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fiat stilo starter remove
fiat stilo starter remove

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Ive got a look at the fiat ELearn Disk for the stilo.... it makes it sound pretty easy to take it out.... remove under engine guard... (missing anyway).... Disconnect the Negative battery terminal - disconnect the electrical connections from the starter motor... remove bolts 3a 3b and there ya go... doesnt say anything about needing to be tiny to get your arms up to where they need to be.... I see

OK... so the greasing n stuff hasnt helped... it done it again 3-4 times in a row there again tonight.... the car electrics shop said they couldnt find anything wrong with it... it doesnt look as though its been taken apart... I take it theyve just been testing it similar to the way mentioned by Deckchair5 - is that a good enough inspection by them though Surely if the starter seems fine 9 times out

The starter motor and starter solenoid are all contained within the one unit Solenoid is at the top here so if it needs replacing then you usually replace the whole lot. If it makes that noise but doesnt turn the engine then some reason it is not engaging. and your troubles are either within that unit or you have a serious low electrical power issue. Turn your headlights on and see if they dim a lot when you turn the starter. I cant advise which problem you have without seeing and experiencing it Id be inclined to try a second hand unit as they are expensive and you are a master at how to remove and refit it now stilo01 thanked for this post

Originally Posted by Deckchair5 The starter motor and starter solenoid are all contained within the one unit Solenoid is at the top here so if it needs replacing then you usually replace the whole lot. If it makes that noise but doesnt turn the engine then some reason it is not engaging. and your troubles are either within that unit or you have a serious low electrical power issue. Turn your headlights

FIAT STILO starter motor

starter sticking was thinking i could strip and clean or is this not possible anymore

I dont think undoing the engine mountings will give you any more space. I removed my starter motor when I replace the clutch and DMF a while ago without disturbing the engine mountings. The top starter motor bolt needed a 38th drive 13mm socket and extention bar just longer than the body of the starter motor. Any shorter and I couldnt turn the ratchet handle because the starter motor body was in the way. Any longer and I couldnt turn the ratched because of lack of space at the back of the motor. Take the top bolt out first so the starter motor is still fixed solid to the enginegearbox. Once the bolt is loose you can wind it out by hand with the extention bar. If you take the bottom bolts out first the motor will be hanging on the top bolt so you would need to use the ratchet on it all the way out. You cant dismantle the solenoid because the canister is swaged together. Unlike early fiat solenoids that were bolted together. . Attached Thumbnails   saw liked this post

FIAT STILO Starter Motor issue

hey guys got my gearbox mount sorted BUT when i took the car for a quick drive (not even 14 of a mile) parked up then went to go out in the car to collect the other half tried to start it nothing the starter solenoid wasnt even energizing felt around the starter and found 1 bolt missing tried to wiggle the starter tried cranking it over it started to crank then cut out tried the same thing again and

Hey guys still not got my stilo running problem now is that the ignition fuse is burning out when I removed the ignition switch wire on the starter I reconnected the wire with a nilock nut no connection else where but now it seems like its shorting out cant see anything though anyone else had this and how did you sort it Car is a jtd 115

FIAT STILO Non starter and Massive list of fault codes from ECUScan

Hey folks Wondering if someone could point me in the right direction with this before spending loads on the car (again) stilo Abarth 2.4 02 plate On Monday the car would not start just turning over and over and over. removed and replaced small fuses under bonnet and reset ECU by removing the battery for a while. Started fine no issues until the Tuesday Same thing happened but it is refusing to start.

FIAT STILO Sticky starter motor

I think I need to strip my starter and possibly replace the brushes. Its the Valeo D6RA138 starter on a 3dr 52reg 1.6 stilo dynamic The car starts just fine in the morning and again in the afternoon but will not start when the car has recently been driven. (the battery is new by the way) When not starting When I turn the key I hear the fuel pump spin and all the usuals sounds and lights pop up on the

The reason people tap the starter is because the brushes are sticking or the solenoid Strip the starter make sure all the brushes are moving in and out on their springs smoothly and that there is plenty of brush left if they dont blast them clean with brakeclutch cleaner then add a little WD40 blast out all the parts with Brake cleaner until the black stops coming The shiny round part on the end of the winding shaft (commutator) clean that with Vinegar DO NOT clean with sand paper reason being the brushes and Commutator bed in together by sanding it you remove the contact surface I say vinegar because it cleans brass up amazingly remove the plunger from the solenoid clean all the inside out and smooth off any pitting and rust do not grease the plunger because dust gets in and clogs it up faster use Graphite powder or just leave it bare. Also make sure there is no play in the shaft bearings because the pull of the windings can make the armature touch the windings and stopslow the starter power. Finally Ive had cases of the live strap from the solenoid to the windings come loose making them intermittent tighten or re-solder. pazstilo thanked for this post Shadeyman liked this post

FIAT STILO refit starter motorhelpppppp

please help iam refitting a starter motor on a 2002 stilo 1600cc but i have thre wires but dont no were no go back 2 large wires both red and 1 small wire 1 red wire comes from battery 1 red wire from the back of engine maybe alternator 1 small black wire from loom just uderneath the maniford pic would be very helpful

2 reds to the larger connection B black to the smaller one S that you removed (if you cant remember which ones you removed then look for the shiney bits of thread on the solenoid studs) all the connections go to the solenoid you will have a positive in B(battery wire) a ground out M(which could be a link wire to the motor casing itself) and a positive trigger wire from your ignition S. the trigger

Originally Posted by spyshagg Does someone know how a engine compression procedure is done my engine scored 12bar for every cilinder. It was done with engine warm no oil on cilinders engine starter spinning for 4 seconds on each. thanks Compression test procedure remove all spark plugs. For cars with HT leads disable ignition system. Disable fuel pump (remove fuse or relay or for cars fitted with an

sparks. This suggests plugs broke when removing them but were not broken until removed. rule of thumb is to use NGK Iridium with LPG. Although the installer recommended either iridium or car specific stock sparks (my case champion the ones that broke). Because three of them broke exactly the same maybe a factory defect or they stood many years in stock until I bought them They installed LPG on 3 stilo

FIAT STILO No Starter Motor action

Just been outside to sweep the leaves away & went to move the car a 1.9 JTD and no starter action not even the solenoid throwing in Battery is good it was changed a couple of months ago and there is no dimming of the dash display when trying to engage the starter on the switch. Have thumped the top of the starter assembly with a piece if wood but no change. Its damn cold out so thought I would have

Originally Posted by driver33 Thankfully only two bolts on the jtd starter but you need to drop the engine mounting to create enough space to take it out from below. Should be 3 bolts holding the starter motor to the gearbox bell housing. One of them is very difficult to get to between the motor and the engine. If yours only has 2 perhaps a previous owner has removed the motor and not put the difficult

starter motor brushes all completely goosed and the brush holder was in a poor state. Replaced with new. Fitted to the car. Started first turn of the key Hard to believe that it chose to pack in at the same time as the fusebox issue.... With the car up on axle stands there was no way that I could see how the starter would come out and the workshop manual advises that it is removed. Four easy to get

FIAT STILO Starter Problems

fiat stilo 1.2 (3 Door 2002) Connected battery turned over but wont start and the engine continues to turn over with the ignition key out. Have to disconnect the battery to stop the engine turning over. Any ideas

The switch is only available complete with the lock. Are you sure thats where the fault is Have you tested it Its fitted to the steering column with shear bolts so you would need to drill or hammer them out to remove it.

Thanks again I cant do much till later in the week so I will remove it again and leave it on top of the radiator. When it was removed yesterday it was completely stripped down removing all fuses and relays and splitting the plastic box. Eric

FIAT STILO Mysterious Selespeed problems solved

Well Im happy after a long day working on two stilos 1- I put mine back together after cambelt change also fitted a new thermostat and did an oil change. Had to run across town to get a small oil filter - the one Id been given was too long - its bad enough at the best of times removed heat shields to make it easy. Another worse job was the new alternator belt solution to that was to remove the alternator

is your average speed I get the same MPG when my average speed is 4-10 kmh example going to work on a busy traffic day in Bucharest. Please give us more info on this issue. I do not unfortunately know what Fuel Bank1 Malfunction P0173 means we have a lot of very good people here that Im sure will come around and let us know. What rear bulb blows Brake Position lights signal I must say I love my fiat

FIAT STILO Please Help....Electricsstarting

Hi all Car fiat stilo 1.9 JTD 115 02. The problem is with starting when trying there appears to be a massive current drain on the battery cranks 2 times before lights go off and no more cranking. First thought was battery as we all know how stilos love a strong battery. So I went and bought a heavy duty one and fitted. Result was the same problem. Next thought was starter motor so got it off (easier

Hi all Sorry I didnt get back to you earlier have been in the garage since my last post. Thanks Clivvy good suggestion but I have already checked all cables and clamps...wish it was that simple this time. Hi Davren yes I had checked the engine turned free although it was rather hard to turn it even with a big T-bar again it was another possibility thanks. Thanks cris1117 I have already checked the

Originally Posted by paddycento everything is in bits all over the garage floor starter motor out again haha engine pivot mounts at the bottom removed one taken the bolt out of the other. coolant bottle ecu wiring fuel filter and a mass of wires. Finished for tonight but should be able to get the alternator out by tomorrow afternoon not the easiest of cars to work on if Im honest its a bitch

FIAT STILO Operation massive battery

Afternoon all Like many people im sure with all this flooding and freezing weather my battery has given up and my Boost Solenoid has drowned. Im sick and tired of little electrical faults caused by a poor battery so I think its time for me to get drastic. Im sure there is enough room in my engine bay (1.9 8v) to re-construct the battery box and fit a much bigger battery. Now Im not very clued up on

I suspect this is a problem with wiring being pulled around when fitting the battery If anyone has any lightbulb ideas please let me know but so far my check list looks like 1)Check all earth cables 2)Check wiring going to the starter 3)Check starter over give the old fashioned Egyptian screw driver treatment 4)Short the terminals on the Solenoid to force the starter into life 5)remove starter strip

FIAT STILO I think may have gubbed my ecu... (

In preparation for fitting the 1.4 lump I got recently I decided to try swapping the 1.2 wiring out in place of the 1.4s to see if it would run with the 1.2 ecu having the same ecu pin configuration I didnt see the harm in trying it... My 1.2 had bodged cruise control wiring into the ecu connector I had to remove this to get the rest of the loom out. However I have accidentally de-soldered a couple

first place lol the ecu seems fine and the throttle valve moves with the pedal now fuel pump is priming etc maybe a good charge of the battery over night or a new battery Ive half got my proof that the 1.4 loom runs with the 1.2 ecu and engine so Im optimistic that I can run the 1.4 engine off the 1.2 ecu and 1.4 loom with a remap but wont know for certain till I solve this __________________ fiat

FIAT STILO how to change selespeed oil

hi the question is in the title. how to change the oil for selespeed the pump doesnt create presure and i want to change 1st the oil too see results. also how to remove the pump if it is broken

I need to remove my gearbox to replace my clutch. 126000km on the clock. I think while Im there I should change the brushes in the Selespeed pump. This thread seems to confirm that would be a good idea to extend the life of the pump motor Has anyone else changed their brushes (or had their brushes fail - and if so at what mileage) Also any hints on which brushes might fit I didnt quite understand what

FIAT STILO how do I set the timing on my fiat stilo 1.2 16v

Hi all Im a bit new to this so here goes Basically my water pump failed on the motorway and lack of coolant caused my head gasket to blow So after I had it towed home I set about striping the engine for a huge rebuild... Head skimmed new head gasket new water pump new thermostat new timing belt and all new filters etc... ...Now with all the parts all cleaned and carefully rebuilt I set about the final

I mean have you re-connected the battery Also is there any starter motor action If its cranking but not firing and the the sparks are fine then check for loose wiring plugs around the throttle body area. Did you unplug any to remove the cylinder head If so its possible you forgot to plug in the connector for the injector circuit There may be fuel in the system but the injectors wont work with the connector unplugged. I made this mistake recently lol

FIAT STILO Head strip advice 1.6 air conditioning

Hi all Im trying my damnedest to strip the head of my 1.6 stilo with aircon but am having no joy at all. Ive got the throttle body air guides ecu and what not off but cannot for the life of me get the inlet manifold off. I tried the e-learn guide but it keeps getting upset and telling me that the documentation is not suitable for my car. I assume that I need to get the aircon off and perhaps even the

yes remove exhaust manifold completely leave inlet attached too head 2 or three wires with plugs go too the back of block and one 8 mm wire to remove from alternator leave the large red cable on alternator as this goes to starter motor and doesnt need to be removed oh and theres a plastic bracket mounted on bottom of inlet manifold that mounts too the block remove that. once all thats done make sure

FIAT STILO Help Stilo 1.6 clutch removal

Hi sorry but newbie here. I have just replaced clutch on my fiat seicento not to much of a prob but got a stilo that also went in a matter of days of the other 1. Can someone please point me in a direction of a fitting guidemanual or any help or vids of how to do the stilo clutch. Its 1.6 04 plate thanks in advance

not to difficult on a 1.6 start with the undertray drain gearbox then drive shafts exhaust battery gear selector starter. then put an engine support in remove the gearbox mount under the battery tray undo the bellhousing bolts and drop the gearbox to the floor. Its a two man job to lower it to the floor although i have done it myself but its heavy on its own. Dinger1203 liked this post

FIAT STILO Stilo 1.4 16v Front rattle

New to the forum and owned my stilo Active for 12 months. Recently changed the front wish bones drop links rear sub frame bushes. Had the tracking done and 4 new tires and the rattle is back on the front end. Bought genuine fiat drop links and they seem to have gone again in 4 months. Can anyone recommend a decent high end set of after market replacements as I dont want to have to do this again in 4 months. Thanks

I would say drop links normally but then you said they were changed Here is a fault that occurred to me there is 2 bolts that hold the front calliper together. You remove these when changing the pads I found that one of mine wash tightened properly and was loose. This rattle sounded very much like a drop link rattling. But it went away under braking So try there as a starter for 10

FIAT STILO Selespeed pump

Looking for a new pump for my 52 plate abarth would the Alfa selespeed pumps be the same or does it have to be a fiat one cheers in advance guys

Im still confused by the last two posts. Does the pump run when you open the drivers door Youve said it has a pressure of 0. This either means the pump does not run or that the pressure sensor is faulty. The pump has a two-pin plug on thick wires behind the battery tray. Perhaps while you have MultiECUScan connected unplug the pump and use a jump starter pack to put power on the pump. If it runs and

very odd. ok with regards the gears is it a clutch issue What I mean is does the clutch depress correctly if you get chance shine a bright torch up at the mechanism for a look - its hydraulic so well worth checking the fluid also. as said you shouldnt be having to fill up the oil that much even an RX8 doesnt need oil maintenance that often I would be getting that issue looked ta but if its driving

FIAT STILO Car not starting help urgent

Hi guys i removed my dials and put them back in now the car just ticks away. No starter motor no nothing just a tick WHAT DO I DO Plus its urgent i really have to leave to go somewhere Thanks HH

FIAT STILO loose wire at back of gearbox

Yesterday I removed the EGR for cleaning. I then noticed an unconnected wire lying across the back of the gearbox. The car has been running ok so perhaps the wire is for some electical accessory that my model doesnt have fitted. Of course I am interested to know what its for. The best description I can think of is A very thick wiring loom travels from the battery-side across the back of the gearbox.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 engine swaps

Starting with a single point injection Cinquecento or Seicento sporting(mk1) 1108cc The easiest swap and the most effective in terms of outlay is to swap an 1108cc Sporting engine for a 1242cc 8 valve Punto 60 engine. heres the specs comparison 1108 54 bhp 5500 rpm 63 lbft torque 3250 rpm 1242 60 bhp 5000 rpm 75 lbft torque 2500 rpm whilst the 1242cc doesnt appear to be a great increase the torque

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Chalky 1.4 16v ITB Seicento.

I dont know if you guys remember but back in january I was starting a project that involved me swapping the piston rods from 8v ones to the 16v ones fitting a 1.4 8v grande inlet manifold and a spicy CB cam . Well that got thrown out and I promised you I would still do a project. I Delivered The donor engine was removed from a 2003 fiat stilo 1.2 16v with only 28k on the clock. I got the engine home

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Chalky The 1.2 16v Sei

I dont know if you guys remember but back in january I was starting a project that involved me swapping the piston rods from 8v ones to the 16v ones fitting a 1.4 8v grande inlet manifold and a spicy CB cam . Well that got thrown out and I promised you I would still do a project. I Delivered The donor engine was removed from a 2003 fiat stilo 1.2 16v with only 28k on the clock. I got the engine home

FIAT COUPE My ongoing 20vt project What do you think

Hi Guys and Girls So my coupe came out the body shop the other day and decided to get some pics up She is far from finished and has not been driven for over a year I got her completely standard and havent been able to stop playing with her since I got her two years ago but its nearly time for the M.O.T and Tax Let me know what you think Attached Thumbnails              

cat1 alarm (full closure) Full Black leather Turbo timer Boost controller Boost gauge in the clock Integrated Blutooth kit Timer relay fitted to the headlights (they now stay on for 30 seconds when ign is turned off) Micro usb charger point and usb hardwired into glove box (ready for the in car p.c) starter button (fitted in the fag lighter hole) The engine has been fully rebuilt (with genuine fiat

FIAT DUCATO What have i done help please

Please can somebody help my im deserate I have a ducato maxi ex ambulance that has beed converted into a campervan 1998 2.5D. Anyway today i went to start it as i do every 2 weeks or so while its sitting there and it didnt start all that happaned was the starter motor started to go around but the engine didnt fire then i turned the key to the off position but the starter kept going for about 10 seconds

The Branch Control Unit(fuse box) item 10 in the diagram is a very similar design to the one used in a stilo lots of inter-connecting thin strips of metal inside. Ingress of water or damp causes all sorts of weird and wonderful faults. If your fuse box is corroded internally or water has got in somehow it could be the cause of your problem by shorting out relays etc. remove it and place it on top of

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