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fiat panda problem alarm II 169
fiat panda problem alarm II 169

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FIAT PANDA II 169 1.1 Active 04 AlarmHazardGodKnows What Problem...

Hello The cars alarm has always gone off and started sirening for no reason but recently the hazards have started to come on for absolutley no reason This is obviously a problem as my battery might go down lol Anyone had this problem or got an idea because i know main dealer will take all my christmas money off of me hahaah Adam

alarms are not standard on the panda range so yours may be a dealer fit or more likely fitted by an independent. I wouldnt go to a dealer as they probably wont be able to sort out the problem. Try to find out who fitted the alarm and go to them or find a decent alarm specialist or auto-electrician. Re alarms I feel these are a complete waste of time these days especially for a car that is unlikely

Hey ive got the exact same car color and everything I have no idea about the alarm system as mine hasnt got one but i do know that mine had an electrical problem not so long ago not the hazard lights but the fog lights used to go off when i indicated .

FIAT PANDA Alarm M792M892 - Fitting problems - HELP

Please help I have started to fit my alarm today and have come across a small problem. There is a Blue wire from the alarm Control Box wiring loom (No 7) that connects to Pin 8 of (I quote) 20 PIN White Connector located above Branch Control Box (Connector Q on picture).............. what and where is this as I cant find it. Looking at the picture (Fig 21) its a connection to the Code WFS which I interpret

Hi no I didnt pick up an Airbag wire thankfully and after some cussing and swearing I have now manged to complete the installation thanks to T14086 and B1g1an you guys have been a massive help and without you I wouldnt have managed to finish it. I also spotted that the instruction manual tells you to wire up the CAN wires incorrectly and soon rectified this when nothing was communicating all seems to be fine now. Had loads of trouble getting the one Microwave sensor from drivers side to passenger through behind the centre console and Aircon unit managed it in the end and tucked it behind the carpet to run up the A Post and sit nicely at the top. All seems ok (Touch wood) and the alarm didnt sound last night for any reason even though I slept with the keys just incase it decided to go off due to the rain and the wind. Thanks again guys you rock Most Easterly pandas liked this post

So just to confirm it needs to be connected to the horn wire at the plug which connected to the clock spring stalks unit around the steering shroud Looks like this issue keep cropping up ocassionally httpwww.fiatforum.companda12571...mlpost3275850 Jon.

I own this car now and the alarm is a touch sensitive Goes off randomly usually while I am in the office on a hot day. So still some gremlins to iron out.

OK well I can report the alarm is working perfectly so far. Connecting the actual cables is a real ball-ache I cant even believe a dealer getting this done in an afternoon The front bonnet sensor (a tiny 50p microswitch) works better than expected. As for the above Can-Bus wires I have to say the manual matches the reality for me and there were no problems both colour and position match up. It was almost tempting to assume the adjacent twisted pair were in fact the Can data lines but no in my case trust the manual. As it happens my model also came with 2 un-needed plips these are hilariously useless because they dont trigger the central locking at the same time But works perfectly off the factory remote so there you go. Not for the feint hearted but good now its done Most Easterly pandas liked this post

Go back to the aftermarket fitter and get your money back. I had an upgraded stero fitted by the fiat dealer when I took delivery of my car in April they did a great job you would never know it was not part of the original spec. I even got the bog standard fiat stereo in a box with all its fittings and odds and ends handed to me when I collected the car.

Could be to do with the door closure sensors on the new panda... On other cars this is a plunger mechanism whereas on the new panda its just a flat sensor. You might need your alarm wired into the door itself as opposed to the sensor.


Hello Ive just bought tacho rev counter on ebay. Unfortunatelly Ive got panda with two Ignition Coil. My gauges got only 346 cyl. option. I tried connect to - on first coil cable and its works but there is only half of right reading Maybe somebody know how to connect it in this type of engine...Ive checked CC SC Uno forums and they said that pin 23 on ECU but maybe somebody tried to do this in panda... Engine Fire 93- 1.1 (but ist same like 1.0 Jakub

with standard 12V Accu. It could be fitted on 234 or 12 cylinders engine and on 1 or two ignition coil concepts. Ex works price is 30 EURO All cables connectors two resistor and instruction included. See attached pic. Freaky isnt it Design is not his adventage but his function dimension and self mountage possibility - could pass on panda Spartan look Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat

hello here is manual for this alarm help Attached Files ALxxxENG_Operation_Manual.pdf (1.32 MB 10 views) __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs   Quote   22-11-2008   3 pandaki Get Your Own Title   Join Date Mar 2008 Location Athens Posts 165 Thanks

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas pandaki A good point on where to run it to. I personally wired it so its always got a 12v feed in dads Selecta. This way it only ever does the one turn over which is normally enough to start the car and if it fails I just try again manually from the remote. Jon. Okay thank you for quick answers but the question is as follows I have three wires on top of the

FIAT PANDA Problems with my Panda 1.2 Dynamic

Hi I came across this forum when trying to discover a few things about my new panda. I bought the above car about 3 weeks ago for the first week all was fine then sudenly it refused to start. I contacted the dealer who begrudginly took the car back to check it. In the end it had to go to a main dealer for a diagnostic test and repair. I picked up the car yesterday and found that every time I start

Hi Linzi Sorry to hear youre having so many problems with your panda - did you buy it new or secondhand (Im guessing the latter). How old is the car and how many miles has it done Do you have full fiat service history and all documentation Do you know which main dealer it was taken to If yes you can speak to them and ask them what the diagnostics showed when the car was hooked up to the computer -

Originally Posted by Linzi Hi I came across this forum when trying to discover a few things about my new panda. I bought the above car about 3 weeks ago for the first week all was fine then sudenly it refused to start. I contacted the dealer who begrudginly took the car back to check it. In the end it had to go to a main dealer for a diagnostic test and repair. I picked up the car yesterday and found

FIAT PANDA Fiat Panda OE Alarm M792M892

I have just bought an alarm (Part No. 46002793) from eBay for my panda. Its a genuine fiat item designed to fit using the original remotes. Does anyone have a picture of where the siren sits in the engine bay so that when I install it I can put it in its correct position the fitting instructions are a bit vague to say the least as they are written for the dealers I think. I will do a step by step installation

Never had any problems with my fiat alarm fitted to my eleganza fitted by dealer set with the central locking. Even with the high winds in Blackpool never went off you know its bad when the street lights start swaying in t breeze. Depends how well it is set up.

Ive been waiting until now to finish the job off... Of course I did get it totally wrong this wire is NOTHING to do with the 4 ways it is of course something else and ultimately its just a way of sending a signal over an existing wire to avoid drilling the bulkhead (which I nearly did ironically to sort this problem out) Well done for digging up that old post it seems to be exactly the solution we are both after. I will report back as soon as we get some better weather to finish it off... Most Easterly pandas liked this post

FIAT PANDA closing doors via alarm remote control

i just received my very first fiat panda. its a gorgeous arancio the 1.2 dynamic version. for now im very happy with it...but one thing is really bothering me...this is why i am VERY angry on my dealer because he didnt tell me about this until the deal was already made. anyway i know there are lots of cool guys here who can eventually help me with this issue so the car has centralized lock (via key

you turn the key in the drivers door it means that the drivers door has no electrical closing mechanism only a switch that triggers the closing of the other doors. So by installing an electrical mechanism from a central locking kit and connecting it to the alarm module by pressing the alarm remote button it will close the drivers door and that will trigger the central locking mechanism. If the fiat

FIAT PANDA Panda problems

Hi chaps Ive joined to see if I can get any support and advice regarding a few problems Ive had with the panda. I got it 1st September 2007 and its done 4200miles. First thing in the morning the gearchange is very very stiff. The first change from first to second gear is very hard to do feels like you are going to snap the lever. Then when changing into third it usually crunches. It get a lot better

Had they admitted to the problem from day 1 and tried to fix it I wouldnt have minded. But there was a problem and they lied about it. A couple of months ago I asked to drive another panda to see if mine was typical or not. But they told me that they didnt have one available (despite there being half a dozen on the forecourt). I am disappionted with the car and dealer. I am also alarmed to read about

FIAT PANDA II 169 Alarm 2008 MJ

On inserting the (non-remote) ignition key recently twice (out about 10 times) it has triggered some sort of alarm - sounds a little like a 2 tone police siren but not very loud. The car has started with no problems and the the alarm then stops. Any ideas what it is please

Originally Posted by sailtastic When braking with large amounts of right steering the brakes and steering have juddered alarmingly on two occasions but I cant consistently replicate the problem. Are you sure the judder you describe isnt just the ABS kicking in Braking and steering at the same time is a sure fire way of losing grip. May explain why you cant consistently replicate it too.

FIAT BRAVA 182 Central lockin and alarm problem

Hi guys. The other day my central locking and alarm stopped workin when I pressed the button on the key I thought it might be batteries in the key cause I couldnt remember when I last changed them but even with new batteries in the key still nothin anyone any ideas what could be causing this cheers guys

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas So that means that it wont be that then You checked it No not checked it but surely flat battery would mean car wouldnt start and low battery would mean car would struggle to start and I would have issues with other systems on car central locking works from passenger side door but just not from key Everythin else is working perfectly apart from the central locking and alarm from the key

Originally Posted by Wee Smurf Didnt think there was any difference... I swapped my wheels over and used the same bolts. Nothings fallen off yet... I would certainly have my car checked out. Im not trying to be alarmist but the bolts WILL be different.

FIAT MULTIPLA alarm problems

hi there my mother in law has a multipla jtd on an 04 plate. A few days ago the horn went off by its own accord she disconected it yesterday the alarm kept going off even when the car was unlocked i have disconected thhe battery but there is still a constant beeping noise coming from the car any ideas

Originally Posted by pandabloke I had a mate who had the 13 inch steel wheels nicked off of his Allegro They actually stole the car brought it back and left it on his drive on bricks I own what must be 2 of the most knocked cars in history

FIAT PANDA Injection problems

Hi there Long time no writen but I was away... Anyway as I took pandaki for a drive today in the sunshine after the rain it stopped after 500 meters drive . It was realy low on fuel so I was on my way to the petrol station to fill it up and go. It stopped 50 meters from the station so not to much car-walking for me After I filled it up it didnt start no matter what so I called the assistance. The guy

Happened to our selecta once outside radioalarm shop just would not start plenty of fuel I was lucky went to the fuel cut off switch and yes it needed to be pressed down again and we had not hit the kerb or sudden bump to make it trigger

FIAT PANDA Which Wires Which on the door for Panda

Please Help I have bought one of these after market remote central locking kits for my 1.1 panda. Although i am unable to match the wiring diagram that came with the unit to the number of wires coming from the locking unit on my door. If anyone could please tell me what the 4 wires are that come out of the door I would be extremely grateful as now half my panels are missing where i am slowly taking

The only way I can think of getting it to work is to add a separate alarm driven locking unit to the drivers door so when the alarm is used the CAN system will assume the key or internal lock button has been used and lockunlock in the normal way Ive got a panda on order so have this problem to solve also but I may not bother as it seems to be a minefield The best solution would be to talk to an alarm installation company as this situation cannot be unique to fiat .

FIAT PANDA Loss of power - Multijet 1.3. Urgent advice needed please - purchase pending

Hi there - am new to the site as a subscriber tho have found it extremely useful for panda related info in the past. We recently sold our panda 4x4 which we bought when planning a move to the hills but which fell through hence the sale. In the meantime we had quickly became panda aficionados so decided to replace it with a panda Multijet 1.3 for its excellent fuel consumption and very good reports

body etc.) to make it cleaner. Neato I thought it was just a different top cover so it would have a standard screw-off oil cap instead of the older pull off type and would otherwise have been like a Punto 75 (1242 8v MPI ). Werent expecting VVT. An ECU governed throttle is a given nowadays. The small reservoir is indeed for the clutch so 1 to the panda no clutch cable Originally Posted by fiatseicento2002

FIAT PANDA Ideal panda meeting place

I think if any social pandering should happen this place should be involved So funny well to me at least cos im sad Si Attached Thumbnails     __________________ ChiChi - panda 4x4 Abarth Qing Qing the rescued panda Yzi - Seat Marbella Turbo Rescued 82 panda 45   Quote   11-06-2006   2 Nuova500 Czech It Out   Join Date Jan 2004 Location New Milton United Kingdo Posts 5660 Thanks 75 Trader Rating 0   Re Ideal panda meeting place nice one Si wheres that

but not sure. If im heading in that direction again ill be aving a drink but unfortunately was in a hurry to get to stanford (thanks swansea larger louts for keeping me up all night setting my alarm off making me sleep in l8 ). and then on the way back i was just too tired All worth it tho best day out ever Such a nice lot on this forum And some awesome cars (most of them members of the fiat

FIAT PANDA Selecta beauty

Just picked up a 17000 mile selecta off ebay [ not the one that was thought to be dodgy ] Its a beauty good enough for a panda museum its got lots of little extras like fiat headlampindicator perspex covers reversing sensors alarm etc Trouble is its got a transmission fault apparently the powder clutch is knackered I was going to fit manual trans. and trial it but its far too good for that

FIAT PANDA Multijet Recall

Well did anyone else get the dreaded letter from fiat this morning. It seems there is a chance of the fuel feed pipe being damaged on the air cleaner box which could result in fire. Its an immediate recall. As far as im concerned this is the straw that broke the camels back the good lady was told this morning she can keep it till the end of the year (2 years old) and the she gets another Mazda. Tara Ian.......( VERY GRUMPY)

Thanks Jai but not wanting to alarm anyone but ive just done a google search on vehicle recalls and would you believe it there is one there that covers quite a few fiats (including the panda) and is no way related to this fire risk problem. Funny they aint contacted me about that one. Tara Ian

FIAT PANDA panda classic electrics

Hello all Im new to this forum and pleased to see so many panda appreciators Mine is ill . It is a 1994 1000 CLX and all the electrics have stopped working except the starter and the hazard lights... Any ideas I looked in the Haynes manual but no obvious solutions jumped out at me... Block fuses maybe

Originally Posted by petel 1994 models do not have hedgehogs. The problem lies elsewhere possibly the electrical switch behind the ignition assy on the steering column. Rgds. To get at the ignition barrel to check connections just simply drop the cloth faciadash for access. Can all be got at from there. Ive just been fitting an alarm and was alarmed at how easy pandas are to hot wire even tried it myself and even I could do it Jon.


Hey sorry if this seems like a daft question but.. I have a grande punto 1.2 and I have one of those electronic keys how many times do you have to press the lock the doors button to lock AND alarm the car Does it do it on first press or do you need to do it twice I know with some other cars you need to press the button twice once to lock and again to alarm and have been doing this with my grande punto

start a Grande Punto Blue Peter Show lol Show us all the tricks of the trades I just went out and check and I got dead locks Just went out and checked and I got dead locks. Bloody FREEZING -5 For my next trick i will show how to refit the dash trim with a fairy liquid bottle and a roll of sticky back plastic __________________ What Goes Up Must Come Down..... Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas

FIAT PANDA 100hp brake fluid sensor

Hello some advice please. On the way home tonight my brake fluid alarm went off. Pulled over checked fluid level all appears fine. Phoned fiat they said it was prob just the sensor playing up and they check it for me on Wednesday (Ive a problem with the driveshaft linkage apparently). After a very cautious motorway drive home with alarm bleeping every three seconds the brakes feel fine. However having

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