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fiat panda classic water pump I 141A 141
fiat panda classic water pump I 141A 141

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FIAT PANDA Water pump

Hello all My 1991 panda 1000 Super is feeling a little ill- I think the water pump has had it- The temp rockets into the red within 15mins normal driving and there is an unpleasant whirringsquealing noise coming from the engine when under the slightest load (ie only time its not whirring is at idle). Does anyone have any experience of this Was it an easy enough job to swap the water pump TIA Helen o) Cinq Turbo and panda Super

Helen I just had mine out for inspection and it was very easy to check. As Enzo points out just remove the parts that interfere as he suggests. It will come right out. You will need some special silicone goo when you reinstall there is no gasket for this and no electronics or other fancy stuff purely mechanical driven off the cam timing belt. Be sure you note the timing positions before you take the

Cheers guys Not as easy as Id hoped but by the sounds of it not too nasty either. Roll on the weekend for some daylight to work in Lets hope that fixes it. Cheers Helen Cinq Turbo and panda Super

FIAT PANDA a day in the life of a water pump

does a week go by when a panda doesnt have some form of tantrum... It was a lovely drive from north wales to runcorn (cheshire) on saturday until i got in a traffic jam on the runcorn-widnes bridge and the panda decided it would cook things up... to 125 degrees yes the traffic was down to one lane near standstill and my car is threatening to explode on me After getting the car moving and picking up

hah thats ace. glad things went your way my panda can scare me a bit when in traffic on hot days my last engine leaked at th epump was annoying.. and after 2 new gaskets ect.. i realised it was the shaft leaking touch wood im ok now aran

the heat did worry me actually especially when i started thinking about gaskets and such. as it happens it appeared everything was intact and seems to be ok after about 100 miles driving today. and renewed appreciation of just how easily these little cars are fixed i agree completely Im totally new to car mechanics but owning a panda has taught me so much they are so easy to play around with simple machines but do a crackin job rob

overheating when stuck in traffic usually suggests the cooling fan not kicking in - youve not mentioned this - its fine when your moving as youve got airflow through the rad - so unless youve considered this Mr panda might not be smiling next time you hit a long queue Presumably it kicks in and out when ticking over if left for a few mins or so

Originally Posted by lightweightmick overheating when stuck in traffic usually suggests the cooling fan not kicking in - youve not mentioned this - its fine when your moving as youve got airflow through the rad - so unless youve considered this Mr panda might not be smiling next time you hit a long queue Presumably it kicks in and out when ticking over if left for a few mins or so yeh i thought the

FIAT PANDA Water Pump Leak

The 750L has developed a leak from the water pump. Where the pipe goes into it from the radiator pipe. I done a coolant change on it not to long ago and had to do some wigling of the rubber to get it off. In doing this I think Ive affected the seal on the pipepump. How do I need to go about sorting this

drain remove metal pipe fit new seal cheap from fiat refit refill. you undo the 1 bolt and metal pipe just pulls out

when you say fiat for the sealany fiat dealer or you know of one who is more symphatic to older cars nice you can still buy the seal what about the pipe its self

thereis an updated seal iirc. i think the seal is same for all 8v fires but panda may have different pipe at other end.

I usd an O ring from an O ring set I bought from aldi and a bit of instant gasket on BEX. Worked a treat


Sold the panda last week to my boss on the understanding I would continue to use it till the day I left the UK. Went to Monmouth to check out the river. Got there and found the car running hot coolant level down. Topped up went to Chepstow same again and a slight leak. Looks like from where the waterpump is. Questions Is it ussually the pump bearings or the seal that go Cheaper to do the seal or replace as a whole Any and all advice appreciated Brokenhearted Justin

Consider the metal pipe which plugs into the back of the water pump first. Its run too long with no antifreeze and rotted the pipe. Its far more likely failure than the pump easier to change too search the forum - its been mentioned before. Gone again - a too busy John H

FIAT PANDA no heating in classic panda

hi all im trying to fix the heating in my girlfriends fiat panda (on an m plate)... im not savy with engines as im more a pc buff but im up for trying in fact i already have... i bleeded the radiator and that seemed to sort out the problem.... for 4 days meanwhile i purchased and fitted a new metal pipe (real tecky speak here) that seemed to connect the radiator to the air filter as one i spotted was

What consentration of coolant is in there When the engine is warm do the hoses pressurise As a little starter run the engine till warm then queeze the top hose a few times 10 or so and see if you are getting any heat through. There are a few things that can cause as you describe the first as Steve mentioned the thermostat blocked or open the results are the same but if blocked will start to overheat

FIAT PANDA Panda Questions

I have a few questions that seem to have got lost in my other thread about the panda Fantasia (Kermit). Are the original Fantasia decals available from anywhere at all or does anyone happen to have some What is likely to go wrong with non-injected pandas water pump fuel pump The rear sunroof clip the piece you fasten the rubber to when its open is cracked. It looks like it will break very soon. Are

1. Fantasia stickers.. Hopefully not (hehe) but Ive seen them on ebay before 2. Fuel pump and water pump They should last 100K other than that everything can go wrong (thats why we perfer the carbs theres not much to go wrong with it that you cant fix with a screw driverhehe. 3. There on the Eper as a seperate item and are rivited on see Sams SunRoof thread as hes looking one httpwww.fiatforum.companda-classic33456-does-anyone-have.html

FIAT PANDA Panda Overheating

Hi I have a 1992 CLX which is overheating. After 10 - 15 minutes from cold the temperature gauge is hitting the red zone and coolant is seeping from the reservoir filler cap (which is on as tight as it will go) I expect the car to get hot in traffic but has always cooled down when back on the move. Now the temp gauge keeps climbing towards the red zone even when moving. Putting the car heater and interior

you know.. i did a video on this.. just remembered. fiat panda 4x4 Sisley Video log No. 28 (water pump Replacement) - YouTube fiat panda 4x4 Sisley Video log No. 28 (water pump Replacement) - YouTube i show you the 3 types of water pump you can get. with one being the useless plastic pump yeah the really old 1920s cars relied on convection current instead of a water pump. mind you back in those days there were no traffic jams

FIAT PANDA Need help

Hi all I have a lovely fiat panda 45 (called Peanut). Peanut is an old car 1981 i think of her as a classic The old push pump water jet the back seat which folds into a hammock yes shes very old so old the glass fell out of her headlights and to top it of i had a police car behind me at the time I have hunted high and low in gloucestershire for replacements i have placed an international search on

FIAT PANDA Head gasket research

Hey guys classic panda is not a section I post in much. But Im looking for a little advice on how to proceed with a little job I have planned. Got to do the head gasket on a 999 injected fire Ive been using the search and so far Im feeling pretty confident about doing this job myself. But figured you were the guys to check with first. So Ive found a gasket kit

FIAT PANDA I 141A 141 1986 4x4 Panda renovation

Hi As an update - Completed renovation of my panda 1986 4x4 OHV 965cc (owned from new) - started in September last year. Passed MOT yesterday with ultra flying colours. This car has become the family pet which has served us well over the years. I had pondered scrapping it back end of last year but basically it was just too good pass this fate on it. I therefore decided to overhaul her from stem to

a funny coolant loss on mine which was the metal pipe at the front of the engine leaking - it goes into the back of the water pump at one end and the other end is connected to the radiator bottom hose. (it snakes around behind the exhaust downpipe) When that leaks you get a couple of drops which appear to come from the oil filter[0] The unthinkable is a headgasket failure. Good FAQ here httpwww.fiatcentral.comforumtopic.aspTOPIC_ID1948

FIAT PANDA Underseal help please

Bassically the underside of the newest Selecta is rust free but it need undersealing. Never done thishead this done before so any ideas hint tips or pointing in the right direction would be helpful. Do companies do it Many thanks. Jon.

talking about high pressure sprayer units for spraying on underseal in general Next our mechanic recomended getting any current underseal or coat removed from the chasis e.g steam cleaned before applying this. Is this correct And then spray on this Waxoyl. Many thanks again sorry for dragging this out I just really want to get this done right Jon. __________________ M ost E asterly P andas - pandaing

be given to this when checking the belt. Recommended tools Phillips screwdriver 16mm ringopen ended spanner 10mm ring or box spanner (or short or 38 drive socket may do) 13mm socket etc. bar for alternator drive belt tensioning (length of wood may serve also) 1) Loosen fos wheel nuts. 2) Chock ns side wheels (photo3) and jack os of car with screw jack supplied (centre jacking point is good on panda).

FIAT PANDA panda 4x4 parts..

seen these on ebay..

FIAT PANDA 965cc push rod disassemble

Im after some more advice here guys and girls as its a tad on the windy side today and there is nothing else I can do on the other panda till my water pump and other bits turn up I thought id look at the old engine. Does any one have any documents manuals ect they could send me on taking this apart I have only done OHC before and this OHV is new to me. A quick vid of where Im at at the moment fiat panda 4x4 old engine - YouTube fiat panda 4x4 old engine - YouTube

FIAT PANDA New (old) Panda in the streets of Scotland

Hi everyone just drove a 1988 Sisley from the outskirts of Cardiff to Fife Scotland (480 miles) immediately after I bought her yesterday. Used as hell (muddy to the gunnels) but no rust other than the usual (door sills and inside wheel arches) hopefully shell prove a worthy lass after a good spa treatment. Its my first for a panda ever and Im not mechanically-minded at all. Ive been visiting your forum

out). My limited experience of the latter is that they dont take very well with the headlining - also the structure of the panda is designed for the large aperture sunroof and there is a strengthening piece across between the top of the door pillars you definitely wouldnt want cut. See attached pix for a view from the rear roof into the front... Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat

FIAT PANDA Coolant distribution pipe

Hi all Just putting the finishing touches to my Engine before I put it back together and just need help on this. The Coolant dizzy pipe is new from fiat . It just has a rubber o-ring set between two flanges and a metal bracket half-way down the pipe. How does this attach to the water pump housing Does it just push in Cheers peeps p.s. The welding is finished Filling & Sanding left then my bare shell


Hello guys i began work on my little project and wanted to share with you. I had a uno turbo mk1 liked it raced it ...wanted more..soo i came up with the idea of using the 1.3 uno engine on the panda( the uno shell was rubbish). Then after long hours of internet search came up with the idea of using the bigger more powerfull 1.4 engine from a GT1 punto gt 136 bhp. I got my self a 750L panda then sold

i intend to complete the swap start engine on panda sort out the suspension driveshafts problems test drive it and then add some parts for a stage 2 setup bigger FMIC fiat x19 camshaft 63mm exhaust 55mm intake pipes 55mm throttle body c20 let injectors 305cc TD05H-12B turbo from a 2000 V6 alfa MS2 with launch control boost control FFS shift light BOV Walbro 255lh fuel pump all the gauges i need for


Hi everyone Its my first time here so I thought I would share my project with the group About a year and a half ago we obtained decent nick (par some accident damage on the bonnet and passengers door most importantly there was no rust 750L from 1990 with about 29k on the clock. We chose the name panda Baby and it has now become my project to get her back into shape. First off its nice to see a place

FIAT PANDA Panda FIRE wont start after partial engine rebuild

Hi everyone My 1992 fiat panda Sky with the 1000 FIRE engine has been sitting in the garage for too long and deserves an MOT. In theory it should just fire up and drive to the MOT station but I cant get the engine to fire. The problem started with a bust water pump on a holiday in the Peak District. The engine overheated and blew the head gasket. I replaced both then a few weeks later the timing belt

FIAT PANDA Need a tiny bit of help with a part number

wee bit of help guys.. Ive not got the computer and need the part number for the gearbox boot on the drivers side shaft. Ive got a leak and to get it done by wednesday Ill need to order it by tomorrow and Im not back home till tomorrow night Thanks in advance... Jim

Originally Posted by Most Easterly pandas Would anyone know the part numbers of the headlight washer jets on the 4x4 Sisley and the required water tank. If fiat still suplies these parts it wont be cheap. The essential parts alone cost about 200 Euros in 2003. (reservoirpumpvalvegasketbracketjets) Attached Thumbnails   Most Easterly pandas thanked for this post

FIAT PANDA Blown head gasket (

While driving my panda this morning the 1.2 16 valve (originally from a Punto mk1) started playing up big time all of a sudden I think it might be a blown head gasket. Thinking ahead (if this is the case) I was wondereing if the engine block & head of the 1.2 16 valves from the Punto mk2s and later fiats are the same as from the Mk1 Puntos There seems to be alot more of these available. Cheers.

have been a complete Ive cleaned up the piston heads and checked the block which looks OK. Tomorrow Ill take the head in to my local machine shop to have the stripped threads helicoiled and see if it needs a skim. Head gasket and head bolts are on order already. Not really looking forward to the resetting up of the timing belt. Any advice as always greatly appreciated. __________________ 1993 fiat

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