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fiat punto code p0351 II 188 188AX
fiat punto code p0351 II 188 188AX

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FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX Mk2 Punto p0351 fault code

I previously talked about my punto shaking and spewing and engine light at startup. Now I had it checked on a computer. Turns out that the error is p0351 Ignition Coil A PrimarySecondary Circuit Malfunction. What is there for me to do Is there anyone here that has a similar experience

What car is it Mk2 8v

Try changing the spark plugs HT leads and coils and clearing the errors. It could be the ECU thats failed though

Sparkplugs have been checked they are good. HT leads and everything else sems unlikely since the problem is only at startup and not even regularly. Error has been cleared but comes back immediately. My best guess is to get hold of a set of proven coils and plug those in give it a test. If the misfire goes away its those if not its the ECU . But I doubt that sicne the ECU would play up at other occasions aswell. It is a mk2 8v ofc.

It just doesnt seem to me that they would so randomly go crazy and not send proper signals...they arent that cheap as well they cost around the same as one coil (admittedly I do need a pair of coils to be sure but nevermind). It just that the coils are much more likely to be at fault since they are a known issue than just some copper cables. And Im not sure the computer would recognise faulty leads as coil fault codes. punto mk2 problem - YouTube punto mk2 problem - YouTube

FIAT PUNTO Intermittent non start p0351 p0352

Hi all please help with this annoying problem we have with a 2001 punto 1.2 8v. Occasionally it fails to start when it does start it runs well with no misfires. When it does not start you can turn the engine over and over to no avail. As soon as we connect our scanner and clear the codes it starts straight away and will run all day maybe for a month without fault. After codes are cleared and is started

Just started car earlier it turned over for a while and when it did start eml was on it ran lumpy for a second then was ok. Started straight way after that. code p0351 is back so i have cleared it. Just as an exercise i pulled the coil wires of and tried to start to see what codes came up it was same codes so deffo related. Wigged pulled on all connections while running but cannot replicate the fault checked plugs leads coils wires ecu wires and connections.Thinking this has to be Ecu now has anyone had an INTERMITTENT ecu on an 8v punto. Please help

When just the light comes on but runs ok scanner shows p0351 when it does not start p0352 comes on also. I can replicate the fault by pulling off the plug to the coils. If i just pull one plug off and try and start (it runs obviously on two cylinders) it i get 0351 or 0352 depending on which one we disconnect connect it back up and it starts ok runs ok. If i pull both coil wires and turn the engine

This is a good diagnostic description httpwww.obd-codes.comp0351

Sparkplugs would create havoc all the time not just intermittenly. I got the same exact code p0351 when my ECU went. It didnt send proper signals to the coils and the OBD reader thought they were directly at fault.

FIAT PUNTO Punto P0351 & More... The story so far

Got an 2003 punto 1.2 8 Valve - 65k genuine - well maintained to service schedule etc by myself. 1. Had an intermittent misfire on start up for about 10 days or so if it appears (which it doesnt always do) it clears itself after a couple of minutes but was enough on one occasion to light the MIL and the code read P0301. 2. Now developed an intermittent starting fault - turn the key and the dash lights

Could be coil could be leads. Id start with the leads (cheaper) but swap the plug with another to give that a better chance of clearing. Clear the codes. If the white smoke persists or if youre loosing coolant compression test. oldhammer liked this post

FIAT PUNTO Missfire P0351

Hi there just a quick question . Got a 2004 punto 1.2 8v . Its developed a bad misfire and has eml on with code p0351 . Been told its ecu . Any ideas .

I still have my doubts -- and theyll probably want to replace the ECU with a factory one. Id print out the ECU tests and take the car to an independent. On the basis of that code I cant see how they can pinpoint the ECU .

FIAT PUNTO (dtc) - p0351 ignition signal coil a fault

Hi first post daughters car punto 2001 1.2 8V engine warning light come on I have changed one coil pack (cleared fault with scanner) light came back on swapped the one I took off (assumed it was still good) with the one left on car (cleared fault with scanner) light came back on Plugs are about 4000 miles old 6 months Car runs and starts OK but tick over is a bit lumpy not noticed anything else. any body got some pointers I could try cheers proview1122

What were the error codes that you got on the scanner or is it just the p0351 When you say lumpy is it misfiring or just rough in general

Originally Posted by acefreecell What were the error codes that you got on the scanner or is it just the p0351 When you say lumpy is it misfiring or just rough in general yes just the one error p0351 No misfire just rough at low revs revs rising and falling about 100 on a 900 ish tick over. thanks

julianps sorry missed your question last time I bought a MaxScan obd11 code reader a GS500 not the best (read expensive) but not the cheapest it does what I want got it off ebay UK seller eco-m-uk very fast delivery I chose that one as it does can-bus for other car passat and displays live data onto punto TDC sensor looks ok cleaned anyway brake peddle pulled in well on start so vacuum O.K. dont have

FIAT PUNTO error codes

hi all driving my car(punto mk2 active sport) about half an hour agoit cuts out so left it a few mins. started back upi noticed the engine management light on. when i got home i put my handheld diagnostics on it and came up with these 2 codes... p0350 (generic) ignition coil primarysecondry circuit malfunction p0351 (generic) ignition coil A primarysecondry circuit malfunction. i just want to know

FIAT PUNTO Got a error code but cant understand explanation

I have a punto 1.2 2001 reg and it has just had the head gasket changed. Then it gradually but quickly developed another fault with the engine light code set to on so I bought fiat scanner and elm 327 to read the code. it runs v.poorly the code p0352 - ignition coil (3) explanation given is software is [ ECU ] received very low signal from sensor I dont understand.. what sensor With the engine running

Thought I would share this info that I have found on another forum it seems like a good educated explination but will still test as above 1st before slapping 120 quid on a ecu it a common failure on this type of ECU . how to know this 1 on DIAG you have one of the two faults codes P0352 DTC (Ignition Coil B) or p0351 DTC (Ignition Coil A) 2 replacing the related ignition coil do not resolve the problem.

FIAT PANDA P0351 Error code (Coil Pack)

Hi I have a 2007 1.2l Panda with around 20k on it. It was recently running lumpy and misfiring now and again. then I had the EML light come on. I have a cheap Bluetooth ODB2 reader so fired that up and received a p0351 error code. I looked at the posts about this on the forum (many thanks to all who posted) and it seemed that it was a Coil Pack A failure. Some posts suggested checking the low tension

Originally Posted by Gerryf Hi I wonder if coil packs etc get changed in the ignition just because of a bad contact when a bit of cleaning up would fix things punto had same problem (same engine) ordered 2 new coil packs off fleabay nex day played up and while was ticking over was jiggling wires and suddenly purring again ended up being little bit of corrosion on coil pack one pins a bit of a spray

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX punto misfiring 2005 1.2 8v

hi i have a punto 2005 1.2 8v i have a problem with misfiring called AA out and fault come up as p0351 which they said was coil pack they have renewed the coil pack but still the car is misfiring and still code p0351 they have said got to take to garage any one with any ideas what it could be now also any one know a good garage near dartford that dont ripped you off and are good on fiats thanks in advance

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX coil 2 fatal error

Hi I have a problem with mk2 punto 1.2 8v car runs fine for a few days and then car management light comes on fiatecuscan says coil 2 low signal from sensor fatal. I changed the coils for new ones and have changed them back as fault is still there car starts from cold and runs fine but when I stop and go back to it within 23 hrs it starts to behave wildly running rough and wont idle so I have to limp

Removed ecu and cleaned the plate behind it no way to get at soldered joints unless I remove plactic rivets from plate . Fault says coil 2 but after changing coils over again fault still said coil 2 but on the fiatecuscan graph coil2 is now moving up and down but coil 1 is now static Fault code is p0351 but after changing rear coil it sometimes comes up with P0352 as well starts for a moment then stalls

Fault code says low signal to sensor the fault is present now status fatal On the fiatscan parameters chart coil 1 was recharging around 4.3 ms and coil 2 was static after exchanging coi 2 I managed to get coil 2 to show recharging around 3.3 ms but coil 1 showed static and fault codes p0351 and p0352 appeared but after clearing them fault code p0351 reappeared When I change both coils at the same

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO awful running a characteristic

i have been working on a friends 54 plate 1.2 punto because it suddenly lost all power and the EML came on with a p0351 coil pack fault it also had a dreadful and erratic idle. so i replaced both coils sparkplugs lambda and changed oil and oilair filters all OE parts revs are a little steadier but still not the best the car starts fine and sounds more even on the cylinders but once running it has terrible

FIAT PUNTO heeeelpppp starting problems ecu light stays on S O S

hi folks i got a mk2 y reg 2001 1.2 punto and recently the car has developed intermittent start problems and when it does start the engine management light stays on. Basically when i put the key in the ignition and turn it the car just turns over and it wont start. the immobiliser key symbol goes off along with the other lights apart from the ecu light which stays on. bizzarely a few days ago of days

FIAT PUNTO intermittent misfire

Hi Have a Y reg 2001 1.2 8 valve punto which has an intermittent problem. It misfires and loses power. The engine management light comes on and throws a code of p0351. Had a choice of either coils or new ecu and thought id choose the cheaper option of coils but after a week the problem has come back. After searching through posts etc Im curious if this is a ecu fault as it is intermittent Also does

FIAT PUNTO Injection System Failure Warning Light

This light is continually on when the ignition is on and only goes out when the engine starts. According to the manual the light should go out after a few secs. Car is a 1.2 8v Mia 2001. Any ideas anyone

i have a punto 1.2 petrol reg X. the injection system failure warning light was on so I took it to a local garage. checked for fault codes on ECM Problem p0351- ignition coil fault P0105 - man pressure sensor Garage told me they replaced spark plugs and substituted new coils but no different. Most likely cause in an ECM (engine computer fault). he suggested I take it to a fiat dealership but it might


ok here goes I got a 02 blue punto 1.2 8v for my girlfriends 1st car as a non runner ive been in the game i long time so i thought it would be a simple fix to the problem described in the advert the women told me water had got into the tank an the would not start the rac drained the tank and she put fresh fuel in ok i noticed straight away there was no sound coming from the fuel pump so live to the

FIAT PUNTO re starting problem cant be solved

my 13 years old punto keep cutting out as if its a fuel fault but if its left for 5 10 mins it starts back uptheres no warning lights coming on no nasty noises no black smoke nothing car runs perfect then all of a sudden cuts out. when i try to re start the tempreature gauge wont rise and i cant hear the fuel pump . after minutes it works again ... i tried to change the fuel pump with no good any help

FIAT PUNTO 2001 51 Punto GO - Will not Go - Misfire issue

Ive got a friend with a 51 plate punto GO The car is currently a little poorly and seems to have defeated me. Starting from the beginning Lamba sensor changed about 6 months ago as MIL was illuminated MIL went out for about 45min after change and then came back on and he just put up with it. Then exhaust went a few months ago friend took it into the spanner monkeys at the local college who said it

FIAT PUNTO Punto Not starting

Hi my Auntie has a 52 plate Mk2 punto 1.2 8v as the title says it will not start. I plugged a scanner into in and got he following codes. P0201 Injector Cylinder Circuit 1 P0201 Injector Cylinder Circuit 2 P0201 Injector Cylinder Circuit 3 P0201 Injector Cylinder Circuit 4 p0351 Injection Coil Circuit 1 P0352 Injection Coil Circuit 2 Ive tested each part as per autodata done a pin test from each wire

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX Intermittent starting problem 2001 1.2 MK2

Hello My 2001 Mk2 1.2 8v 30k mile punto has been playing up recently. If fails to start occasionally......turns over for a long time before firing. Other times it starts first turn and runs fine. The engine management light is on so I read the codes with KWP2000 Fault codes are as follows- P0201202203204 Injector circuit Malfunction on all 4 cyl P0135 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX ECU Problem on punto mk2 1.2ELX

Hi everybody First please excuse my english its not my first langage My punto was ok but three month ago sometimes i had some misfires and the engine warning light on for 200km. I thought it was the plugs so i changed it. As it was not a permanent problem I thought it was ok and my punto did not misfire for a while. Another day (i was going on holiday) my punto started to misfire a lot (with the

FIAT PUNTO misfire but no

hi all i got a 2000 mk 2 1.2 8 valve punto when i start the car it judders and runs bad like a missfire also when i put my hand over rear of exhaust the fumes arnt constant just like a misfire so i put new spark plugs in new leads new coils still the same put code reader on code p0351 primary coil pack A but...... when i put a ignition tester between the spark plug and ht lead they are all flashing


Hi all my eobd light has come on and after warming the car up I noticed the temp gauge drop suddenly Ive looked but cant find no help is the car safe to drive as Ive got a long drive to work to do tonight. Any help will be much appreciated so thanks in advance P.s I aint a mechanic so please talk basic talk to me

sadly there is no way on earth anyone can guess whats going on .... the OBD2 code outputs (dependent on the car) can be a wee bit long...... Until you have the code read no one can second guess as it could be one of these P0001 Fuel Volume Regulator Control CircuitOpen P0002 Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit RangePerformance P0003 Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit Low P0004 Fuel Volume Regulator

FIAT PUNTO punto go starting issue

hi folks problem. punto 1.2 2001 73000mile. When starting car seems to mis and try to stall. give it some throttle and then everything is fine (bit of judder when pulling away but believe this to be clutch plate). Engine light is on and code is p0351 primarysecondary A coil circuit car has had new plugs coils and belt kit about three thousand miles ago. Coils were changed due to rough idle and known


hi recently bought 51 reg 1.2 ELX punto noticed ECU light was on on diagnostic tool code p0351 was showing which i believe indicates rear coil which ive changed however the light has come back on does anybody know how to reset the ECU light please

FIAT PUNTO testing coil pack

hi ive got a y reg punto 1.2 ive had the engine warning light on with an intermitant misfire so i read the error codes p0170 and p0351. which i believe means intermitant coil pack failure so ive bought a coil pack but i cant figure out which one isnt working. when i put the multimetre leads in the HT sockets i get a reading of about 8.1 on both how do i tell which it is

[QUOTEDavren2922562]p0351 Ignition Coil A PrimarySecondary Circuit Malfunction. It doesnt neccessarily mean you need a new coil. Coil A is number 1. As youve already bought a new coil you may as well fit it in cylinder 1 to check but if it doesnt cure the fault you will need to check the circuit and connectors from the coil to the ECU . Yes.. our panda came-up with that( and others related to misifiring) when it refused to start so I replaced BOTH coil packs ( cheap and easy) still a non-starter Several other faults I too would advise you to fit the pack youve bought clear the codes and then see what happens.. no worry about being new-to-this its my 20th fiat and my first need for FCRs Charlie

Originally Posted by s and b how can a coil start to fail Driving home from derby a 30 - 45mins depending on lead weighting Some 10mins into journey the car suddenly felt flat.... okay i was loaded with a boot full and 4 people in car But the engine drove there sweet as a nut and it drove fine to start with as well But it went flat Engine light came on and slowly it lost speed from cruisingcruising

FIAT PUNTO Fiat punto problems

Ok guys i need help my fiat puntos got some problems. Its a 2001 1.2 engine and the EOBD system light has been staying on and wont go off. and recently my car wouldnt start but then it started after the 5th attempt. Anyways took it to my mates dads garage and he said it could be the coils need changing but I went to the local kwik fit and theyre saying that they dont think its the coils but they think

Originally Posted by colinf1 heres your main problem KWIK FIT When was the last time car was serviced Best bet is to get the codes read that will give you the reason behind the light staying will also give a better insight to which part is causing the non start issue. Hey I did get the codes read and it came up with a p0352 p0351 and ignition core malfunction 1 and 2. But kwik fit still think its the ECU . If it is the ecu do you know anywhere I can buy one for cheap and then just get it fitted

Originally Posted by henna786 Hey I did get the codes read and it came up with a p0352 p0351 and ignition core malfunction 1 and 2. But kwik fit still think its the ECU . If it is the ecu do you know anywhere I can buy one for cheap and then just get it fitted Dont seem like the ecu its more like ignition coil kwik fit are rubbish any ways go to yellow pages and find some other normal garage ....where do u live tho...might recommend smbdy near u......

So far then youve replaced the Crank Sensor Cleared the P0352 p0351 which as you said is the Coil Packs (both) Id changing the Spark Plugs - HT leads and the Coil Packs AND CLEARING THE FAULT codeS - failure todo so will mean the car will probably react like it did before thinking its still got the fault and drive around for a bit You know when the coil packshtsparkies are missing - as the car runs rough struggles to accelerate and you can feel the engine shaking badly through the car Ziggy

FIAT PUNTO occasional misfire on start up

hi 2001 punto go 1.2 8v. occasional misfire when starting up from cold. engine light comes on with code p0351 ignition coils. car has new plugs leads and new coils fitted. suspected head gasket but no coolant or oil loss evident. any ideas car has done 76000m and seems to drive fine with good economy.

FIAT PUNTO Fiat Punto giving me problems

Ok im having a big problem with my punto..some mornings when I get into my car and try to start it up it wont start the engine seems to be turning over but wont actually start up so i had a crank sensor fitted and my car seemed to be ok for about 2 weeks but the problems started up again. Ive found it usually wont start up when ive left the car overnight..or havent driven it for a couple of days. also

Originally Posted by s and b of course it might just need a proper engine service but the engine check light does serve a useful purpose and if i might be so bold i call it an idiot light so even an idiot should realise its saying please help me i am poorly see Ive already had a diagnostics check done three times. It comes up with codes p0352 and p0351 ignition core malfunction 1 and core 2. I took

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