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FORD F150 replace my fuel injectors

I have a 99F150XLT4wd5.4...its time to replace the spark plugs and while Im down that road I was thinking of replacing the fuel injectors. im not looking for HUGE HP gains or get worse MPGal just a strong running truck again. I dont wanna burn a hole in my pocket either (the truck is getting up there in mileage and age) but Id be willing to spend a couple extra bucks for something worth wild. Any suggestions

Well you guys are beginning to spar and get out in left field a bit. Injectors are sized to fuel the HP the engine is designed to produce. Just replacing with larger capacity units dosnt increase power. Only with diesels can you do that. The why of it is simple when you take into account that no more air is used to make more power. At less than WOT the ox sensors keep an AF ratio at 14.6 to 1 so incressing

FORD F150 moving to 4.10 gears... whats my max speed

Ive got 3.55 gears now and im upgrading to 4.10 with limited-slip. even tho i have a superchip mike cannot remove the top speed limiter so im still stuck at 96mph. so my question is if i move to 4.10 gears what would my new top speed be...80mph ------------------ TRUCK White 00 XLT 4.2 Auto Sport Regular cab Styleside 3.55 non-limited slip Superchip Airaid FIPK custom ported STOCK throttle body PC

HI... Ive got 4.10 gears and my top speed is 137MPHlol ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK E-MAIL 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford white reg cab shortbox stepside5.4 auto 4.10L.S captains chairs bedliner GTS carbon fiber headlight covers CEPECK clear halogen driving lights GTS slotted tailight covers (painted oxford white) fiberglass smooth wiper cowl (painted OXford WHITE) ford locking

View Fuel cooler for FORD B MAX

A smaller positive offset will stick out more than a greater positive ie 35mm I want to say is factory will be closer inward to the truck than a 1mm offset. The bigger the negative offset the further they will stick out. -5mm wont stick out as much compared to some huge deep lip wheels of -76mm. The offset is how many millimeters the hub mounting location is in relation to the center line of the wheels.

FORD F150 stainless Y connector for in-tank fuel pumps

I just got mine in from McMaster-Carr. It is stainless steel has 38 barbs and costs 14.62. They dont offer 516 but the hoses still fit on this one. Here it is Part number is 2653K66. Heres their website Jody

Quote Originally Posted by Suavy Jody was there a pressure drop that flagged your problem Peace Suavy Suavy I was chasing an inconsistent idle and a lean condition up top with my methanol and water setup. With straight denatured alky it was fine. So I put a fuel pressure gauge on and saw I had a max of 35 psi so I bypassed the highlow relay and still only had 35 psi when it should have been 50-60.

FORD F150 Maxing out the Maf with the following mods

6lb lower stock upper ported eaton single blade JLP intake and 90mm maf When I went from a 4 to a 6 lower i started to lean out on the top end. Im just wondering if i can add more fuel in the tune or if its my MAF causing it. When I dynod with the 4 lower my MAF Voltage was maxed at like 4.73. Would a 6 do it I gotta get a predator on there and watch it but my truck is away till spring.

Wow....with all the mods I have....I still am only hitting 4.6 volts MODS (Ported Eaton 6 lower1 upper C&L plenum SBTB E-fan R-pump complete underdrive & idler pulleys 95mm MAF power cooler.....AND THE LIST GOES ON) To address your leaning out problem. And...this is just my .02. Once I put on the 6lb lower...I started to lean out on the top end. This (I found out) was due to my stock fuel pumps. They

FORD F150 400hp club

Fellas I may have eclipsed the 400hp (flywheel)mark today. I made a pull at the dyno just to get some airfuel numbers and to my surprise the truck made 342hp at the rear wheels with the new Superchip. There were so many wires hooked up to my truck I thought I was in the hospital Also the guys at the dyno feel the truck is still limited and is actually capable of 360rwhp with some fine tuning. So I

Now take that and divide it by 8 ( of cylinders) you get a injector size of 25.4lbs needed to support your 407H.P. So as you can see your 30lb injectors still have a ton left to go before you max them out. If you do the math a 30LB injector will support up to 480H.P at the flywheel. Hope this helps you out. Once again good dyno s. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 Lightning Heads for a 4.6L

Hey Neal or anyone else Need some good technical advice on heads. Ive read several messages concerning the 5.4 P.I. heads. Its been stated that they are a direct bolt-on to the 4.6 engine. How about the 99 Lightning heads Currently checking into a pair of 99 Lightning heads complete with cams. Porting has already been done polishing may need to be performed on them. Will they work Thanks ------------------

your tranny it will be at its max. I would suggest to you to install a good shift kit run REDLINE synthetic fluid and a good tranny cooler with electric fan. As for your 8.8 It most likely will break unless you upgrade it with aftermarket parts. Ask JMC about his truck. Its a 2000 and hes on his 2ND 8.8 rearend.Hope this helps you out. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 Please reply -- Specs

Hi there I have a 1998 XLT 4x4 F-150 5.4 L Shortbed Flareside How much does my truck weigh (in pounds) I tried looking in the door jamb but I dont know which number is the correct one. Also I have a K&N filter and a Ravin Z33 catback exhaust with 3 all around diameter. Can anyone estimate my hp and torque cause theres no dynos anywhere around where I live. Does anyone know 0-60 and 14 mile times for f-150s similar to mine Thank you very much.

bedliner and traler hitch. P.S Where in ONTARIO are you located Im in WINDSOR and some of us CANADIAN members are having a F-150 meet at SPARTA DRAGWAY near LONDON on APRIL 7TH. Theres a post under EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS on this meet. If you would like to attend please let me know there. Hope to see you there. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK E-MAIL 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 long tube headers

has anyone found long tube headers for a 4.6l . all i can find is shorties and i want my cats gone.

the trouble of sending their chips back to have a custom program done or fab them up them selves so I didnt mention it. By the way I have a set of hand built custom equal length stepped primary indiviual primary tubed long tube headers on my 875H.P PRO STREET RANGER and I barely got 25H.P by installing them. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK E-MAIL 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 Ford not using real gauges for cluster panel [A MUST READ]

I read this extremely interesting article over at popular mechanics that i think everybody should see for themselfs. httppopularmechanics.compopmech...AUQAM.htmlOil BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER BELOW PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE AT THE LINK ABOVE After reading this article i was really pissed off. Now knowing the gauges on my truck arent telling me . This truly upsets me. Im sure most of you already know this

I thought everyone already knew this about the oil sending units this has been common in all ford trucks since the late 70s. My 79 F250 460 had the joke oil guage on the old chassis. Everyone since then from 1980 to my 2001 have all had the same thing the temp and voltage to work like regular guages and are fairly reliable. Learning where your fan clutch kicks in and relating it to where the factory

FORD F150 Any one ever notice...

Has anyone ever notice that while your truck is warming up that at at temp of like 150-170ish that is runs stronger. I was wonder if you were to change out the thermo stat would it bring the temps down And then you could run at those lower temps were the truck runs stronger If im not mistaking i think I.Ride.Suzuki. suggested using the 4.6 thermo stat.

From a purely mechanical engineering point of view the larger the temp difference bt the incoming air and the engine the greater the performance increase. M. Troyer has said that Quote The ideal operating temperature for automatic transmission fluid in these newer fords is 170 degrees with peaks to 190 or so. It needs to reach at least 125 to do its best job. and Quote Ideal engine coolant temperature

FORD F150 Pro Racer Software Is In

On Thursday I received my Pro Racer Software received the license keys on Friday and have begun working with it over the weekend. Very cool. Now.... I see why Mike Troyer is so so so insistent that we datalog. I spent nearly an entire day setting up tunes researching testing and logging. Over an over again. I am almost back at WOT where I was with the Troyer XCAL2 tune. I am up to about 395 ftlb 5250

OK. I am getting the truck tuned pretty good. I have tried to connect with others but to date am not getting a good response. Tuning for E85 or even E10 is tricky. My hat is off to Mike Troyer. But for E85.... For example max Power Rich with Gas is .82-.85 Lambda or 12.0-12.5 parts air to 1 part fuel. However max Power rich with Ethanol is .7143 Lambda or 6.975 parts of air to 1 part of fuel. So...

FORD F150 Tow Safe...AF Ratio andor Timing

Got a technical question for you guys that know more about these things than I do. Im a long-time loyal Troyer fan but due to certain emissions requirements I had to switch to a local tuner a few years ago. Yes I am just now getting to this question because I havent paid the F-150 much attention for a while now. (I recently inherited the GM version o of my truck with LOW mileage so I am trying to get

131 is a little lean in my book... I like 12- 12.5 to 1 on WOT. I dont have any experience tuning fords yet but I can imagine when the egts hit a certain point the engine computer dumps more fuel to cool things off as mentioned earlier. As far as Your maf reading incorrectly... I highly doubt that a hole in the airbox or higher flowing airfilter would cause your maf to read incorrectly. Hot wire gets

by what is in the OPs signature he seems to have a different throttle body air tube and elbow. A combination of these components and a freer flowing exhaust can alter the calibration of the MAF curve from the factory components. This is more prevalent on a 3v engines. If engine output is greater than stock theres a chance hes exceeded the factory transfer function on the high end of air flow. ford

FORD F150 New Mod... ran last night

Well Ive been holding back my new mod til I had a chance to test it fair and square. I sold everything but my first born so I could buy a nitrous kit. I Bought thier ford kit and the maximizer controller too. Disclaimer Now keep in mind last night I was at FULL WEIGHT. Had everything on the truck in pure street trim. Nitto 404 SUV tires Spare tire towing bar jack subs full tank of

FORD F150 Neal Feedback on your two 16 fans Please

Neal - or anybody else that has an electric fan(s) Some seat-of-the-pants feedback please How do you like them Specifically Noise reduction Any noticable power gain MPG gains Other Would you still do the same fans if you had to do it all over again I realize that this should go in the Aftermarket threads but Neal you seem easier to find here. Thanks in advance ------------------ 1999 4X4SC F250 Light

my sensor out from under the hood right where the fender meets the black window wiper cowl. As for performace for your 4.6 the TPS MOD will help you very slightly and the ATS relocated might too. Hard to say unless you do them. Heres a pic of my ATS relocation httpwww.zing.compicturep1043f60...c.jpg.orig.jpg ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK E-MAIL 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 Chip for 410gears NOT Superchip dyno results

Diablo will not cover the gear change until sometime next year. Is there a decent chip manufacturer that can correct the speedo for a gear change B&M Last week I ordered Motorsport gears(215 with shim kit from PAW) for my 99 F150 5.4L. I also put a Superchip and ASP pulleys on it. The Superchip produced NO HP GAINS when tested on an eddy current dyno with weather corrections. It was tested as an acceleration

By the way your speedo CAN be fixed for 4.10 gears with the SUPERCHIP. I had it done on my FLIPCHIP. I would suggest that you two either get your trucks checked out or send your chips to MIKE TROYER to have him see if there is something wrong with those particular chips that you received. Or have MIKE make you one. Just my opinion. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

truck running at the same time. These two G-TECHs are extremely accurate because they were almost perfectly duplicating the times that the dragstrips computer was giving me. You can dis-credit me as much as you want if that makes you feel more superior but what it all comes down to is that I am running 14.53E.T What are you running LOL ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 Poor mans turbo

Ive been thinking. I want to mount one of those portable compressed air tanks under the bed of my truck where the spare tire goes and run a 38 air line up to the engine compartment. I can hook this into the air intake between the filter and the MAF sensor. Running 50 PSI of comprssed air through the 38 line should raise the pressure in the intake manifold by 6 PSI. It should work the same as running

to knock off a second with this set-up. Over the years all the air tank set-ups Ive seen are usually good for a tenth and very rarely 2 tenths. Its good if your like running 14.01E.T and you want to break into the 13s but thats about it. If you want to drop your E.Ts a lot then go with a supercharger or NOS. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK E-MAIL 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 Transgo or Baumann Engineering Shift Kit

Gentlemen and Ladies I want a shift kit for my E4OD automatic. From the little reaserch I have done to date the Transgo and Baumann unit appear to do about the same thing. However the Transgo is considerbly cheaper than the Baumann but the Baumann seems to be a better unit. I know that many of you are geniuses on this subject and I am not. What so you think -if it were your truck what unit would you

line preasure selenoid. The SUPERCHIP can only do so much for shift firmness. In fact I have a custom SUPERCHIP that has the shift frimness cranked up a bit more than the stock program plus a shift kit installed. I like my trannys to shift real hard. I guess it just depends on what your used to or that you like. Hope this helps you out. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford


HI... I know this is WAY off topic but I figured more people would read it here. Well hear it goesLOL Well 8 months ago I brought my truck to my dealer to show them the BIG door crack that I had in my drivers door. They said NO PROBLEM and set me to the QUALITY CARE (NOT section of the dealership. Well the head guy there named JAMIE looked at the door and told me that they would replace it under warrenty.

FORD USA F150 Where can I get performance heads for a 97 4.6L

Anyone know where I can get a good set of bolt-on performance heads to replace the stock ones on my 97 4.6

HI... ELMO ford MOTORSPORT sells a set of high performance cylinder heads in their FMS book for 895.00(U.S) These heads will give you a 35H.P increase ONLY on 96 - 98 model 4.6Ls. Its only those years because ford came out with the POWER IMPROVED cylinder heads on the 5.4L and MUSTANG 4.6L in 99. These POWER IMPROVED heads are basicly the same heads that are in the FMS book. I just picked up a set

FORD F150 No more manual trannys

Went to build and price tonight and no more manual tranny option WTF was ford thinking I have an 05 Expedition now and a 92 F150. The 92 with 302 and 5 spd gets 14 in town and 18 on the road. The Expy with the Slush-O-Matic gets 11-12 in town and 19 on the highway. The Slush-O-Matic SUCKS I was hoping to find a 5 speed truck so i could get better mileage in town Besides a 5 speed is a lot more dependable

Quote Originally Posted by Tbird69 Is this topic back Lets make this simple The manual is gone because ford didnt sell enough for it to be profitable. This is what a company does that wants to stay in business. You dont keep dumping money and resources into something that isnt selling. This is why ford has a 6 speed automatic now its what the customers were asking for. If people had been screaming

FORD USA F150 2001 4.6l HP

Well I am really regretting getting the 4.6l right now in my Screw... I actually work for ford...I should know better... but the 4.6 was supposed to be upgraded to 240 I thought.... come to find out it wasnt...It runs ok but after driving 5.4l trucks all day makes it disappointing to hop in the 4.6 and drive home to say the least. Here is what I have planned and I need some opinions... I actually

dyno tests done with this mod so I cant give you exact H.P figures. I would suspect that by using the 5.4 PI heads and cams would probably give you about 25H.P max at the flywheel. I would love to hear from anyone that does this mod and gets their truck dynoed before and after. As for cams JMC and I have both called just about every cam company out there and no one has a cam profile that beats fords

FORD F150 camshafts

has anyone change camshafts in 4.6 to a performance cam. i so where did u get it. i am looking to get better low speed tq.

They told me that there is no need because after extensive testing by SVT that they simply cant make any more power with the stock restrictive heads. SEAN HYLAND makes aftermarket cams but I have been told that you will only gain a maximum of 10 H.P if your lucky and you will sacrifice a ton of low end torque.Hope this helps you out. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 What size is throttle bodies on 4.6 and 5.4

Anybody know the size of the throttle body bores on the 4.6 and 5.4. Are they the same ------------------ 97 4.6 F150 18 10.885 64.10 mph 88 347 Mustang 18 6.676 100.52 mph

LIGHTNING except that the LIGHTNING ones are calibrated differently because of the supercharger. I also beleive that the sampling tube is worth about a 18% restriction in air flow. PRO-Ms 80mm MAF is the same overall size but they have a sampling tube that is 10 times more efficient than the stock one. Thats why their MAF flows better. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 the Hellwig front bar is finally available

Just FYI that after 4 months of waiting it finally showed up. 7646 1997-2000 front 2WD. The OEM is 1&18 the Hellwig is 1&716. Its huge and heavy. It handles much better and makes alot more difference than the rear one did. Its new and had the wrong end link bolt and spacer size. New ones are on the way old ones work fine. I gave them the heads up on the problem and size needed. ------------------ 2000

HI... max MITCHELL COOL Ive always thought that the stock sway bar on these trucks was really small for its size. How much did it cost Does it come with new polyurethane bushings Does the end links come with new polyurethane bushings How does the handleing of your truck compare now to before THANKS NEAL THE H.P FREAK ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford white reg cab shortbox

HI... max Thanks for the reply. I already have HELLWGS rear sway bar. Im very pleased with it. No problems for the last year and a half. As soon as I pay MIKE T for my new FLIPCHIP SUPERCHIP it will be 24lb injectors and then HELLWIGs front sway bar. Thanks for letting us all know that its finally out on the market. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford white reg cab shortbox

FORD F150 Neal the HP Freak finally documents 14s

For everyone who has been following Neals saga to get into the 14s with his non-Lightning F-150.... Ever since he saw Cableguy here on F-150 Online who has basically an identical truck to Neals and got into the high 14s some time ago Neal has been chomping at the bit to get his 5.4 F-150 into the 14s. According to a post Neal made in another thread he finally got it back to the track and is solidly

up for the SUPERCHARGER I am planning on installing in the near future. MIKE and I figure the truck needs bigger fuel injectors BAD The stock injectors are just not capable of supporting my current H.P. I am turning about 4700RPM at the traps with my 27 inch tall drag tires. I am turning about 4250 with my stock 30 inch tall tires. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

up for the SUPERCHARGER I am planning on installing in the near future. MIKE and I figure the truck needs bigger fuel injectors BAD The stock injectors are just not capable of supporting my current H.P. I am turning about 4700RPM at the traps with my 27 inch tall drag tires. I am turning about 4250 with my stock 30 inch tall tires. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 accelerator sticking - almost blew up my engine

When I started my screw this morning the accelerator stuck and it sounded like the engine was so revved it was going to blow up. Had to shut off the truck and restart and the same thing happened shut off and started again and it slowly returned to normal Any one else with this problem

Mabey you would be interested in attending our MILAN MEET at MILAN DRAGWAY on APRIL 14TH. Its a test and tune day and you can meet some of your fellow F-150ers here and mabey see what your truck will do in the 14 mile. Let me know if your interested in attending under the EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS thread. Thanks. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK E-MAIL 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD F150 Bypassing the radiator.

The transmission fluid lines run through the radiator I suppose to warm up the fluid faster which I can understand would be great in cold climates. But living in Phoenix thats just not an issue. Has anyone living in the warmer climates bypassed the radiator Or is this just a bad idea.

Quote Originally Posted by lees99f150 the trans fluid runs in to the radiator to cool it down not to warm it up. its called a transmission cooler for a reason. Well it depends what the relative temps actually are. If the transmission fluid is hotter than the radiator (around 190-210 F) then the transmission fluid will be cooled down to a point no lower than the radiator. If the transmission fluid is

FORD FOCUS AEM 30-3000 wm kit

Anybody running this kit I noticed you can drill and tap for 18th npt for nozzle install in our cold side charge pipe so would a bung be better for those that have a wm installed Couple questions on the install (everything seems pretty straight forward) I will be installing the 1 gallon tank and pump somewhere in the back of the car since no space in the engine bay (and pump and tank need to be in

Originally Posted by RRSTOC Well Here is a little info on watermeth injection that may help explain what is going on in the motor when you inject the mixture. Injecting water can provide a number of benefits. Most people know that it helps when you are limited to running lower octane fuels but I want to talk about why it helps. During combustion the water is converted to steam. This conversion pulls

Originally Posted by Here is a little info on watermeth injection that may help explain what is going on in the motor when you inject the mixture. Injecting water can provide a number of benefits. Most people know that it helps when you are limited to running lower octane fuels but I want to talk about why it helps. During combustion the water is converted to steam. This conversion

FORD F150 3292 mile towing tune comparison

just got done with a 3292 mile trip in my 04 ford e 250 van with old 5.4 2v and 373 gears.running amsoil 0w20 eao oil filter s&b air filter 2.25 dual mandrell bent dual exhaust in ss with magnaflow x pipe and 14x9 mufflersmonster 2nd aux trans. cooleru d pullies fresh motorcraft fuel filter upstream bosch o2 sensors with 24k miles on em plugs with 84 k on em ran top tier gas all the trip.i was pulling

Type V8 cast aluminium 4 valves per cylinder double overhead camshafts. Cam cover of carbonfibre. Displacement 4.700 cm3. Compression 8.61 Weight 215 kg Lubrication system Dry sump with unique oil spray piston cooling. Oil cooler. Oil SAE 5 W30 fully synthetic racing. Oil tank capacity 12 litres (2.64 gallons) Induction system Sequential multipoint fuel injection. Dual Rotrex centrifugal compressors

FORD F150 2003 F150 4.6L Buck & Jerk...Lean condition

I have fought this same problem for almost 2 years now. My F150 will frequently intermittently buck and jerkhesitatestutter and always throws a code for a lean condition on engine bank well as sometimes showing a cylinder specific misfire or just a general misfire detected within so many revolutions after start-up code. Rough idle and when it acts up while driving the RPMs will fluctuate wildly...first

FORD F150 75 MM BBK and Magnacharger Intake

Just a heads up for those upgrading to a 75mm TB to your 4.6L intake. In order to get a good match between the two you will need to port out the intake tube about 18 of an inch to match up the diameters. I ported out about 18 and tapered into the intake. ------------------ 98 White 4.6 Triton STX (Its not an STX anymore) FlairsideClass III hitch Blue Cobra Stripes Euro Lid by Astro Bed Rug Fiero Wing

TB. I cant wait till I get my 75mm TB LOL FLATS MAN I would suggest to you to try to port the entire 90 degree bend to see maximum results. I plan on getting another 99 5.4 lower intake from a local salvage yard and sending it to EXTRUNE HONE to have it extrune honed. Then gasket match port the intake ports on the heads to the intake. ------------------ NEAL THE H.P FREAK 99 F-150 XLT SPORT oxford

FORD FOCUS can we run

Can we run e85 in the ST

E85 has no real bad causes. Its a cooling agent just like nitrous is. Its a more Octane fuel source. It will also act as a cleaner for your motor. If you crack open one motor run on pump and another ran on e85 only youll notice how much cleaner and better looking the e85 motor will look. When you look at high horsepower cars they always have their best numbers on E85 Race Gas etc. E85 will guarantee

FORD F150 Pulling camper

Ok I have been reading forum and I just did not take the time to search it. But I have a question I pull a camper with my F-150 4.6 and I live in NC and I go to the mountains 3-4 a year to camp. I now pull a 2400lb popup with back of truck full also. I am moving up to a 3500lb Hybrid camper. I have the towing capacity to pull it but was wondering what type of chip would be recommended for my setup.

Hi Byrdr1 Actually this is the single most common for these vehicles a bit more power for towing. Youre not towing a really BIG load but putting 2 more tons out back in addition to a 2-3 ton truck with a 4.6 engine adds up to a situation where more power is a big help. Because we always take into consideration the nature & type of vehicle as well as the normal types of uses of that vehicle type there

FORD F150 Octane Booster. WOW

I added a bottle of 104 octane boost to a little over a half a tank of gas and I can REALLY feel the difference. ------------------ 99 F-150 Sport XLT Black x-cab 4.6L auto 3.55 K&N filter and dual series 40 flowmasters

----------- WJT I would be willing to bet cash that adding one little bottle of 104 to my 30 gallons of 87 does not bring the rating up to 92 (required for Superchip). Furthermore Ill bet it does NOTHING AT ALL I think I read somewhere saying that you would have to put 1 or 2 gallons of 104 in your tank for it to help. Do a search there must be more info on the site. ------------------ Rand 98 ford

FORD F150 EcoBoost 3.15s towing

Im new to the truck scene considering Ive only owned Subarus since I could drive. I just picked up a 2012 Eco and i think it may have the 3.15 gears. Im not at home yet but wanted some insight. I have been reading off and on while here at work about the pros and cons of lower (numericaly) gears and Im getting a little sick to my stomach. I may have the 3.31s Ill check later. Anyways im looking at a

Quote Originally Posted by Boost_Inc It has the smaller mirrors... I looked on the sticker at least 5xs now and can only see the GVWR of 7200... There are two other s of 3750 and 3850 for front and rear.. How many towing packages are out there I have the trailer brake a tow package and trans cooler. Where exactly is the max payload I was under the usumption it was 14000lbs. The sticker states WB 145

FORD F150 engine swap V6 for V8

I have an 06 F150 with the V6. Like many who write in this forum I also could live with the lack of power if it were rewarded with decent gas mileage. If I pulled the V6 and repowered with either the 4.6 or 5.4 what changes would have to be made in the powertrain The truck is an automatic.

and similar in the torque band. If you hunted for a few months max you could get all the parts for right around a grand plus you would have to make the bracket balancer not sure how much that stuff would run Of course you might be able to go the turbo route and be happy and do it for around the same price. Just a few things to think about. ive already searched everywhere online for a turbo for a ford

FORD F150 Swapping 3.55 For Either 4.11 Or 4.56

I own a 03 ford F-150 4X2 Supercrew 4.6L with a 3.55 ratio limited slip axle. I am purchasing an Attitude Toy-Hauler (23AK) that will weigh approx 7500 lbs when full of toys (2 12 quads) water and fuel. With the 3.55 the owners manual has two entries for maximum trailer weight 6600 and 6900 lbs. First - why the two weights How do I determine which applies to my truck Second - If I replace the current

Hi Tude A couple pointers on mpg & our tuning etc...............(and of course all of this has been discussed many times before so this info is readily available via the Search feature). First - generally speaking you will not get less mpg with our tuning compared to the stock tuning UNLESS one of 2 things happens - either you drive the vehicle harder than before (which is very common when people get

FORD F150 Engine tempsuperchip

I was reading some other threads about engine temp and was wondering what the normal operating temp is on our trucks And what effects it has on the superchip I still need to talk to Mike T on the phone because i have a pinging problem with the chip installed. After i fixed the wonderful timing cover leak i installed new guages water temp and oil pressure to monitor things better. To my surprise my

Hi Shooter Nice to see you again Ideal engine coolant temperature is around 200 degrees. Some like it as high as 210 even and in many factory electric cooling fan setups (which these vehicles dont have) the high speed fan doesnt even come on until 228 degrees Its at about 200 degrees that we see maximum power and best mileage as a lose general rule. The ECU also needs to see a certain coolant temperature

FORD F150 MIke-Microtuner s for Lightning

Hi-what is the SAFE horsepower AND torque gain if all i wanted was this tuner and a K&N air box for better breathing and a factory tech valve body I am in kansas-would you recommend 2 tunes-one for winter one for summer Also-can stock program be reloaded if needed BTW-this is for a 2001 stock lightning-12k miles.

Hi Mike For the 2001 thru 2004 Lightnings the 1715 Micro Tuner typically adds 20 HP at the rear wheels - and yes its perfectly safe for the motor as long as people dont do dumb things like use cheap premium gas (that means not using any off-brands or no-name fuels like Racetrack Pilot Sheetz Costco Sams Club and no Exxon either - those fuels have lower energy content - use only the best available pump

FORD F150 All done by 4000rpm Help

Hey...just got my 2002 F150 4x4 4.6L. 68000 miles. I love the truck but it seems to just sit down by 4000 even feels like it misses slightly right at that point. If I stay in the floor it might get to 4200 tops Whats the deal I am thinking maybe I need to put plugs it her I just got it but I wouldnt be suprised if the last person never changed the plugs. Any other ideas for me I dont expect 6 or 7 grand but this thing must have some more revs in it... Thanks for all the help.... John

Glad it got better but its a little early to celebrate. The learning process is almost all about idle and stopping gracefully in gear. I wouldnt think this would be related. max and nabbit are on the most likely track. fuel demand is highest under high load and high RPM trying to accelerate from 4000 RPM certainly qualifies. If you have a questionable pump or a filter starting to plug youll see it

FORD F150 DTC List

DTC Index PCM - Powertrain Control Module P0010 Intake Camshaft Position Actuator CircuitOpen (Bank 1) P0011 Intake Camshaft Position Timing - Over-Advanced (Bank 1) P0012 Intake Camshaft Position Timing - Over-Retarded (Bank 1) P0016 Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation - Bank 1 Sensor A P0018 Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation - Bank 2 Sensor A P0020 Intake Camshaft

P1115 Intake Air Temperature 2 (IAT2) Circuit High (SuperchargedTurbocharged engines) P1116 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Out of Self-Test Range P1117 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Circuit Intermittent P1120 Throttle Position Sensor A Out Of Range Low (Ratch Too Low) P1124 Throttle Position Sensor A Out Of Self-Test Range P1125 Throttle Position Sensor A Intermittent P1127 Exhaust

FORD F150 Crankshaft Position Sensor Question

Hey guys my check engine light came on and the code that came up is for the Crankshaft Position Sensor. Is there any reason that code gets tripped aside from the sensor being bad and needing replaced I guess Im wondering if any subtle problem with the crankshaft itself could cause an odd signal through that sensor and cause the code to come up. Im trying to ascertain the origin of a noise that is the

To answer your sensor detection question unless the chain has been removed from the cam sprocket or replaced one tooth off either way for some reason the relationship has to stay the same for timing the pulse. If the chain was placed off position you likely would feel a difference in how the motor runs because one bank would be out of time with respect to the other. Check that the plug stays in place

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