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fiat panda clutch replace I 141A 141
fiat panda clutch replace I 141A 141

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FIAT PANDA 4x4 clutch replacement

Thought it might help spur me on to get this done... and posting on progress will be a good way of procrastinating said progress Not done a clutch since Bedford CF... or a transverse clutch since I did my mini van in 1970 I was a nipper Now Im into codgerism - forgetting where I put the tools. When I find em - I forget what I wanted em for lol so some crossed off already 1) Disconnect battery (only

Originally Posted by VmanC Gearbox wont come out very far without disconnecting the prop shaft. That would be that ring of allen bolts then onto the transfer box... the one I havent got a socket for... I havent tried just an allen key yet though but I doubt thatll crack em off. Otherwise progress good today apart from forgetting the most important one on list no.6 ...that soon took care of itself though as the OS inboard boot came adrift as I disconnected the ball joint from the lower arm - it was only secured with a tie wrap (I prefer the metal bands...) - surprising how long it takes to grab something to catch oil... I found the drain plug afterward - caked over as it was... Cant (as yet) see the need to disconnect exhaust... (any thoughts..) - doesnt appear to be in the way.. Dare say Ill find out when the manifold cracks or something equally drastic happens... Good to learn I can now just get the balljoint dust covers - (at least one good thing to come out of new MOT law) This didnt used to be the case and I didnt fancy buying two new hub carriers (if I could get em..) - I have just replaced the ball joints before now but they are a bggr to get in I wasnt getting anywhere with two big hammers on the sides of the joint (must have lost some of my umph lol) so I came inside and did a bit of research before searching out the balljoint splitter... Anyone used these dust covers.. - do I need the small ones and are they same size as tie rod ball joints Doing well - no blood lost yet... Thanks for the encouraging banter you guys - it makes a world of difference to know you have the might of the fiat Forum behind you

I reckon itll come down with tie bar (radius rod) just loosened on lower arm and disconnected at front and pushed aside under wheel arch Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Anything is possible with a panda Ellen - 87 Ducato 2.5D Elddis Autoking 630CK Lucy - 90 panda 1000s Rachel - 95 panda 1.0 CLX SR Ruth - 90 panda 4x4 SR   Quote   03-10-2013   17 lightweightmick Get Your Own

Theres no wear on starter ring gear and Id be lucky to get another so little worn - not sure Ive got a pan big enough to get up to temperature to do a ring swap either... though my man says putting flywheel in freezer will make up the temperature difference just using an ordinary blowtorch. I always thought you needed pan of hot oil for this job.. I doubt Id get the oil seal for the gearbox from fiat

Heres a thing - the clutch coming out is Borg and Beck (noted for their fine quality components...) - bearing in mind condition of flywheel has steel rivets. The AMK clutch going in has copper rivets... I know which Id prefer long term owner or not. Why the hell would Borg and Beck use steel rivets in clutch friction linings Check your clutch kits before handing over your hard earned as B&B arent cheap.

FIAT PANDA Replacement clutch.

My MJT is coming up on 30K miles and will be out of warranty in March. Im starting to get some clutch slip in 3rd between 2 & 3000 revs. Im hoping its the clutch and not something else. Has anybody else experienced this as this mileage seems a little on the low side for the clutch starting to go. It doesnt seem to be particularly worn round town. Next question Can anybody suggest an after market clutch that may be a little more hard wearing and may even be able to cope with a modest re-map

Originally Posted by The Beard My MJT is coming up on 30K miles and will be out of warranty in March. Im starting to get some clutch slip in 3rd between 2 & 3000 revs. Im hoping its the clutch and not something else. Has anybody else experienced this as this mileage seems a little on the low side for the clutch starting to go. It doesnt seem to be particularly worn round town. Next question Can anybody

Might see if I can get an opinion from an independant clutchbrake garage as I fear regardless of the real fault the fiat dealer will only tell me it needs a new clutch. If it turns out the fault lies elsewhere by the time I find out the car will be out of warranty. If you have it looked at will you let me know the result If anyone can come up with an alternative more heavy duty clutch please let me know. Ta very much

Hi is it like the probs we had before httpwww.fiatforum.companda-new8...ry-clutch.html

GRRR mine has 23000 on the clock I hope a clutch is not on the cards soon. My Fabia TDI was on its original clutch when traded in at 123000 miles and not a hint of slip. JON

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 Mk1 4x4 clutch replacement

Well possibly will need to replace my clutch soon its definately on its way out. Found a new 1 on ebay but there isnt a haynes manual for the 4x4. I was wondering if any1 else on the forum might have an idea In which case i may be picking brains for info when i come to doing the work Thought i start checkin now so i can get that done nice and easy when i get time. Cheers Si

Have you had a look at the porter one Come to think of it I dont think the 4x4 clutch is much different but then yours aint FIRE engined so dear knows Oh the joys hehe Jim

yes that be the predicament I think the 4x4 linkage has to be removed aswell that would be common on all 4x4 models i would guess lol. I shall try lookin for porters i have had a thought on some workshop manuals i have seen on ebay a few times and i think they might even inc the 4x4 in those even if for the fire the box has gotta be pretty similar. Cheers Si

clutch replacement in front wheel drive cars lots and lots of work If youre not confident about this sort of thing best get someone else to do it. The gearbox is exactly the same as found in the MKII FIRE engined cars. To give you an idea of how much work is involved (in no particular order) Disconnect the front section of the propshaft from the back of the gearbox. While youre under there loosen

cheers for that yeah should be ok wiv doing it will have my dad by my side and he has changed many a clutch admitadly not on mk 1 pandas lol. Glad to hear that the procedure is similar to the mk 2. Thanks again i shall save that info and make my own manual Soon ill have every possible job written down for future generations of mk 1 panda owners. Cheers Si

so was it the release bearing and fork rather than the clutch plate that went and would you say that was down to L drivers and all the reversing and 3 point turns Im thinking thats quite a decent life for a driving school car. How long did it take to change

Yes it was the release bearing and fork that were worn out [to destruction]. The friction plates were not too bad and there was never any sign of clutch slip. I agree the mileage is pretty good considering the number of gear changes made per mile travelled. As you suggest the amount of manoeuvres alone significantly increases wear. The time taken was approximately 4.5 hours [including the slave cylinder]. As my Dad was busy a garage located on the same site did the job.

Do those prices inc fitting by a dealer or just parts..

FIAT PANDA Clutch cable snaps again

Well i have gone through 3 clutch cables in 4 months 2 of them quite recenlty. They are being installed as per the haynes manual and the same as any other clutch cable I have fitted to a panda before without any trouble atall.... Has anyone else had this trouble As I beleive I know why...... I have just bought a new clutch cable in case it snapped again...and again it snapped this evening on my way

More clues to the puzzle.... Chichi the grey panda is an 85 car. The white panda is 86 and I noticed that it has a small bracket to hold the clutch cable in place. I have now fitted it to chichi and taken a picture for you all to see. Has this bracket been put on all post 86 pandas It would explain that when fiat had first released the panda to the UK clutch cables were snapping left right and centre.

I have been driving for over 35 years and have never had to replace a clutch. Some of my cars had 250000 miles on them when they were scrapped off. If your clutch is going at just 18000 miles it is either your driving style or a fault with the clutch. I would put it down to the clutch. I have never had a fiat before so I bought a Doblo then the panda. I gave my 6 year Doblo away as it was just to slow

FIAT PANDA Dualogic clutch change questions

Hi everyone. I live in New Zealand and have a 2005 1.2 panda with about 90000 miles (151000km) on it and the Dualogic clutch action is very jerky especially in slow stopstart driving. From what I have read on the forum this is probably due to clutch pressure plate finger wear and the solution is a new clutch. I have just bought a clutch and before I tear into it has anyone removed a Dualogic box and

FIAT PANDA 28894 miles and....clutch slip

Almost home after an hour more or less of uninterrupted 70mph driving and the last mile is upHill its not a wee pretendy one its steep. Ello I thought as it wasnt trogging upwards the way it usually does so I dropped down a gear. Lots more revs and no real increase in forward going.....pooh let go the throttle and then floored the thing and yep Houston we have clutch slip A light throttle from then

would expect to run a car until it was dead but death seems to be approaching prematurely with this one...... For my sins I have 30 years motor trade experience so repairs are less of a financial slap than they could be. (I still have access to full garage facilities via my son.. ) But the prospect of always having to Fix It Again Tomorrow has definitely removed any possibility of buying another fiat

FIAT PANDA New clutch after 34000 miles

Hello folks anyone have any clutch problems with a new panda Mine started slipping at 33-34000 miles on a 54-reg (Sep 2004-ish). It had 23 miles on the clock when I got it. Most of the miles were motorway no gear changes foot on footrest away from clutch. Ive had other fiats (Puntos I and II old panda) from next to new up to 60 and 70000 miles and never a hint of any clutch problems. Ive not changed

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