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FORD USA F150 04 4wd Coilover Front Suspension installed on 97-03 trucks

Has anyone tried or looked into putting the coilover front suspension from an 04 F-150 4WD onto a 97-03 F-150 4wd Seems like it could be alot of fab-work but wondering if it could be a lesser expensive 4wd coil over solution compared to Dixon brothers or Rock Krawler for 97-03 trucks. After owning a 97 and now a 2003 I want to do something cool with my 03 but stupid lift laws in Maine get in the way.

FORD F150 Fabtech 6 lift - front suspension travel

I have the 6 Fabtech lift on my 2000 150 4x4. The stock t-bars and keys are almost maxed out but the gap between the lower control arm and lowered bump stops is only about 1 - 1 12 which seems way too narrow to me. Can anyone weigh in on this and if anyone has pics of their lift installed showing the angle of the lower arms from a front view andor the gap I mentioned I would appreciate it if you could post em. Thanks all

View Front suspension arm for FORD B MAX

FORD F150 Off Set Control arm bushings for Caster

Waiting on my energy suspension hyperflex polyurethane control arm bushings to arrive. The tech said if it was him doing it he would leave the outter metal portion of the bushings where they are and BURN out the rubber portion to remove the inner sleeve. What I would like to know is.........what if you pressed the entire bushing FORWARD toward the frontend so that the control arms set BACK toward the

Originally Posted by 6.2 because its a raptor not a regular F150. go mid perch and fiberglass fenders and you should be fine to run 37s Thanks but your answer doesnt provide a reason other than a Raptor isnt a regular F150. Originally Posted by maxx2893 So your gonna take whats special about the Raptor (suspension) and throw them away for some lower quality shocks Lol wait who said lower quality shocks

Originally Posted by 6.2 its a bad idea because it would be ugly as can be less functional as yous have to go much slower offroad as to not roll it thanks to higher COG and you would be shunned on raptor forums for throwing a lift kit on a raptor. Lol you know how lame that sounds. I didnt realize I should live my life by forums. There would be no way to tell if you ran an aftermarket bumper since

FORD F150 Upper and Lower control arms

I own a 1999 f-150 x-cab and am looking into a lift kit.(6). I have spoken with people who have explained that i should get the upper and lower control armsnot just the upper because the ball joint can become loose and begin to move creating noise. In one instance a mechanic showed me where his became noisy and he had to weld the ball joint.Any suggestions

I just did what Brew suggests and the results are great so far Cant see how not changing the lower control arms too will cause the ball joint to work loose... Fabtech sells this 6.5 kit as their Ultimate suspension lift. Its actually just a combination of their 3.5 Performance kit and the 3 spindle kit with 4 blocks and slightly taller shocks. By the way Fabtech apparently has changed from the 3 Bullseye

FORD F150 extended upper control arms

I have a 2001 2wd f150. I put a 7.5 fabtech lift on it and im having issues with alignment due to tirewheel combo. I liked the old extended A-arm 7.5 lift fabtech used to do but who knows why they redesigned it as a crossmember lift. I hate it. My last 7.5 a-arm lift i had from them let me clear 37x13.50s on a 10 wide wheel. Thats not the case with the redesigned lift. I had to put 1 spacers on the

FORD F150 Lower Ball JointsIdler Arm Replacement

Howdy I just got some new tires (maxxis Buckshots) and went in for an alignment. The mechanic told me I need 1) New passenger side lower ball joint 2) New passenger side idler arm After looking at the Haynes manual and doing some research here I feel pretty comfortable doing this myself. I currently have about 35000 miles on the truck and I do a bit of mild offroad driving. My questions is Since one

FORD F150 07 expy suspension

ok so I think I found the new suv were gonna get I REALLY would prefer one of the off white 07 limiteds but thats out of the price range Im looking to spend if I didnt have two current 400 car payments I would BUT since I do Im really looking for like 300 or less so I found this epxy for 195 its an 07 2wd and says dual front airbags and Im wondering does the back have that as well and can I use it

FORD F150 Front halfshaft wont spin smoothly at full drop.

My issue started about a week ago when my truck developed a horrible creaking noise in the front end. It sounded like a metal on metal rub and from searching on here I narrowed in on the balljoint. I lifted the passenger side of the truck and noticed that the lower balljoint boot had some slits in it. I figured this was my problem so I pumped it full of grease. No change initially. Then I happened

FORD F150 Front axle angle too extreme

I bought a 2006 F150 FX4 SuperCrew Ashley and Smith baja truck a few weeks ago and love it. There is not much info about these anywhere on the net or people I ask. it has the skid plates and It has some sort of coil over setup up front using baja champion shocks which are some kind of Donahoe setup apparently and blocks in the rear with the baja champion shocks. looks to be around a 4 inch lift to

This package wasnt made by ford it was a conversion that baja champions made for a year or two. Kind of like the southern comforts rocky ridge no fear etc... Judging by the very limited info ive found through searching google I would say they company is probably out of business by now so you probably wont get any help from them. But it sounds like just a cheap coil-over maxxed way past what it should

Originally Posted by BigJ Thanks PA. I dont think I was questioning the theory but I dont think the concerns they raise (specifically the bump stops limiting up travel and suspension components limiting down) apply here. Mark raised the same concerns with the down travel but weve done the measurements and all checks out just fine with plenty of room to spare on the Raptor. So I guess my point was not

FORD F150 pitman arm

so i got an allignment and the dealership says my pitman arm is loose.. not to the point of like breaking or ruining my truck but its wearing.. my truck also still pulls to the right a little (2000 f-150 with 33 bfgoorich at kos) should i replace the pitman arm with a new one is this just a bolt on item or does it have to be like set up a certain way and then aligned again after thanks for the help guys

You have three major alignment setting including Caster camber and toe. Caster is what causes your steering wheel to want to return to center and makes your tires track straight down the road. Not enough caster and steering will feel loose and truck will wander on road and you will be correcting your steering as if you were driving a boat on the water. Too much Caster and your steering will feel twitchy

FORD USA F150 01 F150 Front end build...LT

Alright im bored at work so here it goes. Building a new front end for my truck. Build is gonna be slow and take some time so nothing is overlooked or half d. Ill post updates as we go. Plus lots of races coming up so ill be driving it to those in between progress. Specs Custom spindles with 4130 Chromo block. Machined 4130 or 4340 Chromo snouts (have not decided yet upgrade later) 5in. over per side.

we got some work done this weekend.. Cell phone pics but ya. Got geometry figuered out 5in over per side Boxed upper arm and lower (this week). Metal to metal cycling 21in. Gonna strap in at 18-19in of travel. 0 deg. camber change at droop and about 6-7 at max bump on metal so less really. i think it was 10 in. of down travel over stock and like 9-11 in. uptravel. It was late and we were tired. front

FORD F150 the pitman arm squeak...what do I need

My truck suffers from the pitman arm squeak. What do I need to fix it What tools What kind of grease I know I need to grease the fittings but how do I do that Ive looked through search but none of the threads I found say HOW to do it or what I need just that I need to grease the fittingsbushings. Also the rear leaf springs on the drivers side have started squeaking over the past few weeks (when I get

Its from up front and you hear it when turning the wheel and driving slow put the window down and you can hear it real good. max If it does turn out I need to replace the pitman arm how much can I expect to pay for a new one And how hard is it to change out Would I need to get an alignment done after changing it out Thanks

FORD F150 raising the front and blocks for the rear

Hey guys i have a 2001 f150 screw 3 body lift i turned the torsion bars but didnt get much lift outta them. I got like 1 34 lift. The truck doesnt even set level. I have some keys but i couldnt get the torsion bars out of factory keys for nothing ANy advice

The 97-03s are getting more and more difficult to get the keys out due to rust. Since youre doing it yourself you should spray it down with wd40 where the torsion bar goes into the key. I seriously doubt youll be able to knock the bar through the lower control arm so your best bet will be to remove the torsion rail bolts which is just a few bolts on each side. I always use an air hammer directly on

FORD F150 New truck - how to determine lift & front tire lean

I bought a 99 f150 4.2 w several inches lift the other day for my daily driver. This is my first ford and first truck Ive only had f-bodies and other cars mostly so I dont have much knowledge of anything lifted. Im trying to determine the type of lift and how much lift it has on it...does anyone know how I could determine that It appears to have the blocks on top of the rear leaf spring and some rough

your upper control arm is maxed out. If you want to try and keep the same height try going with aftermarket ca first.

FORD F150 Cluncking noise in front after shock install.

I had a shop install a set of shocks and i have a clunkingrattle over bumps I asked them if it was the shocks and they said it was bc the shocks were stiffer and it was the upper control arms maxing out so I had them change it back to stock guess what it still does it its over big bumps and small bumps like entering a driveway. It is not the swaybar bc I checked everything is stock except for a AS spacer

NISSAN MAXIMA II 84 to 88 Maxima Wagon Spotted

I went for a little drive today to see where this garage Im gonna take my maxima to get aligned was at. I got there and what do I see sitting in the weeds but a maxima Wagon Body looked in decent condition but they had already closed. Tomorrow Im gonna head over and take some pics and if it runs and the price is right I just might buy her. Anyone else on here own any 2nd gens Did they make wagons in 1st gens This one looked like a 2nd but Im not too sure...

need broad appeal and advantages that are instantly apparent even to buyers who dont know the difference between a carburetor and a carbohydrate. While the 1977 810 was the largest sedan Datsun had ever sold in the United States it was also a move toward the deepest part of the American mainstream. It wasnt just another Asian alternative to cheap American sedans like the Chevy Nova Dodge Dart or ford

of my finger you can twist the tie rod threading it in or out creating more or less toe. Both front wheels have this making the Toe adjusted individual. The steering wheel is first centered locked in place then Toe is adjusted after Camber and Caster angles are adjusted. Here is what my front adjustment looked like after I was done. Why I wanted to show this is because the adjustment amount that ford

CHEVROLET COLORADO Suspension Lifts Products and Part Numbers

This is going to be a complete list of components needed to lift your ride right now it is a work in progress feel free to contribute Skyjacker CC421KS 3.5 Liter L5 2 Wheel Drive 4 Lift Height (in.) CC421KS 2.8 Liter L4 2 Wheel Drive 4 Lift Height (in.) CC421K 3.5 Liter L5 2 Wheel Drive 4 Lift Height (in.) CC421K 2.8 Liter L4 2 Wheel Drive 4 Lift Height (in.) CC401KS 2.8 Liter L4 4 Wheel Drive 4 Lift

the maxXCAM JR C (Colorado Canyon kit ) and get it out next week We also include the items needed to do it right Thanks for you interest in our maxXCAM Advanced leveling systems -- suspensionmaxX.Inc. Manufacturers of the Innovative Patent Pending maxXCAM2 suspension Leveling Kit Designed for Trucks and SUVs Leveling kit Lift Kit suspensionmaxX Leveling KitsHelper Springs for Chevy Z71 Dodge Ram ford

FORD F150 Sway bar worth it

I was looking in the LMC Truck catalog and came across sway bars for the front and rear. My truck does not have one and I was thinking if they are worth it for a F150 4x4

FWIW I posted this at in response to a question about the effect of sway bars on an F150s handling Quote A vehicle with A-arm front suspensions starts off with a slight amount of negative camber (i.e. wheel pointing inwards at the top) strut suspensions start with a bit more. As you go into a corner and the outboard suspension compresses the negative camber of the outer wheel with respect

FORD F150 The Dos and Donts of Lifts

I figured Id start this thread because it seems like every week at least one thread pops up about those dang torsion keys. So feel free to add info here and Ill add up to the top so everyone can find it easily. Torsion front (97-0304 Heritage 4x4) Quote Dont get aftermarket keys. They put you way out of factory spec and eat up ball joints like theres no tomorrow. Instead either crank your factory keys

FORD F150 Who has this kit

Its from Top Gun Customz httpwww.topguncustomz.comStoreG...view249179697 After doing a test involving a Raptor a stock FX4 and a truck with a 6 lift kit (BDS) Im convinced of the following The Raptor is built for off road. The suspension lifted truck performed no better than the stock truck. The difference between the Raptor and the other trucks was night and day. If I want a lifted truck why would I spend 2000 for a lift kit when I can get this one for under 600

more but performance costs ya. But It will outperform that BDS in your test you spoke of (which is really testing dampening and rebound... shocks n springs). BUT although it will get you closer to a Raptor it still wont match it. That raptor has some VERY EXPENSIVE Fox Racing shocks specially engineered for the F150 that you cannot buy off the shelf. That truck has thousands of hours of R&D by ford

more but performance costs ya. But It will outperform that BDS in your test you spoke of (which is really testing dampening and rebound... shocks n springs). BUT although it will get you closer to a Raptor it still wont match it. That raptor has some VERY EXPENSIVE Fox Racing shocks specially engineered for the F150 that you cannot buy off the shelf. That truck has thousands of hours of R&D by ford

Wow lots of information and opinions on this thread... Here is my take Quite simply the Raptor is amazing we all agree on that. However it is not good at ALL off roading. An regular F150 with a 4 or higher lift and 35 or larger tires (the raptors are 35 BFGs not the best off road tire) will have better approach departure and breakover angles than the Raptor. Plus the Raptor has been widened so taking

JEEP WRANGLER PolyPerformance stubby control arms wJJs & new Adjuster

So after doing this up fordyce It was time for some new arms (the lowers were pretty bashed in also) Naturally after being on the trail with the guys from PolyP & a couple discussions later. The decision was made by Drew to make some stubby control arms for the TJ application using their awesome new adjusters. (Its the girlfriends Rubicon so it will stay low with a max of 35 or 37 tire) Your thinking

FORD F150 Really cheap lift (500)

just wanted to let everyone know that you can get a 4 suspension lift on for 500 bucks. Actually the cost is like 588 but with the 15% off coupon code 1964005 its 500. It does not include shocks though. Oh yeah and its a warn lift. But hey its cheap ------------------ NEW TRUCK 00 f150 ext. cab 4x4 ORP w5.4auto black Tan buckets expy center console tinted windows westin nerf bars flowmaster

Okay so a 4 suspension lift for 588 got my attention I checked it out and it says for a 97-98 only. Here is what the description said Warn Part 780939 97-98 ford F-Series F150 4WD 5.4 L engine only 97-98 ford F-Series F150 4WD Short bed standard cab pickup may require rear drive line modification ford suspension System Robotically welded sub-structure and transmission cross member are structurally

FORD Shocks through the bed & air bumps

Hello all been a while since Ive posted on here but wanted to shoot you a quick update. We have built a simple bed cage for the rear that incorporates 18 5-tube Fox Bypass Shocks 2 12 Fox Air Bumps and storage space for a cooler tool box and pit box. Rear wheel travel has been increased to 16s. I will be able to get the rest when I trim out the inner fenderwell for clearence. This is in addition to

tires on the street. Pay no attention to the blue rings...that was just an experiment (gross). Baker Motorsports did the uniball a-armair bumps setup. They just moved the shop from HB to Costa Mesa. The uniball is actually getting maxed out in both directions with the current suspension configuration I didnt think there was that much travel available with the stock suspension mounting

FORD F150 Some Qs on torsion bars...

I was wondering if i cranked up my torsion bars all the way or even part way if that would hurt anything besides the ride. Also ive seen people say theyve got new torsion bars or it looks like some have brackets what is the purpose of that Can you raise them more or something Thanx

bars all the way and have had no problems after thousands of miles driving. (Not to say I would crank them all the way myself on my own rig). If there is excessive angle the CVs would wear rapidly. Now Matt90GT like I said were basically agreeing here. Im just saying that they can take SOME cranking and quite a bit of deflectionangle before excessive stress happens. This week I am going to my ford

FORD FOCUS III How-To KW Variant 3 Coilovers courtesy of

KW Coilovers Variant 3 Installation Guide Hello everyone We decided to go with the KW suspension Variant 3 coilover setup on our own Project Focus ST. There isn&8217t a whole lot of explaining to do about why we went this direction. KW has a great reputation and for good reason. They are heavily involved in racing and anything coming out of Germany is usually the highest of quality. KW doesn&8217t

FORD F150 Lowering kits

Has anyone ever used a suspension max lowering kit I see them on E-bay cheap. I have a SuperCrew and Id like to go to a 3f 4r drop. I have used Eibach before on my Supercoupe and was happy but wondered about the other companies out there. Has anyone done a 3 drop on the front with springs only How is the ride I was considering the control arm method but wasnt sure if that was worth the cost. Oh yea

As far as suspension mods......I have installed a larger Helwigg front swaybar ( with urethane bushing end links) added rear Helwigg swaybar (with urethane bushing end links) DJM 34 lowering kit 2 sets of low profile tires (Kumo then Toyo) Checker Pro hard bed cover Energy suspension front control arm urethane bushings Moog inner and outter tie rods center link idler arm pitman arm 2 replacement steering

Quote Originally Posted by Johnny340 I want to go with only a 4 drop in the back and Im guessing that the whole 4 drop on the front would be too much and would look too jacked up on the back. Any thoughts Maybe Ill use the stock springs with the WC Control arms So Doetsch Tech shocks are worthwhile I will definitely get someone else to do the shackles after reading your replies Thank you. Didnt notice


HI... I know this is WAY off topic but I figured more people would read it here. Well hear it goesLOL Well 8 months ago I brought my truck to my dealer to show them the BIG door crack that I had in my drivers door. They said NO PROBLEM and set me to the QUALITY CARE (NOT section of the dealership. Well the head guy there named JAMIE looked at the door and told me that they would replace it under warrenty.

FORD F150 6.2 L official numbers out

httpspecial-reports.pickuptrucks....announced.html ford has announced the official power ratings for the upcoming 6.2-liter V-8 version 411 hp and 434 lbs.-ft. of torque making it the most powerful half-ton pickup.

People who want a professional race truck will buy one all day long but there are only 50 being made. They will sell fast. PS The FX2 also makes an appearance in the video. -------------- F-150 SVT Raptor Most Powerful Half-Ton Available Now Even More Capable Off-Road Tue Nov 3 2009 1201am EST LAS VEGAS Nov. 3 PRNewswire-FirstCall -- -- The 2010 ford F-150 SVT Raptor with an available all-new 6.2-liter

FORD F150 I found it - the original Piston Slap topic. Enjoy

bbraynor posted 07-21-98 0701 PM ET (US) HELP The 5.4L may have a design flaw If you have experienced a cold start knock or more simply a knocking sound when starting a cold 5.4 please let me know Others have had this problem which sounds unfixable. Any info would be of great help. The 99 5.4 Ive been informed should have been fixed. I bleed FMC Blue but my experience with problems makes me shudder

FORD F150 My hornblasters train horn install today. PICS

well here you go. i searched the forum and found a couple places that everyone put them but didnt really want them noticeable. i wanted to put them up front at first but due to room i decided to just put everything in the rear... what i have is a hornblasters kit with the 400c compressor and 2 gal tank. have 4 horns and all that stuff.... i mounted everything on a sheet of plywood where the spare tire

the car is actually a 04 gt with a full cobra clone. only thing it dont have is the airbag. if it were a real cobra i would have still put a solid in it. the car is up for sale for 23k. i have over 50 in it. car has 11k miles on it and made 500 on pump gas. which is about 800 if it had a 6spd still. it has a powerglide in it with a 4000 stall. we had to clean the fuel system out from sitting up and

FORD F150 My review installing the Bilstein 5100s

I just had to share. Last weekend I received my new Bilstein 5100s for the front and rear. Originally I was going to go with the Rancho Quick Lifts but 4 Wheel Parts had problems getting there hands on them. So I decided to go with the Bilstein 5100s. I did the install my self with the help of the free loaner tools from Auto Zone (coil spring compressor and a 29mm deep socket). Well If you are planning

FORD F150 What shocks for my current setup HELP

So Ive got a brand new 2013 screw 4x4 with the off road package and towing package. The ride was fine and then I went and put a level on it (2 front spacers3 rear blocks) and 34.5x12.5 BFGs on it. Now the ride SUCKS Waaay to stiff. Small dips in the road that felt like nothing now feel and sound like a big speed bump Really makes me not even want to drive my new truck sometimes Is there a shock that

Quote Originally Posted by Dogem One thing to remember when using spacers you now are only using a portion of your true shock travel shouldnt be noticeable on small bumps but you will notice it on big ones. Sounds like maybe your tires are pumped up too hard I had to mess with the air pressure until I found something that worked. Im confused by this statement. When using a spacer (front) you will be

If the max pressure of the tires is 80psi 40 is too low. They should be at a minimum of 45. 50 would be better. They do make shocks for 2 lift. Also for 4 lift. If the front spacer is leveling type that sits at the top of the shock like most it would not affect the front shock as far as travel distance. Since the compression of the spring is not changed (you are just pushing the lower control arm further

Quote Originally Posted by kingfish51 If the max pressure of the tires is 80psi 40 is too low. They should be at a minimum of 45. 50 would be better. They do make shocks for 2 lift. Also for 4 lift. If the front spacer is leveling type that sits at the top of the shock like most it would not affect the front shock as far as travel distance. Since the compression of the spring is not changed (you are

FORD F150 34 drop with only springs

I was just wondering if any one has used this kit from suspension max. It uses a pair of 3 drop coil springs for the front and I want to know if there is any problems with the ride being that its only springs and no lower control arm I figure the rear would be fine. Thanks for any help...

problem with ANY 3 inch front lowering coil springs is bumpsteer. Due to the geometryangles of the steering linkage being outta wack your toe angles will move in a way that will cause your steering to seem somewhat unstable. The only way to reduce the effect is to use lowering control arms and or a bumpsteer kit (the lightning forum has a thread on the new kits offered). Although I could never afford

FORD USA F150 How-To Install Drop Shackles on your 1997-2003 F-150

Alright time for another rediculously long and detailed write-up from yours truly. Im a newb when it comes to suspension so if you are like me you will understand how much it helps to have a guide to show you the right (or wrong) way of doing things. First off this mod is pretty straightforward It drops the rear of the truck to give it a leveled look. It does this basically like a fulcrum. The longer

FORD F150 Level it

Im debating wether to level my truck or not.. Ive got the leveling kit but no money for bigger tires.. I really hate the factory rake and would love the look of a leveled truck but im not sure if the stock 32 tires would look too rediculous. I probably wont have money for new tires for about 6 months and thats only if I find a good paying job soon... so what do ya think...level it or just leave it alone til I can afford new tires.

Quote Originally Posted by mSaLL150 Well when you put on a 2 spacer you are extending the suspension as if the shock were extended 2 meaning 2 of travel. Look at how much lower the hubs sit than the differential...about 2. Hell often times the ball joints are almost maxed out with a leveling kit on. A couple guys on here who live out in the country and drive gravel roads with potholes daily and have

FORD USA F150 97 silverado keys in a 99 f 150

First questuion is will the torsion bar keys from a 97 chevy silverado 1500 fit in my 99 f 150 both 4x4. And my second question is it going reasonably drop me lower And bring the chev higher (worth the swap) Thanks guys

Quote Originally Posted by Hillbilly_Delux The pressure on the bar is caused by the weight of the truck. And the weight of the truck is always the matter the height. So heres what weve got to work with The weight of the truck is what twists the bars. The spring rate of the torsion bar determines how much the bar will twist before it supports the trucks weight. Soooooo.....since the weight

FORD F150 2006 4x4 Prerunner long travel

Just gathering some information on this. I have a 2006 F150 Scab 4x4 5.4L that is lifted 6 with the entry level Pro Comp lift kit. Dont get me wrong the truck works nicely and performs low speed off-roading with ease... but I want to chage it up. I do a lot of dirtbike riding in the desert and can say with certainty that I enjoy the wide-open space and star-lit skies of the Mojave Desert. The desert

FORD F150 Lift with a budget

Hey guys so I got a bit of a dilema on my hands. I have a 2003 f150 2wd which I would like to put some 18 in wheels on and then some 35 in tires. From what it appears 6 inches is how much I am going to have to lift my truck in order to fit 35 in tires on it. Now here is the problem I do not have enought money at the current moment for all of that now so I have to wait until I can get a summer job.

Quote Originally Posted by crashryan20 Body lifts are a good option. But if you get a body lift it raises just the body 3 inches and the bumpers. Then if you dont like the gap under your truck you have to buy gap guards and if you dont like the frame hanging lower than your truck some people buy steps to cover it. In the end its pretty close to a spindle wich looks great and doesnt impede your performance.

FORD F150 Lift spans sanity check

Keep in mind that I really dont like to do things half assed hence the equipment I plan to buy. However I do have a budget so lets see what I can come up with. Also keep in mind that in NJ I cant lift more than 9 above stock which is the reason Im going with a 6 and not an 8 lift. For the suspension components themselves... Fabtech 6 lift stage 1 kit Camburg adjustable coilovers (for the 6 lift) for

Quote Originally Posted by kuruption Keep in mind that I really dont like to do things half assed hence the equipment I plan to buy. However I do have a budget so lets see what I can come up with. Also keep in mind that in NJ I cant lift more than 9 above stock which is the reason Im going with a 6 and not an 8 lift. For the suspension components themselves... Fabtech 6 lift stage 1 kit Camburg adjustable

FORD F150 Steering Obsession Continues......

Has anybody figured out what is causing the wandering steering with a lack of On-Center feel This is a problem that many F150 owners experience. Some times they begin to experience this at 3000 miles sometimes at 30000 or higher. There is a TSB on our inner and outer tie rod ends. It appears that they can become worn at an accelerated rate. As well as sometimes it appears that a bad alignment tire

Of the multitude of mods I have done to make this truck steer and handle better over the past two years I now can state the following list of mods. starting with what improved the steering the most to less improvement 1. Replacing front lower control arm oem bushings with poly-urethane thing I have done yet 2. Replacing front upper control arm oem bushings with poly-urethane bushings.

FORD F150 Ball Joints-tie Rods

-new member-2001 Supercrew-5.4 4x4 75000 kms. -just got new tires ( Bridgestone Dueler ATS ) while it was on the hoist I was informed these parts were shot. I drive carefully just offroad (two track) while huntingfishing. Is this unusual or is it time for replacements Quoted 850.00 Cdn. to do the full job. Got a second opinion from a mechanic said ball joints were OK it was the idler arms (). He put

hockey 7 Welcome to F15Oonline. If your truck is not wandering all over the road or not pulling dont change a thing. I have had to replace my teirod ends and upper ball joints. That is becasue of the large tires and abuse off road that my truck endure. The idler arm on these trucks have been known to fail prematurely. It is the only part of the OEM suspension that has Zerk fittings. If they havent

Example offers of car parts ford b max front suspension arm

  • Ford C Max 1.6i 16V 07 on REAR Lower Suspension Arm - Front LH FCA6192 - United Kingdom (22.74 GBP)
  • RH Rear Lower Suspension Arm - Front for Ford C Max 2.0TD 02/08 - FCA6192 - Birmingham,United Kingdom (23.99 GBP)
  • RH Rear Lower Suspension Arm - Front for Ford C Max 1.6i 03/07 - FCA6192 - Birmingham,United Kingdom (17.99 GBP)
  • RH Rear Lower Suspension Arm - Front for Ford C Max 1.6i 03/07 - FCA6192 - Birmingham,United Kingdom (23.99 GBP)
  • RH Rear Lower Suspension Arm - Front for Ford C Max 1.6TD 03/07 - FCA6192 - Birmingham,United Kingdom (17.99 GBP)
  • RH Rear Lower Suspension Arm - Front for Ford C Max 1.6TD 03/07 - FCA6192 - Birmingham,United Kingdom (23.99 GBP)
  • RH Rear Lower Suspension Arm - Front for Ford C Max 1.6TD 03/07 - FCA6192 - Birmingham,United Kingdom (23.99 GBP)

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