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fiat panda front rattling I 141A 141

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FIAT PANDA Rattling and clunking

Ive had my panda 1.2 Dynamic for 4 years now from new. Ive not had many problems with it at all other than replacing worn tyres Ive just had the brake pads replaced once about 2 years ago and a few days ago had a leaking radiator replaced as it had run dry over the course of a few gurglingsloshing months and overheated my car. I had my car checked out (head gasket etc all fine) when the radiator was

So between the morning and the evening drive what else did you do For example did you open the boot and close it better Or maybe was it raining and the often rattly rear shock absorber mounts have been lubricated by rain You dont mention the cars mileage but have had brakes replaced (usually around 18k) so guess 36000 ish In which case try these low cost options before going down the expensive route

FIAT PANDA Rattling optimism

I can update my situation with rattling of my beloved panda now a year old. First some negative notes but true I have never ever ver er r had a car no matter how old or how modern or how stupid that would make so many different unwanted noises rattles clicks etc. I am still puzzled why panda with this great quality reviews is so awful the worst car in the world I can imagine. On the other hand having

i know what you mean but squeaking front seats rattling back seats rattling passenger air bag lid etc are hardly ways how the car communicates with you

FIAT PANDA Panda 100 rattling

Hey This has driven me insane over the last few weeks basically a clonkingrattle developed behind my head towards the rear of the car around the back plastic which is underneath that little square bit of glass. I have had all the plastics out the seats everything trying to narrow this clonk down as its really loud when corners and going over any small or large bump in the road. So what have I found

FIAT PANDA front dics brakes

Hi Im just about to change my front disc pads and have noticed a bolt supplied with the pads. so what is the torque setting for this bolt please. Ive not done this job on a fiat before so some a new experiance for me. thanks Bob

I think if its a 1.1 or 1.2 you wouldnt need to disturb this bolt for just a pad replacement. The caliper body hangs on the mounting bracket by a bolt at the top (the new one you have) and a pin at the bottom. Look at this one the bolt would be to the right (where the red line ends) The lower pin and R clip can be seen on the left.

FIAT PANDA Strange noise from front calipers 4x4

My 2005 1.2 4x4 has started making an odd noise which I believe comes from the front brake calipers. It started early in the year and I put down to rust on the discs or from worn pads contacting the lip that forms on the disc. I replaced the (ventilated) discs and pads recently though and the noise is still there. Can be heard when driving slowly especially after having used the brakes and then pulling

you describe the caliper mechanism sliding on its pins it is in fact more correctly described as a floating caliper. This however is a technicality. If there is wear in the pins then they could cause a rattling noise as described. You might also see wedge-shaped wear on the brake pad on the floating side of the caliper. I do not know if the pin mechanism is replaceable you should ask your fiat

FIAT PANDA Weird clatterrattling noise...

Hi Hear this noise coming from rear or underneath checked springs nothing. Especially over humps. Not every time either. Any ideas Thanks

My experience with rattling noises in my MJ panda (apart from the engine ) 1. The rear seat upright is not latched shut properly. 2. Exhaust system support rubbers no good. 3. Seatbelt buckle bangs against trim (I fasten them even when unused now) 4. front rattle was both anti-roll bar uprights kaput. (Cheap fix) Dynamicpanda thanked for this post Dynamicpanda liked this post

Glad I was of help. Now wait for the next noise. Replacing my drop links seemed to move component stress to another part of the suspension. Within weeks the bushes in the front lower suspension arms were on the way out although it was more of a clonking than a rattling noise this time most obviously under braking or when pulling away.

FIAT PANDA scraping noise from front of car

evening all im experiencing what sounds like a scraping noise coming from the front of the car at low speeds. im fairly sure its not from the engine as it still occurs both in gear and if i coast...also if at stand still i rev the engine i hear nothing. cant hear it at motorway speeds and im pretty sure its not being drowned out by the wind noise. any ideas what it may be just had discs & pads changed FYI cheers

update fiat couldnt find a fault on monday....we had it out twice 8 miles a time yeah right.....trip showed 7.5..... anyway...after further analysis on my behalf i seem to be able to generate the noise at low speeds in a high gear (im guessing there is a particular point at which the offending part is resonating) - 30 mph in 5th gear is typical. Hard to identify a specific rpm as i dont have a rev

FIAT PANDA How to change front pads

Quite surprised that theres no how to on changing the front pads. Ive searched and found lots of its easy comments but not a single thats the way to do it. Sois it remove the R clip knock out the pin and swing the caliper away strip out the old and in with the new shlop some brake grease about and refit Or are there caveats Does the piston need pushing back and if so how. Any need to release brake

Ive not got around to mine yet but Does this help httpeper.fiatforum.comepernavi...D1&GUI_LANG3 and this httpeper.fiatforum.comepernavi...D0&GUI_LANG3 Looks like you undo a couple of screws (9) and pull the piston part of the caliper out from the carrier. Youll need to drag it passed the rusty disc edge. It its binding clean them off with brake cleaner and make sure they float on the carrier freely

FIAT PANDA Metallic ticking noise from front offside

I have been running the Koni sport dampers all round for a couple of months now and very happy with the handling improvement. Recently Ive noticed a weird metallic clicking or ticking sound like someone bouncing a pea in a tin can issuing from area of the front offside suspension. I took it to the doctor today but after checking the strut camber bolts and changing the front discs and pads (the nominal

Thanks for both the suggestions. The noise is definitely due to suspension movement and is not rotation dependent so that would appear to rule out a knackered CV joint. The rattling caliper is an interesting one although I have just fitted new discs and pads I shall see if it gets worse (which would suggest something wearing) and if not ask about this. Im not too clued up on suspension issues but

100 UKP bill at the next MOT get it done before the purchase - with emphasis on the gas test the CAT will be tired by now if original. If youve got through all that and ticked every good bit and not found any bad give or take the state of the tyres preferably with lots of history youve probably got 400 and odd UKP worth of panda. Regards John H Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat

FIAT PANDA Need some help on removing steering box

Hello everyone. I have a fiat panda 1.1 from 2004 and recently Ive had some trouble with the steering box. At first I noticed some play in the direction and wheel. Not much but certainly is there. I had to replace the front shocks and this is how I found out. Also theres been some sort of rattling at larger pots on the road so I figured that maybe these symptoms are related. Anyway I proceeded to take

FIAT PANDA New to Pandas

Ive not even bought one yet but am trying to find a good one and if I put a shed on the drive my wife will not be happy. Ive had a few fiats in the past including a 124 Spider and x2 Barchettas I currently have a BMW E30 and a T25 Westfalia. I like running modern classics as daily drivers but the BMW sucks fuel. I wanted a Renault4 but they are too old now and my Mum had a panda and I though it was

I had a panda when they first came out in 1982 ish. When you went around a right hand corner there was a clicking noise from the front. fiat says thats ok nothing to worry about. Being an aircraft engineer I took off the RH wheel and found the disc brake catching the steel wheel the steel wheel was flexing A rattling on start up another fob off from fiat . Nothing to worry about. fiat fitted a cheap

FIAT PANDA Loss of power - Multijet 1.3. Urgent advice needed please - purchase pending

Hi there - am new to the site as a subscriber tho have found it extremely useful for panda related info in the past. We recently sold our panda 4x4 which we bought when planning a move to the hills but which fell through hence the sale. In the meantime we had quickly became panda aficionados so decided to replace it with a panda Multijet 1.3 for its excellent fuel consumption and very good reports

tyre wear (reduced considerably when tracking was reset even though dealers three times insisted it was spot on) and front suspension drop links needed replacing at 30K. The MJ now has 63K on the clock - five years old in May - and apart from a rattling exhaust is performing quite well but in all honesty I must admit we will probably get rid sometime this year. Previous cars (including some fiats

FIAT PANDA Going to fight the rattle

I am determined to do something about the rattling. It really spoils the great impression of the car. One of the guys here said that those cobblestones almost ruined his own car when he was in Prague. But Prague is not all cobblestones the problem is that the tarmac roads here are full of very subtle or less subtle bumps and holes and that can really upset the silence of the cabin a lot. Look what


My 100HP is going in for its annual service and MOT tomorrow however I noticed today that that bump stop on the passenger side is totally loose inside the spring . I cant get the bumpstop out (the coils of the spring are too close together) and the other side is still attached. According to the VOSA inspection manual for class 3-7 vehicles a missing bump stop rubber is not a reason to fail an MOT.

My advice to you would be to spend 10 mins crawling about under the car sticking it back on I managed to do it (with a bit of struggling and swearing) without raising the car at all. The only other thing the the MOT pulled up was the fact the outside skin of the exhaust back box is rusting away which I knew about already and Im not too bothered about. It just seems to happen with panda or maybe fiat

FIAT PANDA Another 4x4 joins the fleet.

May I introduce my latest addition. How I came to buy another one is a bit of a long story and includes news about a couple I already have. Dont think Ive got time to tell at the moment but will fill you in on the details asap. Dragon Man pandarus Most Easterly pandas liked this post

Got a little more time this evening so heres how I came about owning this one...... Some friends of mine were needing a replacement for thier worn out Renault 5 and thought a panda would be ideal. They asked me if I could provide one so I suggested they could have LukePs old Sparky if I carry out the necessary work on it. They agreed but while I was getting Sparky ready I spotted this 4x4 for sale


I seen a Seat Marbella today. I forgot they existed. How do they compare to the original Les Ross Certified by a Professional. 03 Stilo 5d JTD80 Active PSI Powerbox and go-faster turtle.

Quote Originally posted by ottiian Ive got a Marbella 900cat on a K plate. I compared it to a k-reg panda 1000 Fire met paint and I preferred the marbella. It was a lot smoother engine sounded nicer no rust had slightly quicker acceleration and everthing worked as it should. Also i think the brakes on the marbella are better mine will lock wheels at will the panda was just scary to drive Maybe the

FIAT PANDA Great car but everything rattles

I love and hate the car at the same time. Handling engine comfort looks style... all fantastic. Well I could do without the body roll but then it wouldnt be so much fun wouldnt it. I actually bought the car almost a year ago as i read so many fantastic reviews mainly of owners I would not believe the magazines so much. And they were all right I didnt understand how this car could be more fun than Audi

FIAT PANDA Who has the Panda with most miles

Just like to know what sort of mileages are being done out there and whats gone wrong at what mileage. My multijets done 45k had the usual taigate handle microswitch problem at 3 years 36k and asked garage to check out a very minor concern on coolant loss they said waterpump had staining from fluid loss & replaced under warranty. A warning light came on while I was out of the country at 2 years 24k

had the car Ive had the all tyres changed once and the front ones again the other day. Just had a leaking radiator replaced and will soon need new exhaust backbox. Mystery rattling sound that may be nothing. All in all - I am very pleased with this car. Minimum trouble Main thing Ive had to concentrate on over my 4 years of darting spritefully all over the UK is in filling up petrol. And with a panda


I pick her up tomorrow httpwww.fiatforum.comgallerysho...0&ppuser12520

Originally Posted by mathew The panda has 250 miles on it now and it is very impressive It is showing an average of 44 MPG overall at the moment. In the first 10 miles it was 15 MPG Three minor teething problems 1) Perspex in front of speedometer etc. is rattling a little at above 55 MPH a highish frequency audible vibration. Needs tightening up 2) Car was supposed to come with mats but these are on

My 4x4 makes a noise too at this sort of speed travelling straight or turning and most noticeable over smooth surfaces. Ive described it (here a while ago) as sounding like someone rolling a marble or metal ball around in a metal dish. I have a feeling it actually comes from the brake pads of the front offside wheel which appear to rattle in the caliper (they are not fiat pads). I can stop the sound

FIAT PANDA Loose gearbox mount

Hi Ive got a loose gearbox engine mount. Im getting a metallic rattling sounds when i back off the gas. At first i thought it was a loose exhaust but that was ok. After more shaking i found a loose washer that goes between the gearbox mount and the body on the passenger side. Basically the insulating rubber has shrunk causing the washer to vibrate against the body. I tried to tighten the nut from the

FIAT PANDA My 100hp is poorly (

A loud knocking sound coming from under the car not from the wheel areas more central under the passenger side It knocks when driving along but goes away at higher speeds but comes back when decreasing speed and gets louder It cant be heard from outside the car just in the cabin The steering is fine no judder or play Off into a garage tomorrow this is going to be expensive isnt it

lol My dads car had same problem driving along next min we hear rattling from the front. Stop to check but couldnt find anything wrong until I told him to move the car a bit. Rattle came from the front passenger wheel. Took wheel center cap of to find 2 out of 5 wheel bolts came undone and were rattling inside . And he just came from the garage.... turned out their compressor lost power and then after we left died... but they failed to check the bolts

FIAT PANDA Engine tappety sound and a rattle when engine is turned off

My panda has not been running quite right for a while but I have seen switched to premium petrol and it is now running much better. I have not had any problems with the ECU light or stalling. However I was listening to the engine just now (from cold) and it sounded extremely tappety but that might just be normal when cold but about 5 seconds after the engine is turned off something near the water pump

You might be getting some pinking or pinging. (same thing depends on who you ask) Its a shock wave noise caused by an airfuel ratio imbalance or incorrect timing (pre ingition knock) httpen.wikipedia.orgwikiEngine_...gPre-ignition Ive had it myself opening the throttle when cold under load (diving away) it can sound like rust rattling in the exhaust up front. When my O2 heater went slow it sounded like the alternator was rattling as well I still think your car has a fueling issue mate.


Was flicking through the forums and found this gem. The last panda forum I found was in Dutch or something. Anyway I drive a 1994 M reg panda 1000 FIRE in Colour spec complete with twin sunroof. I bought it in September 2004 and it had just over 41000 miles on the clock. The engine is sweet as a sugar coated lesbian it really is a joy to drive and sounds fantastic. Sadly it got a bit of a ding on it

Might as well use this thread to talk about my car. Three points all have been there since buying the car back in September 2004 and I have gotten used to. First off as speed increases so does this rattling noise in the cabin which sometimes becomes more of a squeaking on long journeys. I think it might be the speedo cable as the needle does shake seemingly in tune to the rattling. While Im fitting

Originally Posted by Fuzzypanda Might as well use this thread to talk about my car. Three points all have been there since buying the car back in September 2004 and I have gotten used to. First off as speed increases so does this rattling noise in the cabin which sometimes becomes more of a squeaking on long journeys. I think it might be the speedo cable as the needle does shake seemingly in tune to

FIAT PANDA What size tyres

Last service I got a pair of 16570 tyres fitted to the rear wheels the fronts are 15560 (they were on the back with smaller again on the front) and I was wondering what the general concensus on tyre sizes was... I drove to Northumbria the week after I got the car back and I could have sworn it was more stable at high speed... The rattling was killing me at 75-80 mph before and now I only start worrying about taking off at 85-90ish ... Anyway What size tyres do you guys run

FIAT PANDA Please Recommend a Fiat Dealer in the North East

As my panda Cross has a fault with the 4x4 electronics I need to book in at a dealers for their opinion. Now lately I have always used Benfield in Newcastle but they dont have a fiat dealership anymore. A shame as they were very competent and helpful. Im now left with Springfield in Gateshead or GMD in Durham if Im not to drive a very long distance. Has anyone any experience of either of these dealers so that they might express a preference

Quote moisture in the air affecting its characteristics You might have a point there - one website I was reading indicated a dirty MAF sensor as a cause of similar symptoms. And for the first few months of its life the front half of the MJs air filter housing was flapping and rattling letting unfiltered air straight through to the MAF sensor. (I re-bonded the complete lid with plastic welding compound)

FIAT PANDA Nasty rattle

Driving home from work I noticed a rattling noise coming from Rufus. I have deduced its coming from the exhaust around the section between the front wheels. It sounds like there are ball bearing bouncing around in there it doesnt sound good at all. Could it be the cat

FIAT PANDA Rear wiper Roof bars

How do I attach this blade to my rear wiper Does the top section come off Also if I undo that hex bolt will I be able to remove my roof bars Or will something fall in and start rattling around in my head lining As you can see they are starting to go rusty so I want to refurb them and then maybe sell them on depending how big the holes are in the roof. But for now I want to keep the mounts on and just take the bars off if possible.

Originally Posted by blackpool How do I attach this blade to my rear wiper Does the top section come off Also if I undo that hex bolt will I be able to remove my roof bars Or will something fall in and start rattling around in my head lining As you can see they are starting to go rusty so I want to refurb them and then maybe sell them on depending how big the holes are in the roof. But for now I want

Originally Posted by cheekylittlescamp Cant believe this post has been up for two hours and PALIO hasnt commented (doesnt mean he hasnt PMed though) james2609 removed his in a recent thread IIRC. If you really get stuck with the wiper blades (I got so irritated with trying to put a flat blade on the front I gave up) Ha Hal Halfo sorry I just dont know who you could turn too someone with actual knowledge

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 Scarlet - 93 Fizz

Picked her up Friday night and lover her Work to do on her Remove hubcaps Sand down and resprary originals fit them. Fit Veglia clock from the CLX and remove stuck on digital one from dash Try and change HU over as it only has a Cassete radio all be it a fancy one. Fit speaker pods from the CLX into the hammock as the front speakers are fitted on brackets under the hammock. Fit mud flaps. Change rocker


Ive read some interesting questions on another thread about the Skydome so I thought Id share some wisdom about this option on the bravo. First this is a very nice factory option (cant be added after purchase of the car) and I recommend it to anyone looking to buy a bravo despite the little niggles Ill point out later its a very reliable tinted glass sunroof that allows to see the sky from the rear

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