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FIAT STILO Stilo Steering angle sensor

My JTD stilo has strange fault. Power steering is out of order and there isnt any fault codes on it. Car was today in local fiat carage and they tried to calibrate power steering but didnt managed to do it. fiat tester said that steering angle sensor signal is missing and thats why they couldn do calibration. And they said that they dont know whats wrong with it because it dont give any fault codes.

Try a reset on the power steering system yourself using fes. See first sticky.

All fuses is checked an they are ok. I able to log in to steering ecu so it alive but in fes and fiat scanner show that steering angle is 00 deg all time. I had little brain storm with local fiat diler today and they said that it has to have steering angle position data even when car dosent have drive control system ( i dont know is it right term for that). before i wasnt sure for that i tought that

do calibration but didnt managed to finish it. tester complains angle of rotation signal is missing. but at least i know now that clock spring dont have anything to do with power steering. I think only solution to get it work is change steering column....meaby... in England ebay has couple cheap steering units but they have differend part number than i have...excample this one

Good points Yani If you check for over 14v at the power steering unit as advised in post 5 then you know alternator is supplying sufficient power at the column Theres a difference between 0v ie system is in balance and signal missing. I wonder what the techs actually meant

FIAT STILO dead electronic steering

2002 fiat stilo abarth anyone had any problems with the electronic steering on their stilo abarths mine started going this weekit would come off then id get it working again by just turning off and then restarting the car. not now tho its totally gone offdriving it brakes your arms to turn a corner at slow speed. im getting it over to fiat mondaybut thought you guys could give me some ideas to do a

The stilo (and new Bravo) use a different make of power steering motor to the Punto Grande Punto & Panda. Failure of the motor on the stilo & Bravo is virtually unheard of but obviously stilos are getting on abit now so age-related failures like this are a possibility. However its not the same as the more common problems affecting smaller fiat s steering systems.

experienced an ECU problem. Originally Posted by JTD_Liam The stilo (and new Bravo) use a different make of power steering motor to the Punto Grande Punto & Panda. Failure of the motor on the stilo & Bravo is virtually unheard of but obviously stilos are getting on abit now so age-related failures like this are a possibility. However its not the same as the more common problems affecting smaller fiat

FIAT STILO 1.6 Dynamic Power Steering Failure

Hello FFers. This is my first post on your very useful site. Ive been a regular reader for a while and found the info and knowledgable indispensable. Ive now joined in the hope someone can answer my current problem before I spend a fortune out with money I simply dont have. My power steering warning light came on a few months ago with the audible warning and with an engine stopstart it seemed to cure

works on Mk2 Puntos is remove 70Amp fuse start the engine and refit the fuse with the engine running. theres no saying that this will work only that it works on Puntos it MIGHT work on the stilo. As for the OBD2 port being pushed in too far... take another look. they are recessed quite deeply on RHD models due to the assembly being installed upside down compared with the LHD models (which is how fiat

stilo EPS failure is almost unheard of (unlike Puntos ) if its not the fuses then it COULD be motor but i wouldnt advise blindly swapping parts over until you have a bit more of an idea about where the failure could be. unfortunately for amature home mechanics the electrical systems on more modern cars are becoming more and more advanced and further beyond the scope of the tools buried in most peoples

FIAT STILO Stilo Abarth... steering wheels buttons not working...

Hi This is my first post so go easy on me I have a stilo Abarth (2003) with Sat Nav ect I have a problem with a few warning lights when starting and the steering wheel functions not working. The sav nav cd player system is also intermittent when in use. All the warning lights go off after a few seconds but the other problems remain... This all seems to have happened after the car was serviced (cambelt

well... its the whole sat nav system doesnt matter if your using the cd player multi changer radio nav ect ect it just switches off and back on again unexpectantly... i took the cd changer out to see if that made a difference only made it slighty better but still have the same intermittent problem. Nothing on the steering wheel works not even the flappy paddels. only the horn really ...

FIAT STILO new steering wheel no horn

just fitted a new steering wheel off an abarth 500 and although i connected all the plugs up correctly the horn doesnt work its not the fuse so it must be something ive done. i was wondering if anyone knows how the horn system works behind the airbag presumably one of the connectors must work the horn but its the same connector as the old one so in theroy it must work also i noticed when i took the

FIAT STILO Engine system control failure...what code reader for abarth

hi just pulled onto my drive tonight and my car decided to talk to me once again and popped a new one up that i hadnt come across before. Engine system control failure....i wasnt really in the mood to start to play with it too much but the engine seemed to be running just the same as it was before the warning. having a quick flick search through the stilo section i have found the best way to find out

just downloaded the program off httpwww.fiatecuscan.netDefault.aspx having a quick flick through it and found my car 2.4 20V or do i want the fiat selespeed. in the system box it doesnt have a engine option like on others. i have ABS Airbag Electrical steering Service. will this stop me from finding out my engine system control failure is this program nice and easy to use cheers

FIAT STILO hid and steering wheel

i have done my research and know which hids to get but my question is how easy are they to fit do you kneed to mod and of the light to fit also where can i get one of these steering wheels from cheers chris

Youll need HID xenon headlights light washers and the auto leveling system from fiat unless your referring to a conversion kit which will contain none of these and will be illegal due to throwing light all over the place as they dont contain projector lenses. No idea about the steering wheel Ive never seen it

Originally Posted by RobConn erm... no belt. has electronic power steering... (motor attached to column) aletrnator belt. the eps system works when it sees alternator voltage if it does not se this (common fault is belt failure) then it will not operate. what steering has a belt anyway

i have had success with recallibrating the system.

Originally Posted by T14086 what steering has a belt anyway Errm Mitsubishi for one ..and do i love the system..cant beat hudraulic it just goes on and on.. EPS is the biggest load of tosh I have ever come up against.. Mrs.PNL drives a Panda and I constantly worry about her safety cos its a more common fault on that car..

Originally Posted by PNL Errm Mitsubishi for one ..and do i love the system..cant beat hudraulic it just goes on and on.. which model is that Phil By the way were not talking belt driving pump are we.

Hi guys appreciate the responses sorry didnt have a chance to get back promptly was out of town for a few days... Going to get the AC checked out in a garage recommended by a friend in the next few days. Ive been told this guy does a good job with AC systems in specific so hopefully hell be able to resolve my troubles there. Sorry not very motor literate what belts is it that I should be getting checked

Ace Me Ol Mukka the clicking sound is almost certainly the hydraulic tappets if it only noticeable when cold and not under load. even when the engine is warm you will get this on de-acceleration albeit to a lesser extent. its normal... dont worry about it. if the clutch noise is from within the car try spraying a little PTFE grease around any linkage you can find attached to the clutch pedal including

FIAT STILO Vibration through seats floor & steering knocking

1st fault -Looking for any help please. I have recently purchased 1.4 2004 3 door stilo. but has slight bumpy vibration through the seats and floor - steering wheel and drive is absolutely perfect does anyone have any thoughts tips on what it is or how to check eliminate this its not serious but more annoying. 2nd fault (I think) the steering is perfect in operation but when stationary with wheels

best to jack front of car up and check wheels for any play..steering track rod ends wishbones and drop links basically give them all a good check for any worn movement..if related to steering could well be track rod ends but if you have wheels off the ground just check for worn all parts that could give the issues you have give drop links a proper tug to check if worn may as well check driveshafts

FIAT STILO Light Steering

Im sure this has been covered but i cant find any threads My steering seems really light and if i take my eyes off the road the car wanders. can anybody shed some light on why this could be Thanks Stu

Originally Posted by bloodline_89 I have the city button on all the time... The system is not designed for the city steering to be switched on permanently its just an aid for parking. Leaving it on permanently will put a much greater load on the battery and alternator and therefore the engine will be using more fuel. It could also lead to premature failure of the steering column motor.

FIAT STILO help with my steering wheels with buttons

hi Im going crazy I have installed the buttons on my steering wheel but I have a problem I do not know how to solve. I added 3 cables two for the CAN network and the other cable for lighting. The pins of the cables is correct and steering wheel commands work 100% but the problem is the lighting when I turn the key to ON position steering wheel LEDs are lit for 2-3 seconds and then turn off and when

normally the switching off of the leds behind the steering wheel buttons is an indication for this node being switched off because it it detected as a faulty or non-working node on the can-bus. It is some sort of self-protection system to keep te rest of the can network operating correctly. Is your steering wheel node detected by FES (node name NVO)

FIAT STILO Help No steering at all

went to work and pulled into the car park turned to park and nothing feels like the sterring knuckle has stripped its splines. error messages showed asr failure and airbag failure also some other faults. i cant believe it any help lads. car i stranded across the car park and will have to be recovered home. car is 04 abarth

been registered onto their system and would be reviewed in... yeah you guessed it... 48 hours So now because they dont open weekends Im going to get a call sometime next week. I then mentioned that the part was going to take a week to ship from Italy according to Autoplanet Southampton so would it be worth shipping it now whilst waiting for the call. She said that as there was no guarantee that fiat

been registered onto their system and would be reviewed in... yeah you guessed it... 48 hours So now because they dont open weekends Im going to get a call sometime next week. I then mentioned that the part was going to take a week to ship from Italy according to Autoplanet Southampton so would it be worth shipping it now whilst waiting for the call. She said that as there was no guarantee that fiat

FIAT STILO recess in dashboard - left of steering wheel

wtf is it for Just to the left of the steering wheel low down there is a recess with two prongs on the top of it like something clips in - anyone know what it is

OK.... sensible answer alert. Its where the STOPSTART button goes if you have the EasyGo keyless entry system fitted. Hitby thanked for this post Hitby liked this post

FIAT PANDA Left foot touching the steering system

Just a new little bug I have found in the 870 miles. Sometimes if I am at a junction and I dip the clutch at a funny angle by accident I can feel the steering column moving when I steer. Has anybody else noticed this little annoyance I am size 11 feet so I guess it was not designed for anything other than Italian midgets

I get this in the Panda and in my stilo... only when in boots though (short ass with size 6s to match) was never a problem in my old Nissan though

FIAT STILO I have change climate control on my Stilo Abarth -02

Hi all Write to this excellent forum from Sweden. I have change climate control on my stilo Abarth -02 because it was broken. Now the new one works. But the milage is flashing. Then I bought Multiecuscan software 18 and tries to do a Proxy alignment. But it always get failed on Climate Nod and the rest is succeed. I have tryed many times and failed every time. Below you can see my logg Please can someone

FIAT STILO P1220 and P0571 - Do they relate

stilo 1.6 2001 here. Had the engine fault sign on the dashboard yesterday - The car went into Safe mode. Turned it off and on revs OK I managed to get back home (this happened a couple of times on my way back). I checked the car with FES and it showed P1220 and P0571 errors. While in the car I checked if the brake lights function well but they did not turn on when a pressed the brake (just flash randomly).

P1220 this might help. httpwww.fiatforum.comstilo24342...lfunction.html Originally Posted by Davren EOBD OBD2 Fault Codes Fuel and Air Metering P0001 Fuel Volume Regulator Control CircuitOpen P0002 Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit RangePerformance P0003 Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit Low P0004 Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit High P0005 Fuel Shutoff Valve Control CircuitOpen P0006

FIAT STILO Few things - Solar sensor (and ac) Proxi align Keys

Hello again recently got a registered copy of MES so I can now see all the bits and bats going on in the stilo A few things have poped up that im not 100% sure on. (edited out the bit about solar sensor as it works just needs a lot of light to register guess the black top is on to make sure it only kicks in in super sunny conditions) Firstly the evaporator temp is reading 6548.6 degrees. Im not a scientist

FIAT STILO Proxi Alignment failure

hi chaps I have attempted to help a fellow club member out with a couple of things using multiscan. We needed to do a proxy alignment but this fails with error configuration not support by system error...what this is the log Reading CAN configuration data ... CAN CONFIGURATION DATA 00 02 01 6F 00 02 01 6F 00 00 01 03 00 00 01 03 00 00 00 00 00 02 01 6F 00 00 00 09 00 02 01 6F 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 09

FIAT STILO New Stilo Abarth for me few problems though - suggestions

I havent been on this site for a long while (since I Was seeking advice on an ex-gfs punto I think) and now I am for me as I just bought a stilo Abarth the first fiat I have ever owned myself. It got me back 80 miles last night from where I bought it from (private sale) knowing it had some issues for what I paid I am more than happy the body is (from what I can see so far) immaculate for an 03 plate.

FIAT STILO Problem with front coil spring replacement

Hi guys A few weeks back I replace my front left coil spring on my 1.9JTD 5 door stilo because it had snapped. I followed the guide and everything went ok except.............................. After fitting I noticed that the top rubber cap on top of the suspension turret (on top of the shock strut) was sittingfloating above the suspension turret (in the engine bay) by approx 10mm This did not match

Originally Posted by Shadeyman A friend of mine is a fiat grease monkey who works for Quest fiat (a dealer near where I live). He told me the top of the stilo strut is rubber mounted to help noise reduction. As far as I know all MacPherson strut type suspension systems are rubber mounted at the top to help noise reduction. The only difference with the stilo is that unlike all other cars I know of the


Is it on or off as standard when you turn the key I had to take the wife out at 4.30am and the roads were white. Thick frost kind of white. The car was all over the place and must be the worst car I have ever driven on frost. Now I am presuming the light on the button I press means on but could it come on when the car reaches a certain temperature and if so is it possible to switch it off again. I would rather have control than a computer I would never trust.

to apply the brake on the spinning wheel(s) and reduce engine torque. Warning light 21 should illuminate or flash when the ASR system intervenes. Full traction control known as VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) was an optional extra. . Attached Thumbnails   __________________ stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map Discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) Croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

FIAT STILO GizmOwins Abarthed Stilo MW.

Right.. I know some people dont like it when people put abarth badges on a non-abarth car but sadly fiat didnt make a Abarth stilo Estate .. So ive had to improvise Its a 1.9JTD 115 with all the trimmings. Connect Nav Skyroof Split-Tailgate ElectricHeated Seat ElectricHeated Mirrors Cruise Control Climate Control Reclining Rear Seats Electric Rear Windows Xenon Lamps Headlight Washers... THE LOT This

FIAT STILO 1.6 misfire at idle

Hello Everyone Sorry for my first post being a question I have recently aquired a 1.6 stilo for the other half her 145 has terminal rust Its generally a good car but had a broken exhaust flexi which we tried to get replaced today but have been told the back engine mount (sort of looks like a tennis racket) was shot and needs to be replaced before they would fit an exhaust. Does this mount fail Or am

that one or more engine mounts are compromised. I think there should also be a bracket securing the exhaust pipe to the sump (between engine and gearbox) so have them check that too. On the Alfa 156 a bracket on the front of the engine (securing the down pipe) was always cracked and quite often missing. Its true that an exhaust leak can mess up the idle. Speaking of Alfa I know that the 1.8 fiat

Originally Posted by Shadeyman I live in Wolverhampton Id be more than happy to connect my laptop to your car and run fiatECUScan for you if your over this way. You can rest the ECU by disconneting the battery for an hour or two. Good idea to do it over night and charge it at the same time. Thank you kindly for that offer to Brendon ... I was hoping someone would be able to help in his area as Im a

Originally Posted by Shadeyman Suicide_Jockey you were 100% correct mate. Brendon had no luck with disconnecting the battery so he asked a friend(Matt) of his to get the car to my place. We reset the Power steering system using fiatECUScan after we cleared a few faults and everything is now as it should be. Did you perchance make a note of the Phantom Error Codes before you cleared them ... as Im

FIAT STILO A surprising end to a long Stilo day

My day started with a reasonably high-speed one-hour round trip in my stilo to pick up two rack ends (inner balljoints). Then on my way to work I picked up two track rod ends. Yesterday I replaced both lower wishbones (control arms) and drop links . Also changed the gearbox oil (not the Selespeed fluid but the Tutela 75 Synth in the gearbox itself - a slow job filling about 2 litres through the dipstick

FIAT STILO Brake Lamp Failure

Hi Just noticed that every once in a while although getting more often over the past days I sometimes get the Brake Lamp failure on the dash. I checked everything even with the error on the brake lamp is working fine. Yesterday evening at about 1100 pm I went in the house to get my coat and left a girl friend saying girl because she wanted to listen to some music so she just pushed the key until all

Nero Moire VR   Quote   25-09-2010   24 Davren Moderator   Join Date Jul 2008 Location London UK. Posts 9459 Thanks 1094 Trader Rating 2   Re Brake Lamp Failure Brake lamp failure warning refers to a fault anywhere in the brake lamp circuit but the bulb or connections are the most likely causes. Translations from Italian to any other language are never perfectly accurate for fiat

FIAT STILO performance comparison bravo 150 t jet sport v stilo abarth

anyone driven both.....the baseline comparison figures seem similar but i wonder how torquey the 1.4t will feel compare to the v5 in the stilo abarth(which i love) and what actual performance differences there are....

Originally Posted by JTD_Liam Is the steering in the stilo that bad I know its not the ultimate set-up owing largely to being electrically assisted but in my JTD 3dr it feels a heck of a lot better than Renault Meganes Ive driven which share the same TRW system and is much less vague than my Sisters 13 plate Alfa MiTo. Even a Mk2 Focus I had as a hire car didnt feel a great deal better than the stilo

FIAT STILO Keyless Start Stilo on Ebay

Just noticed this keyless start stilo on ebay first one I think Ive ever seen

Just for the record the system was known as Easy Go and was described in the stilo handbook. An interesting component is the electric steering lock. I dont know about anyone else but I might have a hard time trusting stilo electrics to unlock the steering. Imagine if it re-locked while driving... It must have been an option because it seems odd that it would be included in an otherwise ordinary-looking

FIAT STILO Painting my wheels

I didnt find too many other threads about repainting wheels - so thought Id share my little project. First step was to fail the Warrant Of Fitness (WOF like an MOT) with three tyres needing replacement - this provides a good excuse to put the stilo up on axle stands and remove all four wheels which fit (just) into a fiat 500 to take into a tyre shop. Tyres and tyre valves removed. Four wheels without

Thank you But OMG what a day yesterday got a fresh Warrant of Fitness and drove out to the fiat specialist half an hour away... then while an older friend was testing my car (I wanted his comment on what to do about the suspension) Engine Control system Failure and the Selespeed stayed in 3rd. Then after restarting it would only drive in 1st and 2nd. As he was trying to reverse the car rolled forward

FIAT STILO stilo front suspension knocking noise found and hopefully fixed

Hi guys Id like to contribute a little bit to the community knowledge by sharing my experiences with strange knocking noises coming from the front suspension. As the weather was not very nice to us this year and it rained a lot around these parts the roads are full of pot holes and generally I think our roads in Serbia arent up to any standard (in most places at least). Dont take it offensively there

After the third try what was only left to check was the steering shaft and rack and pinion... Dont you know it when the guys wiggle it around I can clearly tell thats the rattling sound I am hearing when going over bumps ... it could be felt over the steering wheel a bit as well and even through the chassis. At the moment the diagnosis is that a complete new Rack and Pinion is needed for our stilo.

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO Original Steering Rack Column Top Strut Bearings Drop links anything

How many people on here still have the original steering column in there GP If you do what mileageage you at Thanks.

low voltage issues. The rack is not power-assisted it is basically like a normal non-PAS rack. Common issues at the time were premature knocking from the track rods and every one I can remember was changed within the first 2 years of warranty. TBH I dont know of any manufacturers using electrically assisted PAS who has systems that are 100% reliable. What I will say is that over the years fiat

FIAT STILO Power sterring fail help

I need someone who either has had power steering problems with their stilo or knows more about stilos than FES does Basicly had a loose connection message that I knew was down to my rubbish old battery so bought a new one FES the hardware and did a service re set after fitting the new batter. Power steering comes back and car is driving completely fine after a trip round the block Decided to plug in

FIAT STILO ASR Warning - Abarth

hi there Some weeks ago I heard a grunt noise (1 sec in duration) from one of the wheels and the ASR warning light popped up promptly and disappeared soon after. But since a few days ago it just keeps appearing but without the noise it made during the first time. How does ASR work and where are the sensors it uses Thanks in advance

The grunt noise is probably the pump engaging. It is failing some sort of self-test and might not be a wheel speed sensor at fault. I had a faulty valve block on my Alfa 156 with VDC (Bosch 5.7 ABS with ESP same as the stilo). Or I suppose the sound could be the brake being applied to a wheel that the system thinks is spinning or sliding since it has ESP as well. I think the first thing to do is to

FIAT STILO Stilo - Weird series of issues im sure theyre all connected

Hey guys looking for a bit of expertise here on a stilo 2002 1.2 Active with 66k miles. Had it for over 2 years and its been fine for me until maybe the last 4-5 months. there are 34 issues which im 99% sure are all related. Ill go through it in order. This generally happens when im doing some mileage. 45 mins or so in the car and it starts in this order. 1) Fuel gauge randomly bottoms out computer

With just the fuel gauge and odometer being affected then I wouldnt be thinking so much of the instrument cluster being at fault. Almost all info to the instrument comes via CAN from the body computer so a lot more systems would be affected rpm speed etc The body computer gets the fuel level from the sender in the fuel tank and sends that info up to the instrument. So youre looking at a fault in the fuel sender circuit. But how could that affect the engine Well thats also where the fuel pump is located. Fuel pump is earthed at earth point C20 through the fuel cut off switch I50 But how is that affecting the steering CITY mode There it is again earth point C20 is used for the steering mode switch So a poor contact on earth C20 circuit is where Id go hunting fiatstilo2002ireland vladof thanked for this post

FIAT STILO stilo flashing millage

i have fitted a multifunction steering wheel and Im not sure if its a coincidence but since then everything is working ok but the millage is flashing what would cause this

by adding the steeringwheel you have added another node to the canbus system. the system sees the new node and knows its not registered to the car so flashes the milage to aware the driver -). you can fix this by doing a proxy alignment procedure on fiatEcuScan software but it needs to be a registered version.

FIAT STILO stilo battery drain

hi my stilo 1.6 dynamic 2002 has a strange issue. i went to start it the other day and it was flat all manner of warnings flashed up as per low voltage. i got a jump and it started easy and still is. it sometimes comes up loose connection and engine fault amongst others but not allways. battery is quite new charges well and alternator has been checked. ive checked all major connections and plugsall

on but its never enough to cause problems when Its parked up over night same with the LED sidelights Im not sure if they draw enough current when parked up over night to cause problems starting it the next day. There are systems on all cars that receive a constant live feed from the battery when the engine is turned off such as clock and alarm but again Im not sure of the exact systems on the stilo

FIAT STILO Want a Stilo

Hey everyone right so Im 17 and looking to get a stilo for a first car after seeing one in the flesh briefly at a used car showroom several months back I loved it. Been following the forum for a few months now but Im wondering if it would be worth getting one I dont really want to do anything to it in terms of modifications unlike most 17-year olds just a few questions really. The furthest Ill go in

Originally Posted by JoeyBrod Hey everyone right so Im 17 and looking to get a stilo for a first car after seeing one in the flesh briefly at a used car showroom several months back I loved it. Been following the forum for a few months now but Im wondering if it would be worth getting one I dont really want to do anything to it in terms of modifications unlike most 17-year olds just a few questions

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