starter fluid burns out. took wires loose from collision swith and connected the 2 wires together and still no start or fuel. replaced

All the auto geniuses hang out here I would use the front tank for all the following tests as we know it has a new pump. 2 fuel Rail Pressures. You will need to check the pressure at the fuel rail PLEASE be careful with this step as there is very high pressure involved with this test. You will need to find the operating pressure for your engines fuel system either in a manual or your local ford

FORD F150 air filters gas mileage

For some reason people seem to think that if they put a high flow air filter in their truck it will get better gas mileage. Well I dont believe it and Im going to explain why. To start lets go over the procedure that your engine uses to determine how to use its air. Im going to use my 97 5.4 for example. At cruise the engine uses readings obtained from the barometric pressure sensor the intake air

Quote Originally Posted by tritonpwr If you take two pressure (barometric) sensors insert one behind the filter and one in open air to measure ambient pressure and run the engine through its normal operation conditions if you detect pressure lower than ambient behind the filter the filter is causing resistance. Now there will always be _some_ difference in pressure if there wasnt any no air would be

Quote Originally Posted by tritonpwr Resistance has the same affect regardless of throttle levels. Just because resistance exists at WOT does not mean there is none at idle. Even though the throttle body is restricting air flow thereby holding RPMs down the engine must still use its own energy to pull air along the intake and to the throttle body in the first place. The air will not flow through there

FORD F150 fuel dilution

Had a used oil analysis done on my last oci 02 F150 5.4L came back as 12% fuel dilution. Was advised to change pcv(1st time) and air filter(13K) which I did and also the fuel filter(2nd time). I was running Amsoil S2K 5W-30 for the summer oil was in for 5 months with an MC filter(802s) which started to get noisy so I thought the ADBV was getting weak so I did the oil change. I know 5 months and 3600

injectors that are bleeding down allowing gas to enter the engine when it is turned off. You can have a malfuncting fuel pump that is over pressurizing the system. My best guess though is that you are making very short trips and the engine hardly ever reaches full temp for much time if at all. If this is the condition that you are using the truck you might want to consider using the cheapest ford

injectors that are bleeding down allowing gas to enter the engine when it is turned off. You can have a malfuncting fuel pump that is over pressurizing the system. My best guess though is that you are making very short trips and the engine hardly ever reaches full temp for much time if at all. If this is the condition that you are using the truck you might want to consider using the cheapest ford

FORD F150 moving to 4.10 gears... whats my max speed

Ive got 3.55 gears now and im upgrading to 4.10 with limited-slip. even tho i have a superchip mike cannot remove the top speed limiter so im still stuck at 96mph. so my question is if i move to 4.10 gears what would my new top speed be...80mph ------------------ TRUCK White 00 XLT 4.2 Auto Sport Regular cab Styleside 3.55 non-limited slip Superchip Airaid FIPK custom ported STOCK throttle body PC

HI... Ive got 4.10 gears and my top speed is 137MPHlol ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK E-MAIL 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford white reg cab shortbox stepside5.4 auto 4.10L.S captains chairs bedliner GTS carbon fiber headlight covers CEPECK clear halogen driving lights GTS slotted tailight covers (painted oxford white) fiberglass smooth wiper cowl (painted OXford WHITE) ford locking

FORD F150 replace my fuel injectors

I have a 99F150XLT4wd5.4...its time to replace the spark plugs and while Im down that road I was thinking of replacing the fuel injectors. im not looking for HUGE HP gains or get worse MPGal just a strong running truck again. I dont wanna burn a hole in my pocket either (the truck is getting up there in mileage and age) but Id be willing to spend a couple extra bucks for something worth wild. Any suggestions

Quote Originally Posted by kingfish51 A partly clogged injector will not spray correctly and give you the maximum performance. The fuel gets filtered THREE times in your truck before it gets to the injectors... Theres no telling how many times it gets filtered before that. What could possibly stop it up It has a fairly large opening.....

Well you guys are beginning to spar and get out in left field a bit. Injectors are sized to fuel the HP the engine is designed to produce. Just replacing with larger capacity units dosnt increase power. Only with diesels can you do that. The why of it is simple when you take into account that no more air is used to make more power. At less than WOT the ox sensors keep an AF ratio at 14.6 to 1 so incressing

FORD F150 Fuel Pressure Injectors MPG Mods Questions

I want to eventually change my injectors to smaller units and run higher fuel pressure. I have also installed a fuel heater between the gas tank and the FPR. This works though it is less than ideal. I would rather have the fuel heater after the FPR so the heated fuel doesnt feed back into the tank. The reduced flow through the heater would also help to dump more heat into the fuel further increasing

Update on maxcs project... The reason he had to run higher fuel pressures for max power (even with the larger injectors) was due to a MAF problem the filtergasket was offset so air was getting in past the MAF sensor. He has now reduced the pressure back down to 40psi and with the combination of fuel heat and the larger injectors the ECU thinks everything is stock. fuel trims are 3 -3. Quote When you

FORD F150 Fuel Gauge not working right

My 2001 f150 fuel gauge reads E with the low fuel light on most of the time but sometimes it works right. Any ideas

Have you done any changed to the cluster like an overlay Try the DTM ( Dealer test mode ) to see if the fuel sender is showing the same information as the fuel gauge in the cluster. You will have to fill the tank to know about how much fuel is in the tank ( i.e. just after a fill up ) and have the symptom show up again. 10th item in the list is the digital fuel level value. If you have just filled

FORD USA F150 99 expo hard to start cold and bad fuel mileage

allright my 99 expedition(the white one) has a 5.4 in it. 4r100 trans 9.75 rear and its 4wd.Now i dont expect stellar mileage but I havent been able to get over 13 yet last tank was 11.5. I pulled an enclosed trailer(5x12) about 200 miles and i havent filled up yet but it looks like its gonna be 12 or less. Most of this driving is a mix. also i have only put about 4 tanks through it since buying it.

yeah i read here to clean the maf first fuel filter might have 10k max on it and thats being very generous. I bought this truck from my father in law they had it since 16k it now has 106k on it. i dont know if he put a fuel filter on it before but he called me to ask about getting the filter of a couple months before i bought it from him. Yes i gotta get around to fixing the manifolds(yes exhaust).

FORD F150 Microtuner Max vs. Microtuner Max Custom SCT

Didnt see any posts about this so ill just ask. What is the difference between these too tuners the 1715 that has been around and everyone seems to have - and the new 9100 Custom Tuner - httpwww.troyerperformance.comcgi...catalogno9100 It appears to me the gains are the same - the 9100 just allows for more flexability and future mods. does that about sum it up 03 Supercrew 4.6L 3.55LS No Performance Mods Yet. My Gallery - httpwww.f150online.comgalleries....cfmgnum3618

Hi DS Glad you dropped by to ask Ill try to clear that up for you......... First - and this is just an FYI so youll know - there are actually numerous posts right here about that. Anytime you want information on something here use the search feature to retrieve that info. Thats your key to instantly accessing anything and everything that has ever been discussed here without having to manually search

FORD F150 Transmission Filter Install Question

Well I took my 99 F-150 4X4 into the local dealership today for cruise control work and they told me that since I had 89950 miles on it that I should schedule a transmission flush. They felt that the fluid looked red enough to safely change it. I told them that Id already bought a transmission filter at NAPA and also 13 quarts of Valvoline high-mileage Mercon V ATF so Id be doing it myself. I bought

those miles were pretty uneventful and I was quite pleased. Then it happened I was stopped at a stoplight and when I tried to accelerate it was like it was in neutral then clunked into gear very hard. Immediately upon the truck moving a clanging sound came from under the vehicle that sped up with the speed of the vehicle -- faster when I accelerated slower when I decelerated. This went on for about

FORD F150 Road trip fuel mileage

Went on a road trip to Chicago total trip one way was 367.7 miles. fuel mileage was as follows....hand calculated ------------ Miles -- Gallons -- MPG 1st fuel up -- 177.5 -- 9.5 -- 18.6 2nd fuel up -- 190.2 -- 11.1 -- 17.1 On the way back home.... ------------ Miles -- Gallons -- MPG 1st fuel up - - 191.2 -- 10.2 -- 18.7 2nd fuel up - - 178.8 -- 9.3 -- 19.2 Overall I am very happy with the mileage

Quote Originally Posted by BIG_ole_TRUCK Your results will make some other F150 owners drool with envy (like myself). Are there any tips you want to share how to get fuel economy while towing I forgot to add that before I left I got the oil changed with Motorcraft Synthetic 5w20 and filterI changed the air filter was some what dirty but not horrible but after almost two years I wanted to

FORD F150 Low fuel Indicator Light not working

I have a 2003 F150 with the 4.6 V8. My truck holds 25 gallons of fuel and my low fuel light isnt working. Does anyone have a good idea of why this might be the case. Thanks Brian

Activating Test Mode To enter the HEC Dealer test mode depress and hold the instrument cluster SELECTRESET button turn the ignition switch to the RUN position and then continue pressing the SELECTRESET button (5 seconds) until tESt is displayed in the odometer. The SELECTRESET button must be released within 3 seconds of the odometer tESt display to begin the dealer test mode. Depress the SELECTRESET

FORD F150 30 Fuel Economy Tips ...

Lots of people have asked how they can get better gas mileage. The first thirteen tips are quotes right out of the owners manual. Most of them are obvious. Below those tips are seventeen more fuel-saving ideas that arent so obvious. If you have anything to add to this thread please enlighten us Right Out Of the Owners Manual 1. Keep Tires inflated properly and use the correct size. 2. Operating the

FORD F150 Fuel trim issues

fuel trim on my 5.4L 3v 2004 F150 seems out of whack. Im having other driveability issues (mainly a P0301 at extremely high load that doesnt move when I swap COPs or plugs or injectors compression is good in that cylinder). Id like to see a more normal looking fuel trim before chasing the misfires more. I drive at altitudes of 6000-7500 feet. I do not have any intake or engine modifications. Long term

FORD F150 Best Oil Filter

I was wondering what type of oil filter is considered the best for a 5.4V8 Ive always used Mobil 1 filters and Mobil 1 oil in my vehicles. Whenever the M1 filter wasnt available I would use AC Delco or Motorcraft depending on the vehicle (ford or GM). Now after reading the thread about 5w-20 oil Ill probably use Amsoil since Mobil 1 doesnt make 5w-20. I guess Ill continue to use M1 filters. I just

Quote Originally posted by Fadex I dont see a major benefit to synthetic unless you are turning high Rs like in a turbine engine or long drives like OTR trucks. NOT TRUE In personal cars and light-duty trucks with non-turbocharged gasoline engines drain oil at 25000 miles or one-year intervals whichever comes first. In turbocharged gasoline engines motorcycles ATVs marine craft and occasionally used

FORD F150 Tornado Engine Performance Maximizer

This engine performance maximizer made by Tornado installs inside air intake hose between air intake and air filter box on electronically fuel injected vehicles. It is suppose to create a swirling motion constantly forcing air around corners and bends and through the intakes. Is this for real Does this thing work Will it improve gas mileage and horsepower It is for years 75-00 fullsize pickups.

FORD F150 Cant remove gas filter

Hi All Im currently at a loss with removing my fuel filter on my 2000 F150. This is the 5.4l and I have replaced the filter approx 4 times prior with no problems. I cants get the fittings to budge. I have tried using open end wrenches around the fuel line end to get leverage to push the connector end towards the filter but no luck. The gas line ends spin but do not move up or down the filter nipples.

I battled the fuel filter way back when I use this to remove now. Done in 10 minutes max. httpwww.f150online.comgalleries....cfmnum10943

Not much that can be done for the engine - just two many cylinders to feed. Try to drive with your windows up and the AC off (remember most of the heat and defrost positions still run the AC compressor). You can add heat to the vent position without running the compressor and a high fan speed can help cool the cab on warm days. Also keep your tire pressure at the maximum safe level your front end aligned

FORD Just the K&N Filter (drop in)

Anyone using just the drop in K&N filter in the stock air box If so any MPG change Any performance gains Did you have to reset the computer Thanks

Quote Originally Posted by famaro Anyone using just the drop in K&N filter in the stock air box If so any MPG change Any performance gains Did you have to reset the computer Thanks If you use just the K&N filter in the stock box you will have a little power gain but nothing noticeable while daily driving the only way to tell the difference would be to dyno it and visually see the gain it gives you.

Originally Posted by whtrapta Is it tuned andor have a cold air intake No sir. Factory intake tune and exhaust. The only mod of that type is a drop-in K&N air filter. Oh and I radiused the ends of all of the tubes in the the intake tract but neither would produce fuel economy.

FORD F150 Can we stand just one more discussion on K&N filters

I was ready to buy a K&N but thought I would pose the question to Pat Goss. Pat is in the N. VA area and has a (syndicated I believe) radio show on Saturdays and Sundays here. He also has a TV show. He is a wealth of knowledge and someone whose opinion I trust and value. I posed my question on the air Sunday. I have a 01 F-150 with a 5.4 and am considering a K&N filter. Tell me your knowledge of them

uncbob Its really a science most people dont understand Yes you can put too much of a head on a motor and will actually lose power. Interia supercharging is the effect most engineers try to captialize on. By keeping ports and runner volumes certian sizes and piston speed (bore and stroke) they can tune an engine to where in the rpm range horsepower and torque are made by making it most effecient in

FORD F150 Real world fuel economy

Thought I would post my experience with fuel economy since owning my truck. What I have 2010 Screw 5.5 box 5.4L 4x4 3.73 Total distance driven 15883 Km (9927 miles) fuel ecomomy 15.8 L100Km (17.2 MPG) Approximately 80% city miles.

Geezzz..... You numbers are outstanding almost seems unreal. My 2010 fx4....5.4l 3.73 screw does 18l100 km it now has 14000 km first 10 000km were 5050 city and highway need to point out that i usually drive highway speed average of 75mph ( 120kmh) but that only revs the engine to 2000rpms...( its a known fact in Quebec Canada that cops will tolerate 119kmh even if max is 100 kmh) towning my po-up

FORD F150 I found it - the original Piston Slap topic. Enjoy

bbraynor posted 07-21-98 0701 PM ET (US) HELP The 5.4L may have a design flaw If you have experienced a cold start knock or more simply a knocking sound when starting a cold 5.4 please let me know Others have had this problem which sounds unfixable. Any info would be of great help. The 99 5.4 Ive been informed should have been fixed. I bleed FMC Blue but my experience with problems makes me shudder

FORD F150 Type of Oil to use Syntec blend syntec... adding Lucas

Whats going on everyone. New to this site since I just got my 2004 F-150 5.4 got rid of the Dodge. I have 107k miles on the truck and got an oil change. I used 5w-20 syntec blend and added a quart of lucas since I got that common knock thought it might help. My question is whats the best type of oil to use syntec syntec-blend or regular One of the oil changing stations said OEM specs are syntec-blend

changes in 6 years for me lol.. Ive been useing Mobil 1 EP and Motorcarft filters and change my oil approx twice a year i think thats 10-11 oil changes.. Is that overkill for my miles or good to change it even though i dont use it much. Should i change it more often than 6 months not as often Im in the same boat. I put only 5-6K a year on my F-150 and about the same on a Honda. I have an older ford

FORD F150 Just got Diablo Predator and Spectre Intake.. a few questions

Hey guys kinda new to the tuning scene here just wanted to have all my ducks in a row before i start this little project. Just picked up a diablo predator and spectre intake they havnt been delivered yet but should be here within a few days. My question is i heard there are canned tunes for specific intakes.. k&n airraid etc. Well since my intake isnt one of those which tune should i install on it

only reason for the &8220custom&8221 program to support the CAI is because the design is poor resulting in false readings from the air intake sensors etc&8230.period If you look at the dyno charts from many of these supposed HPTQ increases they are typically around 5%-7% at peak rpm ranges&8230&8230.guess what 5% is a standard deviation even amongst mfg dynos and if you go to this link httpwww.fordracingparts.comdownl...ceTechTips.pdf

FORD USA F150 99 Expedition 5.4 Bad Gas Problems

I have a 99 ford Expedition. I bought it a few weeks ago with 106000 miles on it. To make a long story short I put some bad gas in it it ran rough for a while then cleared up but the check engine light is still on. Skip to the bottom if you dont want to read the details. So when I bought the truck it had a broken fuel tank strap so I didnt want to put more than a few gallons at a time in it until i

FORD F150 Problem with new 1715 Micro TUner

Mike T & Anyone Else I just bought the new 1715 micro tuner and for some reason it doesnt go through its first test when plugged in hell the damn thing doesnt even turn on Now i havent lost complete faith im hoping that this could just be a minor fix but ive never even plugged anything into my diagnostic port so i dont see how that could get broken.. This is on my 99 F-150 4.6 L V8 6 inch RCD 35 BFG

get you the lowest total cost for all those parts as well as the best power performance and fuel mileage gains. That is if your budget will permit - and if not no problem just do things one at a time until you get the plugs plug wires & both coil packs replaced. If you think it runs good now wait until you have our ignition upgrade package installed And of course dont forget your fuel filter - ford

FORD F150 Oil Change question

First off I change my own oil. I actually just did it today. While in the Auto Parts Store I was looking around at all my options. I usually just stick with MotorCraft stuff. I have a 2005 5.4 so I am running 5W-20 Synthetic Blend and I get the MotorCraft FL-820S filter. Just wondering what yall think about Royal purple full synthetic and a K&N oil filter. Think I would see any noticable gains HP MPG

biz they are certainly good... likely as good as the Motorcraft. With the Motorcraft its just about impossible to get any specs (if someone has them Id love to see). Both are well constructed filters and I generally prefer the threaded end bypass though many experts think its not a vital difference (still researching that for myself) Here are the latest K&N filter Specs for a K&N NP-6001 (ford

FORD F150 Please reply -- Specs

Hi there I have a 1998 XLT 4x4 F-150 5.4 L Shortbed Flareside How much does my truck weigh (in pounds) I tried looking in the door jamb but I dont know which number is the correct one. Also I have a K&N filter and a Ravin Z33 catback exhaust with 3 all around diameter. Can anyone estimate my hp and torque cause theres no dynos anywhere around where I live. Does anyone know 0-60 and 14 mile times for f-150s similar to mine Thank you very much.

bedliner and traler hitch. P.S Where in ONTARIO are you located Im in WINDSOR and some of us CANADIAN members are having a F-150 meet at SPARTA DRAGWAY near LONDON on APRIL 7TH. Theres a post under EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS on this meet. If you would like to attend please let me know there. Hope to see you there. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK E-MAIL 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 CEL after tuning

I happened to borrow a SuperChips 1715 tuner and now the CEL is coming on. I ran the default progaming with 87 (oops) but in about fifty miles of driving the light came on and I got these codes P1000OBD Systems Readiness Test Not Complete P1154Bank 2 fuel Control Shifted Rich (FAOSC) I returned to stock and after filling the tank with 93 octane I decided to try again. I used the tuner default and let

are still on the vehicle would be long overdue for replacement regardless of mileage) fuel filter MAF sensor cleaning EGR system & EGR port cleaning etc. etc. On a 1997 model by now just from a time standpoint regardless of vehicle mileage virtually every original engine sensor needs either replacement or cleaning. Its imperative that all vehicle maintenance be up to snuff at levels in excess of fords

FORD F150 Want to change Motor Oil Brand--O.K.

I have a 97 F-150 with the 4.6L and 95000 miles. It is due for its first oil change since I bought it (about 2500 miles ago). The guy I bought it from was the original owner and has run Havoline 10W-30 since day 1. I was considering changing to MOTORCRAFT 10W-30 and was curious as to whether this is advisable--or do I run the risk of mucking up something Any opinionssuggestions are appreciated. 1997 4.6L AT Lariat X-cab 4x4 woff road pack. towing pack. flowmaster exhaust.

SG standards. maxLife is safe for use in new and rebuilt engines and will not void new car warranties. _____________________ Anyway thats the companys claim. If I were you Id use only Motorcraft (factory) filters. Theyre the best conventional filters in my view. Enjoy your truck ------------------ Black 2000 SC short-box XLT. 4.2V-6 5-speed 3.55 limited-slip. CD remote entry factory side steps ford

FORD F150 Idles downsputters at stop lights - code P1131 - Please Help.

1997 F150 SC 4X4 4.6L 106xxx miles When I bought my truck in July of 2004 it had 46xxx miles on it. Everything was fine... Fast forward to the summer of 2006. Around this time I was starting to drive it a lot more... About a hundred miles a day. Now it has about 70xxx miles on it. This is when it first started having a little trouble. It only happened a few times in the summer of 2006... After driving

FORD F150 400hp club

Fellas I may have eclipsed the 400hp (flywheel)mark today. I made a pull at the dyno just to get some airfuel numbers and to my surprise the truck made 342hp at the rear wheels with the new Superchip. There were so many wires hooked up to my truck I thought I was in the hospital Also the guys at the dyno feel the truck is still limited and is actually capable of 360rwhp with some fine tuning. So I

Now take that and divide it by 8 ( of cylinders) you get a injector size of 25.4lbs needed to support your 407H.P. So as you can see your 30lb injectors still have a ton left to go before you max them out. If you do the math a 30LB injector will support up to 480H.P at the flywheel. Hope this helps you out. Once again good dyno s. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 long tube headers

has anyone found long tube headers for a 4.6l . all i can find is shorties and i want my cats gone.

the trouble of sending their chips back to have a custom program done or fab them up them selves so I didnt mention it. By the way I have a set of hand built custom equal length stepped primary indiviual primary tubed long tube headers on my 875H.P PRO STREET RANGER and I barely got 25H.P by installing them. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK E-MAIL 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 Tuner & CAI advice

HI to all. New to sight 30-minutes ago. Just purchased a 2011 F150FX4 with a 5.0. Any recommendations or sugestions for a tuner and cold air intake I have already installed a Borla exhaust system. Havent seen to many available on different sights for my year and motor. Did come across 5-Star Tunning and they offer a tuner and afe intake package. Any thoughts

a system that was specifically designed for a specific application there are very little hptq gains actually achieved in a street use vehicle and there are very few docs that these mfg&8217s can produce that actually show an increase in hptq in the power-band range of a relatively stock street vehicle. I would avoid oil impregnated filters. While they have their purpose in off-road applications fordGMDodge

FORD F150 So what about propane

Someone help me out please or point me to some threads where this has already been discussed. Gas going up fast... I paid 3.40 for real gas yesterday. I personally think itll be 5 a gallon this summer... we all know why and who. Seems to me that propane will be less effected by events in the ME and by political obstruction to domestic oil production... especially in the short-term if you know what

loss in fuel economy but they no longer offer the system on F-150s (could it be to avoid EPA fuel economy testing). Propane conversions typically get better fuel economy than what would be expected from the fuels lower BTU content per gallon. Theres no way to know the actual loss unless you bought identical propane and gasoline vehicles and did a side-by-side comparison yourself. As for the OEM ford

Example offers of car parts ford b max fuel filter

  • FORD FOCUS MK2 C MAX S MAX 1.8 TDCI DIESEL FUEL FILTER - Leeds,United Kingdom (6.99 GBP)
  • Ford C Max C-Max 2.0 TDCi Diesel Service Kit Oil + Air + Fuel Filter 2010-Onward - St. Helens,United Kingdom (24.99 GBP)
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  • FORD FOCUS MK2 C MAX S MAX 1.8 TDCI DIESEL FUEL FILTER - Leeds,United Kingdom (6.99 GBP)
  • FORD FOCUS MK2 C MAX S MAX 1.8 TDCI DIESEL FUEL FILTER - Leeds,United Kingdom (6.99 GBP)

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