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FIAT PANDA Outer front door handle

Still orderable here httpcgi.ebay.defiat-panda-141-A-TURGRIFFE-280572257379ptAutoteile_Zubeh%C3%B6r&hashitem41 5368e463 or here httpwww.pidesi.itbrevetti.htm

Was it the case that this type of handle was fitted on the panda 30s and then discontinued by fiat - or - was this type of handle produced by a pattern manufacturer and marketed as being for panda or Seat Marbella Thank you. Petel

Originally Posted by petel Was it the case that this type of handle was fitted on the panda 30s and then discontinued by fiat - or - was this type of handle produced by a pattern manufacturer and marketed as being for panda or Seat Marbella Thank you. Petel Independent pattern producer httpwww.pidesi.itbrevetti.htm Art. 087 for panda 30 and Seat Marbella (replica) Art. 088 for panda Classics with one

Many thanks Aca for the confirmation. Rgds Petel

FIAT PANDA 1.2 Eleganza Passenger Front Door exterior handle doesnt work

Hi all I wonder if anyone has solved the following problem When I unlock my panda (via the remote) all internal door handles flip out as usual however the front passenger door cannot be opened from the outside. If I open the door from the inside then close it again the exterior handle now works. The electronic servo seems to be OK as the interior handle flips to the unlocked position when using the

You arent alone the same thing happens with mine Ive took the whole thing apart and wd40d the hell out of everything in an attempt to free something and then did a little investigating. The lock mehcanism itself which is at the side of the door doesnt fully flip up when you use the handle so ive come to the conclusion that maybe a spring has snapped somewhere on the door mechanism itself. Maybe one

Originally Posted by blupanda The lock mehcanism itself which is at the side of the door doesnt fully flip up when you use the handle so ive come to the conclusion that maybe a spring has snapped somewhere on the door mechanism itself. The lock isnt designed to move.

Originally Posted by blupanda You arent alone the same thing happens with mine Maybe one day i will replace it but for now ive got a little tip to stop you having to keep leaning over to let passengers in...... Unlock the car and then get your passenger to give the door a quick push inwards and it just disengages the mechanism enough to be able to open the door with the exterior handle. FANTASTIC That

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas Are we on about the external lock on the drivers door Nope lol Were talking bout the passenger door I was referring to the mechanism which actually flips over the bar attached to the car itself

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FIAT PANDA Squeaky front wheel after new bearing change

Hi everybody only my second or third posting so a liitle bit nervous asking questions but here goes. My H reg 4x4 74k on the clock developed a squeaky front some of the postings and came to the conclusion it was the wheel hub. Followed the very good guide to replacing it and managed to do it quite succesfullywell twice actually as i managed to put the protection plate the wrong way round(idiot

turning and was simmilar to a squeek. The difference in them is clear. If the Driveshaft or CV joint had gone or was on the way it would grate more than squeek so I doubt that is your problem As for the anti-rattle clips no you dont need them but they can rattle that much you think the bearing is going to fall off they can get that loud. You can buy a kit with the clips for a pound or two from fiat

FIAT PANDA Doors wing parcel shelf interior wanted

Hi Looking for 2 New doors New front Wing os Parcel shelf New or better interior as Ive got the most depressing colour scheme inside ever Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat Forum Useful Links Donate to FF    Buy FF Merchandise    Classifieds    FF Insurance    How-to Guides    FAQs Last edited by Sprox 21-08-2005 at 1422 . Reason Picture  

FIAT PANDA advice front wiper linkage

ok got the trekking out for maiden run great fun now the hard bit painter said nearly mint car small mark on door no problem sort tailgate out minor chip damage but will paint it all well have the job right oh dont forget yll need a new lid for the front looked ok to me keen bugger hollow in a few places neer front edge so will order one in the morning. Now the problem wiper linkage to front wiper

mechanism... I have no idea if the wiper mechanism is placed on the left (if looking from the front of the car) of the engine bay or the UK right side... i suspect a part can be sourced easily if you require a Euro spec part... Originally Posted by allen fletcher gear stick much better but can I still get the nylon bushes ie ones in the ball and socket joint if I can has anybody got a part fiat

FIAT PANDA Panda for saleNeed a front wiper motor...

Hello everyone Bella my beloved panda decided to throw her wiper off when i was driving down the motorway in the pssing rain the other day. The gear on top of the motor is threaded so I imagine that Ill need a complete wiper unit assembly. Do any of you lovely people have a spare one that I can buy from you Im looking for this so that I can sell her. She has 54000 miles on the clock and is a G reg.

1990 G reg (G57 MSA) fiat panda Bella. Its a 900cc (chain driven). 4 speed gearbox. Bright red (well it will be again after i t cut it). If you send me an email address i can send you some pics. cant seem to upload them on this... Mechanically it seems to be in great condition with only 54000 miles on it. Bodily it is fairly tidy with the exception of the doors. The lower doors (as with all pandas)

FIAT PANDA 1.2 Eco - Clock reset and Passenger Door

The 1.2 came up with two faults in one day this week. First the clock reset itself and looking at other threads gather this might be down to a failing battery. Will charge it up at weekend it only does a few miles a day with lights and blower on probably needs a good long drive. Then the passenger door refused to open using the outside handle. As I can open from inside and swing the door about and

Originally Posted by SurreyAlan ........suspect another case of misalignment as approaching 10000 miles I would say the fronts are down to a bit under 4mm which seems rather a lot when my 100hp fronts are only down to 6mm after the same mileage. Wonder how she drives when Im not in the car Our Dynamic eats front tyres especially the NS ones think were on the third set since new and just over 27000 miles. Tracking reset last week second time this year ( and it STILL pulls slightly to the left). If your wife drives like mine then its a miracle how they get home some days at all. Over the years and in various cars shes made it back with one totalled wheel through driving on a flat set fire to the back end after tying the rear box on with a spare t-shirt almost wrecked an engine running it with no oil - ...wondered what that light was for - and another with no water driven with virtually no clutch no reverse gear - Oh that hasnt worked for weeks - and on one memorable occasion tossed me the keys as she came through the door saying You need to look at that car it doesnt feel right. You could see the front discs still glowing red hot from about 20 yards away.....On reflection its probably best not to wonder just throw up the odd prayer now and again Most Easterly pandas liked this post

FIAT PANDA Question about doors

Ive been in touch with HerpsUK about the doors from his panda but wanted to ask a question before we go any further. The doors Im thinking of replacing eventually are Mk 2 but have the plastic strips on the outside. I seem to remember reading somewhere on here that those doors are slightly different in order that the strips can be fitted. Is that true or am I imagining things

Thanks for the advice everyone. My first reply looks a bit dim Petel but it was made before the edit Im not sure Im quite ready to tackle this yet - my existing doors are going but not quite gone. maybe I should wait to find some the right colour but the right colour with holes in would be like trying to find the Holy Grail... A little rumination I think This is a really dim question but I have been

The plastic pegs are still available from fiat if you are dead stuck I bought aload just incase. The plastic trim is best pushed forward with the palme of you hand and I found better with the door part open so trim does not bump into front small plastic trim Originally Posted by Bougainvillea Rosso Thanks for the advice everyone. My first reply looks a bit dim Petel but it was made before the edit

FIAT PANDA panda 4x4 front wheels not driving

hey i got a 4x4 panda off my next door neighbour it was a awsome car till i checked it out properly hes put it together with anything he could find and its been nothing but trouble since. now it wont drive the front wheels it just revs so i av 2 drive it round in 4 wheel drive and the front wheels still wont drive and its making loads of noises from the front any ideas on whats wrong

Originally Posted by panda_Jagd_Tom . as a not native speaker - may i join guessing the gear-box for the front-wheels is of topic Regards Tom Allow me to translate. Hello. I got a panda 4X4 from my next door beighbour. Its a wonderful little car. Or so I though until I had a look at it and realised that he didnt keep it in good repair. Its been unreliable. When I try to drive it in 2WD the front wheels dont turn and it is very noisy. Does anyone know what is wrong

FIAT PANDA Black door trim flaking

My wife has a 55 plate panda active and she has shown me that the black Plastic door trim is flaking To verify its the black Vertical part where the drivers door shuts on to the rear door. Er.. so its the front of the rear door. lol Anyway the car is still in warranty so is this covered Thanks..

FIAT PANDA Front electric window query

hi I would be most grateful is somebody could help with the following problem - the front window (passenger side) of my 07 panda is not working smoothly and I noticed the little plastic tab (guide) seems to be out of place compared to the other side - from what I can gather this runs in a channel in the door seal and it has come out a bit. The glass has been replaced at some time and I wonder how I

FIAT PANDA Front footwell lighting

I am interested in adding front footwell lighting to my panda. Does anyone know how to access the wiring to the door courtesy light switches so that I can use piggyback connectors on the existing wires Thanks

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 How to proceed with a broken door lock (94 Panda)

Below is the photo of my car key and the lock mechanism that would normally be a part of my drivers side door. Obviously it is broken beyond repair. In addition the interior lock button can no longer be pushed down. I took the door apart today and no amount of WD40 could get the vertical bar that connects to the interior lock to move. I think that at one point in time I turned the key and it busted

Essentially I had 2 problems 1) the key slider mechanism broke out of the door lock and 2) the catch inside the door was not functioning the interior lock would not budge (door closed). With the mechanism out it was clear that the catch had 3 positions open clamped and locked. Even manually locking it I could not get it to unlock with the level normally connected to the interior lock until some wd40

FIAT PANDA how do you take the locks off a door

I tried having a go at simply removing a lock from a side door last weekend the result wasnt pretty... involved a number of bent connecting rods... I was wondering if anyone has ever done this themselves. Are tehre any tips you can pass on as the haynes has got zip on the matter... cheers I really want a set of locks that matches the ignition lock... that would be great. I am right in thinking that the sterring column assembly will slide apart after i release the top nut arent i

Tony good evening To replace a door lock is a few minutes of a job. 1. Remove the window winder ( ensuring that the window is in the up position) and interior door handle. 2. Remove the door panel. 3. Put your hand up inside the door until you find the door lock. Feel around till you locate the barrel that comes through the door. If you feel around you will find a sharp-feeling piece of metal at the

Originally Posted by panda1408 A cheap repsray might end up looking worse than just giving the original paint a good polish presuming it isnt covered in dents and scratches that is. Its bare metal in places from a few scratches has rubbed through around the front sunroof is covered in scratches and under the nearside rear windows it appears someone used the car to try and break a brick in half. Mechanically

FIAT PANDA Front Tinted windows 100HP

I know its not to everyones taste but Ive had my front windows done managed to get it free through a contact at work. Its a really professional job and there is no difference in quality from the factory tints. This is quite a light tint but the Photo isnt very good and I know the car is dirty.

Originally Posted by trackdayqueen It is. The police will pull him and make him remove it. The window with the tint on has to let through a certain percentage of light. Cant remember exactly what this is but itd have to be an extremely light tint not to fall foul of the law. Borrowed from South Coast Tints The Window tinting Regulation was amended from 1st January 2004. This Regulation amendment now

Originally Posted by BenP If your front windows are tinted to any level you do risk being stopped by either Traffic Police or VOSA (Vehicle & Operator Services Agency) they have light meters to test the light that passes through your glass. If you have a subtle tint fitted then you should just be asked for it to be removed if you have dark front door windows you could be told you cant drive your car

FIAT PANDA Door Sills for Panda

Any1 know if you can get door sills for the panda

the fiat ones just stick on but they only sell front ones

FIAT PANDA Sticky broken door handle

Anyone else experienced a broken or sticky exterior door handle My front passenger door handle now doesnt return after pulling to open the door. So when trying to close it from the inside the door just bounces off the side of the car without catching. Have tried spraying with wd40 in case something was sticking but to no avail. Any ideas Ta James

FIAT PANDA Sticky broken door handle

Anyone else experienced a broken or sticky exterior door handle My front passenger door handle now doesnt return after pulling to open the door. So when trying to close it from the inside the door just bounces off the side of the car without catching. Have tried spraying with wd40 in case something was sticking but to no avail. Any ideas Ta James

FIAT PANDA Panda Front Strut Spring Spacer Thingy

Howdy guys I have started on a new quest since phoning up fiat today to try to get a part I thought would be relatively easy Apparantly all out of stock and gone now so was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is another mk1 only thing So its the white plastic thing to the right of the rusty strut in this picture Or number 6 here (thrust ring) Its on all my mk1s but is missing off the marbella

I painted up the bottom spring seat in awesome gun metal and push fit a locating peg through one of the existing drain holes Quick dry run to check it all fits ok And the moment of truth .... All fits perfectly will go for a test drive shortly but the main thing is the ride height is now perfectly level Couldnt be any more pleased with the outcome. In fact I am glad I couldnt find the genuine fiat

Tweeters arent standard unless you opt for them on the 6 speaker upgrade. Another tip choose the mounting position for the cross over carefully there is room to mount it on top of the foam in the front doors (may differ by manufacturer) the rears are more tricky speaker adapters for the front main speaker are available from I cut out the paper rear speakers and used a dremel to smooth the aperture and fit the new speakers (saves another set of adaptors)

FIAT PANDA The Perception of Doors - with apologies to Aldous Huxley

As promised. The first picture is about a year ago it had been treated as much as I could twice previous in the year prior to this picture. First time I dug out the bubbled area back to shiny metal and then treating with a phosphoric acid treatment. Followed priming undercoating and top coatingand produce a really good match. Finally copious ammounts of thinned waxoil applied with the liner off the

The doors really are a pain - I have also been unable to stop the return of the little bubbles despite two years of zinc treatment and liberal paint application. The combination of thin metal - and watersalt attack from all sides appear too much for a DIY repair. The damn window drainage arrangement leaves the slightest vulnerable area no chance. Perhaps with a kiln and more skill I could do it I had

FIAT PANDA Door Card Removal

Noticed a small dent in the passengers door yesterday when giving the 100HP a wash so I have a PDR guy coming out to have a look at it next week. As they say time is money so to save time and money I was hoping to remove the door card for the guy. Does anyone know how this is done and how difficult a job it is Its the front passengers door. Any help would be great

Originally Posted by Fuzzypanda Looking good mate. Bet itll be funny in the snow with even less weight over the back wheels... Yeah and less over the front too That spare wheel and jack weigh a high percentage of the total weigt of a panda That plus the HEAVY sound insulation between the foorwells and the engine bay plus the dash pocket glovebox thingy WE dont get much snow in Cornwall

FIAT PANDA door problems

Not sure whats going on weather or not someone has tried to bend my door or maybe even crashed in to my car but the drivers door isnt shunting properly. when you close it feels like its sagging and touching the bottom of the door frame and you can see light at the top near the A pillar. Nothing looks bent or damaged and the seal is fitted the same as on the other side. There was quite a puddle in the

probably wear on the hinge pins. Try and lift the door when its open and youll probably feel some play on them. If its just hanging wonky I think you can adjust a little bit on the bottom hinge pull out the rubber bung behind the front wheelarch to get access to the securing bolts. (Correct me if Im wrong there chaps last time I was in at that hinge I was just whipping a door off with no immediate intention of reattaching it)

FIAT PANDA Dismantling the door

Does anybody know how to dismatle the front doors Is it as simple as removing a few screws and pulling off I remember my old Seicento was a bit fiddly and then I couldnt get the top bit off where it meets the window. When I was parked up at work somebody hit my car with something red which left a dent and some red paintplastic. Ive removed the paint but I am now left with a dent on my car which iswas

FIAT PANDA Creaking Drivers Door - Any one else

My drivers door has always made a bit of a groancreak when pulling away very irritating. Today ive wrapped some black gaffa tape around the door latch and it seems t ohave cured it. I think that the lock mustnt have been gripping hard enough and when the car fexes slightly it was groaning Just posted in case anyone else needed a fix.... -P

my locks in both front doors had clicking sounds whenever I accelerated or braked but it was fixed but later a new clicking sound appeared this time it is based on bumps and the garage said it could not fix it as it is fastened to the max already could your method help my problem

FIAT PANDA Ebay Door bins

Anyone seen a door bin like this one before Jim

My speakers are on the dash they do take up a bit of room and I still havent got them wired They decorative items at the minute. Im busy collecting parts for the Sisley at the minute. Its stripped right down I must take photos so I can see what needs done. Im getting a clutch from another forum member later this week Im also going to see a chap in Lisburn that has a stock of panels and bits and bobs.

They look quite smart What are the little white dots on them are they screws to hold them in. I have mine up at the front of the cabin on the part of the door where the wingmirror adjuster would be (if mine had manual windows).

FIAT PANDA Door seal needed

Has anybody got a good condition drivers front door rubber seal without any damage and cheap or free.

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 Mk1 4x4 in need of some doors

Hi I have a panda mk1 bianca 4x4 and is in need of some doors as they in very poor shape does any body no were I can find some also are the seat terra van doors the same size as as I might be able to get doors off it

I have a mk1SEAT Marbella door skin also a front cross member is it the rectangle shape you are after is there any difference between mk1 and mk2 crossmember

FIAT PANDA front windows

Hi all Today i noticed that the electric windows on my bosses girlfriends panda dont work when i pull out the ignition key (panda emotion)(is called eleganza in uk) On my 100HP is works for at least 5 min. with the key out. Her panda is brand new so should she go back to the dealer or is it normal Greetz Driveseis

In the instructions book of my panda they wrote that the windows can still be engaged for 30 sec. after the engine is turned off. Beside this I found out that they will not work after a door is opened.

FIAT PANDA 100hp front fender pictures.

How does it look under the black plastic parts. Does someone have pictures of the front 100 hp fender without the plastic arche on it. Are there hole in the fender to mount them or are they clipped on. And how is this on the rear fender clipper or what. The side kirts are most likely clipped or bolt on i guess.

This look like a 100 hp front fender. Apparently there are a lot of holes needed for the mounting of the plastic arches. Does that also mean there are holes in the rear wheel arche and below the doors to fit those parts.

FIAT PANDA stupid front seat head rest

i had to get a door from wicks in the 750 so tilted front passenger seat forward and heads rest cracked the screen have had it forward loads of times before and that hasnt happened is some thing broke

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  • FIAT PANDA 5 DOOR 2009-2012 1.2L DOOR WINDOW (FRONT DRIVER SIDE) - United Kingdom (36.00 GBP)
  • FIAT PANDA 5 DOOR 2009-2012 DOOR PANEL/CARD (FRONT DRIVER SIDE) - United Kingdom (36.00 GBP)
  • FIAT PANDA 5 DOOR 2009-2012 DOOR PANEL/CARD (FRONT PASSENGER SIDE) - United Kingdom (36.00 GBP)

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