fiat stilo stoped engine

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fiat stilo stoped engine
fiat stilo stoped engine

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FIAT STILO Stilo Abarth engines dies

I had engine light 2 weeks ago. Diagnostic said its a crankshaft position failure. Repairman just reset the failure. Today morning when I speed up on 5 th gear engine lost power. ESP ASR ABS failure and engine light. I donshifted gear on seleespeed but when I got the 1 gear the engine stoped. When I try to ignitiate it makes a sound of electrical motor display shows no oil and the crankshaft turns

FIAT STILO Fiat Stilo Abarth Selespeed Gearbox strange problem

Hi peopleI have fiat stilo Abarth 2002 Selespeed and as the topic says ive got a problemFirstly this strange electrical noice start from the engine and few days later...Gearbox FailureI did the simple test and the result was that i have no pressure on the gearboxThe Accumolator (Sphere) was the problem..ive bought the sphere and change it...Ive got gears yeeeaahhbut the stupid electrical noice still


Hello Just a question really and seeking a bit of advice. I have a rattle that sounds like its coming from the passenger side dash. However i asked fiat to have a look a while ago now and they said it was the exhaust mount seal. Anyway whatever they did it cured it but only for a couple of days. Also when i had my new engine fitted it quietened it down but again only for a couple of days. The rattle

passenger footwell. Turns out in was the little shelf on the roof lining where the sunroof controls are (just big enough to store your sun gigs if not fitted with sunroof). Flexing it slightly stoped the creaksqueak although it comes back now and then and it still sounds like its passenger footwell but as I know where its coming from I can stop it in a second. Hello What you say makes sense but fiat

FIAT STILO Help please Flashing Connect nav gone wrong

Ok i am electro tehnician and i work in pc service i flashed stuff like milion times i readed guide how to flash 9.8 firmware on this forum downloaded it burned on quality cd-r (verbatim) and verified that files match on file and cd it veried sucesfuly . Ok now i done everything how the guide said so waited for 30 sec turned unit on (with button and key removed) flashing started and after few 5-10

the &8220ESCAPE&8221 button. Turn the CN off by pressing the &8220ON&8221 button. Remove the ignition key and then wait about 30 seconds. With the ignition key still removed switch the CN on using the &8220ON&8221 button. The Update procedure should begin. DO NOT switch the CN off during the procedure. The update may stop for a few moments a few times this is normal. When completed the blue fiat

FIAT STILO 2006 stilo jtd sporting turbo not working

Hi all I have the Above car and problem. At first it was the intercooler pipe had a hole in it and then the turbo stoped working. Then we checked the map sensor which was all clogged up so it was cleaned and then it was over boosting because the sensor was broken so got a new one and the turbo doesnt boost. Then tried a new maf sensor but the same problem. I had a new fuse box fitted because some fuses

FIAT STILO car security faiure warning light

hi all. went to turn of ignition after medium run it had been raining and i had to go through some big puddles but didnt faze her until i got home. when i turned off ignition she kepted runing. i thought this was wierd mad even. put key back in and turned on and she stoped. any way went to go out in her this morning and the battery was dead battery only 2 months old changed battery and she wont fire

FIAT STILO Fiat Stilo Problems.

Hello Guys I have a fiat stilo 1.6 16v 2002. Was geting ASR ESRAlternative Failure Lose Connection. Random Cutouts at cold start and hot. Best place to start is the ECU and do a BGA Reballing you can do it at a PCLaptop Service its cheap and takes 30 minutes. Remember to get it out first and ready cause the laptop guys are not mechanics follow Dracco121 post on easy fix on forum if the pins is not

Ok so latesy ipdate alternative fail didnt show up no more but i get engine fault 2 days ago position light bolb front stoped working but after 2 days its working again tips

FIAT STILO Gearbox Help

Help Please hey guys can someone help me got in the car this morning started the engine and couldnt get it into gear but stoped the engine and i can select every gear please help confused

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