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can ensure with other sensors readings that its going to mix the correct fuel If the sensor is plugged in tightly And the connection is clean and good The wiring isnt damaged in anyway its probably a case of a deaddying sensor Not to worry The throttle body is actually a DIY job A decent set of allen keys and spanners youll be fine Something like this off ebay would be ideal

Have you tried a throttlepeddle reset. I think its. Put key into ignition turn to mardont start it. Leave for 90 seconds. Turn off. Then put back on for 90 seconds then start the engine the go for a slow or fast drive The car then is supposed to go into a learning process. Feck knows if it works like-but Ive heard of mechanics do it after doing work on fiats Alfas .

after. I noticed that when removing the air box the top left (looking from the front of the car) screwnut was missing. Could this be allowing unfiltered air through the intake and would this aggravatecause this problem I mentioned in another thread that I was thinking of upgrading the intake but will definitely do this if the missing nut is going to be a problem. Thanks Dan __________________ fiat

My guess is that if you walked into a scrappy (rather than used eBay) youd get a new TB for 15 quid. The MPI Seicento TB is probably (check with ePer ) the same. The sensors certainly are. Yep stuff can be replaced independently of the TB . You may be able to find the nominal values in the punto factory manual (check classifieds). Remember that these things live in a much more hostile environment than

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX Punto MK2 wont start but turns over ok

Hi all My son has a MK2 punto 2001 1200 8v which just cut out on him yesterday and I am just at a loss of what to try next. The dash is lighting up ok and engine is turning over ok. I have a spark at the plugs I can hear fuel pump working and have pressure at fuel rack. We have no engine management light (think light has been smashed by previous owner) on but am reading two error codes P0105 & p0120

fault codes 2 faults are Map and Tps sensor Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   23-12-2013   5 Deecjay Get Your Own Title Join Date Dec 2013 Posts 3 Thanks 0 Trader Rating 0   Re punto MK2 wont start but turns

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX 03 1.2 8v Punto revving choking issue

Hi i need some help my punto has been running ok since i did the head gasket and belt. But today its really under powered. If im parked up and press the accelerator 50% of the way down it revs nice and slow up to 6k rev but if i put my foot flat to the floor it chokes (the engine gets really loud) and drops to 4k and work go above. Im assuming some sort of throttle problem but any help or advice would

Hi got a fiat scanner on it today and got the following P0505 Idele control sys The reason for this fault is that ECU did not receive signal from the sensor p0120 TP SenorSwitch The reason for this fault is that ECU has received very high signal from the sensor P0105 MAP BARO Pressure The reason for this fault is that ECU has received very low signal from the sensor. P0110 Intake air temp The reason for this fault is that ECU has received very high signal from the sensor

FIAT PUNTO Punto Fault Codes

Hi I wondering if anyone could help I have plug a fault finder into my punto 1.2 8v petrol and its come back with these fault codes U1600 P0105 P0115 p0120and P0340 Any advise would be much help Thanks

FIAT PUNTO Engine issues

I blew the HG on my MK2 8v punto just over a month ago had that and many other gaskets replaced and since then i am having many issues with the engine. The engine light on the dashboard keeps popping on sometimes accompanied by the oil light. On one occasion the engine idle speed was 3000revs and another occasion the engine only ticked over if i pushed the throttle pedal down. The engine error codes

FIAT PUNTO Revving engine at idle and engine stalls

When i drive when i stop at drive through (takeaway) or traffic lights my engine idles at around 9 then jumps up to 20 or 30 then drops down to 9 then revs again and nearly stalls and drops below normal idle point. Whilst general driving engine stops suddenly - red battery light oil light etc but as im moving i just change gear and it jumps back to lif I have recalibrated ecu using fiatecu i have cleared

by russnix When i drive when i stop at drive through (takeaway) or traffic lights my engine idles at around 9 then jumps up to 20 or 30 then drops down to 9 then revs again and nearly stalls and drops below normal idle point. Whilst general driving engine stops suddenly - red battery light oil light etc but as im moving i just change gear and it jumps back to lif I have recalibrated ecu using fiatecu

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX Mk2 1.2 8V 2003 ECU Wiring Diagrams wanted urgently

I have a TPS p0120 problem. TB swapped and problem still exists. Fast idle. ECU about to be changed but I suspect wiring on the left hand (from rear) multi way ECU connector. Moving connector affects idle sometimes. Fault was intermittent but now seems continuous. Does anyone have ECU sensor wiring diagrams I have looked averywhere and cannot find them so any help would be greatly appreciated. ECU

FIAT PUNTO my punto starts then stalls straight away

hiya. my son bought a car at the weekend.he drove it home from the garage (and before someone says take it back the mans away for 3 weeks) but we know and trust himall was fine then when he drove it homelater in the day when he drove the car it lost all power and stopped.he had a diagnostic test done on it so has since changed spark plugsht leadstps and idle control valves. all the faults have now

hiya thanks for the replies the initial codes were p0120 which turned out to be a bent pin with p0203 which was cleaned and the idle control valve sorry cant remember code but we got the new part now it shows no errors on the diagnostic machine but the car is still not running as i said he can start it but then it justs stops

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO 57 plate t-jet problem - engine management light

Right guys the other week the engine management light came on (constant) saying check engine. (so topup with oil and check coolant and everythings fine again.) Came on there tonight again (constant) saying same message. Now ive looked at the other old threads posted up but nothing up to date in basically a year. So is it the egr valve or is it something else And please dont tell me to buy a reader of ebay like in other threads either you have an answer or you dont.

Buy a reader of ebay...... Is the best answer your going to get that light can come on for one of the following reasons.. P0100Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Malfunction P0101Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit RangePerformance Problem P0102Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input P0103Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit High Input P0104Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Intermittent P0105 Manifold Absolute


Hi all my eobd light has come on and after warming the car up I noticed the temp gauge drop suddenly Ive looked but cant find no help is the car safe to drive as Ive got a long drive to work to do tonight. Any help will be much appreciated so thanks in advance P.s I aint a mechanic so please talk basic talk to me

sadly there is no way on earth anyone can guess whats going on .... the OBD2 code outputs (dependent on the car) can be a wee bit long...... Until you have the code read no one can second guess as it could be one of these P0001 Fuel Volume Regulator Control CircuitOpen P0002 Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit RangePerformance P0003 Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit Low P0004 Fuel Volume Regulator

FIAT PUNTO Punto 1.2 8v idle issue

Hi there. Im new to this forum and hope that some of you experts can help me with an issue. My wifes punto 1.2 Mia 8v 2001 renetlt had a timing belt and water pump change. After starting the engine there was a bubbling noise from behind the dash. I tried several times to bleed the system but to no avail. After taking the car to a local garage they said they had tried everything and seggested the head

Thanks for all your advice. Ive been out the country this week but will take a look at the APS (if i can find you have any pictures). Whilst away i did by a DTC reader which i have quickly run on the car. It has given an error code of p0120 which is ThrottlePedal position sensorswitch A circuit . Not 100% what this is but ill take a look around. Im hoping is just a dodgy connection i have after replacing the head gasket. Thanks to you all again for your help

FIAT PUNTO Throttle advice

hi my car does not start 1.2 v8 2003 and I done all the checks it already had new battery put in last month and this week i changed the spark plugs leads and coils also the sensor because about 4months ago I had error code for misfire so thats why I changed it all and it need it but it was starting up and driving then but now car still does not start. I thought I check for error code but this was after

The error code I got is p0120.

FIAT PUNTO I 176C 176L Error code P0135 Lambda 1 heater above catalyser

Hi Folks My first try of the MultiEcuScan ELM interface was to get a persistant error code Lambda 1 heater above catalyser. I have the electric warning light on too and through this forum I have found that it is a linked with the reported fault. I also found that it could be a blown fuse and would like to replace the fuse before I go to the mechanic (Assuming that the lambda sensor cannot be replaced

Thanks Ziggy Ill check that fuse after a hobbit breakfast and a srong coffee this morning. The code is P0135 and I have only that error persistent. Before clearing the ECU errors i also had the following p0120 - Throttle potentiometer U1601 - CAN message TX U1600 - Electronic Key Which now am ignoring. P.s. can I know which date (or how long ago) the codes have been generated

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