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FIAT PANDA As Soon As Start - Over-Revving Panda 1.1

Hello I have a fiat panda 1.1 8v 2004. The problem that I am experiencing is that as soon as I start the car the car revs like the accelerator is all the way down. The cable is not stuck nothing pulling on the throttle. The revving stops when I unplug the MAP sensor I replaced with a brand new sensor and same problem. If I unplug idle control valve whilst having the map sensor unplugged the rev then

Are you sure there is a throttle cable Most modern cars have a potentiometer wiper system connected to the pedal. Perhaps a full throttle signal is being created.

Originally Posted by tommo1 Are you sure there is a throttle cable Most modern cars have a potentiometer wiper system connected to the pedal. Perhaps a full throttle signal is being created. I am 100percent sure that this car has an accelerator cable.

Originally Posted by tommo1 Are you sure there is a throttle cable Most modern cars have a potentiometer wiper system connected to the pedal. Perhaps a full throttle signal is being created. The 1.1 is cable not fly by wire

Ok so now that we have established that please does anyone habes any other ideas Most Easterly pandas disliked this post

Anyway who cares what the engine can rev to only an idiot would take it over 4000. Theres no point as power drops off very quickly I had problems with the gearbox slipping out of fifth into neutral (since repaired) thats how I know that 5000 is easily achievable. An MOT tester should take the engine to its max revs hes not testing rev limiters. Most Easterly pandas disliked this post

The maximum power of the diesel engine is at 4000 rpm. While I would not recommend continuous running at maximum power I think it a gross overstatement to say only an idiot would rev over 4000 rpm With a thoroughly warmed engine and the right road conditions I would argue that a thirty second thrash with full throttle and 4000rpm (and maybe a little more) would do the engine good as it would clear out carbon and exercise the turbo wastegate which will seize shut if the car is constantly driven easily. Its called an Italian tune-up Most Easterly pandas liked this post

Originally Posted by floatinglandrover If the corsa and panda engines are made by fiat how come they have GM cast into the block. When fiat and GM first had their tie-in fiat could not keep up with demand for the little diesel. It is likely that GM are building it under licence so their casting has their logo in it. When the Corsa first got this engine many Vauxhall dealers were subcontracting warranty

My last MOT on my MJ was done while I waited and I did hear the nuts being revved off a car and then I realised it was mine It seems that the smoke test for a diesel is done by flooring the throttle while a smoke probe is stuck up the exhaust. If it doesnt pass then it can be repeated up to a total of 6 times. Old type diesels (before electronic control) had a mechanical system (a governor) that cut

FIAT PANDA Revving problems

My little diesel fiat panda is having problems every so often when you start it the revs wont go over 3k you can put your foot fully down and there is only the slightest response after a while however it starts working normally again...just wondered if anyone had a clue what it could be so I have some idea when I take it to the garage and they try and tell me something ridiculous...

past 2000 rpm until I put in it gear and drive. So if its a driveability issue it maybe your problem is a sticking turbo actuator arm. A turbo will spin faster the more exhaust gas passes the blades so the more you rev the faster it spins and so on. To prevent over boost the exhaust side has a little bypass or wastegate this should open when the turbo starts to reach its safe maximum boost. (the panda

FIAT PANDA Damn revving

I posted a long time ago about this and didnt really get anywhere but it did seem to correct itself on the whole but alas its back.. I was out yesterday (Mk 2 1992 Fizz) and the car started revving up on its own when I was at the lights. Temp wasnt particulary high. Started off - same thing so I reckon it must have been drinking the petrol. Every light I stopped at - it was revving up and down up

Thats the problem with these fan-dangled newer classic pandas Lambda gauge That would be my first guess at least. If its failing it could be getting confused over the mixture and throwing the fuelling up and down. Not had a temperature gauge cause problems before plus it would over fuel consistently with this fault and so would just rev high all the time.

FIAT PANDA 1.1 turns over but not firing any ideas

1.1Active regularly serviced 65K no incidents or work done lately. over the last couple of weeks there had been an occasional running on 3 type episode for a few seconds when starting from cold revving did not help bring in missing cylinder yesterday I decided to give it new plugs just to see.... when I started it to move nearer my garage it went on 3 cyls so I turned it back off to move other cars

FIAT PANDA Clutchoverrevving sound problem help

I was driving to work this morning and came up to a junction so I braked then depressed the clutch and selected first waiting till I could exit the junction when all of a sudden it sounded as if the car was revving heavily the accelarator was not pressed and I put the car into neutral and the heavy revving sound continued I then exited the junction and the revs returned to normal it did not feel as

FIAT PANDA Noisy whirring noise when revving engine

I have a panda Eleganza on a 04 plate i have had it a month and has been a great car. During the wet weather we have had and driving through large puddles rivers the car has developed a whirring noise as if a bearing is broken not lubricated When you rev the car it gets louder sounds as if it is coming from the bottom left (drivers side) of the engine bay. I had the cam belt and tensioner changer

Grit or dirt in the alternator maybe Even with my 4x4s metal sump guardundertray a lot of dirt gets thrown over the alternator and its in the right place for where you describe the noise as coming from. You could try hosing it down maybe

Originally Posted by Herts Hillhopper Grit or dirt in the alternator maybe Even with my 4x4s metal sump guardundertray a lot of dirt gets thrown over the alternator and its in the right place for where you describe the noise as coming from. You could try hosing it down maybe Hi all sounds like the alternator if the garage who did the Cam - belt were competent then it should not be an over-tight alternator

FIAT PANDA Multijet diesel sluggish after starting revs limited repeated ECU fault Try this.

If your Multijet panda starts OK but goes into limp mode a few hundred yards down the road recovers after a few minutes and occasionally throws ECU fault lights take a good look at your air filter. Heres why... We have recently acquired a 2005 panda with the 1.3 multi jet diesel. Lovely little car most of the time except... About one time in three on a cold damp morning the car would start up fine

FIAT PANDA The Mrs has a New Toy

Although we are both trying to reduce our collection of cars the Mrs spotted this on eBay and decided to save it from being won by a scrappy Its a 1990 Seat Marbella 850cc We picked it up last night and have managed to break down in it already today The fuel gauge is not really working so we thought we had 13 of a tank when we had nothing... Still all good fun Now as we both have Mk2 pandas we can

that problem with your fuel gauge Must be a Marbella thing as none of my pandas have that problem but my Marbella reads full aaaall the time I bought a new fuel sender unit (the floaty bit) but havent got round to fitting it yet on mine. You have to drop the tank down a bit to get to it and that can be a bit of a pain. Anyway glad to hear its been saved. That 853cc version I would guess is the fiat

FIAT PANDA Head Gasket

Hey I also posted the problem on the dashboard buzzer but just looked on my oil filler cap and there is the mayonaise type stuff AND there is a lot of oil in my water. I dont think its due to condensation (y wud there e oil in the water) but the car seems to be running fine has enough power (will reach 85) and there isnt any excess smoke. The only thing it will do is cut out when idling after being

arent adjustable. My ECU (which is the Bosch jetronic - fuel only system) also does the learning thing after a battery disconnection and it does take a while to get itself sorted out. But the thing that seems to alter most is the time it takes to reach tickover speed on releasing the throttle. (Its quicker when its learned). There is a recent thread on this part of the forum regarding Augustes panda

FIAT BRAVO Engine Idle revving up & down

Hi I just wondered if anyone could give any advice on the following. On a number of ocassions now I have stopped at lights junctions etc and the car begins to rev up and down (by around 2 to 3 hundred revs). When the revs drop the car shudders as if it is going to cut out but then revs back up again. It does it continuosly until I start driving again. No lights or messages are coming up on the dash.

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas Ah right. Not sure if youve a similar DPF setup to my 120 with the 5th injector although sound like your DPF system might be one of the nastier over fuel the engine to regen types. Why is that nastier All fiat DPF regens are done by overfueling.

Originally Posted by trent the c1aygo107 all use the daihatsu engine its the lightest production car engine in the world and has won international engine of the year for the last three years i run a panda dynamic and my girlfriend runs a daihatsu sirion 1 litre both cars have covered approx 30 k miles from new and the panda engine is much noisier at this mileage than the daihatsuthe panda engine also

FIAT PANDA Is this a problem

On switching on the ignition on my multijet all the lights on the dash are on then after a few seconds they all go out except for the engine battery & oil lights. On turning over the engine all the lights go out. I have not used the car for about a week but on starting this morning I couldnt rev the car over 2500 rpm so I switched off & left it about two minutes & tried again. over about 10 minutes

The sequence for your lights going out is perfectly normal so there is no need to worry. As for the revving Im not 100% sure but there is a chance the car has a rev-limiter set to it for when revving from idle and cold to make sure the engine does not get damaged. I assume you were sat revving it rather than driving and it wont go over 2500rpm. Never ever over-rev a cold engine as you are wrecking

FIAT PANDA Your Pandas unofficial top speed

Hey guys Just wondering how fast youve got your pandas up to I managed to whip my totally standard panda 999cc up to an estimated 110mph on the motorway a few weeks ago I say estimated cuz the speedo only reads up to 100 D Anyone been faster in a bog-standard panda Mike

I was on a slight downhill gradient on the M27 at the time but it still counts The car used to nudge 90mph on the flat until I decided (for the speed test) to pump the tyres up to the laden pressure and now the car will nudge 100mph on the straight and level. Im still amazed that a 1.0 litre engine can accomplish this I wondered if the speedo was over-reading but at the national limit the panda

FIAT PANDA Drivers of Other Cars Treat us With Contempt

You know so often particularly around the City of Sunderland here where I live other drivers treat my panda with contempt. You see I stick to the speed limit and even stick at 30 mph in the city. So other drivers overtake often in an inappropriate and dangerous manner. Then when we hit the next junction or roundabout they get a right shock because my 4x4 sticks to the road as if by glue and I sail

Originally Posted by puffed out daddy numerous near misses with cars pulling out and dont get me started on the horn fitted to the panda. Same with the mk2 panda Crap horn hence why it now has 2 air horns from a Ford Serra they really made a woman in a Zafira jump when she cut me up and the spots Ive got lit up the White Fiesta that cut me up on a roundabout well to the looks on their faces as they

FIAT PANDA Charmanda(er) The Panda

Name Change Previously known as Charmania for anyone not in the know shes had a slight rename keeping the Char but sticking my favourite childhood Pokemon name in there Charmander mainly because the first time I ever encountered a panda I was about 8 years old and Pokemon was my favourite thing in the whole world. Some details 1992 fiat panda 750 Mania 769cc FIRE engine. Lowered 40mm. Seicento Sporting

This might seem a little obsessive but at the beginning of the month every month I used to check over everything on my Punto tyre pressures oil coolant etc. I did this check for the first time on Charmanda today. Started with checking the oil...... I spent about 5 minutes looking for the dipstick because Im an imbecile. Ive only worked on new cars that have really long dipsticks right at the top of the engine with a bright yellow handle. Moving on checked coolant couldnt actually see the level through the reservoir its more yellow than clear. Gave her a wash because every other Monday is car cleaning day for me. (Im quite OCD...) Whilst cleaning the car and being utterly bored I was wiping some dirt off the exhaust tip and remembered a video I had seen quite some time ago of someone filling their exhaust tip with soap suds and then blowing bubbles by revving the engine. So the excited 8 year old I am I scooped loads of bubbles up from my wash and wax filled the exhaust tip. Set my phone on record and started her up. The image in my head was big perfect bubbles flying out of the exhaust. Reality. Exhaust Bubbles - YouTube Exhaust Bubbles - YouTube Just covered my phone in bubbles really.... Dragon Man panda panda homeward liked this post

FIAT PANDA New To The Forum But Not New To Pandas P

Hi all Just thought Id register and say hi Proud owner of a 93 L Reg panda (check my profile for pics) Only real modification I made was the alloys which I believe where an optional extra available at the time the car was new And the only real issue I have with it is a revving problem. I changed the throttle body for another one which has made the overall throttle response feel better and it doesnt

Originally Posted by pandasam t the car runs really sweet the engine is much quieter and ive got around 100 miles more from the half tank ive used than i usually do and i havent changed how i drive at the halfway mark on the fuel level ive done over 220miles i know the fuel is cleaner than supermarket stuff but has anyone else noticed this dunno what it has been like in Nantwich but we have had some

FIAT PANDA Panda Clutch

panda Dance 903cc J reg. I need a new clutch fitted. Can anyone advise me on the cheapest way to proceed. I am London based. This car is not worth much to me and I cannot justify spending 100s on it. However I would like to keep it running. I am not skilled to fit a new clutch myself. thanks

thanks for your advice and you are correct I am still learning about the panda. I will try making the adjustment. This adjustment you mention adjusts the clutch pedal height. How will this stop the over revvingpoor engagement I get at the mo btw just to the left of the clutch adjustment (on top of the clutch casing I think) there is a rubber clip lid that covers a view hole. What is it for Is it a lubrication point thanks

FIAT PANDA Cross - remaps and more....

Hi Im looking to buy a panda Cross but have quite a few questions. Ive searched here and have found some information from when the Cross was released but not more recent stuff from long term users. Im hoping to use it for touring around Europe - going anywhere I need it to. In terms of go anywhereness it seems perfect as its 4x4 and small. However Im a little apprehensive about its on road performance

and tracks (it has climate control fitted BTW ) I also specd it up to include the panoramic sunroof and upgraded sound system which are both worthwhile additions IMO. The roof doesnt get opened much but does make the interior feel much brighter with the two apertures into the cabin. Some friends just came back from Italy who told us that on their visit to Mt Vesuvius they saw quite a few 4x4 pandas

I had before I do have a few problems however ... Squeaking when cold from the instrument binnacle. Not major just a little irritating Can be a bit crunchy going from 2nd to 3rd gear at lover revs but fine when revving higher Bluetooth system doesnt seem to want to pair with my phone a Nokia N78 just says something in Italian. Wouldnt pair with the dealers phone either says hes gonna contact fiat

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 White Mk1 Panda in the Wild

Actually spotted a Mk1 panda out in the wild today White Mk1 in the wilds() of the A40 heading towards Burford about 11am. Numberplate was C something with an M&B towards the end Pretty sure Ive seen it on here so come on down youve been spotted I was in a black stealth Abarth Punto going to Cheltenham. Sorry there was no wild waving & flashing of lights - I was stuck in a line of traffic doing 45mph

Originally Posted by Palio Hi Si Knew I didnt imagine it Im quite often going over to Cheltenham (every few weeks anyway) usually in a panda so if youre nearly en-route we should try to meet up I was in race mode to get to the wedding on time so if youd have blinked at the wrong second Id have been gone lol. Realistically it doesnt go that fast but so much fun revving and zooming around the tight twisty


I have to say that I think the new panda is seriously ugly. Everytime I look at it it screams out Peugeot . I for one will not be changing my 59 plate 1.1 Active eco for that poor effort from fiat . Ill have to change models all together which Im a bit gutted about as I adore my present panda.

(or two valves per cylinder configuration) is a rarity thesedays. The Fire engine is pretty outdated compared to pretty much any other engine offered by all the other manufacturers where four valves per cylinder is the norm. To be fair Babbo a sidevalve engine could not realistically compete with todays engines and to an extent this is where the ancient Fire unit struggles. Im just surprised fiat

FIAT PANDA 4x4 Fuel issues

Although this has probably been covered in some detail previously I was interested to find out from other 1.2 4x4 users about their own economy levels. Im starting to think that either my trip computer is faulty or my panda is stuck in town driving mode Since buying it in January 2006 I can safely say that the maximum range Ive got from a full tank is 220 miles which seems a tad low. The trip computer

Why is the 4x4 less economical than even the 100hp Several reasons. 1. A heavier car due to the additional strengthening and weight of the 4x4 transmission. 2. The desperately underpowered 1.2 petrol engine often has to be thrashed to maintain normal progress. The gearing is low so that that at motorway speeds the engine is revving faster than any other panda variant. 3. The 4x4 transmission to the

FIAT PANDA Running in

Can anyone give me some advice on running in a 100hp

I gave mine a little too much stick before it was run in but there again thats what the warranty is for muahaha that said it was never thrashed. there is an over-revving thing on the panda to stop you spanking the limiter youll feel the power drop off before 7000rpm

FIAT PANDA carb choices again... progressive or synchronus

Hello panda peeps and visitors etc... well i sourced a carb from a Punto Selecta that was on ebay. should be from a 1108cc engine i think. Its a progressive carb (meaning that the butterflyjetsventuri are controlled slightly differently from each other) and i intend to fit it to the car i have 999cc for the time being but ill be keeping an eye out for a low milage 1108cc engine through the year. OK

Originally Posted by Tony M Sorry youre right... it was from the 1096cc ( i forgot the exact capacity) pushrod UNO60 selecta... if anyone knows the exact model itll save me a trip down to look at the carb to check. DTMR maybe... just trying to find online refence to the carb... as the tubes are in different positions to the ICT on the panda FIRE engines. Uno 60 Selecta used the older 1116cc engine.

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