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fiat panda radiator II 169
fiat panda radiator II 169

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FIAT PANDA How much airflow does the radiator need

First off ive tagged this as technical because thats how this thread will start off... it may well end up as a styling one though. So as per the title really. I know when i have the grilles with spot lamps on the temp is usually a little higher than normal when on a motorway cruise but if i were to have a grille with two lamps fitted and then fibreglass a mould over the top would it block the airflow

Originally Posted by panda4x4net You place it beside the existing fan in 4x4 version Originally Posted by panda4x4net In about 15 days I try to send you some fotos from a panda with an AC fan. If you could. Could you also post some pics of othe AC components on the panda if possible please as Ive never seen one as were not lucky enough to have ACed Classic pandas in the UK Jon.

Ive got an AC fan from a Y10 that is a perfect fit for a panda. Has a bit of heat resistant board and reflective material in front of it in anticipation of it being near to the manifold . Ive been saving it for a potential use in my panda but if you need it Craig I can sell it to you. labelled as 10 in the ePer image below. Attached Thumbnails   __________________   Quote   24-10-2009   19 CLXCraig Scarlet   Join Date Jun 2008 Location Hampshire Posts 2726 Thanks 93 Trader Rating 0   Re How much airflow does the radiator need Hi Lewey. Thanks for the pic and offer. Dont think ill be using one as im going to keep blocked of space to a minimum. I only really want to add a brow over the top of the lights.. but incorporate the lights in it aswell. Once i get some ideas donw ill draw them up to 11 and work out uncovered surface area and compare to a standard mk2 panda pre injection grille with lamps as i have one in the garage and one of the fiat accesorie versions with the lamps built in. Jon Ill be needing your help with that bit

The shaded bit will be were i have fibreglass. Though the F I A T logo at the top looks cool and the 5 chrome stips too. Will have a go at making one on the computer later tonight. just not sure on colour.... black or green colour coded.... Black will be considerably easier. Had to take a pic on camera as its to long to fit on out A4 scanner Attached Thumbnails   __________________ 93 panda

to be sure i like the style. Its reminding me a an evo 10focus rs front with the angled outward edges a abit. Like its ready to eat up the road.... i wish EDIT quick mock up on paint of all things and it looks very flat lol. will have a go at a full size cardboard one tomorrow evening. Need to find some 4 inch spot lamps now... any ideas Pic below Attached Thumbnails   __________________ 93 panda

FIAT PANDA Bleeding radiator on 1.1 active

Hi Guys Is there an easy way to bleed the radiator on the 1.1 active or am I going to have to break some jubilee clips Many Thanks

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas Top of the radiator on cars off side. Also a bleed point on the pipes going Into the bulk head from memory for the heater matrix. Thanks MEP. Dad found a site that shows in pics (it generic fiat but all looks the same). As I suspected there is a quick release mechanism on the pipe at the bottom of the bottle but was scared of breaking something. This looks

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FIAT PANDA Wanted radiator thermostat

I need a radiator thermostat the one that controles the cooling fan for my 1990 panda 1000s. Can anyone help please

Try contacting fiat first ... they can be a lot cheaper than you think. If unsuccesfulplease P.M. me. Originally Posted by cookyy2k I need a radiator thermostat the one that controles the cooling fan for my 1990 panda 1000s. Can anyone help please

FIAT PANDA 1.2 semi-auto 1.2 manual & 1.1 radiator

hello on a fiat panda 2004 model dose anyone know if they all share the same radiator or if they are different. and which one will fit which one.

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas As far as I believe there are two different types of rad on the pandas 1.1 and 1.2 and these are different depeding upon it the car has Aircon or not. Aircon rads have the expansion tank located on the drivers inner wing (RHD) and none aircon rads have it located on the drivers side of the rad (again when looking at a RHD panda). Hope this helps thanks mate. do you also think the front panels are interchangeable too

FIAT PANDA 2x4 radiator into a 4x4 panda

Can a radiator out of a 2WD panda with the integral header tank be fitted into a 4X4. The rad in mine has just started leaking gently but it seems getting an actual 4x4 rad is a pain. I dont quite understand why the 4x4 has a remote header tank any way

Originally Posted by Yak Can a radiator out of a 2WD panda with the integral header tank be fitted into a 4X4. The rad in mine has just started leaking gently but it seems getting an actual 4x4 rad is a pain. I dont quite understand why the 4x4 has a remote header tank any way I has a remote header tank because when used properly off road at all different angles the normal 2wd rad will leak out of

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas I has a remote header tank because when used properly off road at all different angles the normal 2wd rad will leak out of the top filler cap I think a 2wd rad can be used in a 4wd but not the other way around. Just means youll have to places to choose filling it from And make sure its a rad out of a 999cc or 1108cc panda and not the 769ccs as the rads in them

Originally Posted by sutjeska In my opinion 4x4 radiator is bigger than 4x2 becouse in off-road conditions must radiate more heat. Also in on-road driving engine of 4x4 has more rpm than engine of 4x2 at the same speed so also more heat. Im afraid radiator from 4x2 (even 1100) in certain conditions (off-road high speed) could be not enough. Its the same story with 750 radiator coupled with 1000 engine.

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas Hi Sutjeska I can see your point about the radiator size and cooling capacity but I believe the 2wd and 4wd radiators to be exactly the same apart from where the tanks are located. Jon. Hmmm..... I checked it. Working surface of 750 radiator in Bluebay - 51 cm wide 4x4 1100 - 56 cm wide. About two inches - not big but a difference. Of course 4x4s radiator is

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 Where can I get a Panda 2007 radiator fan switch None on ebay or Euro...

Engine overheated fan no kicking in going to go to the garage tomorrow to check electrics but might need a switch as the mechanic said today where can i get one My switch and wiring looks bad (hope it is a switch I need as radiator fans cost nearly 60) Where can I get a panda 2007 radiator fan switch None on ebay or Euro... Dynamic 1.2 2007 Thanks

I dont think the fan runs on a thermo switch in the radiator like you used to find (that you could bridge with a paper clip to work the fan constantly) It switches from a sensorswitch on the back of the engine via a relay. If the fuse and relay look ok then it could be this sensor. Saying that I seem to recall a few burnt out fans cropping up on here a while ago. For parts try

FIAT PANDA Radiator leaking

Our panda 1.2 has a dripping radiator. It was coming out quite quickly but I have put some Rad seal in for now. Its now dripping say every 10 seconds or so as apposed to every second. I am guessing it will need a new radiator or at least a new radiator core fitting. How big a job is it Is it a garage job or would I be able to do it myself and whats involved i.e. do you get at the rad via taking the bumber off What should it cost to do

The panda is back complete with new radiator and running sweet as usual. Gonna service her in next few weeks too so shell be good for another 12 months.

FIAT PANDA Anyone fitted a new radiator

Noticed that the radiator on my wifes 4x4 is leaking (oh buer). radiator looks a bit of a swine to get at - possibly bumper and bonnet slam panel off(). Thinking of getting the local garage to do the job but just wondering about labour charges (fella at local garage doesnt know as hes never changed one on a panda) Has anyone on here had to have a new radiator fitted If so do you know what the labour charge was

Originally Posted by Andy Monty I think Most easterly panda has done one I have indeed during the front end re-build I done. Main question is has the car got AC If so its a tad more difficult as the rad and condenser are one (unless youve a Dual Logic gearbox and then it becomes a nightmare to source none OEM parts. But the 4x4s are all manual so thats ok). Youll need to remove bumper and possibly

Hello hollister you must remove the front bumper to access the radiator do not touch the condenser tubes if no freon out you just have to separate the radiator from the condenser then you must remove the screws from the bottom of the bumper plus you have to remove the debris shield front always access the screws of the front bumper but if you are not familiar with this work I suggest you get it done by a mechanic you see

As said you dont touch the aircon condenser Remove bumper 2 bolts to split the condenser from the radiator and 2 pegs to release the radiator from the front panel

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas As said you dont touch the aircon condenser Remove bumper 2 bolts to split the condenser from the radiator and 2 pegs to release the radiator from the front panel Many thanks it sounds like not too difficult would you say the front badgegrill should come out to make it easier to get at everything or is it probably enough just to take the front bumper off Also do you have any tips to help get the correct radiator for the year etc

Grille has to come off to remove the bumper iirc. radiator really depends upon year and if the vehicle has aircon. Yours does air aircon by the sounds of it is your expansion tank on the radiator or like earlier aircon models with it far left of the engine bay as a remote unit

FIAT PANDA Broken Radiator

I noticed earlier the the rad was wonky appears one of the rubber bushesplastic clips has snapped and its dropped roght hand side as you look at front of car. Do new rads come with these and how easy is it to change i guess its simply drain rplace refill Craig.

The picture is of the left hand side of the rad as you look at the car is this the cirlce you meant Jon there isnt one i could see one the dropped side so this could be the problem EDIT Just seen Ricks post. Looks like its no. 10 im missing. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ 93 panda Mk2 CLX 11 Octavia vRS Last edited by CLXCraig 04-04-2009 at 1138 .   Quote   04-04-2009   14

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas Andrew the only pandas that had different rads were the 750s which had slightly smaller ones. You will notice two mount holes on the cross member on the left hand (off side). Outer one is used to mount 999 and 1108cc rads and inner for the 769cc rads. and 4x4s have a seperate header dont they Never had any dealings with an injection model so didnt want to make

FIAT PANDA Excessive radiator fluid temperature

Hi Have been getting Excessive radiator fluid temperature popping up on the info display at start up. Not spotted any other cases of this on the panda (although on the Grande I spotted a couple) Has anyone had this on their panda I know she is getting on in age now being a 56 plate and spotted it either being battery or software update required to resolve.

FIAT PANDA AAAAAaaahhhhhhh goodbye... radiator now

Ok this is gonna make you laugh if youve been following all the problems Ive had recently. Today while sitting in my car with the engine running steam started comming from under the bonnet.. oh yes The radiator has a nice leak. sooooo.. anyone got a radiator they wanna sell me Im gonna look how bad it is tonight to see if I can bodge it like I have done with the sump but otherwise its gunna be a replacement... Gosh I do wonder what will go next lol

Steve my panda has huge sentimental value I cant just scrap it unless it was totally useless.. ( pandafan Ill pm you about the radiator.. thank you once again my friend

Im near manchester. For now pandafan has kindly offered me a radiator so I should be okay. Is that price for a new one Ill keep a note of you incase i have further problems.

FIAT PANDA replacement radiator for 998 spi

Hi all well my donor rad is leaking from the 998 spi car. can anyone help in finding a new replacement as i searched the net and the pictures dont seem same as my rad. thing is the onyx had a 750 carbed engine rad(which was small) and the donor was same but longer i presume for better cooling under the rad there was 2 circle cut outs for pegs to sit in and 2 cut outs on top for metal arms to sit in

Originally Posted by panda1408 An original 750 rad is the same as a 999 rad your Oynx probably had a Mk1 rad as they were much smaller. Not it isnt it is indeed smaller on the 769cc engines to that on the 999cc ones OP fitting a bigger radiator should be ok Id go for the ebay one myself Jon.

no way to make it fit plugs a different size too so I have no idea what panda the motor came off. The old motor was totally shot though and dead burnt out inside. I would take some pics but the motor literally fell apart as I removed it from the cowling so there is not much to see. So due to a terribly tight time schedule I have ordered a universal fit 12 fan. But afterwards began to worry - The fiat

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO III 199 panda 2006 radiator

hi anyone had problems with a leaking radiator car just out of 3 year warranty

Originally Posted by mozzy hi anyone had problems with a leaking radiator car just out of 3 year warranty In a panda or Grande Punto

FIAT PANDA Looking for radiator (1000750)FIRE

Im looking for radiator for panda 1000 (750) FIRE from North Yorkshire (or close) or Liverpool area Thx

FIAT PANDA Radiator Protection

On M40 on Saturday traffic was very light so able to use inside lane for considerable distance until I caught up with a 4x4 sitting in the middle lane travelling at about 60mph. Pulled in to middle lane overtake but had to allow car coming up in overtaking lane to pass before passing the 4x4. Just as I was about to change lanes a huge lump of dried mud fell off the underside of said 4x4 and although

FIAT PANDA 4x4 radiator..

The radiator in my 4x4 died. Ive fitted the one thats in my clx but Id rather use the correct 4x4 radiator. If anyones got one in fair condition going spare or knows where I can get one please let me know Thanks folks

have a look on ebay as there was a couple of them last week. edit - here is the link..

FIAT PANDA Top radiator hose vs. coolant level

Hi guys Do I need to drain coolant (or a part of it) to change top radiator hose Is the coolant level higher then termostat Car is 91 2wd Many thanks for advice

as sugested mate proper jubilee clips made in Shefield. I did add really thin layer of hi-temp silicone - just in case already done aprox. 40 miles and no leak. Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs Last edited by kolza 22-04-2012 at

FIAT PANDA 750 FIRE Radiator thermostatic switch

I have been having problems with the cooling fan on my 1992 750 Mania - the fan does not come on even when the temperature reaches 100 110 degrees. I do not think it is the thermostat as I seem to have a flow of hot water and the fan I know works as I tested it direct from the battery do you think it could be the radiator thermostatic switch Curse these damn fiat electrics MOT booked for Tuesday so could be back on the road very soon

FIAT PANDA II 169 Radiator Loose - 2007 Panda 4x4 1.2

Hi all I was checking the fluids this weekend when i noted that the radiator seemed loose. If i grab the top hose and pull gently i get about 5-8mm of movement on the whole raditor at the right hand side ( as stood at the front facing the vehicle) the left hand side is relativley firm. I have tried to find a loose bolt or screw as i assume its simply come loose but i cannot find the location anywhere.

Pretty sure that radiator is located by pegs fitting into a rubber grommet so there is intentionally a bit of play. Ill go and check...

Many thanks i thought it maybe on a flexi monut but did not expect that amount of travel still good news means all ok and no getting the tools out to effect repairs. Only other problem i need to finda a knock from the front end passanger side when i hit a bump not sure if its anti roll bar or other suspension component yet - most annoying though as othwise a quite car. Saw your review on the panda

FIAT PANDA Disappearing Radiator Fins

Just cleaning my nearly 3 year old Cross and Ive noticed that the cooling fins on the aircon radiator have almost entirely disappeared. Now I admit to using a pressure washer but its not a very high pressure one and the radiator grille puts a bit of a distance between the pressure washer outlet and the fins. I held my hand at the same distance in the pressure washer flow and it didnt hurt. I actually

I have a 59 plate 1.2 Dynamic and at the last service (24k miles) the garage has noted that the air con radiator is in a very poor state . Sounds similar to yours a good number of the fins are missing. I rarely pressure wash the car (I rarely wash it to be honest) so I dont think that is an issue. Now its been noted I will push for a new radiator under warrantee at the next service. Shame as the rest of the car seems in good order. doctorchris thanked for this post

Other than the missing fins there is nothing wrong with it so I doubt youll succeed on a warrantee claim. Mums Yaris is the same with the cooling radiator where its direct line with the air flow in the grille. Its normally caused by lots of little stone etc Id have though as isnt happening where the radiator is protected by the bumper etc

FIAT PANDA Radiator Cap

Hi I was just wondering if there was anyone who has a spare radiator cap that they would like to sell I have a 1986 1000S 999cc (Fire Engine) and have managed to somehow lose the radiator cap. If it would help I can post a picture of the top of the radiator if it would help identify the correct part. I really appreciate any help that anyone can give (even if that help happens to be where I buy one). Thank you in advance Gary.

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