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FIAT PANDA Tech Help Needed - Throttle Sensor Fault

So the girlfriend got stranded tonight on an uphill stretch of dual carriageway. Car ground to a halt with no power and engine management light on. Fair play to the breakdown service that she has free with Lloyds TSB as the AA were with her within 10 minutes. AA diagnostic came up with suspect throttle position sensor although she didnt get the actual fault code number . The AA counldnt reset the

Back from the weekend away and managed to hook up the diagnostic tonight - 2 fault codes present... p1220 - throttle position sensor 2 circuit P0105 - MAP sensor insufficient activity not sure whether the second one is a result of me cleaning the MAP with WD40 a few days ago - the cars only run on the drive for 10 minutes since then. Reset the faults but the same ones came back instantly upon starting

Disconnecting the battery for an hour did nothing so cleared the two faults and embarked on throttle relearn. Engine light on straight away but percevered with relearn. As the car started to warm up there were occassional stutters shudders with the revs dropping from 1300 to 1200 for 5 seconds. Relearn completed. Ran diagnostic again and still got the p1220 code but nothing else now. Checked allconnections including ecu but no different. Unable to unplug at the throttle pedal as no space and not sure how the connector comes apart. Looks like will be towing down to fiat dealer

FIAT PANDA Mystery fault strikes again... and again.

In March I had a problem with Higgle ( Eleganza Dualogic 54plate) when she ground to a halt and the AA said it was fault p1220 and reset her computer. After that she was fine until last Saturday when it happened again and on Monday when it happened yet again. After she had ben reset I took her to Wessex fiat at Gloucester who had her all morning and said they acknowledged there was a fault but they

p1220 is manufacture specific so AA wouldnt know what it was anywaay & wouldnt really care. Take it to another garage but respect the fact others have booked often weeks in advance so it might take a day or two before they can get someone to have a good look at your car.

FIAT PANDA One for the technical bods..strange breakdown

Im at a bit of a loss to understand what happened to Higgle today (1.2 eleganza dualogic) I was driving back from a meeting when the orange engine light came on quickly followed by the words engine failure and power trickled down to about 5mph but it didnt cut out. I called the AA who arrived ran a diagnostic check which registered p1220 reset the display and then pronounced it was probably just a

Originally Posted by T14086 P1120 is throttle Position Sensor (out of range) He said p1220. How do you know what codes what by the way

Originally Posted by hmallett T14086 knows what the codes are because hes a genius Either that or hes a fiat technician H .....he cant read though I apologise p1220 is Series Throttle Control fault.More than likely to be connector or wiring fault than component.

FIAT PANDA Panda engine light no acceleration lots of desperation

Hi I have read several threads here about similar problems and they all address the same things which I do not completely understand. First the problem fiat panda 4x4 2007 So about a month ago I am driving and suddenly my car loses all power. Engine light comes on. The horror So we tow to my buddys garage and after about an hour she revs again like nothing was ever wrong. He figures its an issue with

Thanks everyone for input code is p1220. It is a petrol. We have no emissions readings here in SA. Def not the key either as I have two keys and both give this issue. Will update once we nail it down.

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