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fiat stilo stalling
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FIAT STILO Smoking Stalling Stilo Saga - Help Please

Hey everyone Been enjoying the forum for about a year now since being the proud owner of a shiny 03 stilo 1.9JTD 115 The forum has been an amazing tool and have been able to sort many niggling problems by searching alone so thanks to all involved However I fear i now need some direct advice For a month or so now it has seemed a little sluggish and the other day i noticed that the little black vapor

have you checked your intercooler pipe to turbo for any holes mine popped off yesterday and it became horrible stalling plumes of smoke and very noisey sounding very similar to your problem. its a very common problem for the inner wheel arch to wear a groove into the pipe and cause this problem. roy

arch there is a deep rub mark but again not all the way through and where one of the smaller pipes joins this there is also some wear (please see pics) Also is the MAF sensor the one within the black inlet pipe which connects to the air filter box Is this really suddenly enough to cause so much smoke and stalling everytime Thanks again Attached Thumbnails       __________________ fiat

Whilst checking vacuum pipework for leaks is a good idea overboost issues will never cause stalling. Id block the EGR as stated (quite easy - I did a howto somewhere on the forum a while back) but suspect John is correct about the injection of dirt into engine and consequent damage

FIAT STILO stilo. air bags. stalling.

hi. i bought a stilo 3 years ago and its been in the garage more times than its been on the road. it now keeps stalling and i mean alltime. the revs start dropping so i have to keep it revving a bit to stop it stalling. it also stalls when im driving sometimes like when slowing coming to traffic lights and such . i drive 44 miles to work on the motoway and sometimes it stalls when i get there. annoying.

Just because the ecu has logged a fault with for example injector circuit that doesnt definitely mean that the injector is shot and must be replaced. IIRC the car cant fail the MoT for airbags not working they have no way to test them for a start. As for stalling Id start here httpwww.fiatforum.comstilo-guide...rol-valve.html jqx81o thanked for this post

Originally Posted by jqx81o i need to take it to fiat but i hear nothing but bad stories about them. your quite happy to take free advise from them on internet forums though Originally Posted by jqx81o how come fiat can get away with selling such shoddy equipment. id never even thought you could have a problem with air bags now reading from this forum it seems every stilo owner has had to have theres

bit of stilo........ new radiator. front wiper linkage. 3 head light bulbs 2 brake bulbs.3 wiper blades . rear brakes pads and discs . 3 coil packs new spark plugs. 2 new air filters. all in 3 years.. toyota......had this car 5 years never serviced never failed an mot . 1 side light. top up of oil. thats it. i do like my stilo but i just like things to work.

Originally Posted by jqx81o bit of stilo........ new radiator. front wiper linkage. 3 head light bulbs 2 brake bulbs.3 wiper blades . rear brakes pads and discs . 3 coil packs new spark plugs. 2 new air filters. all in 3 years.. Bulbs tend to blow when you have a weak battery so you cant blame the car for that. Brake pads discs and wiper blades are pretty normal things to wear out. Air

FIAT STILO New here Stilo 1.6 with stalling problem

Hello Sorry to make this my first post without properly introducing myself. I have a stilo 1.6 16v with a bad stalling problem I purchased it from an auctions so Im not sure how long its had the problem. 9 times out of 10 you can start the engine and it will idle fine but as soon as you touch the throttle and remove your foot from the peddle the engine will drop below 1000rpm struggle for a few seconds

I have now checked the spark plugs which where all fine. Ive used electrical contact cleaner on the D4 connector and both the connections to the ECU and Im still having the same stalling problem. Ive used fiatecuscan to pull the following information. Any help would be appreciated

a few seconds then stall. (making it completely unusable) Ive replaced the air flow sensor (which I believe is called the MAP sensor) and also cleaned the throttle body out completely cleaning both sides of the valve. I have also checked and cleaned all the main connections under the bonnet. Any advise on this problem would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Karl (from lincoln) Hi I have a fiat

I dont have the error code from the fiat specialist just what he said it meant. I have the demo version of the fiat Scan software so I will plug it in again and see what it says.

FIAT STILO ...1.6 stilo hunting stalling hesitstion bogging fault codes...

Hi folks Ive an 2002 fiat stilo 1.6.... i have a problem with the car which is now becoming very frustrating It started with the engine light coming on whilst holdingmaintaining revs over 3000rpm for say 20 seconds... then this happened more often on normal drives and lower down the rev range and also not requiring the 20 seconds but more like 4 seconds. Then on idle the car started to hunt and stall.

My stilo has the magneti marelli c146 throttle body...does this have the IAC valve integrated in it Ive replaced the throttle body with a working second hand i cleaned it...i put my old one back on...exactly the same...did the throttle learn process via the diagnostic software. Thanks.

FIAT STILO Engine Fault - Stalling

Hi I had just got to work this morning in my 1.6 fiat stilo when as i pulled in to the car park the engine died and the engine fault light came on. I tried to restart the car and the first few tiomes it did not start properly it started then died pretty soon after but on the third attempt it did stay running. Deciding to tempt fate I took it for a little drive around to see if it was making any funny

Theres a few threads on here for idling stalling problems. Very common problem for early 1.6 model A fiat dealer or good independent should be able to do diagnostic check to see what needs doing You need to make sure that 1.6 stilo has had pressure sensor modification and ecu update. Idle valve may need cleaning out.

FIAT STILO Stalling 1.6 after engine engine rebuild

Hi My 1.6 16v is now up and running again after burning a couple of valves. The car has been run for over a week now and I am pleased - all seems well (touches wood) However I have noticed since the engine was rebuilt the car occasionally stalls at low revs such as when slowing down at a junction - its really strange one minute its running then it just cuts out. I have used the search tool and found

thermostat expect poor heater output dash gauge never getting to N heater cooling off even more and engine dying at idle after long fast stretch of road heater pipes to cabin very warm but not scolding hot Its not essential to replace coolant. I wouldnt drain the coolant out I would just remove the thermostat and allow for spillage then theres very little to top up again __________________ 02 stilo

na. not in the bravo- got the sport so its not the smoothest of boxes infact when its cold best leave second alone till its warm. not really had many problems with the bravo on the scale of the stilo. i think the worst i have had is a bust radiator that spray boiling hot water into my aircon condensor and ruined the lot. all on warranty though as well as a bravo i have a 2001 306HDi now as well (got rid of the saxo chav rocket). that has some intersting faults every now and then that keeps me busier than any fiat has done

hi. my stilo seems to have the same problem of stalling all the time. its in at fiat for a diagnostic tomorrow morning will this pick up if its the thermostat. Thanks

FIAT STILO Stalling engine fault and no acc pedal reaction

Hello fellow stilo owners The stilo is a great car with a lot of features i have a stilo 1.6 3dr from 2002 which i drove for a year without problems.. but now My car is acting strange lately with fault codes p0105 and p1121 showing up. When i let the clutch come in at 20kmh in 2nd or 3rd gear without touching the throttle the car shakes and the revs arent constant. When i press the accelerator pedal

a good connection though with crocodile clips and not just holding a multimeter on the connectors. Just like an old volume control on a radio which crackles and produces noise these TPSensors are the same. This is how they look throughout the range when theyre connected with a 5v input from the ECU . Then id clear fault codes and see what happens Attached Thumbnails   __________________ 02 stilo

B See the ECU M10B connector thats the one nearest the battery. Now ideally you want something exactly the same dia as the ECU connector pins as you dont want to jam something in there that will make the pins a sloppy fit afterwards. Find the relevant pins connect up a multimeter and then see if you can see any problems with checking the TPS resistances from there. __________________ 02 stilo

Its getting stranger every day.. This afternoon i visited the fiat dealer for a diagnose freeze frame data wasnt available.. The fault codes that came up this time were P0101 P0105 P0110 and U1706 No faults on the throttle body or sensors I have to say that since i cleaned the M10B connector on the ECU i havent had any stalling problems or accelerator issues since then. So i guess the cause was a

to your MAP being out of range or a cricuit problem. With a P0105 then the car wont clear the fault on its own once its flagged as bad then it ignores it until you clear the fault code Test by back probing your MAP sensor. Should have A white Earth B white Air temp arouind 3.3v at 15C C grey 5v supply D green map signal -around 4.5v with just key to MAR maybe down to 1.5v at tickover NB the fiat

cleared the old stored engine data and told it to try it again __________________ 02 stilo 1.6 Dynamic 3 door 99 Bravo 1.2SX Last edited by Deckchair5 18-12-2009 at 1724 .   Quote   19-12-2009   10 suzukib Get Your Own Title   Join Date Nov 2009 Location Southampton Posts 54 Thanks 0 Trader Rating 0   Re 1.6 stalling after cold start Brilliant thanks for that mate. Well fiat

Theyre not Bosch super 4s are they Renowned for causing misfires and bad engine running on the 1.6 engiine. If so change them and put the standard NGK in pt no BKR5EZ on 0.9mm gap MAP is here. Real easy on a 1.6. Watch you dont break the securing clip. Tie wrap it up if you do __________________ 02 stilo 1.6 Dynamic 3 door 99 Bravo 1.2SX Last edited by Deckchair5 21-12-2009 at 1103 .   Quote  

FIAT STILO Stilo stalling then refusing to restart

stilo stalling problem Hi all - can anyone help I have a stilo estate whch has developed a problem - when I stall it it wont start at all for about five minutes. I turn the ignition key and it is just dead - then after about five minutes it starts up as normal. It has done this twice - the first time it happened I stalled it whilst parking at the kerb so it wasnt a problem - but today I stalled it

FIAT STILO Judders and mystery stalling

Ive had the Multiwagon for 2 weeks now and largely I am happy with it but a couple of worrying things have been happening After a long drive at 60mph as I slow down at a roundabout & go down through the gears before stopping it stalls. Its done it also as I move slowly through traffic lights again after a long journey at speed. Also it has started to judder in first gear as I set off from junctions

Your stalling might be cured by cleaning your inlet control valve. Easy DIY job... httpwww.fiatforum.comstilo-guide...rol-valve.html Clivvy liked this post

Originally Posted by Yellow Peril Your stalling might be cured by cleaning your inlet control valve. Easy DIY job... httpwww.fiatforum.comstilo-guide...rol-valve.html 1 Whitby Lady liked this post

FIAT STILO Stilo stalling after a few seconds

Hi I have a fiat stilo 1.6 regular service and recent MOT Starting yesterday morning every time I start the car after a few seconds it stalls. No warning lights on prior to yesterday. If I rev the car the engine runs but soon died once I stop revving. Wondering on your ideasuggestions Thank you

Sheernes need to know what car you have petrol diesel and what engine. That said does this issue occur when the car is hot only i.e. is it fine until warmed up if so have the CKP sensor checked and changed. A faulting CranKshaft Position Sensor will cause bad starting stalling and spurious errors on the dash. Its a reasonably cheap fix.

FIAT STILO Stalling when clutch in and revs drop

Good morning all Want to ask about a problem with my stilo that seems to be happening more and more often. Doesnt seem to be any problem with the drive of the car recently passed its MOT. But for some reason when youre coming to a stop and you clutch in the engine stalls. This doesnt happen all the time and never happens if the air conditioning is on. It also kangaroos if youre moving along in slow

its a 1.6 im wondering james have you changed your air filter if thats clogged it will reduce the air flow to the engine. my 1.6 done this as well from new - fiat dealer couldnt find a problem until a throttle body update was done at the dealers. give the throttle body another clean you could have rubbish got back in there from all the work you have had done since you last cleaned it for a 5 min job

FIAT STILO Fiat Stilo 1.8 16v MY 2004 Stalling (Low oil pressure)

Hello everybody I have quite common problem with my stilo. When youre coming to a stop and you clutch in the engine stalls. This doesnt happen all the time and if the air conditioning is on it happens even rarely. Also if Youre hard on revs in neutral revs go down and engine stalls. Things done so far - Throttle body cleaned (also tried another throttle body) - Throttle body relearn - New spark plugs

Ive had this sort of problem on a couple of stilos. Despite trying second-hand MAFs and throttle bodies I wasnt getting anywhere. Then I fitted new MAFs (in both cases) and both were solved. I think that fault code is quite reliable (and second-hand MAFs arent ) -Alex

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