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fiat panda clutch disc II 169
fiat panda clutch disc II 169

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FIAT PANDA Clutch or Brake Problem Help

i recently replaced my front disc and pads on an 08 panda with 28000 miles replaced them with brembo parts nowafter 1200 miles the car has started to make what sounds and feels like grinding when i pull up. i have had both front whells off and had a look and all the brake parts are fine no excesive ware etc. so now i have also noticed a faint whistle liek to bits of metal catching when i depress the

The noise that disappears when the clutch is depressed comes from the gearbox and is not a clutch fault. It is probably not significant but may indicate that the gearbox oil level is a bit low. This is fairly easily checked but you will need to search this section of the forum for details as I have no pictures to post. If you have a panda with rear disc brakes then I suspect the noise on braking comes

FIAT PANDA Fiat Panda 1.3 JTD clutch upgrade

Hi Does anyone know of an existing clutch upgrade for the 70BHP 1.3 JTD I had my panda re-mapped and after a month or two i noticed that when I floor the car and the revs hit 2100 rpm in 3 & 4 th gear clutch slips and the revs just jump to 2500 rpm. I wanna get a head start for searching for a possible upgrade before the clutch falls apart. Does the 70BHP JTD use a Dual Mass Flywheel

The car is a LHD 2003 model with less than 120.000km on the clock. I am guessing the clutch is still the OEM item. I bought it when it had about 110.000km on it and my EGR died and it caused me a lot of problems. The car wouldnt start loss of power etc... So I decided that instead of changing the EGR I got the car remapped and the EGR was disabled in the ECU and some more power was unleashed. The power increase is noticeable But of course we are talking about a 1300cc diesel engine so we are not discussing huge numbers MPG remained more or less the same as before if I drive normally and if I push it the fuel consumption is a bit HIGHER. This was done by a professional is not a chinese chip. So nobody knows if any of the OEM fiat pressure plates made for the stronger engines will fit

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FIAT PANDA 4x4 clutch replacement

Thought it might help spur me on to get this done... and posting on progress will be a good way of procrastinating said progress Not done a clutch since Bedford CF... or a transverse clutch since I did my mini van in 1970 I was a nipper Now Im into codgerism - forgetting where I put the tools. When I find em - I forget what I wanted em for lol so some crossed off already 1) disconnect battery (only

Originally Posted by lightweightmick Im surprised no ones picked me up on one vital operation required thats not on the above list... you all dozing till it comes to an oil change Ah I see what you mean Originally Posted by lightweightmick 1) disconnect battery (only cos its knackered lol) -cup of tea 2) Remove starter motor -cup of tea 3) disconnect exhaust pipe at manifold -cup of tea 4) disconnect

Originally Posted by VmanC Gearbox wont come out very far without disconnecting the prop shaft. That would be that ring of allen bolts then onto the transfer box... the one I havent got a socket for... I havent tried just an allen key yet though but I doubt thatll crack em off. Otherwise progress good today apart from forgetting the most important one on list no.6 ...that soon took care of itself though as the OS inboard boot came adrift as I disconnected the ball joint from the lower arm - it was only secured with a tie wrap (I prefer the metal bands...) - surprising how long it takes to grab something to catch oil... I found the drain plug afterward - caked over as it was... Cant (as yet) see the need to disconnect exhaust... (any thoughts..) - doesnt appear to be in the way.. Dare say Ill find out when the manifold cracks or something equally drastic happens... Good to learn I can now just get the balljoint dust covers - (at least one good thing to come out of new MOT law) This didnt used to be the case and I didnt fancy buying two new hub carriers (if I could get em..) - I have just replaced the ball joints before now but they are a bggr to get in I wasnt getting anywhere with two big hammers on the sides of the joint (must have lost some of my umph lol) so I came inside and did a bit of research before searching out the balljoint splitter... Anyone used these dust covers.. - do I need the small ones and are they same size as tie rod ball joints Doing well - no blood lost yet... Thanks for the encouraging banter you guys - it makes a world of difference to know you have the might of the fiat Forum behind you

That big chunk is now sitting on the jack... er and the tie rod. Terrifying as it starts to lower - but that tie rod will have to be disconnected. You also have to remove the mounting bracket - not just disconnect the mounting as the transmission cant be moved sufficiently away from the engine to lower otherwise. Getting a fair collection of nuts and bolts... hope I can remember where they all go

I reckon itll come down with tie bar (radius rod) just loosened on lower arm and disconnected at front and pushed aside under wheel arch Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Anything is possible with a panda Ellen - 87 Ducato 2.5D Elddis Autoking 630CK Lucy - 90 panda 1000s Rachel - 95 panda 1.0 CLX SR Ruth - 90 panda 4x4 SR   Quote   03-10-2013   17 lightweightmick Get Your Own

FIAT UNO II Are Mk1 Uno and Mk2 Panda Selecta clutches the same...

This is a new area of the Forum for me -- as you can probably tell from my signature... -- but Im hoping someone here may be able to help.... I have a Mk2 panda Selecta with what appears to be a dead powder clutch (which I am struggling to find a supplier for...) and Palio and I wondered if it was the same part as in his F-reg Mk1 Uno Selecta... You can find a discussion of ePER and part numbers in

FIAT PANDA 28894 miles and....clutch slip

Almost home after an hour more or less of uninterrupted 70mph driving and the last mile is upHill its not a wee pretendy one its steep. Ello I thought as it wasnt trogging upwards the way it usually does so I dropped down a gear. Lots more revs and no real increase in forward going.....pooh let go the throttle and then floored the thing and yep Houston we have clutch slip A light throttle from then

Originally Posted by pandablues Nahh cant see it lasting worth a long spit for me. As a counterpoint Ive now done 60K km in my MJ and I have had no problems with it. Tyres lasted 55K km clutch is fine not a single part replaced tracking is spot on mileage is equal or better compared to the spec (if I force myself to drive like a sane person) brake discs are still good until at least next summer according

part replaced tracking is spot on mileage is equal or better compared to the spec (if I force myself to drive like a sane person) brake discs are still good until at least next summer according to my mechanic not a single drop of water in the cabin even during torrential downpours. It is by far the most reliable car Ive owned and I used to drive a Corolla Just goes to show there are reliable pandas

FIAT PANDA Sticking Clutch

clutch keeps sticking down on our (Classic) panda Dance also bizzarly its doing it on our (New) panda Active too. Is this a cable problem or something in the mechanism.

Could be the cable but its also quite common for the clutch lever to seize in the casing. You will need to disconnect the cable at the gearbox end and try both bits independently. If its the cable its an easy fix just fit a new one. If its the lever you may be able to free it up by spraying with WD40 and working it backwards and forwards with a lever. If you can free it off enough to be driveable using

lubricant safe to be use on rubber and nylon to un-seize clutch release shaft and the bush WD40 will react with rubber o-ring seal which seats in groove just above nylon bush.( refer to photo - normally bush seats at the top of the shaft) edit ps. dont go to far whit spraying in you dont want to get any wd40 lubricant on to cluch assembly. Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat

FIAT PANDA Clutch release lever question

Hi guys my wifes panda dropped its clutch cable on Friday and she is away at the in-laws some 300 miles away. Managed to get a cable and get it fited by father in law but he tells me that it wont reach the clutch release lever arm It is definately the correct cable. there is giggle room on the lever so it is not jammed or seized. I can not work out how much pressure there should be from here. So to

Yes I believe so.... well at least now I do. The later ones have the metal sleeve to create nice bend and two bolts to the pedal box. The early ones have the white plastic twist fit and locking plate (discussed in other threads) and appear to be at least one inch shorter than the middle group. The middle group have no sleeve white twist end instead and longer than old ones. Perhaps some kind soul would put up a post with all part nos as it seems that clutch cables are consumables when it comes to pandas and I have failed and suceeded only in confusing the situation more it seems.

FIAT PANDA Axle & Clutch question 4x4

Hi all a couple of unrelated questions if anyone can help. Does anyone know the approximate weight of a 4x4 back axle Are all panda clutches of a 91 vintage the same Actually a third question am I the only one who hasnt been able to get on ePer for about three days Cheers Mike

out anything with your chassisngine nos __________________ Before doing anything.... FFS discONNECT THE BATTERY.   Quote   04-04-2008   7 xsparky Get Your Own Title   Join Date Mar 2008 Location RingwoodHants Posts 225 Thanks 25 Trader Rating 0   Re Axle & clutch question 4x4 Hi Alan many thanks for that what I was hoping to do on ePer was compare part numbers for other panda

FIAT PANDA Clutch release bearing

Hi peeps I have concerns with my new CRB. It goes onto the spline in the bell housing as the old one did but it doesnt seem a perfect fit or at all smooth when you pull the release arm. Call me an idiot but the spinny wheel points toward the engine and clutch yeh The two arms on the bearing do contact the release fork but dont clip on or attach in any way. Should they If I twist the back plate of the

both be in contact with the prongs of the operating fork. ePER does show a small indentation in the back of each prong which would be where the clips would normally go if they were fitted but there are no clips shown on ePER . Dave. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ Stilo Parts For Sale Connect Nav Map discs - Wiper Motor (NEW) Croma Turbo i.e. Badges. For details click here httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...0&ppuser48514

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 Mk1 4x4 clutch replacement

Well possibly will need to replace my clutch soon its definately on its way out. Found a new 1 on ebay but there isnt a haynes manual for the 4x4. I was wondering if any1 else on the forum might have an idea In which case i may be picking brains for info when i come to doing the work Thought i start checkin now so i can get that done nice and easy when i get time. Cheers Si

clutch replacement in front wheel drive cars lots and lots of work If youre not confident about this sort of thing best get someone else to do it. The gearbox is exactly the same as found in the MKII FIRE engined cars. To give you an idea of how much work is involved (in no particular order) disconnect the front section of the propshaft from the back of the gearbox. While youre under there loosen

Got hold of an eLearn disc for the panda and having had a look through the gearbox removal section it doesnt seem that bad a job to do - no need to drain the gear oil (though a change probably wouldnt do any harm anyway) no need to get the hub nuts off no subframes in the way etc. Just strip off the battery air intakes etc disconnect all the linkages wiring and driveshafts and drop it out I know it

FIAT PANDA Diesel tuning box clutch slip (

Well received my Italian Box diesel tuning box from Italy today fitted it with the standard settings and there is a noticably huge difference when it come on boost I got shot forward like illy-o and was impressed only one prolem.... Dont think the standard mjet panda clutch can take the torque increase as i got clutch slip if i planted the accelerator. Only for 2 seconds and then the revs fell back

My apologies late in reading this thread I fitted a tuning box at Christmas (four months ago) and immediately noticed much improved performance PLUS better fuel economy. Obviously not economy if I drove flat out all the time.... After a week or so it became apparent that hard acceleration in third particularly on inclines produced a few seconds of high revs and no go. In other words clutch slip. Rather

FIAT PANDA Dualogic clutch change questions

Hi everyone. I live in New Zealand and have a 2005 1.2 panda with about 90000 miles (151000km) on it and the Dualogic clutch action is very jerky especially in slow stopstart driving. From what I have read on the forum this is probably due to clutch pressure plate finger wear and the solution is a new clutch. I have just bought a clutch and before I tear into it has anyone removed a Dualogic box and

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas Im not sure if the free version will do it as Ive the licensed version. You need to access the gearbox ECU on it and Id try purging bleeding the hydraulic system first Thanks again for your reply... The paid version is not too expensive to download and sure beats a weekend spent under a car removing a gearbox... I have tried to replace as much of the hydraulic

Ah thanks for this. Have a 2006 1.2 Dynamic (bought second hand) and the clutch stuck on two driving occasions - very disconcerting needless to say. On both occasions it was after a fellow from the panel beaters (a long story) drove it to collect me from work. What he might have done to the clutch while driving heaven knows. Fortunately no sticking since then but if it does will now know what to tell the mechanic -). He was convinced that it was the mat... -( and I know it damn well it wasnt.

FIAT PANDA clutch cable blues

hi after doing about 16oo miles in my 91 panda 750 in about 3 weeks my clutch cable has rather predictably snapped. i was sort of expecting it to happen so it wasnt a shock however trying to source a new one has been a complete nightmare. ive tried fiat dealerships and fiat garages but without much luck i also tried euro car parts who say they stock it however on delivery it was completley wrong and

Ah thatll be because youve not to survo assist brakes so the master cylinder is on drivers side. Just disconnect from pedal box un-bolt from bulk head and pull master cylinder forward to gain access to the clutch cable

FIAT PANDA Changing a clutch on a Panda 4x4

Im sure youll be able to answer this one Alan. Whats the best way to goa about it. My mate Neil needs to do the one on his Sisley.

I think hes just a little concerned about how to disconnect the rear drive bit rather than taking the box off the engine.

FIAT PANDA Squeeling clutch

Hi all I just bought a panda 4x4 which drives fine except that the clutch squeels if you slip it a bit when changing up gears. I dosnt do it when you are slipping it to pull away but if you use the accelerater and slip the clutch when changing up it squeels for a second or less. If you dont touch the accelerator and just lift the clutch its fine. Any idea why its doing this Ta Yak

Originally Posted by Yak I dont think its the alternater belt as the reves arnt realy changing that much when it happens and it seem to come from the left of the car and i presume that the alternator is on the right Yes thats right but I had similar symptoms last year. I was near ordering a new release bearing when I discovered it was actually the alternator belt If you have ruled it out though I guess you will not avoid unbolting the gearbox.

FIAT PANDA Heavy clutch pedal

The clutch on my 1994 CLX (999 FIRE) is very heavy compared to the family Fabia. Is this normal Would appreciate your thoughts.

yeah well never used the boot anyway. kept dropping on my head. Once I squeezed the last of those speakers in I did just feel like a pratt every time shuffle decided to pull something bassy off my mp3 disc so they didnt last long. so my garage is well sorted for bass now too.

FIAT PANDA Panda performance

Hi all I have owned a fiat panda 1.2 dynamic since new 2004 model I have always serviced it myself now it is touching nearly 35k passed every MOT no problems this year though I had to replace. tietrack rod ends fr wheel bearings pads and discs this is the 3 set of pads since new and I have now fitted Brembo they are fantastic. really recommend these you can feel the difference I had a gearbox problem

FIAT IDEA I cannibalizing fiat idea (2005) parts for fiat panda (2005)

im not technically inclined but heres the situation thus far... (long back ground story but let me preface it by saying we both love this panda and refuse to get rid of it despite the sheer amount of problems weve had. when we saw a fiat idea being parted we decided to take preventive measures by buying up parts off it. im located in singapore and used fiat car parts are not commonly available at all.

FIAT PANDA II 169 The last 2 week of work

Hi all Well my car has had a lot of attention in the past few weeks. I have basically lost my whole easter break to it As i said i would attack the rust around my rear window which turned out to be a bigger problem than i thought I needed to rebuild all around the window and the bottom hinge had rusted almost completely off I had also started the clutch replacement so while i was waiting for all the

FIAT PANDA 100000 Miles in a Multijet.

Well the panda Multijet has done it Over 100000 Miles of serious driving in this little car for the last 4 years and 7 months Purchased new on 30th Sept 2006. With 3 miles on the clock. Mileage today (1st Feb 2011) 100754 miles. Average miles driven per month 1831.89 miles. And very roughly thats just under 500 miles a week. This little car has been used mainly for a long commute involving about 80%

FIAT PANDA 100hp 3rd gear crunch

Weve just bought a lovely white 100hp and enjoying it very much. It was bought and registered in April last year (09 plate) but the owner didnt get to use it much (an understatement) as it only had 301 miles on the clock when we bought it just before Christmas. Apart from an annoying rattle the only real problem is the gearbox baulking when trying to go from 2nd to 3rd at anything other than a very

Originally Posted by hot_fiat Ive gone through two sets of 3rd gear synchros on separate C514-6 gearboxes that Ive fitted to my cinq. First one was from a Punto Sporting & the latest is from a 27k panda 100hp. The bottom line is synchro on 3rd (and 4th after enough miles) is weak on the 6-speed. Get it back to the dealer. They know about this - most dealers carry sync rings as stock. Another thing

FIAT PANDA Mileage Anniversary

Yesterday the panda reached its 70000 miles anniversary [being used since October 2007]. Three more students have passed their driving test in it during the last week and the panda continues to be an excellent tuition vehicle. Looks like it will soon be time for the cambelt change 306maxi thanked for this post

the car has changed gear - and used reverse - far more due to repeated manoeuvres and junction practice. However all of the gears still select cleanly with the occasional exception of reverse [but no synchromesh has this effect on all of the cars I have driven regardless of mileage]. Despite the hard ride and poor roads there doesnt appear to be any play in the front bushes steering rack etc. If fiat

the panda clocks with the Punto ones. I couldnt find anything about the clutch switch but have decided that it will be for reducing revs in cold start conditions so the user can more easily engage a gear. A function I will do without. This is the first time I have documented a project like this and I am finding it quite useful to gather my thoughts. Attached Thumbnails   __________________ fiat

FIAT PANDA Newbie selecta problem panda classic

Morning everyone. Newbie here although I have been visiting this forum for a while I will explain. I have a very functional Doblo mpv for everyday use and was looking for a fun car for my wife (and if the truth be told me also). She kept cooing about the new 500 (wanted a bee coloured one) when I came up with the idea of getting a classic. Well after much research on FF I succumbed and bought a 1994

console. Im going to be having a long hard think at work tonight when bored (working in a petrol station does have its good points at times) and will get back with any thoughts. Im Also going to try and finally get the pages from the dealership manual on the Selecta bits in the My Gallery bit on here so will post links when done Best of luck. Jon. __________________ M ost E asterly P andas - pandaing

FIAT PANDA New to 2WD Pandas - but not Pandas

Hi Guys It has been a while since i have had a post... New baby and house... My mate and I have 12 pandas - mostly 4x4s i remember posting on How many pandas thread a while ago... Anyway for those who care (as we know we all do) - they are all good except for 1 - Bash (J Plate Sisley II in Red) he bascially could not take another Winter (even in his barn with friends) - the scottish highland abandoment

FIAT PANDA Panda 1.2 engine management code Motorised Throttle Body

After plugging in the electronic diagnostic tools reports fault with motorised throttle body. Ive got a note somewhere on resetting after cleaning by can anyone verify this sounds feasible after my 1.2 Fire developed a sudden loss of power & that meant I limped home at 15mph on the final mile of my journey home from work on Friday evening. Any suggestions on cleaning resetting or anything else I might

was a simple engine - the canbus ecu electrically actuated throttle and general design has beaten me - and I think I want a mk.1 4x4 now or even my old discovery 1 back - I could fix anything on that and it lasted me 5 years without a hitch. Im not a man that likes to rely on main dealers but I have the drawer the line somewhere - Ive spent hours on it already and its probably the last modern fiat

Rusty is looking a bit tatty now corroded tailgate bonnet doors and it was painted with cheep tractor paint. So the plan its at some point to repainted it. My dad when I was about 11 bought his second panda but the first I remember. He did have a mk1 when I was very young. Anyway the one I remember was a grey sergio tacchini. So my plan with rusty is to make him in to a ST replica as best I can within reason so il need to find out the paint code. Iv already bought the decals from Italy and found a rear badge on eBay. I would like to replace the trim with green but this may not be possible due to how rare these are so il make do with what is available. Iv got a good bonnet and tailgate and plan to sort out the door bottoms as they rant to bad A quick pic off Google for those that havent seen one before This will not be an accurate replica as I would like to keep the 4x4 side trims and rear badge so maybe some sort of ST 4x4 hybrid. __________________   Quote   19-01-2014   10 rustypanda From Scrap yard to road   Join Date Apr 2008 Location Colyford Devon Posts 208 Thanks 6 Trader Rating 0   Re Rusty the lucky panda The heater in rusty is so poor and with my wife dressed up like shes going sking to keep warm when we take rusty out I thought it about time I investigated the issue. So with the heater box out I set about taking the valve off problem of course was the nuts were so corroded the bolts just turned. I used a small disc cutter to remove the nut and take the vale off. Valve was fine so I blow in to the matrix and it was very blocke I used compressed air power washer to no avail. Still blocked so I took the end off to have a better look. All the tubes were solid looked like rad weld had been used in the past and had going off like concrete so order a new rad it was. I went for the cheapest option from my parts supplier just the matrix but when it turned up it also had a new valve attached Slightly different to the old one but I got it to work I had previously bought new cables for the heater box which I also changed. What a difference Just got to sort out the heavy clutch now and swop the gearbox for the low mileage one jumpinjacks sold me then its body work time. If any one would like the old but working heater valve ( white type two bolt fixing) let me know __________________   Quote   19-01-2014   11 purple haze Beware the panda Face.   Join Date Aug 2008 Location 1 Dune st Riyadh Posts 6987 Thanks 266 Trader Rating 3   Re Rusty the lucky panda A grey Sergio you say.... A bit like my one then... httpwww.fiatforum.commembers-mot...-tacchini.html

FIAT PANDA II 169 Panda Multijet Jan 2005

Hi Im interested to know if my car was built on a Friday. I bought it as an ex demonstrator three months old and with 150 kms yes 150 kms on the clock from a dealer here in France. To avoid libel proceedings I will refrain from commenting on their so called after sales service. The problems I have incurred are front tyres worn out at 12000 kms due to faulty wheel alignment airflow sensor replaced (under

FIAT PANDA Panda 100hp missing bits

Just bought a 11 reg white panda 100hp with pandamonium and glass roof. It replaced my 3 year old 500 1.4 Sport so its been an interesting comparison. 1. The panda rides much better - kinda surprised me a little. The cornering is much better not that the 500 was bad. 2. Turning nothings going to beat our Seicento but it surprised me that although still grim the turning circle is

Originally Posted by KozmoNaut Itll hustle along quite smartly but youll be lacking the stiffened suspension from the 100HP so be prepared for a lot of body roll. Itll be plenty quick around roundabouts and corners but itll roll enough that it can be somewhat disconcerting. Also be aware that you may have to upgrade the clutch due to the increased torque. Ive read a few reports of people having to have the clutch replaced before even 20K miles on a bone stock MJ. On the other hand Ive got 55K km on mine with the original clutch and not even a hint of slipping. In either case dont be sloppy with the clutch or youll kill it within a few thousand miles. Fraguzz has posted a bit about a tuned MJ I think hes up to 105hp(115) or so and according to him theres a very definite limit to how much torque the stock clutch can hold so he fitted an aftermarket unit. YMMV. Youre right though my philosophy is not to keep cars beyond too many miles and drive them like they were stolen. And never to have them serviced. You can probably only get away with this on Polish built fiats since the 3 cinqs 500 and 7 Seicentos testify. NEVER buy a car I have owned.

FIAT PANDA Brake Pad Wear 1.3 Multijet Sporting

Hi All My father who is not the most demon driver in the world has just picked up his panda from Ancaster in Welling after a service. Low mileage 2nd year - 11000 miles. They have changed the front pads stating they were thin. I reckon this is complete bolloks and am going to speak to the service manager tomorrow. There is no way my old man could wear out a set of pads in 11K if he tried My Punto 1.9

My MJT started making slight rubbing noises from the front brakes about a week (100 miles) before its 24K service. The day before it became a grinding noise. Oops I think you can work out what that meant. The pads on the nearside had worn down to the rivets and badly scored the disc. I made an appeal to fiat more in hope than expectation. It was declined. I must admit I was very surprised by how quickly

FIAT PANDA Sport Button

Hi guys I know much has been discussed about how the sport button in the 100HP actually functions seemingly most say it just adjusts throttle position - someone at work made a point I tried out yesterday though pressing the sport button at idle - this made no difference to my revs. Surely this must mean that the throttle wasnt opened so something else must go on I know I hate driving the car without

heel and toe. The only thing that concerns me is that when slowing down I tend to do down through the box as well as barke is this really that bad for the carengineclutch Surely the engineclutch is designed to take such loads. Any insite would be more then helpful. The slightly pedantic answer would be that brake pads discs are expensive but significantly cheaper than a clutch or gearbox... The pandas

FIAT PANDA First classic Panda purchase

Hi there my first post so please excuse any errors and sorry if teh advert has been discussed elsewhere I couldnt find it. Have been trying to put off my urges for a classic panda for some time with every excuse I can think of but getting tempted by this one and would appreciate any opinions. Unfortunately I cannot post URL but description as below from Gumtree advert based in Norwich- MOT - nov. TAX

FIAT PANDA Its in ruddy disgrace

Just before the 6000 mile warranty from the dealer runs out the panda pulls a fast one. When leaving work in the evening the clutch pedal would stick down and after a kick up or two would operate correctly so I took it in last Tuesday. They stripped down the pedal assembly checked everything (including the master slave cylinders) and regreased as they assembled it back. She was as good as gold until

Originally Posted by udtrev I always plant the pedal to the floor when changing gear I know then the clutch is disengaged. This may sound dumb but have you checked its not getting stuck under the mat This happened on our Eleganza and to some other members as discussed here

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 Panda 1.1 Selecta 1996

I am about to buy this panda for about 900 Euros in Hungary. Is it worth buying knowing that it had some demage to the sides (know looks fine) and ran 80.000km. The only thing I am uncertain about is the Selecta gearbox. Does anyone faced any serious problems with a similar car Thanx. Attila

to flick back and forwards(assuming the gearstick is sitting correctly) then you may have a problem with the gear selector cable. (easy to replace and rarely gives trouble) The ECU (electronic control unit) rarely screws up and I have had no problem with mine I settled into the habit of checking the gearbox oil every three months and have only topped it up it twice. One problem with the Selecta pandas

FIAT PANDA II 169 Fiat Panda Bianca II

I call her BiancaII not because of purple hazes beauty (although that would be a good enough reason) but because Bianca I was a car I drove round Europe in 1994 after I left school.. She died outside Paris in about 1998.. Anyway here she is The sills at the back by the rar wheel arches got patched up when I had lots of welding done last winter by a local guy in Dorset.. Took him 3 months and Im not

Aircon is worth having as the interior of a panda can get quite hot even in a British summer and it takes away the need to drive with the windows open. Aircon also helps the windscreen to demist all year round. pandas are tough and reliable. Common faults are misaligned front wheels leading to abnormal tyre wear failure of the electric powered steering relatively early wear of front brake discs and

FIAT PANDA Panda Gearbox

Maybe some of you may be interested as to how my gearbox died [xx(] ... Even if youre not Im telling you anyway Thursday - 1530 - heard this loud bang coming from under the car complete with a shudder. After turning off the stereo it seemed okay so I carried on home distance 8 miles. A bit closer to home there was this whining noise but the panda has always made noises so it was ignored. Normally I

Thanks John - I did make a start. Everything has now been disconnected prior to supporting the engine and actually dropping the gearbox. A bit silly and premature but I did fit the 5-speed gear lever into the car to give me a little bit of encouragement and a taste of things to come. Ive cleaned all the gunge off the lever and gaiter and after a polish ) it looks rather nice p BTW the car is standing on gravel so its extremely uncomfortable to say the least ... Jobs to come Press-ganging an assistant (one who is sympathetic to fixing old bangers so that rules out my father in law) Dropping the gearbox Fitting the new clutch Taking off the bits that the scrappie left on the replacement gearbox Fitting the replacement gearbox Looking for the bits and pieces I removed earlier Putting it all back together again Praying as I start the engine and lift the clutch pedal ... er thats it Steve the elder statesman Tries to drive a panda 1000CL [0] but still has a sense of humour rule (Im on and )

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