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FIAT PANDA Pollen filter

Hi all I know its a silly question but where on the car do you gain access to check or change the pollen filter on a 100HP Any help or advice much appreciated.. Cheers Colin.

There are two great things about forums like this one one is that every subject is covered somewhere. And two that there is a really powerful search tool in the top right hand corner (where it says search this forum...) Typing pollen filter into that throws up all the answers to this frequently-asked question. Try here as a starting point from previous posts httpwww.fiatforum.companda19863...pollenfilter And another here httpwww.fiatforum.companda159869-filter-c.html

I did try the search function but unfortunately typed pollen filter 100hp which didnt help still ya live and learn. And not a bit of sarcasm in your reply lol. But I am grateful Colin.

FIAT PANDA Pollen Filter

Does anyone know if all pandas have pollen filters or is it just cars with air con If it is all cars can someone help me locate it Ive spent what seems like a lifetime in the driver side footwell and cant find it any help would be appreciated.

Handy hint instead of searching in the footwell use this sites really very good search tool instead... At panda top level select search this forum from just under the page 1 to 159... text . Type pollen filter in the box... and hey presto lots of answers to this previously asked question youll find them all here httpwww.fiatforum.comsearch.phpsearchid4962607 and if you choose teh seventh one down (here

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FIAT PANDA pollen filter

Hi Does the 100HP have a pollen filter and if it does should it be replaced every year.

Just guessing (as I cant be arsed to get cold going the garage) but I think the pollen filter is replaced every two years. No harm in changing it annually though. Ben

Originally Posted by BenP Just guessing (as I cant be arsed to get cold going the garage) but I think the pollen filter is replaced every two years. No harm in changing it annually though. Ben 2 years might be a bit too long I changed mine every year and man it looks terrible Moldy and black. Am thinking of changing it every 6 months now...

Wow the air must be bad in Malaysia. I left the pollen filter in for nearly 3 years here in the UK only changed it when the windows started to mist up too easily. OK it was a bit black but not mouldy. The fiat service book recommends a change every year. However the dealers have only recently cottoned on to this which is surprising as it does increase their profit from a service (longer time for service

FIAT PANDA Pollen Filter

Question Is the pollen filter replacement process basically the same as that detailed in the Stilo Guide on this forum (maybe just with a few different fastenings). httpwww.fiatforum.comstilo-guide...ove-gars1.html

My 2008 panda Cross does not have the screws that hold the pollen filter in place. They have not gone missing I suspect fiat have discovered they are not really needed and just make fitting a new filter more difficult.

Having looked within the forum it appears that as my panda does not have air con therefore it has no pollen filter and the cover must be fixed by fiat as no srews either and must be a sealed unit. Can you confirm please. Thanks.

Would love to know the same 2007 Dynamic skydome so no aircon and the cover is there but Im sure is moulded glued closed. Whatever I prod there is no sign it will come undone and no screws. Assume then no pollen filter

FIAT PANDA Pollen Filter Air Flow

I just installed a new pollen filter in my 04 JTD and the air flow from the vents seems to be half of what it was. But if Im using the fan and switch to recirculating the interior air (rather than drawing in exterior air) the flow is fine. Any ideas

Recirculating is bypassing the pollen filter hence full air flow from vents. Reduced flow on normal ventilation suggests the pollen filter is obstructed. I suggest possibilities are filter installed wrong way round dodgy pattern filter filter crumpled or distorted when being installed foreign object has got in at installation or pollen filter cover not properly fitted. pandaEs thanked for this post

Thanks doctorchris. Ill pull the filter and check it again. What is a pattern filter If its a non-OEM filter I bought the new one from the fiat dealer so I hope its correct.

Originally Posted by pandaEs Thanks doctorchris. Ill pull the filter and check it again. What is a pattern filter If its a non-OEM filter I bought the new one from the fiat dealer so I hope its correct. as I understand it pattern parts are non-OEM and not always a good fit e.g. pattern panels such as wings have to be trimmed down to fit correctly...

FIAT PANDA Wot no pollen filter

My late 2005 dualogic eleganza was having its 2nd annual service yesterday and I asked them to make sure the pollen filter got changed. When I went to collect it there was nothing about the filter on the sheet they tick the boxes on (to make it look like theyve actually done something). I asked and they said that it didnt need a pollen filter (they checked with someone in the workshop too). So today

That plastic cover should hold the pollen filter inside. Have you tried looking inside The only problem I can forsee is the fact that the steering column is quite close and would make the task of removing and refitting the filter rather tricky. Well...theres only one way to find out I guess Good luck and please let us know if you find it. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful

To complete the picture I just looked at my daughters 1.1 Active no aircon and its just the same as in Rolyapples picture i.e. no screws and in fact a cover permanently sealed to the unit. Therefore it looks like aircon means a pollen filter thats a bugger to fit and fiat dealers probably wont bother with it no aircon means no filter and an easier life all round.

I agree with you Upnorth to a certain extent in that the cabin filter is upstream of the aircon condenser thus its removal will have no effect on this component. However a very important issue especially for the ladies came to light when I replaced the cabin filter on my wifes Honda Jazz and told her that it was full of tiny dead spiders. Now she is seriously arachnophobic and the concept of her car

Just a short note to say that replacing the pollencabin filter on my panda has led to much less misting up quicker warming up of the cabin and a sweeter smell (except when I fart sorry to have to share that with you).

FIAT PANDA Good News About Pollen Filter

Whilst trying to fix the recirculation control on my panda Cross I took a look at the pollen filter and found that the fiddly bolts retaining the pollen filter cover have now been omitted. All you have to do now is pull off the cover and pull out then replace the filter. OK its still a bit fiddly but if you push down the clutch pedal the job is easier. The filter is marked with arrows showing airflow

FIAT PANDA pollen filter on new panda

Its a long shot but does anyone know where the pollen filter is on the new panda My manual wont say Ive looked in the usual places and cant find one

Sorry its a bit vague but they are usually mounted in the plastic panel under the windscreen wiper pivots on most cars dont even know if the panda has one there though

FIAT PANDA Where is the pollen filter located

Ive a multijet dynamic aircon model panda 58 reg and was wondering if anyone knows where the pollen filter is located. I am having 12k service done soon and want to lets say have a look see if theyve replaced it when they say they have Thanks

Originally Posted by jj58panda In the uk there are CDM regulations which cover construction design and maintenance. You would think that things would be fitted in order that maintenance can be carried out easily on a filter Thats an hours labour charge at the garage lol. Thanks anyway. The problem RHD cars have is that when the cars were designed (to be LHD) the bloody steering column wasnt in the way Its an easy job on a LHD panda but as Jai says a total cock on a RHD car Ben

They dont only filter pollen but also regular dust. So if you end up behind some old Transit diesel or similar at a traffic light itll filter out some of the particle matter. I think its worth keeping it.

Interesting one this................ MY bf has had Astras for years the leasing company always refuse to replace the cabin filter so after a while it becomes clogged and soaking wet causing the car to steam up so he then throws it away and it does without one. Also the ram air effect goes if you have a pollen filter ie you have to have the fan on 1 or 2 to get any air through whereas with no filter just the airflow as you drive will suffice making for a quieter journey.

Ive just been told that my panda because it doesnt have air-con also doesnt have a pollen filter. Great another reason not to have splashed out on air-con.

How do you know if they even change the pollen filter. I changed the air filter on the Doblo a few weeks ago & one bolt was particularly hard to get to & on taking the filter out & looking at the amount of insects etc I dont believe the filter had ever been changed.

FIAT PANDA 24 miles service pollen filter

can anyone tell me where the air-conditioning pollen filter is on my 2005 panda eleganza i am suspicious that my garage havent replaced it despite it being included in the 24000 mile service

FIAT PANDA Panda pollen filter

I fitted a new pollen filter yesterday and believe me it is not a black art. It took all of 15 minutes from start to finish. It will take 5 minutes next time so simple you just need to be a bit dextrous. My filter had been fitted back to front by the factory not good attention to detail it must have been either a Friday or else they have a Brit working in the Polish factory . Will carry out the rest of the service next weekend.

I fitted one the other weekend too - piece of cake. I got down there expecting to have trouble but the cover came off easily and the new filter slotted in with minimal trouble. Im not sure if the 1.2 is the same as the 1.4 but the air filter and plugs take ages for what are usually easy to change parts. Youll enjoy getting to the plugs ... dont stretch any of the cabling while your trying to work out how to get the coil packs off...

FIAT PANDA pollen filter

where is the pollen filter fitted in my 100hp thanks

What a coincidence Had first service on my 1.2 Eco carried out by local dealer yesterday and they made a point of mentioning the pollen filter. Having been given an inclusive price for the service I assumed that the pollen filter would be itemised on the invoice but there is no mention of it. Right thought I - where is it Had a look round car but no sign then lo and behold todays question. I know filter

Originally Posted by rinsor Many thanks srted though only held in with one screw that I dropped behind dash and cant find Anyone two 5.5mm headed screws My 1.2 pollen filter housing did not have any screws in it - it just clipped on and off. Had a bit of a result though as the dealer missed PF replacement on first service. I noticed it because there was no charge for it on the invoice so I spoke to

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