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fiat panda check engin failure II 169
fiat panda check engin failure II 169

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FIAT PANDA II 169 Engine Failure Message on 04 1.2 Eleganza

Hi Im new to the forum and am hoping for some advice. I recently bought a 2004 1.2 panda Eleganza from a small independant second hand car dealership. Up until last night everything had been ok. We had noticed that occasionally the engine temperature dial on the dashboard seemed to move slowly and would occasionally drop to cold and then slowly climb back up whilst the car was running (and had been

associated pipes etc. Started the car again light and message bearing engine failure came on same as last night. Took forever to reach temperature and the minute we turned on the heater the temperature gauge dropped again. However at this point we turned the engine off and then back on again. engine light and engine failure message have now disappeared. Were fortunate to have two cars and the panda

FIAT PANDA engine failure

have any one come accross this problem the engine failure display on and it affecting the gear changing every time the gear change the engine will rev higher unill it complete the gear change. the is like in manual car when you change the gear manually but you forgot to lift off your foot from the accelerator so the engine rev. this also causing the computer not to change the gear at the correct time.

just now i set the gear to N and turn off the engine. wait 1 minute and turn on the engine and the engine failure display disappear. havent check whether gear changing disappear as well. do it later as working at the moment now i recall that someone in other forum having the same problem but fiat not able to diagnos the problem as well

pandaUK care to eloborate might as well i check it where to check the earthing wire

FIAT PANDA Engine Failure Warning...

The other day whilst my car was idling the engine failure message came up & the orange engine light is now on. The car is running perfect though no sign anything is wrong have drove about 100 miles since and all seems fine but message and light still there. Has this just been a glitch

Just because the car is running fine dont assume everything is OK - the ecu has plenty of options to bypass certain faults and chances are your emissions are higher than normal. Get it checked out soon otherwise you could end up with a big bill.

The engine light has come on our panda several times and when checked Benfield say theres nothing wrong. Strange.

Originally Posted by Piggindave ......Has this just been a glitch Clearly not in the past tense if the light is still on. Mine was running fine but it turned out to be a faileding coil pack. Worth getting it checked unless you enjoy the ambient glow from the dash....

Originally Posted by greyridertoo Clearly not in the past tense if the light is still on. Mine was running fine but it turned out to be a faileding coil pack. Worth getting it checked unless you enjoy the ambient glow from the dash.... Snap Clearly our pandas are brothers

T14086 In response 1) All fiat Parts Departments are closed so I cant check availability of this part. Hence just wondered if anyone on the Forum may know 2) I have asked the Garage about the cost. They have indicated 1 hours labour ... what ever the hell fiat want to rip you off for Their terminology not mine. 3) If its not a common fault then i will just add it to the other six faults i have had

camcover next to the cam pully on the LHS. Might be worth checking that out too. Ive attached the section from the eLearn Workshop Manual relating to the ECU and the sensors it uses - might be worth just going through those to make sure all connections are good and replacing some of them as theyre pretty cheap. Phil G Attached Files panda Mgmt System.pdf (463.0 KB 194 views) __________________ fiat

FIAT PANDA Engine trouble & power steering in cold weather

Hi everyone I have a 2006 1.1 active and this is the first winter I will be using it. Today it was cold outside and I was a little concerned that it took 4 attempts to start the car properly. The first 2 times it just wouldnt start and the 3rd time the engine started but the power steering warning light came on - The power steering was just not working - Very heavy. So I turned the engine off and on

Originally Posted by Andy Monty so they can sell more batteries if the top caps are removable there is no problem in checking once in a while Lee that little green indicator is useless as you have found Ohhh Batteries scare me just like brakes . Happily tinker with electrics and engine but not the battery and acid etc Sisters panda when steering failed YouTube- Powersteering failure 2004 fiat panda Active YouTube- Powersteering failure 2004 fiat panda Active

Originally Posted by bigpanda I also upgraded the head unit a few weeks ago i doubt that would be causing problems though If its draining the battery and the alternator cant generate enough juice to compensate that may be more than a coincidence... Its amazing how many fiat power-steering failures are caused by dying batteries though... -- especially at this time of year... Id be checking the output

ive never seen anyone say this before but i think that the engine oil level can affect the power steering operation. on one car i had the power steering went and when i checked the oil it was almost empty. when i topped up the oil the power steering came back purely anecdotal i know but just another reason to service cars regularly just 30 minutes a week can be enough john

Originally Posted by johnswlondon ive never seen anyone say this before but i think that the engine oil level can affect the power steering operation. on one car i had the power steering went and when i checked the oil it was almost empty. when i topped up the oil the power steering came back purely anecdotal i know but just another reason to service cars regularly just 30 minutes a week can be enough john engine oil will have no bearing on an electric power steering motor

FIAT PANDA MOT Failure (but feels like a pass) and emissions advice

Took the Trials panda for its MOT today (think its been off the road for a few years before I got it). Id done a lot of work over the last month or so (brakes welding lights hazards windscreen horn removing 100kg ballast() exhaust and manifold leaks headlight repair). failed but only on 3 things and none of them were things I worked on. So I see that as a virtual pass . failure

Originally Posted by Didge3 Being a 93 Id expect it to need a CAT test regardless of engine it has since when the car was made it was mandatory. I think thats how it works anyway.... Youd expect so wouldnt you and thats what the testers seem to think until they check. This isnt however how I read the rules. Have a look at this thread httpwww.fiatforum.companda-class...t-not-cat.html What do you think

Originally Posted by Palio Youd expect so wouldnt you and thats what the testers seem to think until they check. This isnt however how I read the rules. Have a look at this thread httpwww.fiatforum.companda-class...t-not-cat.html What do you think Well its all a bit vague and confusing. I shall have to be aware of this if I ever change Chars engine shes 92 with pre-cat tests at the moment and I hope she can stay that way...

FIAT PANDA O00hh Nooo Multijet Turbo Failure

Damn my uber reliable multijet isnt any more After just 2.5 years and 26K miles it looks like the turbo has failed. Very loud high-pitched whine under any boost. I reckon a blade has bent. Booked in on Wednesday so Im hoping the 3rd year warranty will cover it. Has full main dealer service history so fingers crossed. Gem of a little engine so very disappointed

Well the car went in to my local dealer today. Im sure those who have posted suggesting poor caremaintenance will be disappointed to find out that it has been diagnosed as a component failure resident from manufacture and that fiat will be replacing it FoC. The turbo is being replaced Friday. For other MJ owners please note that our dealer advised that it was only through our early diagnosis and refusal

FIAT PANDA Panda 12 44kw Oil pressure failure

I have a problem with my oil pressure at least I think. Actually its really cold in Estonia right now the temperature drops below -30 C. This morning when I started my car the oil pressure warning light stayed on. I thought that it might have been just that the oli level was a bit lower I added oil but the light still stayed on. My question is that what could be the problem and might it be involved with the cold

Well if youve driven 15km then Id say your oil pump is most likely to be working. But there could still be a problem with oil pressure. Either that or there is a problem with the sensor. Might be a good idea to check the wire hasnt come off the oil pressure sensor. It could be as simple as that. Low temperatures and Italian wiring.... Also worth checking if there is an operating range for the oil you

I dont know the engine but I would say check every sensor that looks like it is screwed into the block. Google for a picturediagram. Sorry Im not any more help. We need someone who knows the engine well to comment.

i find it strange that fiat only give one rating for engine oil my Previous Ford had a list of oils and the best one to use at a given temperature range perhapse talk to your local fiat dealer and see what oil they recommend if you pull the breather tube off the back of the engine httpwww.fiatforum.comgrande-punt...-2-1-4-8v.html check its not full of oil and water sludge (these engines do suffer with

FIAT PANDA II 169 Ignition Coil 2 Failures

Hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on this issue I bought my panda 100hp earlier this year and have been pleased with it so far apart from having to change a few things on it already. The dealer I bought it from serviced it for me but after a few months I noticed a bit of a tappety sound from the engine. Thought id check the plugs to see if the garage had bothered changing them. When

FIAT PANDA What oil for 100HP engine

hi panda people I have one of the 1368cc 16v engines in my cinquecento and am just wondering what oil you guys use in your engines. My old engine was very happy with magnetec 10w40

One says they dont know if it was the oil as they dont know the previous history of the Alfa. in all honesty we cant be to sure of the cars 7 year life before we got it so may have had a bad time Alfa engines are renowned for using oil and will nacker the bearings if not kept topped up. There are loads of stories of fleet cars where the drivers havent been checking and topping up leading to bearing

FIAT PANDA Water Pump Failure

Last night my water pump and fan belt failed and also the coolant boiled away anyone know how much it will cost to repair on a 1.3 multijet

Originally Posted by trackdayqueen Doesnt the dismal have a timing chain rather than a cam belt Well sweety It could well do I used cam belt as a loose term really.. ..its not listed as an engine at all on my elearn and eper wont let me get it to check it out and I have never really had any interest in lamp oil burners the mo it looks as tho a pirate has taken over the panda multi jet engine specs

And now here we go heads down for a diag of cam chain drive on the multijet 1.3 engine..I found a new version of eper that shows it ..its not shown on FF eper ..note to self..check in future before you put ya mouth in gear..

id have the engine compression tested to make sure the head hasnt warped just in case it shouldnt be expensive you could also have a test done to check for co2 in the coolant to ensure the head hasnt warped

FIAT PANDA multijet diesel - water pump failure

Hi I have an 18 month old panda with 18k miles on its been losing coolant the dealers have diaganosed a faulty water pump. The thing is I also have a doblo mj 1.3 that is 2 years old at the end of jan. Ive noticed coolant header tank is low its going in for its service next week its done just over 24k the dealers says its likely to have a faulty pump too so my question is how widespread is this pump

Hi had mine done just as warranty expired at 36k asked them to check as coolant was below min for ages they said there was a white trace indicative of coolant leak at pump however coolant level stays below min I reckon thats just the natural coolant level however I will ask dealer to check next serv. They had to get part in too I reckon dealers carry virtually no inventory stock as policy. Same engine in cosa so vauxhall might carry stock.

our doblo mj is in for its 24k service today (2 years old) and theyve had to replace the water pump under warranty it was losing coolant I assume it the same engine as the panda mj I would advise everyone with a mj engine to check the coolant lose rate.

Originally Posted by 1986Uno45S Id also check the state of the coolant as well as the engine oil. If the coolant is yucky then it could well be about to blow its water pump head gasket. yup 100% concur with this... the only problems the engine has is the head gasket is prone to corrosion and failure. This is a symptom of lazy maintenance rather than a design fault. If you can get a low mileage well maintained one its a bit of a no brainer

FIAT PANDA Oil Pressure Sensor Failure Warning

I have panda 100HP. The orange triangular warning light (see icon) for the oil pressure sensor has come on. There are no other symptoms. Handbook say consult dealer - not stop and call for recovery. I interpret this to mean that the sensor has failed not that the oil pressure is low (but that I would not be warned if it was) so I drove the car home. Dealers say could be anything its too risky to drive

Dashboard lights are colour coded Red danger must react immediately stop turn off engine etc Orange Something to be aware of (eg rear fogs on low fuel) or to check (eg fluid level) Green reserved for the indicators and lights info (eg lights on) Blue main beam. The oil pressure warning is red and shows an oil can. If that comes on it means theres no oil pressure (and normally too late to do

Originally Posted by Herts Hillhopper Dashboard lights are colour coded Red danger must react immediately stop turn off engine etc Orange Something to be aware of (eg rear fogs on low fuel) or to check (eg fluid level) Green reserved for the indicators and lights info (eg lights on) Blue main beam. Dont take this the wrong way but thats not strictly true- For instance the engine warning lamp

FIAT PANDA Gearbox Failure on 1.2 Dualogic.

I dont know if this has been covered before or not. But here is the scope- Every now and then particularly when the car has been left sitting for a while when opening the door there wont be that buzzing noise of the gearbox pump activating. When the car starts and you engage any gear it will state on the dash Gear Not Available and then Gearbox failure Twice while the car is in motion it will again

check and wd40 every connector you can find. I have had a random electrical problem and fixed it by checking the connectors as have alot of multijets on the engine connectors.

FIAT PANDA Power Steering failure

I have a 2007 panda 100hp with 30000 miles and its in good nick. But while trying to get off the drive the power steering went very heavy and stopped working and the power steering failure notification light came on. Obviously the car is now out of warrenty but does anyone know the best way to go about sorting this out Ive heard scary stories about it being very expensive should I take it to a dealer or a good garage I know Any help would be nice Cheers Sam

first check the battery is in good condition get it load tested. check its fully charged and the alternator is working all the engine bay earths and battery clamps are tight....

Originally Posted by Andy Monty first check the battery is in good condition get it load tested. check its fully charged and the alternator is working all the engine bay earths and battery clamps are tight.... Valid point as its electric power steering a dip in battery charge can fail the system afaik

FIAT PANDA Supposed Injection System Failure.

Hi there I have a 56 reg panda and it has just been to Available Car for a cam belt exchange. On the way home down the M1 I noticed an amber light flashing on the dashboard. According to my handbook it is an injection system failure. Now it was running perfectly fine before so I was wondering if it could have anything to do with the new cam belt. Interestingly the light only started flashing if I went

Welcome to the forum and good on you for checking the user manual first I think you mean the check engine light witch can be set off by a lot of things not just what they say in the handbook. I got that light from a error from the acceleration pedal once.. Sadly I cant give you any other info on this but it might not be the injectors

FIAT PANDA Panda 1.2 engine management code Motorised Throttle Body

After plugging in the electronic diagnostic tools reports fault with motorised throttle body. Ive got a note somewhere on resetting after cleaning by can anyone verify this sounds feasible after my 1.2 Fire developed a sudden loss of power & that meant I limped home at 15mph on the final mile of my journey home from work on Friday evening. Any suggestions on cleaning resetting or anything else I might

New post - as I thought I had narrowed it down to a specific fault - readers of the list might recognise. Ive cleaned it all up and its not that - so looking to recover to main dealer next week grr. more expense only to get back to where I was. Thanks for help though. Just all the earths the check out again and Ive done all I can then and will have to accept defeat. It could be anything from the motorised

FIAT PANDA Panda Multijet engine bay noise

For a while now I gave been able to detect a background engine noise on my Multijet. It sounds to me like a bearing type noise so Im thinking the culprits would be auxiliary belt tensioner or alternatorwaterpump I took a little video on my phone so you kind folk on the forum might be able to tell from experience the noise is - its obviously not the diesel rattle at tickover but more the whirring type

Last time I heard that sound was when a rover 400 was about to eject its auxiliary belt tensioner pulley due to total bearing failure. Could equally be any pulley on that belt so check them all.

FIAT PANDA Diesel injector failure TWICE in a few months

Hi I would like to hear from you if this is normal. I own a 2008 panda Cross 1.3 multijet with a full service history (128 000 km). I am very happy with this little car and we travel all over Europe with this and has been relatively problem-free for a long time. However about three months ago the car started to run as if it was only running on three cylinders with a distinct increase in the diesel

It cracked Griffs car up as well. The bridge used to have a bend to the right almost right on the crest so when he hit it at about 50mph he missed the tarmac underneath him and clipped the chain link fence then went nose first into the grass stood on its nose at 90 degrees so it was vertical and then dropped back onto its rear wheels. After it was taken to a body shop where another friend worked it

FIAT PANDA Engine Problem - Any Suggestions Please.

Hi I have a 1992 panda 1000 CLX. It generally goes very smoothly but this week suddenly the engine has become very lumpy indeed to the point of being undrivable. The facts are - When it happened there was a sudden loss of power and the car stalled. Eventually it re-started but was driven the short distance home very very slowly (side roads hazards on etc) - On trying to start it at home it will start

Have you checked for signs of head gasket failure beige creamy residue under the oil filler cap &or in the radiator &or a pressurised water system It could be the points but you need to check if youve got any first Could be the fuel pump or even a fuel leak somewhere in the lines if you can smell petrol. What year & model is it

FIAT PANDA Engine cutting out after few mins. running - Help Please

Hi 999 cc Fire engine with Webber carb Distributor with factory electronic ignition . engine is running fine for 5- 15 mins then cutting out dead no sparks to plugs. wait a bit and will restart and repeat the process The Electronic ignition module on the distributor seems to be getting very hot to touch . [ but it is bolted to the dizzy which is also very hot from the normal engine temp. - heat transfer]

Originally Posted by petel check also distributor cap for internal crack. Rgds It does look like it has been tracking would this cause total failure of sparks and overheating module

FIAT PANDA EPS Issues thoughts fault finding etc

Hi all I have been looking into the EPS system on the panda since I had a dash light illumination and loss of steering (cured on restart - probable fault - battery charge and connections) I am a marine Eectronics engineer I retired at 47 but still do small jobs for friends etc. I want to look into the EPS side and come up with some basic fault finding methodology for normal folks at least skilled enough

that can be made to aid a fix. My own panda a 2003 1.2 8V Dynamic. On a roundabout steering stopped getting power assistance and warning light on on dash ignition off wait 10 seconds on again no light all ok. Car had been sluggish starting for a few days as if battery was weak. Ecu (EPS Delphi) shows following with MES MUX and CanTieCar - ECU ISO Code 52 80 86 02 2F 21022014 155923 CONNECTED TO fiat

FIAT PANDA Newbie selecta problem panda classic

Morning everyone. Newbie here although I have been visiting this forum for a while I will explain. I have a very functional Doblo mpv for everyday use and was looking for a fun car for my wife (and if the truth be told me also). She kept cooing about the new 500 (wanted a bee coloured one) when I came up with the idea of getting a classic. Well after much research on FF I succumbed and bought a 1994

console. Im going to be having a long hard think at work tonight when bored (working in a petrol station does have its good points at times) and will get back with any thoughts. Im Also going to try and finally get the pages from the dealership manual on the Selecta bits in the My Gallery bit on here so will post links when done Best of luck. Jon. __________________ M ost E asterly P andas - pandaing

FIAT PANDA Pandas feeling a bit sad after a swim...

First post here - hoped it would be more positive but cant be helped. We have an 04 plate panda 1.2 Eleganza - the reliable economical runabout to go with our 93 Defender 110 V8i - which is neither particularly reliable nor economical -) Anyhow three weeks ago I managed to drown the poor panda in a local ford - the water was higher than usual but not unduly so but this ford has a bend in it and when

FIAT PANDA Need help...Where is the thermostat in my Panda 1.2

Hi I have mayo on my oil cap...Need to find thermostat to test..Where is it on a 2007 1.2 Also my radiator fan doesnt kick in... Any help would be great. Thanks

on my car and it does some short cold journeys so just to be on the safe side Id rule out the possibility of head gasket failure by pressure testing the cooling system. Diagram attached. Attached Images   __________________ Just cos youre not paranoid doesnt mean theyre not out to get you Last edited by jrkitching 18-12-2011 at 1738 .   Quote   18-12-2011   4 varesecrazy Familys fiat

FIAT PANDA Buying Advice - 1.1 Active

My girlfriends Daewoo Matiz met its death last night on the motorway seized engine according to AA guy maybe due to cambelt failure. So im on the lookout for another motor must be insurance group 3 or below which sort of narrows it down a bit Ive seen an advert for a 04 plate panda 1.1 Active - 37k miles with full service. Non fiat dealer. Car looks very tidy although nothing like seeing it in the

FIAT PANDA waterpump palmers watford and fiat uk..

settle in kids its a long story that starts a long time ago... so last year send the car in for the third year service and first MOT at Glynn Hopkins romford httpwww.fiatforum.companda-new9...e-1st-mot.html the intresting bit in there is the coolant pump which has failed and required replacing which after a little wrangling was done free of charge under warranty. note the comments from the service

FIAT PANDA Unstoppable Panda (problem)

I think I just had the first problem with my panda 1.2 Eleganza. A friend of mine had a problem with his 20 year old Dacia so we went over to where his car stranded the night before. I was telling him how nice a new car was no worries and such. I parked the panda and took the key out as usual but noticed the car vibrating. I looked around to see whether they were fixing the roads or drilling holes

The active has no aircon and on older car it is something less to go wrong also has no boot release switch to go wrong (these can be a problem on pandas). Common problems seem to be- Electric power steering - usually something a lot more simple than what the dealers will tell you. It is hard to say how many cars have been miss diagnosed. Coil packs - Again should be obvious but very cheap to fix. Make

FIAT PUNTO GRANDE PUNTO T-Jet Headgasket Failure

Well after replacing the following on my 57 plate GP T-Jet 2x wheel bearings 2x re-circulation valves gearbox rebuild bonnetwasher jet plastic panel exhaust back box radio headunit front drivers brake caliper front end respray due to laquer peeling off headlights leaking so lots of condensation paintwork repair on the rear as laquer started peeling off It started badly misfiring last week and after

badly misfiring last week and after a lengthy time at the garage it was diagnosed with a failed headgasket so the head needs to be sent off for re-skimming and a new gasket fitted. On a car that has less than 49000 miles on it i am far from pleased. I have a honda ek4 ready and waiting to replace it which is on 90000 and is in far better condition. I cant say i will be in a hurry to buy another fiat

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