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fiat panda clutch pressure plate I 141A 141
fiat panda clutch pressure plate I 141A 141

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FIAT PANDA Dualogic clutch change questions

Hi everyone. I live in New Zealand and have a 2005 1.2 panda with about 90000 miles (151000km) on it and the Dualogic clutch action is very jerky especially in slow stopstart driving. From what I have read on the forum this is probably due to clutch pressure plate finger wear and the solution is a new clutch. I have just bought a clutch and before I tear into it has anyone removed a Dualogic box and

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 anyone fitted a stage 1 clutch in a mj

hi guys pretty much as the heading i read there is a place that does the stage 1 clutch for the panda mj which is not too bad price wise i wondered if anyone has taken the plunge and did it stop the slip completely i am thinking of getting one if it does the job of stopping the slip i regularly carry a lot of weight in mine so its more noticeable due

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FIAT PANDA Clutch cable snaps again

Well i have gone through 3 clutch cables in 4 months 2 of them quite recenlty. They are being installed as per the haynes manual and the same as any other clutch cable I have fitted to a panda before without any trouble atall.... Has anyone else had this trouble As I beleive I know why...... I have just bought a new clutch cable in case it snapped again...and again it snapped this evening on my way

prone to clutch cable failure due to this design of cable. On LHD cars this type worked without problem because the clutch cable was shorter and left the bulkhead in a straight line whereas on RHD cars the cable had to turn through 90 degrees after leaving the bulkhead in order to cross the engine bay thus putting heavy pressure on the white plastic mount each time the clutch was used. After 86 fiat

FIAT PANDA Fiat Panda 1.3 JTD clutch upgrade

Hi Does anyone know of an existing clutch upgrade for the 70BHP 1.3 JTD I had my panda re-mapped and after a month or two i noticed that when I floor the car and the revs hit 2100 rpm in 3 & 4 th gear clutch slips and the revs just jump to 2500 rpm. I wanna get a head start for searching for a possible upgrade before the clutch falls apart. Does the 70BHP JTD use a Dual Mass Flywheel

The car is a LHD 2003 model with less than 120.000km on the clock. I am guessing the clutch is still the OEM item. I bought it when it had about 110.000km on it and my EGR died and it caused me a lot of problems. The car wouldnt start loss of power etc... So I decided that instead of changing the EGR I got the car remapped and the EGR was disabled in the ECU and some more power was unleashed. The power increase is noticeable But of course we are talking about a 1300cc diesel engine so we are not discussing huge numbers MPG remained more or less the same as before if I drive normally and if I push it the fuel consumption is a bit HIGHER. This was done by a professional is not a chinese chip. So nobody knows if any of the OEM fiat pressure plates made for the stronger engines will fit

Ill try to get some samples to compare if any of the other pressure plates will fit. And if not I will just go with a Valeo or Luk clutch. I dont buy stuff that is no name and says OEM equivalent thats just a complete loss of time. I did a remap to weasel my way out of an EGR replacement as that is really a pig of a job on a panda. So the remap and the EGR disabling costed about the same as buying

FIAT PANDA Clutch slipering for second time

Hi I own a 100HP since 2007. My first clutch began to slip after 20000km.... It was changed under guaranty... But now my car has 48000km and this clutch fail again and fiat said me they dont understand why the clutch fail like this.... but it will not be taken under guaranty this time... I must say that this is not my first car I know to use a clutch. And my car is always on highways not so hard for

Does the clutch bite right at the very top of the pedal travel A clutch slips either because the lining is worn - unlikely at these mileages - or because its contaminated with oil either from the gearbox or the engine - both possible - or because the mechanism is preventing it from engaging fully (hence the question about where the clutch bites) - either a faulty mechanism - the withdrawal mechanism

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 Mk1 4x4 clutch replacement

Well possibly will need to replace my clutch soon its definately on its way out. Found a new 1 on ebay but there isnt a haynes manual for the 4x4. I was wondering if any1 else on the forum might have an idea In which case i may be picking brains for info when i come to doing the work Thought i start checkin now so i can get that done nice and easy when i get time. Cheers Si

clutch replacement in front wheel drive cars lots and lots of work If youre not confident about this sort of thing best get someone else to do it. The gearbox is exactly the same as found in the MKII FIRE engined cars. To give you an idea of how much work is involved (in no particular order) Disconnect the front section of the propshaft from the back of the gearbox. While youre under there loosen

FIAT PANDA Strange noise after fitting new gearbox and clutch.

I wonder if anyone can shed some light on a noise that has started and an oil leak that has appeared since I replaced the gearbox in my 04 Eleganza. Last year the gearbox started juddering and making all sorts of strange noises on take up of drive in first gear until the clutch started slipping and the gearbox finally threw a spline through the casing and poured oil in to the bell housing. I knew the

FIAT PANDA Panda Monster Clutch

I have a current Model panda 4x4 Monster I have notice that when in 4th or 5th Gear if i accelerate the engine tends to rev thru... i think the clutch is slipping .. could this be the case if so is the clutch adjustable or can you reccomend a fix thanks ... MM

A new clutch & pressure plate is the only fix for that im afraid.

FIAT PANDA Clutch Problems

Hi Ive got an 07 100HP 23k on the clock. Last Weds I noticed that the clutch pedal was a bit sticky as I got to work and then again when I left work but then appeared to be fine for the rest of the journey home. On the Thurs set off for work no problems with the pedal. Then about halfway there the pedal became sticky again (as in it didnt want to return to the normal position after being depressed)

Hi Guys Thanks for the responses its nice to have some clarification on this babbo_umbro have just been out to try pumping the clutch unfortunately it didnt work but I did notice a couple of things -the clutch pedal is very very light ie it needs hardly any pressure to be fully depressed and returns to the normal up position just as easily -without depressing the pedal I tried to put it into the gears

FIAT PANDA Help (Again) Clutch

Hi all..Been having fun changing the clutch on the 4x4 and wish i had not started WOT A JOB Lots of hhhhhhh never again moments.. Got a clutch off internet..Checked..Re-checked..Now the pressure plate holes dont line up.. ... hhhhh ) Does the QH clutch No QKT 502 AF ring any bells 2) Wheres the best place to get the bushes for the gear linkages (Mine a bit knackered and bits missing so while im there)

FIAT PANDA Clutch issues or maybe its just me

Hi I have a 2007 1.2 8v Dynamic panda - Over the last 3 weeks the clutch pedal had a lot more play in it and the clutch was biting near the top. Today I took it to our local fiat garage and they simply adjusted the clutch cable to take up the slack but the biting is still near to the top. I only have to depress the clutch 1 - 2 cm before it engages.. Do I have a clutch problem or might this be normal... Thx

Update - Next Friday they will fit a new clutch some metal plates that look like fins are defect not enough pedal pressure I have no clue the name with only 15000 km its still under warranty. After the initial post it took nearly a week for the clutch to be totally inop..

Sounds like the springs have gone in the pressure plate.

FIAT PANDA low very stiff clutch pedal

Just got a panda on Sunday. Very clean well taken care of full service history 49K miles. The clutch pedal is very low maybe 1 12 inches of travel and must be really pressed hard to disengage and shift gears. The cable looks new. 1) What is the most likelyleast expensive problem (Im thinking stretched from previous use and rusty from sitting) 2) Renewal sounds easy enough from Haynes manual- any hidden

Quote Originally posted by toecutter Cheers Pete. I think. Just what I like in written communication conciseness and colour. However could you elaborate on which part of the clutch (pressure springs) and the technical description of buggered Possibly the actuating arm pivot or the driven plate sticking on the gearbox shaft splines. Unless anyone else knows different. According to my Concise Oxford

100 UKP bill at the next MOT get it done before the purchase - with emphasis on the gas test the CAT will be tired by now if original. If youve got through all that and ticked every good bit and not found any bad give or take the state of the tyres preferably with lots of history youve probably got 400 and odd UKP worth of panda. Regards John H Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat

FIAT PANDA Vibration at ca. 1500 rpm in low gears

Hello I am coming with a small concern here. Hopefully you guys can shed some light on possible causes. Recently Ive noticed that my panda 1.2 Dynamic starts to vibrate audibly at around the 1500RPM mark especially noticeable in 1st and 2nd gear when accelerating more rapidly or at upward incline and when the engine is still cool. The vibrations usually subside during longer travels and they dont really

They do wear the inside edges of the front tyres a little. I guess when you say the bolts were regulated by a garage I presume you mean it had the wheel alignment checked and reset. Most tyre centres will be able to do this for you though some employ apes on peanuts that still cant set one properly These pandas are noted for the suspension wishbone bushing wearing or splitting which will also spoil

Originally Posted by Goudrons They do wear the inside edges of the front tyres a little. I guess when you say the bolts were regulated by a garage I presume you mean it had the wheel alignment checked and reset. Most tyre centres will be able to do this for you though some employ apes on peanuts that still cant set one properly These pandas are noted for the suspension wishbone bushing wearing or splitting

FIAT PANDA turbo upgrade panda 13

well have any tuned or know of any ho has done more than chip tune the panda 13 or the engine in general I have.. and i think there is alot more power in this than just the 90hp the chip claimes.

Originally Posted by KozmoNaut Fraguzz Ive been following your threads with great interest and my panda is very likely to recieve a slight power boost (not much just getting it to 85-90hp or so) in the future. I know youve had yours tuned by but considering the original clutch probably wont be able to take even 90hp for long do you have a part number or a name for the aftermarket clutch

FIAT PANDA Dualogic Problem

hi all i have some question i hope u guys are able to help me regarding the dualogic i just got the vagcom cable and multiecuscan i did a final service(end of line) calibration as the test is going on where the gearbox is selecting thru all the gears the dashboard shows a msg gearbox failure is this normal or there is a serious problem with my transmission. There is no errorfault code and it shows

update Confirm its the clutch. have change the clutch pressure plate clutch plate bearing selector fork and bushes. now its back to normal. Most Easterly pandas liked this post

FIAT PANDA Panda Semi Auto... newbie questions... HELP

Got my lady a panda Semi Auto Eleganza... Can anyone confirm what the sales person told me... It has EBD ABS Its uses a similar auto system to the Alfa Selespeeds and does not have a clutch to replace fail It is a 1.2 60BHP 8 valve engine which means if the belt goes the head is safe Belt change is not required until 72000 miles Thanks all ps. Is there anything else I should know about these Autos and has anyone ever mapped one for more power

rare. The system self-learns the biting point itself though there can be occasions where something outside of its adjustability can cause issues like a clutch fault (faulty pressure plate oil contamination) or driver errorabuse but again- these are outside of its control and not inherent faults in the actuators. The system is also hugely more reliable than the Alfa Selespeed design (something us fiat

FIAT PANDA Dual logic stuck on neutral

Hi FF got a call from my mother earlier who had broken down up the road. When I got too it the engine was off started it and it wouldnt go into any gear.. Apparently it just started revving as she was driving along so sounds like it put itself into neutral for some reason. Ive had a look on here but cant find any decent answers or real good info. It does register your trying to put it into gear because

Originally Posted by x Alex x I can see a lot of these being written off due to these gearboxes being uneconomical to repair in a few years. If the thrust bearing wears into the pressure plate it might still grip when trying to change gear not allowing gears to go in when it goes in maybe clutch worn and slips. Just a thought.

The only forum that knows a lot are the alfa forum. Look up alfa selespeed its a similar box the pushrod can be adjusted on theres but not ours. It could be pressureactuator issue if it does not select a gear . In FES does it show above 40 bar or above in the gearbox pressure section after the pump has primed the gearbox after the doors opened. If yes and when the engine runs and you engage first

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 Am i unlucky or what.

How can this be only done 41000km [ lhd] multijet and the clutch is just trying to slipi have looked after it with loving carewhat will it cost for a new one i know being in Spain it will be different but just for an idea please anyone.

We had an old JTD bravo which developed a slipping clutch. Turned out to be oil seeping around the crank bolts onto the flywheel. This shows that a slipping clutch may not always be as simple as worn out friction material. The only way to get an idea of cost is to get it opened up and see what has gone wrong. Is there any warranty remaining in case something like the pressure plate has cracked

FIAT PANDA 100hp newbie

Recently bought a very tidy 50k blue panda 100hp to replace my ignis sport which was written off by someone pulling out on me. Its my first Italian car so go easy on me (I also own a 1994 Porsche 911) The previous owner seemd fastidious so I didnt have too many worries but in all honesty its not been the most harmonious purchase as on the way home from buying it a rear bump stop detached and I woke

I had a 100HP for nearly five years (swapped for a 4x4 TA six months ago) - apart from a wonky clutch plate from new which was replaced under warranty it was absolutely trouble-free. I put Koni Sports on the back which were a great improvement. My previous car was a Cinquecento Sport where the change across the gate was slicker with a little rightwards as well as forwards pressure on the gear lever.

FIAT PANDA Panda 4X4 Questions

Firstly I wanted to thank those people that have been so helpful with my 4X2 panda and other cars. Im not the most mechanically minded person in the world and the advice and help Ive received on this forum has been invaluable. I started stripping the Sisley tonight and I wouldnt even consider such a project if it wasnt for the knowledge and experience available here. Not that Ive started I have a couple

More than likely the noise is the spigot bearing in the box although the release bearing is a tiny little joke of a thing that gives up without warning and takes the pressure plate with it they sometimes do the exact opposite of what a duff bearing normally does ie whine when NOT under load if this is the case it is going to let go SOON I can sort you out with a good clutch pretty cheaply Steve.

FIAT PANDA 4x4 rebuild underway

Hey Peeps After months of sourcing parts considering options and blabbing on about what engine to put in work has finally commenced on my panda 4x4 project. Before you panic Im not out to mutilate a perfectly good 4x4. This car was ready for the scrappy This isnt so much a restoration project more an attempt to make a 4x4 as good as possible for extreme off-road and touring. The first major bit of

When you come to refit the gearbox try to seal the bell housing as well as possible. If muddy water gets in there mud packs itself into the pressure plate and stops the clutch from engaging. You really dont want the shame of being towed out of a mud hole by a Land Rover Les

FIAT PANDA Service ...... maybe new lower springs ..

Hi panda Guys n Gurls My panda desiel MJ is going in for a service. Its got 41 thousand miles on the clock . How many litres of oil should I get ( the place where I work is doing it for free ) Should I get the fan belts done Timing belts as well and would the ride be better if I stuck lowered springs only on it .... ta Ginger x

Change the oil oil filter air filter and fuel filter. (Fuel filter can be a bit of a pig do a search on youtube) If its got Air Con theyll be a cabin filter tucked up by the clutch pedal fecker to get in and out (see youtube again) Id throw in some Forte injector cleaner in with the new fuel filter. It takes around 3 litres (perhaps a drop more with a filter change) of 5W40. Specs vary depending on

FIAT PANDA a couple of issues with sisley

Wonder if anyone can shed some light on a couple of problems with my sisley. It leaks when it rains Seems to be coming from the steering rack or windscreen maybe. A puddle of water appears in drivers footwell when its been standing in the rain. Anyone else had similar Second problem. There seems to be a rattlyflappy noise when idling if I depress the clutch it goes away though On a better note though

The clutch noise going away you press the pedal sounds to me like the thrust bearing is going it will rattle away for a while but will eventually damage the pressure plate if it is on its way out.

FIAT PANDA new member with a smoking mj

Hi all we brought a panda mj for the wife and have had a couple of problems with it the most annoying thing is that it is smoking on start up and also when driving its an 08 with 55000 on the clock the engine light comes on and when we take it to the dealer he just turns it off i brought a obd2 reader and torque pro app i have run the app and it comes up with a P0238 which is a turbo boost sensor

Then on the basis that it does have an EGR valve I would be taking it off cleaning it then putting it back with a blanking plate so it wont get bunged up again. This is the sort of thing you need Does this engine have a MAP (Manifold Absolute pressure) sensor If it does itll need cleaning as well. Spray with Brake and clutch aerosol and re-install. Dave

FIAT PANDA One thing after another

I have myself a slipping clutch. Gears can still be engaged but the engine runs away at about 34 throttle in any gear. Flicked through the Haynes which suggests Incorrect release bearing to pressure plate finger clearance andor Friction linings worn out or oil contaminated. Sigh The timing really couldnt be better as Im going to a gig with 4 mates tomorrow. Suggestions

Originally Posted by Fuzzypanda I have myself a slipping clutch. Gears can still be engaged but the engine runs away at about 34 throttle in any gear. Flicked through the Haynes which suggests Incorrect release bearing to pressure plate finger clearance andor Friction linings worn out or oil contaminated. Sigh The timing really couldnt be better as Im going to a gig with 4 mates tomorrow. Suggestions tried adjusting the cable up may give you a short period till you can get it done

FIAT PUNTO II 188 188AX Punto 2005 dualogic shuddering

Hello ive a 2005 punto dualogic with 23500 milesthe thing has started shuddering when taking off or reversingdoesent do it any other time and doesent do it all the timemy garage couldnt find anything wrong with itplease HELP

its done a lot of town driving with the car stopped but not put into neutral the pressure plate could be goosed. That could cause it to become jerky as the mechanics wont be running as they were intended to. The controls dont encourage drivers to use neutral even though the book says to not hold it in-gear for a long time. It could also be the mechanism is sticking somewhere else. I dont know if fiatECUScan

FIAT PUNTO Dualogicgearbox problem.

Hi. I had this in tech talk but mostly met with tumbleweed. Im entering phase 17 of getting my car sorted so Im hoping for a little help here if anyones got some wisdom for me please My dualogic gearbox doesnt like changing gears. Initially the car had trouble engaging reverse. Sometimes it would falter during some other gear change and need restarting. It often would not engage a gear when changing

On these cars the clutch pressure plate almost always fails first with the release bearing wearing a groove into the spring fingers that it bears up against. On a manual car you feel the clutch action going lumpy and bouncy like something is bending but nothing is happening. The effect is hard to engage 1st gear and increasingly knotchy downshifts especially from 5th and 3rd. I put up with mine by throttle blipping (bike style) to get smooth downshifts. Obviously you cant do that on a duologic. My Mother had a panda Duologic (which I liked) but it never encourages you to use neutral and when you do its slow to wake up when you want to get going. It could be the car has sat a lot at traffic lights in gear and its done in the clutch pressure plate. It could of course just be faulty actuators so it will need the ECU codes to be read and see what comes out. I have no idea if fiatECUScan can do that.

FIAT STILO hard gearbox shifting

Hello Im new to this forum and I need some helpadvice. My car is 2006 Stilo 1.9 diesel multijet with 97000 km but I cant be sure of mileage since I didnt bought it new. I have read previous threads about gearboxes but I couldnt find information I need. I have a problem with gearbox when shifting speeds. There are no strange noises and car drives and accelerates as usual. When Im parked and motor is

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas What 63000miles ish Could that be the issue with my Stilo then Worn clutch Thats sometimes stiff to change gear and if accelerating fast thatll sound like I havent fully pressed the clutch when changing into 2nd & 3rd etc Oh yes clutches are now much better than they once were but 60k plus on a car driven in town a lot especially if its seen a lot of stop start

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