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Hi to everyone as this is my first post. I have got a 54 plate punto 1.2 8V now just recently it has been running really poor. It starts all the time but always trys to cut out. I recently had it on a code reader and the map sensor & lambda sensors came up so they have been replaced. I am still getting p0170 on the code reader which is fuel trim bank 1 fault. I have now been told that this could be

Im no expert but perhaps your ECU would benefit from being given a bit of a reset which as far as i know just involves disconnecting the negative battery lead and leaving it off for a good while. Not sure how long maybe a search on here would tell There are lots of people on here with more experience than me regards Diagnostics who will be able to advise you better does this sound... If the

monitor your upstream lambda sensor.

FIAT PUNTO Dead Punto Mia

My daughters punto Mia (02) died the other day and had to be towed home. The guy who towed it thought it was the timing belt - well luckily it wasnt. It turns over but doesnt start - no life at all. I attached an ELM327 to the diagnostic port and got error codes p0170 (Fuel Trim) and P1325. Anyone got any useful ideas before I take it down to the local fiat dealer

FIAT PUNTO Trouble codes

Hello. I have punto 1.2 8v MK2b with LPG device. The check engine light came on so i put a code reader on my punto and its showing the trouble codes p0170 p0500 and U1602. Any idea anyone

httpwww.fiatforum.comtech-talk1...code-list.html httpwww.fiatforum.compunto128395-fault-codes.html p0170 Fuel Trim Malfunction (Bank 1) P0500 Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction U1602 - CAN Data Bus - communication error probable cause- Wiring poor connection. Sounds like Lamda sensor from a quick search.

FIAT PUNTO Help with over fuelling and misfire

Hi all Ive got an 03 punto 1.2 8v which keeps failing me. I had the head gasket done 6 months ago then the clutch went last month and also need a new gearbox and a front section of exhaust. After all this ran fine for 2 weeks then ecu light came on and the mpg took a dive from around 38 to 20mpg. The exhaust gas smell sooty and I get black marks on the floor where Ive run it. It also misfires under

FIAT PUNTO Punto runs roughlty at low revs

When my punto is a low revs the engine runs very rough (and sometimes cuts out altogether). It seems ok when I get the revs up a bit. What could be causing this

Well I changed 4 plugs and now I am getting 2 error codes - P0302 and p0170.

Originally Posted by tmccar Well I changed 4 plugs and now I am getting 2 error codes - P0302 and p0170. Cylinder 2 Misfire swap the leads from 1 to 2 and see if the misfire swaps. IF it does then replace leads. p0170 is fuel trim bank 1. No idea on that one.

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX 02 Punto engine problems

wifes mk2 punto has developed persistent misfire cut out. dealer has had 2 attempts to repair so far under warranty stripped engine adjusted valves then replaced rev sensor ( they even managed to crash it during a test drive - shame it wasnt a write off). same fault is back yet AGAIN even worse when wet. got AA out to it eventually got it started firing on 2 cylinders checked coil connections all of

the standard of the towing bracket fixing which on route to the garage was ripped out of the front bumper whilst hooked up to the AA van. The entire bracket and hook was completely pulled off the chasis through the plastic bumper moulding. On closer inspection the bracket was held on to the chassis by only 2 spot welds both of which had been welded through the paint finish Surely this must be a fiat

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX Punto 2002 8v 1.2 P0130

punto 2002 8v 1.2 P0130 changed the pre cat sensor as it was tested and found to be died. The new sensor works within live data and switching as normal. After a day or to of driving the engine light pings back on and the code is the same each time p0130 sometimes p0170 appears but not all the time. Also have i have checked for vac leaks but none has been found. Any ideas

FIAT PUNTO testing coil pack

hi ive got a y reg punto 1.2 ive had the engine warning light on with an intermitant misfire so i read the error codes p0170 and p0351. which i believe means intermitant coil pack failure so ive bought a coil pack but i cant figure out which one isnt working. when i put the multimetre leads in the HT sockets i get a reading of about 8.1 on both how do i tell which it is

P0351 Ignition Coil A PrimarySecondary Circuit Malfunction. It doesnt neccessarily mean you need a new coil. Coil A is number 1. As youve already bought a new coil you may as well fit it in cylinder 1 to check but if it doesnt cure the fault you will need to check the circuit and connectors from the coil to the ECU . p0170 Fuel Trim Malfunction (Bank 1).

p0170 doesnt directly relate to the coils. It indicates the the ECU is unable to maintain the correct fuelai ratio. However it may have been set as an indirect result of a coil or coil circuit fault. Fix the coil problem first then read the codes again to see what if any codes re-appear.


Hi to everyone as this is my first post. I have got a 54 plate punto 1.2 8V now just recently it has been running really poor. It starts all the time but always trys to cut out. I recently had it on a code reader and the map sensor & lambda sensors came up so they have been replaced. I am still getting p0170 on the code reader which is fuel trim bank 1 fault. I have now been told that this could be

FIAT PUNTO Newbie Help with fault codes.

Hi Guys Can anyone help. I have a 2005 punto 1.2. Car has just come out of an MOT test and the engine managment light is on. Its come up with 2 fault codes. p0170 - Fuel Trim U1600 - Undefined code When the car is cold it struggles to start and runs a bit rough with a missfire and when she is running the exhaust gasses stink Many thanks Adrian

FIAT PUNTO JTD Engine Management Light

This morning I went for a short drive in my Mk2 JTD and when I got to my destination I noticed that the red engine management light was on even though the car seemed to drive fine. I switched the engine off and then started it back up again and the light was no longer on and then about 5 seconds later the car revved itself upto 2000rpm and the light came back on then it held the revs at about 2000rpm

Sorry to bring up an old thread I have this problem took it to fiat with the error code p0170 which means mixture problem guessing giving the car to much air they reset ecu but it came back on couple of days later I know there is nothing wrong with the car as its running fine not a dramatic fuel consumption when I last checked just want the engine managment light to go away because its annoying me lol any help

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO 57 plate t-jet problem - engine management light

Right guys the other week the engine management light came on (constant) saying check engine. (so topup with oil and check coolant and everythings fine again.) Came on there tonight again (constant) saying same message. Now ive looked at the other old threads posted up but nothing up to date in basically a year. So is it the egr valve or is it something else And please dont tell me to buy a reader of ebay like in other threads either you have an answer or you dont.

Buy a reader of ebay...... Is the best answer your going to get that light can come on for one of the following reasons.. P0100Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Malfunction P0101Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit RangePerformance Problem P0102Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input P0103Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit High Input P0104Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Intermittent P0105 Manifold Absolute


Hi all my eobd light has come on and after warming the car up I noticed the temp gauge drop suddenly Ive looked but cant find no help is the car safe to drive as Ive got a long drive to work to do tonight. Any help will be much appreciated so thanks in advance P.s I aint a mechanic so please talk basic talk to me

sadly there is no way on earth anyone can guess whats going on .... the OBD2 code outputs (dependent on the car) can be a wee bit long...... Until you have the code read no one can second guess as it could be one of these P0001 Fuel Volume Regulator Control CircuitOpen P0002 Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit RangePerformance P0003 Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit Low P0004 Fuel Volume Regulator

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L Another (im sorry) power steering motor thread

Hi there sorry for another thread but my dreaded red light came on. changed the battery (was tested by car spares and was shot) but that hasnt resolved the problem. I have creaking in the steering and the red light will come on and steering becomes heavy. I will be buying a new motor but need to know if i have to get the ECU with it or just the motor Ive seen the youtube video and pretty sure i can

interestingly i scanned the ecu this morning (power steering light hasnt come back on yet still creakingjuddering at low speeds when wheel turned) and another fault code came on p0170 - Mixture Strength I read and shows a low signal to the ECU any idea on what to test and what could be the cause of this Am still waiting for the power steering light to come on to see what that code is mind

FIAT PUNTO High Fuel Consumption

Guys please give me you option mk2 1.2 8V Im using a hell of a lot of fuel had a look at the codes and the following are reported. p0170 mixture strength P0135 O2 sensor (6) P0141 O2 sensor (12) Would you agree that both Lambda sensors have given up Thanks in advance

Clear the codes run the car until the EML light comes on re-read immediately. Deal with the first code. Note that both the O2 sensor codes point to the heater circuit which is sometimes implicated in p0170.

Cheers fingers Done that and the first code is the p0170 followed by the other two and yes for the two sensors it give the heaters as the problem. Do you think i should change them

I think you should look at the circuit before you swap the sensors. For p0170 possible causes are (yes I Googled for it) - Intake air leaks - Faulty front heated oxygen sensor - Ignition misfiring - Faulty fuel injectors - Exhaust gas leaks - Incorrect fuel pressure - Lack of fuel So theres a lot to check out before you start replacing anything. Plus which the chance of 2 lambdas going down at the

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