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fiat stilo stepper motor
fiat stilo stepper motor

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FIAT STILO stilo abarth temp gauge

A week ago i got a abarth 2.4 selespeed.. love the car but got a slight glitch..i was driving home the other day and noticed that the temp gauge was all the way to hot no warning lights on though... so i pulled over and turnnd off the engine the needle is only dropping to half way and not zero..almost like its stuck... turning the key to auxiliary power lots of times seems to get it back to zero eventually

Usually needs a new stepper motor for the needle. The round white part in the picture below. You need to dismantle the cluster to fit it and could damage more of the 4 stepper motors while dismantling it. . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper motor (NEW) Croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

Each of the 4 guages (speedo RMP temp and fuel) has its own stepper motor to drive the needles so its possible that just one of them can fail. The stepper motors are replaceable. They are the same motor for all stilos. Part number X15-589 or X27-589. eBay search shows several Chinese suppliers. Picture above is of one I replaced. Alternatively you could buy a used complete cluster. You would need to

FIAT STILO Stilo not starting from time to time

Hello dear friends I recently bough fiat stilo 1.6 16v year2002. The car is great and I love it Unfortunatelly i have a problem and I really would appreciate you help to solve it. For unknown reasons the car does not start from time to time. For 3 moths that I have it happened about 10 times. It is different every time - sometimes it starts on the second or third try sometimes it does not start no

The problem appeared again... The car just floods her self from time to time when starting. Hapens only when there is heat left in the engine. Never on cold or hot engine. When I try to start it just turns over and nothing. Tried to start it with acc pedal floored ( clear flood mode) and it starts on the 3-4 try. And it smells petrol sooo bad - so clearly flooded... Any ideas P.S. Does the car has

No the stilo 1.6 throttle body is controlled directly by the ecu for idle rpm control and does not have a seperate idle stepper motor.

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Hello Morten i just did the GPS test with following results speed Birba dial (real)speed GPS aprox. speed on Abarth dial (w.1.6 Proxy ) (pos. as black dial) 110 km 111 km - 115 km 120 121 - 127 140 142 - 150 150 152 - 160 so im driving even faster than my Birba dial in my Proxied Abarth cluster shows me the values on the actual Abarth dials would suit me better because of the safety margin. I think

i think the microprocessor in the cluster has stored the stepper motor values for all models clusters the Proxy alignment tells it which table to use for this type of cardial. (so XX steps for XX speed for XX modelcluster) The Birba Dials are available for all different dial scaling - i just had to make the rectangular cut-outs for the two displays. As far as i can judge it now i could have fit Abarth

this information to the proper calculation or actions is stored within the program of the microprocessor itself. So if the processor is told there is a 1.6 cluster fitted (with other dial range than the Abarth) by means of a Proxy Alignment it apparently uses another steps calculation for the stepper motor for indicating a certain speed. The can message for the car speed is the same for all stilos

FIAT STILO dashboard of death

Recently the instruments on my stilo multiwagon died (just had two warning lamps on ignition). I followed the advice on this forum fuses earth points and battery level and all were ok. I decided to check the pcb out after dismantling the pod and removing the pcb I re soldered the joints on the connector and as many componants as I could (using a fine solder iron tip). The inst. pod now works correctly

FIAT STILO 836A1000 Compression Ratio

Recently read a review of the 1.4 16v stilo engine. It says the Compression Ratio is 11.1. Seems very high for a standard car ( Most fiats seem to have quite high CRs tbh ). Anyone have experience in just how high you can take this

Id guess any modern fiat one. Needs to have the same general type of throttle stepper motor and IAC -- and youll need a remap. Marea maybe If going aftermarket ECU you can literally fit anything so cheapo 48mm DellOrto TBs off K Series Rovers are a popular choice.

FIAT STILO Stilo 1.6 16V problem with engine warning light and key on dashboard

Hi guys I have problem with the fiat stilo 1.6 16V. On dashboard after starting engine engine light is on and next to the clock light is blinking a beep is heard and wrote Engine Fault. Diagnostics - fiat Ecu Ccan doesnt show faults - no errors. Car has a new battery and sparking plug... car has power runs well.. Do you have experience with this Thx Mates

yellowstilo yes dasboard beep continuously and your engine light blink continously.. but.. thanks for the idea it worked -)) Ive change all the sensors cleaned the - stepper motor (motor idling) cleaned the contacts and unchanged. This procedure helped me there was nothing blinking and not beeping Thank you very much -) Mates Sedichi liked this post

FIAT STILO manual adjustment for headlights fiat stilo 1.6

I need a little help on adjusting the headlights... Does anyboddy knows how to manually adjust the position of the headlight There must be a screw somewhere to adjust the height... Where is it

Thanks people for answers......I will try tomorow to adjust my right headlightbecausei think that stepper motor is dead.No sound from him.Left works finebut right

FIAT STILO instrument board problems

Hi I got a problem with my stilo. I replaced the motor and every thing works good except the instrument board - It doesnt work at all Can you help me Thx

sorry but i still dont understand what you mean there are many motors in a car starter motor stepper motor in the dash engine more info would help

FIAT STILO Which headlights

Not having a good week when it comes to headlights lol My passenger main beam headlight has gone on my new stilo. It uses xenon headlights But im not sure which bulb I would need to replace and have even less idea about how to fit it. Does anyone know which ones i need I found these... I am also thinking

Originally Posted by Clowny The question I have is why are the headlamp adjustor motors in the Xenon units when they arent used as I have no controls on the dash and seem to recall that the Xenons didnt have fog lights nor adjustors Its a legal requirement that Xenon HID headlamps have automatic adjusters and a headlamp cleaning system. There are two sensors used to control the headlamp beams one on

FIAT STILO 2.4 clocks into a 1.6... installation problem

MASSIVE problems when trying to fit 2.4 clocks in my 1.6 today No 2nd White connector in the car loom that i can find CC inop even after activation and proxi align (replacement 2nd hand revirginised ECU fitted before dial fitment) rev counter runs upto about 2500 and glitches then fails to read revs correctly thereafter (have to manually move the needle to reset) unable to change the settings as it

I think the white connector is only used for the Abarth oil pressure and oil temperature gauges. When you took the needles off did any of the stepper motor spindles come out with them If so it could have damaged the housing the spindle runs in causing the needle to jump. The missing segments in the displays suggest that you may have shorted some tracks on the PCB or splashed solder in the wrong place(s) while desolderingsoldering the LEDs. .


Hi Guys Bought a stilo 1.4 active AC with 46k on the clock the other week and the fuel gauge is not working. The low fuel light comes on when i have about 90 miles of juice left but the needle stays at the bottom. Any ideas on a fix for this or a cheap repair I dont think its a fuse as the gauge worked intermitantly a few times when i got it. Any help greatly received. Thanks

MultiECUScan has the ability to connect to the instrument panel and test the gauges - it drives the needle (stepper motor) up and down. That will confirm for certain whether the fault is in the instrument cluster. -Alex

FIAT UNO II very rough running fiat uno 70 ie

Hi Have owned a fiat uno 70 ie for a couple of years now and have had no problems until recently - basically it starts fine idle is not to bad some times a bit rough but when trying to drive pressing the accelerator pedal does nothing but all of a sudden car will jerk forward and accelerate but then drop off again. It feels a bit like it is struggling to get fuel (fuel pumpfilter) of maybe it is the

Hi Here are some pics of the engine bay havent had a chance to have a good look at the things you suggested yet Alex yet due to the weather. Cheers. Attached Thumbnails         __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   09-05-2008  

FIAT BRAVA 182 Code reader

hi people does anyone know of a code reader for a bravo hgt but will also fit a brava 1.2 ive heard you can get them on ebay but have no idea what they are called or even just the lead ive seen them talked about on here but cant find it again all i know is they are 3 pin if anyone could help it would be great cheers

I got one of those cables which worked fine on the stilo and Panda (not tried it in the 500 yet) but on the Brava it does try to connect and the injector light does flash and the stepper motor does its reset thing but beyond that nothing it eventually gives up. Incidently mines is a late 2001 model with the Bosch ecu rather then Magnetti in it but the software I have is fiatecuscan. Although having

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla cuts out junctions etc

Hi. My wifes 2001 Multipla 1.6 ELX has developed an annoying potentially dangerous fault. When slowing down to approach traffic lights junctions give way etc. the car stalls ( Engine cuts out. Not everytime but more often than not ). This is usually whilst the car is still moving at a slow speed. The car runs OK at speed and does not stall when cold ( I assume this is due to automatic choke increasing

Pressure Readings possible cause problem with stepper motor ( part of injection body ). No obvious faults were found but recommended replacing above unit which is very costly. A mechanic I know says this is an unlikely cause of the car cutting out as the pressure reading is high not low The diagnosis also threw up a logged TDC sensor error but the garage who carried out the test AND the local fiat

FIAT UNO II Sticky Plastic

Chaps where can I get the stick on textured black plastic that you often see on the B-pillars on cars. Paintwork isnt great on one side of my Uno and rather than spray it I thought I stick some of this on it. What does everyone reckon

vinyl stuck on the walls in the museum gallery that I was dismantling - covering up various holes - so obviously we have had a source of this in the past (it was also used to mask around CRT screens which are now obsolete we use LCDs). No-one seems to know where the matt textured vinyl came from but my investigations are continuing. It is the same stuff used on newer cars like the Punto and stilo.

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