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fiat punto code p0302 II 188 188AX
fiat punto code p0302 II 188 188AX

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FIAT PUNTO Error Code(s) - P0300P0301P0302

Hey Guys Rite 2001 fiat punto Sporting - Driving it yesterday when suddently i lose all the power from her. She stalls I start again and i hear this massive ticking ticking sound coming from the engine when i rev anything over 2x revs. The engine management light comes on then starts to flash so i pull in straight away cos i know its the cat-conv getting killed light Anyway (a oddly unprofessional)

FIAT PUNTO Anyone know what these codes point could mean

Following on from this thread - httpwww.fiatforum.compunto-ii30...questions.html I have bought a code reader. The following codes where present - p0302 - Cylinder 2 misfire detected P0130 - O2 Sensor Circuit Malfunction Bank 1 Sensor 1 P0352 - Ignition Coil B PrimarySecondary Circuit Malfunction I read that if a coil pack was faulty this could cause an overfuelling problem which in turn would bring

FIAT PUNTO HGT Diagnostic Code Faults - Help

Ok ive taken the plunge and read the diagnostic fault codes on my HGT and was wondering if someone could help to explain whats wrong (this is in relation to my car not starting as from this thread ) The codes that are displayed are 1 - NA - what does na mean in this context 2 - p0302 - cylinder 2 misfire detected 3 - P0325 - knock sensor 1 circuit malfunction

FIAT PUNTO Misfiring - P0300 P0302 P0303 P0304

Hi all Just looking for some confirmation from anyone who is a bit more technical than me. Last night my car starting misfiring when ticking over and missing when accelerating. I had noticed in the last couple of days once or twice it seemed juddery and last night it finally stayed constant. Anyway plugged in my basic fault code reader and it came out with P0300 p0302 P0303 P0304 related to misfiring.

pull leads out and my guess is one will have a hole in one of the ends that go onto a spark plug that spark can travel to all the other plugs and does some strange things with codes often comes up as multi cylinder miss fire when only one lead has the hole

are the holes easy to spot are we talking about a tear in the rubber thanks Originally Posted by dave pull leads out and my guess is one will have a hole in one of the ends that go onto a spark plug that spark can travel to all the other plugs and does some strange things with codes often comes up as multi cylinder miss fire when only one lead has the hole


Hi Im hoping someone will be able to give me a rough idea of what the problem may be with my wifes 2007 Grande punto (1.2). The orange engine light has come on and subsequently gone out a few times in the past few weeks so I got a Bluetooth OBD2 device and pulled the codes on the iPad (I cant post links to please replace hxxp with http) hxxpwww.imagebam.comimage6c1c54267861338 After a bit of reading

some of the other info presented in the app Should I be concerned that the Timing is sat on such a low value Im sure that the timing belt was replaced on the last service. Also the Intake Temp seems rather high. Do either of these things in combination with the P0300p0302 codes suggest anything more ominous than dodgy spark plugs Any and all advice greatly appreciated was the cambelt done by a fiat

FIAT PUNTO Bad missfirehesitationpower loss

At idle the car missfires and in every gear I can feel hesitation when applying power although the powerloss is more evident in second gear. What you guys think it could be Car is a punto 1.2 8v 2000 reg. Also can anyone tell me where the diagnostic port is on this car

is that T14086 has a cracking knowledge and I for one would trust what he says. __________________ punto 1.2 8v Active Bosch Aerotwin Wipers More to come.....   Quote   30-05-2009   6 T14086 Forum Moderator   Join Date Sep 2004 Location Bristol Posts 29792 Thanks 1031 Trader Rating 0   Re Bad missfirehesitationpower loss oh I agree absolutely 100%. I use a code reader on non-fiat

FIAT PUNTO So what could it be ...

Symptoms - At the point where the clutch disengages to the engine there is a small judder not severe but easily noticeable. I am giving the car enough acceleration and have even tried over revving to see if this sorts it and im just driving bad but it still does it. - Gear stick suddenly got stiff took a good push to put it into first this lasted around 10 minutes then it seemed to get too smooth

Fault codes were P1135 P0300 p0302

p0300 - multi random misfires detected p0302 - Cylinder 2 misfire detected P1135 - No generic code meaning (manufactor specific) So a quick google found this on beloved FF (good huh) httpwww.fiatforum.compunto-ii28...lem-p1135.html Ziggy Loop thanked for this post

FIAT PUNTO Punto running on 3 cylinders

My 2003 1.2 8V punto is now running on 3 cylinders. Problem started soon (5 miles or so) after refilling a very nearly empty fuel tank - misfiring and the engine warning light first flashing then staying on) so my initial thoughts were dirty fuel but with all the rain and flooding on the roads that day I didnt want to add 2 2 and get 5 so I borrowed a scanner to see what the fault codes were. Got

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX cylinder 2 missfiring mk2 sporting

i have a mk2 sporting with the 1.2 16v engine in it and have been having problems with it missfiring and the engine management light coming on and flashing only at certain times. i have run a diagnostics on it and have come up with the code p0302 cylinder 2 missfire detected can anyone shed any light on this code could it be the ECU or is it more likely to be the coilpack thanks Attached Thumbnails

put new coil pack on yesterday and guess what problem not solved. so we read the codes again and it came up with the same p0302 cylinder 2 missfire and also U1600 which is a fiat specific code as i have been told. again please help

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX Punto 1.2 8V mk2 (2002) wont start

Hello from Finland First post to this awesome forum. I bought a mk2 punto 1.2 8V -02. The problem is that it cranks but wont start or even try to start. Following fault codes have been stored in to the ECU memory p0302 - cylinder 2 ingition failures (stored while engine speed 1275rpm) P1325 - knock sensor (stored while engine temperature was 125 celsius) I have tested following things -tank has fuel


Hi all my eobd light has come on and after warming the car up I noticed the temp gauge drop suddenly Ive looked but cant find no help is the car safe to drive as Ive got a long drive to work to do tonight. Any help will be much appreciated so thanks in advance P.s I aint a mechanic so please talk basic talk to me

sadly there is no way on earth anyone can guess whats going on .... the OBD2 code outputs (dependent on the car) can be a wee bit long...... Until you have the code read no one can second guess as it could be one of these P0001 Fuel Volume Regulator Control CircuitOpen P0002 Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit RangePerformance P0003 Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit Low P0004 Fuel Volume Regulator

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX Trying to fix my Punto Mk2

Hi Guys So Long story short. I bought my first car this january. Great deal at first and i managed to get my driving license with it. But then the thing started to fall apart . So now its at a mates garage completely immobilized Specs punto Mk2 from 12001 1.2 8v petrol 170 000km no central locking or electric windows but air conditioning When i bought my car the break pads and drums were changed by

Si i had my ECU read. Those a the error codes Engine errors P0300 httpwww.obd-codes.comp0300 Basically this means that the the cars computer has detected that not all of the engines cylinders are firing properly. A P0300 diagnostic code indicates a random or multiple misfire. If the last digit is a number other than zero it corresponds to the cylinder number that is misfiring. A p0302 code for example

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO Flashing Engine Management Light - No Issue

Hi people Sorry for the first post being a question but I figured after looking around on the forum Il have better luck here compared to my local garages Here goes I currently have a fiat Grande punto (2007) 1.2 8v which has been owned from new. Never had any issues until approx 4 months ago where the engine management light intermittently flashes on. Heres the symptoms...... Only ever happens at

I bought a 2004 Panda 1.2 8v Dynamique a few months ago that has a full main dealer service history. When test driving it I thought I detected a vague misfire but could not be sure. As the car was otherwise in top order and with the reassuring service history. I decided to go ahead. Two weeks down the line I got the engine light flashing for about 30 seconds. I also noticed that my fuel consumption

FIAT PUNTO Punto runs roughlty at low revs

When my punto is a low revs the engine runs very rough (and sometimes cuts out altogether). It seems ok when I get the revs up a bit. What could be causing this

Well I changed 4 plugs and now I am getting 2 error codes - p0302 and P0170.

Originally Posted by tmccar Well I changed 4 plugs and now I am getting 2 error codes - p0302 and P0170. Cylinder 2 Misfire swap the leads from 1 to 2 and see if the misfire swaps. IF it does then replace leads. P0170 is fuel trim bank 1. No idea on that one.

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO 57 plate t-jet problem - engine management light

Right guys the other week the engine management light came on (constant) saying check engine. (so topup with oil and check coolant and everythings fine again.) Came on there tonight again (constant) saying same message. Now ive looked at the other old threads posted up but nothing up to date in basically a year. So is it the egr valve or is it something else And please dont tell me to buy a reader of ebay like in other threads either you have an answer or you dont.

Buy a reader of ebay...... Is the best answer your going to get that light can come on for one of the following reasons.. P0100Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Malfunction P0101Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit RangePerformance Problem P0102Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input P0103Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit High Input P0104Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Intermittent P0105 Manifold Absolute

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO Engine cutting out and revving High

Hey guys. Long time lurker here and have learned a lot from you guys so first off Thanks A few weeks ago My 06 1.4 16V Grande decided that she was going to start conking out a few times after she started but was fine once she got going. Checked the forum and asked a few friends and got some good advice such as sensors leaks in systemsetc. Had a quick check and couldnt find much myself. Took the plunge

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO flashing engine management light

P0300 Ignition failures recognitions P0303 Cyl 3 ignitions failure p0302 Cyl 2 ignitions failure or the codes read P0300 Ignition failures recognitions P0304 Cyl 4 ignitions failure P0303 Cyl 3 ignitions failure Only ever happens when doing about 60mph (96kph) Ive change spark plugs coil pack and HT leads and still have the problem Any ideas

FIAT PUNTO Engine running issue

Hi Boys and Girls I have a massive issue with my MK2 1.2 sporting. my car wont idle properly very jerky and juddery once the revs get above 1800rpm it calms down and sounds fine. however when i drive it the ignition warning light comes on and flashes and it goes into limp mode with no revs or go. has any one got any ideas what this could be. ive had the spark plugs out they are fine ive checked the

i have plugged a diagnostic tool into it and im getting codes P0300random misfiring p0302 cylinder 2 misfiring and P0303 Cylinder 3 misifiring. Does this sound like coil pack to you guys

FIAT PUNTO one time eml flashing

Evening all travelling to work this morning and noticed my eml started flashing going up hill this was about 7.20am and stopped flashing 2-3mins after it hasnt come on since could it be the weather that caused this And should I be worried John

Hi mate Yes codes will be stored BUT flashing EML will produce one of the following P1300 - Flywheel re-learn procedure req P0300- Random Misfire detected P0301 Misfire cylinder 1 p0302 Misfire Cylinder 2 P0303 Misfire cylinder 3 P0304 Misfire cylinder 4 You can rule out P1300 as that would cause a EML flash at idle. not when moving. So that leaves the remaining 5.... which all require old school investigation

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