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FIAT PANDA Rear Headrests

I have a dynamic eco 1.2 with a one piece backrest.Does anbody know if its possible to retro fit rear headrests.It might sound strange but i didnt notice that they were not fitted when i bought the car.I think i assummed that cars had to have these fitted now on safety grounds

Worth doing if you can pick up a split-fold rear seat from a breakers yard. Hopefully it should just bolt in. I had some experience of this sort of thing last week and the front headrests came in handy. httpwww.fiatforum.companda-new2...-v-passat.html

FIAT PANDA Removing Panda Front Seat Cover

Buoyed on by success in banishing the well-known panda passenger airbag rattle Ive been working through curing various other rattles in my 2005 MJ Dynamic. The worst comes from the headrest in one of the front seats - the headrest support rods seem to be loose. I cant work out how to release the seat cover in order to gain access to the inner structure to fix this. Can anyone explain how I get the seat cover off I need to get it back on of course.

I take it you are aware that there are two release buttons for the head rests One has a button you can see and push with a finger. But the one on the other rod sits flush with the its plastic surround This can be pushed in using a flat object (the end of the key is perfect) Push both and the headrests will come right out -)

FIAT PANDA Headrestt

Anyone tried taking out the front headrest of the panda Can it be done Active 1.1

FIAT PANDA panda headrests

Hi mate I have problem with my panda I wanna remove headrests set new upholstery. But I dont know how remove headrest. p.s. I dont speak very good English sorry

Look at the back of the steering wheel you should see two screws inside holes one each side of centre. You will need a short 2 point Philips screwdriver. The horn push is on two springs and will pop out when you undo the screws. Before you do this check the two wires on the horn itself situated behind the front bumper on your drivers side. This is usually where problems with the horn start. Please let us know how you get on. Regards.

Originally Posted by LoVeDuDuTy I thank you very much for meeting My panda is young 900cc 1999 year. I place the pictures in else thread I have one question how to remove the motor-horn (steering-)wheel because it doesnt work Its hidden behind the front bumper on the gearbox side. My method is to remove the wheel arch liner then the bumper mounting nuts (two at front one at side) and prise the bumper

It will be that one of your horn wires has broken of the hornor bad conection.Removalaccess to horn. Wheel arch cover part or all remove off car Im almost sure you will have a black plastic petrol vapour box to remove unclamp 10mm nut holds strap that keeps box in position then you can get at the two front 15mm nuts behind the bumper and the one at the side then draw coner of bumber away slowley and carefully away enough to see horn and the problem

FIAT PANDA Headrest removal - how

Anyone know how to remove the headrests Is there a special tool required or can it be done by poking summat flat and metally into those little slotty things I dont want to go hacking about and end up breaking anything.

Easier to sit in the back (assuming its front head rests). Left tube of headrest has push button. Right hand side in the same place as button is a section of plastic which can be pushed in - sort of hidden button (the flat blade of the key is a good tool to push this in with. Note the hidden button is not the two little holes its on the opposite side to them). Push both the button and the key and (with

FIAT PANDA the tramps 100hp

hi there. I read this forum every night and like reading about every1 elses 100hp and what they have done to them. so I thought its about time I shared some pics of mine and tell u fine lots what I have done and would like to do. so painted the wheels matt black to contrast with the trim. fitted chrome indicator bulbs. slightly tinted the rear lights. fitted a double din sony xav601bt multimedia head

FIAT PANDA Interior upholstery cleaning

Hi guys Has anyone attempted to remove the seat covers I have used Auto-glym shampoo which does a good job but wondered if anyone had put their seat covers in the washing maching If so how easy was it to do

Hi Been there got the T shirt Step 1 To remove front seat from car 2 remove seat base 2 bolts under the frame 3 fold back the plastic tabs & fold the material up onto the seat 4 locate hog rings & open you should find 2 rods then unhook them cover off ready to wash mc For the backrest it more of a hasslelocate plastic clips at bottom of the backrest& Carefully force them open remove seat adjuster on frame then roll up cover until you can see headrest sleeves again locate the rods & hog rings & freeagain open them & pull out the headrest legs when this is done the covers can go into the wash no problem. The rear is a bit more auk ward but follow the same process I had to make new covers for my panda as the originals were badly worn Wash at low temp 30 35 % with the normal powders & softner

FIAT PANDA Done the deal....

Went back to the dealers today and signed on the dotted.....should pick her up next Wednesday. Went for Pasodoble Red in the end - Mjet Dynamic Aircon Pack pre reg with 25 miles on the clock for just over the fiatsupersaver price (for the same model) which I didnt think was too bad for a main dealer (took a bit of haggling ) Did notice though that the front headrests are padded - is that normal or

FIAT PANDA Panda model history

Hi Im buying a 4x4 in black - should get it this week. It has the skydome and the 3rd rear seat belt. Its a 55 reg car - new at end of Sept. The problem I have is that the current brochure and website state that you cant order the 3rd seat belt with the skydome option. The dealer is saying it was a factory ordered spec (it was their demonstrator car). The car also doenst have the rear seat headrests

I have a skydome on my panda. I also got the split-folding and sliding rear seat and upholstered headrests (2 front and 2 back). I didnt think that it was possible to get the third seatbelt option on the skydome. I dont know where they would connect the third seatbelt - I thought that it usually connected to the ceiling of the car but the skydome would get in the way. Im imagining it to be a lap-belt

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 What Panda have I bought

Hi all I ordered a new 2011 panda 1.2 Dynamic and collected last week. According to the specs on the fiat website & the brochure I got it should have Split rear seat Cloth headrests aircon It hasnt got a split seat but I did get the 5th person seat belt so I guess that cancels out. I got the PVC open head rests 4 of them I seem to have climate control rather than Aircon (I dont have an auto switch

clarifying it has some sort of aircon as some models have none at all. The manual aircon is the standard feature on Dynamic models now. For some reason theyve given you the 5 seat optional extra. You could moan about if you dont want it as it does lose the split rear seat & nicer headrests but basically what youve got is just the standard new Dynamic plus 5 seat option which now comes up on the fiat

FIAT PANDA The Adventure Begins

Hi everyone Having spent some time as a guest hoovering up the tips and info on these pages I feel I can now join in - especially as I collected my black Multijet from the MK suppliers today There was one small mark (not quite a scratch) on the front wing which they immediately polished out otherwise the PDI seems to have done its job. The number plates have been stuck on no vandalising extra screws

FIAT PANDA Picked her up today( Pic)

After two months waiting the other half got her today. I loved driving her home from the dealers great little car

Same as mine (except mines on an 04 plate). I see they do front fogs on them now which suits it. Edit - Daft question but are the headrests in the front sold plastic or are they made out of the same fabric as the seats

Originally Posted by Dirk_Crisis Same as mine (except mines on an 04 plate). I see they do front fogs on them now which suits it. Edit - Daft question but are the headrests in the front sold plastic or are they made out of the same fabric as the seats Both front and rear headrests are the seat fabric.

FIAT PANDA II 169 Panda 2006

I have just purchased a 2006 panda multijet 1.2 nd want to put seat covers on the seats but cannot find out how to take the front head rests off. Does anyone have any ideas please.

From what I recall. At the rear of the front seat backs if you push inwards about 3 or 4 inches down in line with the headrest rods you should feel a clip. Pushing this in at the same time lifting the headrest it will come lose. Although you will probaly have to wiggle the head rest from side to side to free it of the seat backs . But they do come off with some force so be carefull.

FIAT 500 II Rear headrests

Hi Our 1.2 Sport arrives on 1st September it was a car in the system and doesnt have the rear head rests. I cant find these on acessory websites - can they be ordered from fiat parts - any idea of part numbers price I presume the seats will have holes for them to fit Thanks

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas Have somepeople had do remove them to improve rear visability out of the rear window at all aout of interest Jon. Jon whenever there are no rear passengers I always move them down as far as they go and then due to a sensible design they do not affect rear vision. On most cars the rear head rests are sit on top of the backrests but on the 500 they slide down

FIAT PANDA Head restraints are not adjustable

In the fiat panda (2004) the front head restraints are not adjustable whereas the rear ones are. Is there any way that we can fit adjustable head restraints or to at least move the drivers one and keep it in a position that it safe for the driver Its completely not in the right place at all. Thanks.

I didnt reckon a third seat would be of much use to me... Kids have to be in car seats these days and theres no way you could fit three in the back unless the kids were aged over 3.5 and then you might only just be able to fit three Bubble-Bums in the back. Nothing else would fit... I opted for the sliding rear seat option instead. This came with isofix fixings adjustable headrests and the front headrest upholstered. The sliding seat is so handy

FIAT PANDA seat covers

does anybody know where i can find well fitting car seat covers for my panda dynamic only my car is black and the interior is a baby sick yellowish colour also one of my buttons have come of my remote locking key does anybody know where i can buy a replacement please and how to open up the existing key without damaging it. tia

I got some universal ones from TK Maxx. Theyre slightly baggy but better than the bright cloth seats I had (mine were light blue). the pack I got includes 2x front seat base covers 2x front seat back covers 1x rear seat base cover 1x rear seat back cover (with zips in case youve got split folding seats) and 5x head rest covers (I only needed 2). Word of warning though I had to carefully cut holes to

FIAT PANDA How do you.....

...get the front seats out of a Mk2 panda My manual says they just slide out but its refering to those deckchairs from the Mk1. Im pulling the interior out of one of the cars this weekend.... Jim

Ok the bolts are situated at the front of the rails (2 bolts) and the back of the rails (another 2 bolts). Use a 13mm socket to remove them and be careful not to smash the windows with the headrests when taking the seats out.

FIAT UNO II What engine have I got

Hi am looking at a hose on e bay (hot air intake pipe) for my sons Uno 45 1989 reglog book says 999cchow do I tell whether it is a Fire engine type cheers Tartdog.

As far as I know all UK spec Unos always had front headrests the last UK spec fiat to recieve headrests was the 126 in 1990 as far as I can tell this was the year headrests became compulsory in the UK. Not sure if early pandas had them. As far as I can tell passenger side mirrors became compulsory in 1988. I always avoided Formulas because of the 903 lump although they have the bonus of being able to recieve the Turbo engine marginly easier than converting a FIRE.

FIAT STILO A bit modded Stilo from Poland )

Hi i want to present you my car I bought it 2years ago and i think it will stay with me a little more time. Now it has 162 000 km on the clock (10 000 after mods). The description is translated from Polish so sorry for possible mistakes as I dont know the english names for some car parts Ok so lets go fiat Stilo 1.9 JTD (192_XE1A) year 2002 Stock power 115ps255nm 40002000rpm After some mods 172ps340nm

FIAT MULTIPLA Versatility of Multipla seat positions.

Hi all. In another thread we have been dicscussing our ideal Multiplas additions we would have liked to have seen and that sort of thing. Well the issue of the Multi not being long enough to fit a double mattress in the back for short camping trips and overnight stays came up. It was suggested that someone had seen the Multi seating folded to a double bed Curious and with too much time on my hands

an interesting set up of the rear seats for a day out at the beach or similar. See what you think of the piccies below. Attached Thumbnails                 __________________ Wanted Easy woman for useless 47 year old bloke. Apply without.... Elsie 2013 500L Twin-Air Easy Darkwave Black. Courtesy Glass Picnic Table thingies Comfort Pack Towbar and small cuddly panda.

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla Wish List

Just for fun I was wondering what people would like their Multiplas to have in an idea world. Not boring stuff like wishing it had reliability ( ) but something fun or genuinely useful. 1. 4x4 and ruggedised off road styling and useability. Id love one with a bit of X-Cross styling. Maybe a big 2.5L diesel engine also. 2. It would be dead handy if there was an attachment so when you folded the rear middle seat down it turned into a baby changing station.

centre rear seat and fold the front center one down into its picnic tray position you have a useable overnight camper. Pictures below. Hope this helps. Attached Thumbnails       __________________ Wanted Easy woman for useless 47 year old bloke. Apply without.... Elsie 2013 500L Twin-Air Easy Darkwave Black. Courtesy Glass Picnic Table thingies Comfort Pack Towbar and small cuddly panda.

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  • GENUINE FIAT PANDA (2003-2009) FRONT SEAT HEADREST 71734558 - Carlisle,United Kingdom (25.00 GBP)

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