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FIAT PANDA Clutch pedal jerky sticks down

Hi I have an 04 plate 1.2 Eleganza and have noticed the clutch pedal occasionally sticks to the floor and fails to return. Often just before it happens the clutch pedal becomes slightly juddery moving in sort of half-inch steps rather than travelling smoothly. After a few times of the pedal sticking to the floor all is fine for the next few weeks. I thought initially it could be me being foolish and

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas Have you checked the clutch fluid level ....and how long has it been since it was changed Might be worth flushing the system - mine (on a brand new car) was shot after 18 months. Have a look at this thread httpwww.fiatforum.com500287720-...mlpost2908842 and this post httpwww.fiatforum.com500287720-...mlpost2909691 shows you how to do it. penguin2727 thanked for this post

jerky sticks down Confused of Hartlepool here I like Penguin have this problem. I like Penguin initially thought the mats were the culprit. Then after taking the mats out and it happening again I checked the fluid level as prescribed by M E P and everything was OK (i.e fluid to the correct level). After reading jrkitching thread about the fluid being more than two years old (my car is 53reg panda

stopping it moving freely. Studying the photo I posted earlier may help you identify the parts you should be looking at. Its a bit awkward because unfortunately the steering column shaft runs diagonally in front of the bits you really want to see. While youre down there in the footwell you could also check the master cylinder isnt leaking. This thread has a picture of what to look for httpwww.fiatforum.com500293802-...r-leaking.html

pivot a long spring mounted vertically between a lug on the pedal and the mounting frame and that seems to all be in order. But second note (more in the second shot where the spring is hidden behind the steering column) the weepage of hydraulic fluid where the actuator goes into the master cylinder. Suspect thatll be the problem then... Attached Thumbnails     __________________ 2005 panda

FIAT PANDA II 169 panda 2004 active clutch pedal problems

The clutch pedal sticks down after the engine is at normal temperature there is a squeek noise when the pedal is pressed down and it is noisy at the enginegear box area. there is no loss of fluid. There is also clutch judder when pulling off. Please help many thanks

FIAT STILO AC problems

Hi got an 02 Stilo 1.9 JTD 8v last week and have been ironing out its little niggles air bag light ASR ESP warning and a nice knocking all gone cruise control fitted its now time to work on the AC It makes a lot of noise but theres no air flow coming out of any of the vents my initial thoughts are the fan isnt spinning but the motor is but it does sound like air is being moved when you turn the fan

Originally Posted by ale199020 Ok will have a look tomorrow. As a side how can you trek if the compressor clutch is engaging Thanks agreed with above - forget the AC for now (although all you do is open the bonnet and look to see if the AC clutch is spinning-the compressor is drivers side where the belts are at the front youll see it sticks out a bit if its not spinning then the compressor clutch isnt engaging) anyway get the cabin filter checked - do you know where it is Get your head down by the clutch pedal - there is a black plastic cover that runs over the pedals remove that then remove the black cover that slots over the filter. there might be some nuts holding it in otherwise just release the clips. Slide out the filter then check for air flow out the vents again. Most Easterly pandas liked this post

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