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fiat panda petrol engine II 169
fiat panda petrol engine II 169

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FIAT PANDA Petrol-Engined Panda Fuel Filter

The service schedule for petrol-engined pandas makes no mention of replacement of a fuel filter. Does this mean that these cars have no fuel filter

...interesting question. Since my little 4x4 is clocking up the miles I wonder if there is one whether I should have changed it yet. Im a Mac and Firefox user so the ePER system doesnt work for me. Maybe you can take a look there though and see what it shows The online parts co at shop4parts doesnt list a petrol filter only diesel. Pete

Ive looked into a similar issue on my wifes Honda Jazz. The fuel filter is inside the tank. To do anything with it involves a hugely complex procedure to even access the tank (due to it being under the drivers seat on this car) and it appears to be something to leave for the life of the car or until a fuelling issue arises. I suspect that the same applies to the panda. Previously Ive been used to running

Hi guys. I checked with my local dealer who specialises in fiat AR cars. According to him our fuel filters are in the tank and there is no way to remove it... short of changing the tank doctorchris thanked for this post

FIAT PANDA Petrol Engine specs

Hi there I think Ive found the panda of my dreams but I was hoping someone could link me to the differences in engine specs particularly torque specs for the following engines 1.2 8v 60bhp 1.2 16v(vvt) 69bhp. I believe the 69bhp engine was introduced late 2009 and it has more torque at lower revs than the previous unit plus it is more economical. Ive Googled this but only came up with the Wikipedia stuff which doesnt seem definitive.

Sorry sir cant find any data on a 16V petrol 1.2. panda. There is an 8V petrol 1.2 with 69PS form that sort of time same torque (74 foot pounds) as 60 PS unit presumably similar performance at bottom end. I suspect the extra power is achieved in a peak not as a flat gain but as you say little info. I doubt there would be very much difference in actual drivability or indeed fuel consumption in the real

As said above the only 16v petrol engine is the 1.4 100hp. The 1.2 is an 8v unit. The 60hp unit is a safe engine. If the cambelt breaks no engine damage. This is a soft power delivery suited well to town work but will handle longer journeys well but dont expect to hurry. Using lower gears for acceleration gives a little more urgency but mostly a little more noise. Its what Ive got and it is very relaxing.

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas Id disagree the difference between our 2009 1.2 panda and a 2013 1.2 VVT 500 is massive - both on fuel economy and performance both in the 500s favour and is the 1.2 vvt engine in your 500 IDENTICAL to the 1.2 69bhp engine available in the panda from 2010

FFS MPG difference is significant in 2500 miles in both - 500 was always 50MPG regardless of how driven and panda about 42-44 being driven economically and this I put down to the engine not the car. If being picky the panda is a Dualogic also and 500 was manual but book figures for DLs is always better for economy normally anyway. Its only an opinion from personal experience.

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Thought about the gas but ruled it out because it would mean doing away with the spare wheel. The tank would be pretty small I would suspect. The closest place for gas is 11 miles out of my way and they are charging 70p a litre. So I need to find out if the gearbox on the diesel 4x4 in Europe is the same box thats in the petrol. Then well know if the gearing is the same.

Originally Posted by Toomanytoys I should imaine the gearing will be different as the D revs lower and produces its torque and power at lower rpm and more of it... you will need all the ECU etc too.. Yes LPG convertion will cost the 1300 but the fuel is less than half the price of D (54ppl - 123ppl)........ so that 1.2 38mpg means approx 76mpg running cost compared to the D... work out what it will

Hi All I was one of those interested in getting a diesel 4x4 over here too so much so that i contacted fiat about it last year and they let me know at christmas that it was a marketing glitch with it and that they were going to release the 4x4 in diesel this august. However as of today i phoned round most of the garages in northern ireland and they hadnt heard any word of its imminent launch yet and

Personally I think a 4x4 in diesel is a great idea Ive come from a big 4x4 diesel and had great fun with it a 4x4 should go offroad but with a petrol engine theres always the worry over soggy electrics Now a panda 4x4 in diesel with a suspensionbody lift and bigger tyres - ie KL71s of BFG MTs

FIAT PANDA II 169 Which Engine 2 - Diesel or Petrol

Hi all. Im new here - thinking about getting a panda (supasaver have some good offers) but not sure which one. Ive a couple of questions that arent covered in the reviews road tests etc. 1. Clarkson says the petrol panda warms up really quickly (I think he said that 0-60 F was only a tad slower than 0-60mph) - what is the diesel like for warming up on a cold morning 2. A couple of reviews have said that the diesel is noisy and makes the car a bit front-heavy. Any views Thanks Adnap.

Yep my 1.2 Dynamic seems to warm up quite fast but it will not pass thhe middle value on the scale. Only that the fan will work most of the time while waiting in line in the city. But its a nice engine. However if I were you Id go for the 100hp (not available in my country). The diesel is nice (my mom has one) one of the best Diesels on the market good mpg but... its a Diesel. Not so noisy but more

Ive driven all 4 engine choices... Ive owned the Multijet now just over 2 years so Ive had the Winter Driving experience. And yes indeed it does take longer to warm up than the petrol in Winter. You really dont get much in the line of hot air out for the first few miles but then again the first couple of miles from my house are all downhill off the go-faster pedal... I just stick a hat on for the first

Go for the Diesel petrol Diesel prices are virtually the same at the moment so for a little extra purchase price you will easily get 15% more range per tank so youll get your money back pretty fast. Performance wise Its faster to 60 than the 1.1 and 1.2 better on the motorways very quiet and should be cheaper to tax. Oh and it has better resale value too Biggest mistake I made was getting the petrol version

Looks like I might be the only one to prefer the petrol The 1.2 is a really torquey engine for a petrol you dont have to rev it past 3K to get the best from it as maximum torque is at 2500 rpm. It is also silent in operation and very smooth but the biggest difference is the weight. The diesel is heavier and it feels heavy at the front (as with most diesels) which makes it feel ponderous and not near

FIAT PANDA EOBD engine control failure - petrol

1.2 Dynamic petrol engine. Were getting the EOBD light up in the morning but around midday its off again. Handbook says its an ignition fault and goes on to state that if the light goes out then the fault has gone away..... ....hmmm. I know the answer is to get it booked in but we really need this car this week. Its running fine no odd noises not down on power and everything works. 1000 question is it OK to carry on for a few days Its doing around 12 miles a day and mostly in traffic.

Never had it with any of our many fiats or heard of anything similar.

My panda once threw its toys out of the Pram and was a pig to start this was after being started when cold and then stopped very shortly thereafter. I now make sure I dont make that mistake -) Trev

Originally Posted by udtrev My panda once threw its toys out of the Pram and was a pig to start this was after being started when cold and then stopped very shortly thereafter . Ive seen something similar on the 500 - most likely down to the injection system overfuelling & flooding the engine.

Originally Posted by jrkitching Ive seen something similar on the 500 - most likely down to the injection system overfuelling & flooding the engine. Yes me too thought it should have stopped with the advent of fuel injected engines but apparently not.. Big difference between a flooded engine being too rich to burn fire and it actualy hydraulically locking though..

Have you taken the petrol cap off and checked for a wiff of Diesel...

Im going to drain the fuel out today (I have a transfer pump at home) - limped home about 1.5 miles in it - it seemed quite happy to run but only upto 2000rpm and 15mph unless Asda actually put diesel in their petrol tank Im sure theres not diesel in it and a phone call to the garage they said theyd not had any probs. yesterday morning.

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