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FIAT PANDA 100HP - Clutch fluid bleeding leaking from bleed screw instead of nipple.

Hello folks The clutch fluid in my 100HP is a horrible murky yellowy-brown colour so I decided to drain it and replace it with fresh DOT 4. I removed the battery and tray to get to the clutch fluid bleeding nipple which is situated on the slave cylinder located on top of the gear box. The bleed screw is a grub screw that is undone with a 4mm allen key. The bleed nipple is next to the screw. I am using

Here is a pic of the bleed screw and bleed nipple location The bleed nipple has a transparent drain hose on it but no fluid comes out of the hose. It just wells up around the silver grub screw.

screw but instead of the fluid coming out the nipple it started leaking up around the grub screw. I have tried poking a needle in the nipple to clear it but this has made no difference. Does anyone have any suggestions Regards Paul I did this not long ago on both my panda 1.2 & my 500 (the clutch hydraulic systems are identical). My fluid was shot after 18 months. The thread is here httpwww.fiatforum.com500287720-...mlpost2908842

Originally Posted by jrkitching I did this not long ago on both my panda 1.2 & my 500 (the clutch hydraulic systems are identical). My fluid was shot after 18 months. The thread is here httpwww.fiatforum.com500287720-...mlpost2908842 and there are some useful pictures in post 10. I managed to complete the job with the battery in-situ. I also noticed the fluid wanted to leak from the screw in preference

& just pressure bleed it through the screw - it will be messy but you should still be able to get a good bleed. Fluid capacity isnt that great & youll only need to force through about 200ml to get the air out. Be sure to wash the whole area down thoroughly afterwards - brake fluid is corrosive. Hot soapy water will do just fine. In the end I had to do almost that. I followed this guide httpwww.fiatforum.comstilo-guide...-cylinder.html

FIAT PANDA panda 1.1 active clutch bite

car drives fine gear change great just that the clutch bite is near the floor. how do you adjust cheers

thanks for advice. clutch res empty topped up. no obvious signs of leaks. did not realise it was hydraulic. where is the bleed nipple. i cant find it

it is a 54 plat 20000 miles. Slave is on top of gearbox secured by 2 x12mm bolts. fluid pipe clips on. however it is under battery tray and ECU . Bitch to get hands in... hence cuts on arm. bleed nipple is on top and again hard to get at. Filled with fluid and bleed no pressure pedal loose. There are fluid marks on box . Prob long term slow leak. New part will be at fiat tuesday. They claim not to have supplied many so they dont stock.

Originally Posted by AAB1992 Right I&8217ve come to the conclusion that clutch fluid is past it the level is low and fluid has lots of bits in it. Does anyone know if i can use DOT 4 fluid instead of DOT 3 Also how much in terms of quantity will i need for a fluid change Finally how easy is it to actually change the clutch fluid as i would like to have ago myself Many thanks once again. Hello Its

FIAT 500 II Sediment in Clutch Master Cylinder

I noticed yesterday that the fluid in the clutch master cylinder reservoir had darkened somewhat & that a white film appeared to have formed at the bottom. The car is 20 months old with about 8000 miles on the clock. Removing the cap & black rubber diaphragm revealed a layer of white semicrystalline sediment. The attached photo isnt the best - its taken looking down through the fluid - but it illustrates

cars & theres no sign whatsoever of any further sediment or contamination in the removed fluid. Even better its possible to do the job without removing the battery . On the 500 it helps considerably to unbolt the airbox & move it aside - but be careful not to damage the rather fragile breather pipe attachment moulded into the rear (no need to remove the pipe). This isnt really necessary on the panda

FIAT PANDA Servicing in and around Crewe

Hi all well my little girl while coming back home through the Peak District had its service light come on. I am new to the area and other than Platts in Stoke is there anywhere else I could take her

If you are going to an Indy and have a reasonable idea what you want make a list and ask them to quote you. For instance if you want oil and filter get them to quote for time and parts also you NEED to know what parts they are using the spec and make otherwise you may well get a chinese filter and chip pan oil . It is worth investigating doing some things yourself. why not consider changing oil yourself

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