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FORD F150 Front End Troubles

I have a 02 F150 Supercab with 180xxx and have never had to do any front end work since I bought it with 80xxx. Had it parked at work for a week while using my work truck and went to drive it home last night and before I left our shop I noticed something was wrong. It sounded like my front drivers side tire was rubbing. It has never rubbed and I know that is not the problem but I drove it a little

FORD F150 Chirping Hubs

I have had my 99 F-150 4x4 Sport for about two years and there is a chiping noise that comes from the front wheels and you can only hear it when the windows are down I took it in for service and they said they coulnt here it its so annoying in the summer time I have heard other F-150s do this too is this normal Did anyone ever get this taken care of Please enlighten me on this subject

I wouldnt describe mine as chirping but I had a high pitched rattle or jingle coming from the front wheels. I took the center caps off the wheels and the cotter pins that hold the bearing bolts on were rattling. I put some silicone around the pins and voila it stopped. Check yours out to see if thats it. ------------------ 2000 F-150 XLT 5.4L 4x4 auto Extended Cab Deep Wedgewood Blue 3.55 Towing Package

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FORD F150 how to accomplish 360rwhp out of your 4.2

just a thought fipk 7 rwhp 10 rwtq 200 honed intake 23 rwhp 27 rwtq 400 port heads 36 rwhp 40 rwtq 450 custom chip 25 rwhp 30 rwtq 350 headers 9 rwhp 11 rwtq 350 exhaust 13 rwhp 18 rwtq 850 electric fan 5 rwhp 7 rwtq 200 24lb. fuel injectors 250 total estimate 118rwhp 143rwtq stock 165rwhp 200rwtq after 283rwhp 343rwtq supercharger adds 75rwhp 90rwtq 3500 total 358rwhp 433rwtq total price

air (Dont ask me how ) - AiRaid intake - Flowmaster DF 50 Series - 24x3.5 Stainless steel slashed tips (Yes Solid polished SS no cheesy chrome-plated) ... Outside - Precision polished billet grille and plate holders - American Racing 17x8s polished Pythons (Flushed front AND back) - Goodyear.. something tires (Expensive is all I know. LOL. No Firestone firecrackers for me either) - Rhino liner - ford

FORD F150 Longer lugs

Anyone know a place to get longer lugs for our trucks. I want to use the same thread pattern for use on the stock lug nuts. Ok reason why I have 35 tires on my stock 17 rims with a 3 body lift on my truck. It at full lock I will contact the frame with just the tips of the tread of the tires. Now I was told by more than one mechanic that it will still pass inspection because it only contacts at full

I did a few calculations using the material of the lug to find out how many threads of engagement are required to hold the lug at its maximum yield strength. I determined that there are 3-4 full extra threads in the nut. I have to look up the notes I have to give exact numbers. Now what I do at work is subtract 2 threads for conservatism. So that leaves me with only 2 threads extra which is about .25.

Replaced the fronts today. Glad I did the research here before I went at it . Jacked pulled wheels Un-bolted and hung calipers from the well. With the calipers out of the way I was able to run a sawzall at the rear of rotor avoiding the dust shield and maximizing the depth of cut. Turned the rotor 180 and repeated. 3 taps and the rotor was off. I thought I was in for a nightmare some time ago when

FORD F150 how many miles

i had a 97 f150 xl 4x4 5 spd. by far the most reliable truck ive owned. when it got totaled it had 182k and change and still ran great. i was wonderin if any one else was getting high mileage with that motor and if they had a low maintenance schedule as well as i did i replaced the brake shoes and pads a tie rod i busted four wheeling so i changed both sides u joints and i custom built an exhaust tires

Quote Originally Posted by Peacemaker 2001 4.2L v65-spd 73000 miles. I use Valvoline Durablend 5W-30. My 01 has had two problems so far which was a busted pinion seal and a bad egr sensor. Regular oil and tranny fluid changes changed the coolant twice and new brakes is all Ive done to it. Runs like a top. Im switching to Valvoline max Life motor oil on the next oil change. The only other thing is second

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