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fiat multipla spacer I 186
fiat multipla spacer I 186

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FIAT MULTIPLA diesel filter is there an O-ring or rubber spacer on the water sensor

Hi I am just reassembling my diesel filter. I cant find an O-ring or rubber spacer to go on the water sensor at the bottom though I did find a flat rubber seal on the drive. I cant believe that it is just the plastic casing of the sensor against the metal drum but no seal or washer is shown on eper and my local fiat stealer said there isnt one on his diagram. Can anyone confirm Thanks

HI SILLYBilly The sealing gasket should be provided with a new filter.Use the one fitted to the old filter if it is not. You will NOT get a seal without this. CHANGED MY FILTER YESTERDAY. Undo the three retaining bracket nuts to enable you to raise the filter case to enable you to tighten the cable assembly at the base of the filter Before bolting the filter holder to the bulkhead bracket.

FIAT MULTIPLA I 186 Tyre sizes how wide can I go

I had 1956015s all around then 195s on the rear and 205s on the front and now 205s all around. It drives sooooo much better with the wider tyres all around but could I fit even wider ones to the front I found a table formula (15x24.5)((widthdepth%)x2) similarity between 1856515 and 2056015 99.10% similarity between 1956015 and 2155515 99.59% Does this make sense to anyone Can I have 215s on the front you think

Originally Posted by hastingsmum Sorry missed this great thanks Im convinced and already searched ebay for anything fiat 17 lol If you can get hold of get factory multipla Alloys both 17 no fiddling around with bolts and spacers. Good Luck. __________________ Current fiat Own 200808 Alfa Romeo 159 Q4 Previous fiat Owns 200857 fiat multipla 1.9 Multijet 140 bhp Eleganza 200555 fiat Stilo Multiwagon

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FIAT MULTIPLA Another multipla from Poland

I would like to present my multipla that was a little bit tuned with a help from my friend. First of all it was standard 105hp JTD version. We decided to upgrade CF2 engine to CF3 because it has more potential. We put new injectors VGT turbocharger and ECU from Alfa 156. Here you see difference between old (on the left) and new (on the right) turbine. Some soldering was needed to adapt CF3 ECU . Next

FIAT MULTIPLA Off Set of Multipla Alloy Wheels

I currently have the 15 alloy wheels as fitted by fiat in Factory with 1956515 V tyres on a 200555 plate. I would like to fit either 16 alloy wheels or 17 alloy wheels. Do different size alloy wheels from fiat have the same offset Any body know what size tyre must be fitted to a 16 or 17 wheel so that no rubbing occurs I was thinking that a 205 or 215 width tyre but I know that the offset must be correct first. Any help or advice would be great.

I HAVE FITTED 20mm concentric spacers to my multipla JTD ELX which convert THE PDC FROM fiat TO VAUXHALLVOLKSWAGEN FIT to give a bigger choice of ALLOYS and cheaper ones too.It is also lowered using PI springsthis has the effect of pushing the wheels right to the corners of the vehicle for better road handling and a cooler stance.21545 17 tyres.

Originally Posted by Multi man145 I HAVE FITTED 20mm concentric spacers to my multipla JTD ELX which convert THE PDC FROM fiat TO VAUXHALLVOLKSWAGEN FIT to give a bigger choice of ALLOYS and cheaper ones too.It is also lowered using PI springsthis has the effect of pushing the wheels right to the corners of the vehicle for better road handling and a cooler stance.21545 17 tyres. I dont what any of that means but it sounds so good I want to do it

where did you get your spacers from I have found some but they are very expencive. Kingy0095

FIAT MULTIPLA Wheels and sizes

Hi Im linking at alloy wheels I have a 2001 multi my size is 6 12 Jx15 h2 31.5. Now I would like to no if 7jx 17 et35 would fit as a bloke on eBay reckons his come of a multipla but these numbers mean nothing to me as when I ask google it comes up with ford. Could they be mk2 wheels

what the numbers mean. 7jx17 is 17 rim which is 7 wide so 6.5jx15 is a 15 rim 6.5 wide. ET is how far from the centre of the wheel the mating face (ie. the bit that contacts the hub on the car) is in this case 35mm which is 3.5mm off standard you could live with that without needing spacers. Other factors you need to take into consideration Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) - multipla like most other fiats

I took mine off with a Stanley knife but then I wasnt planning on putting it back on Remove the right-hand wheel and then the plastic guard in front of the strut. Youll then be able to see the tensioner pulley... Make a rough sketch of the belt routing or take a picture. Take a 15mm socket with long extension and put it on the bolt head in the middle of the pulley. Turn anti-clockwise and the pulley

I unbolted the alternator this way I could nearly face them to myself and see what I was doing. As I unbolted the alternator the top spacer fell out I heard it but didnt see it never mind Ill make another and maybe glue it in place on refitting a new alternator. I didnt need to shift the engine on its mounts or mess about with the drive shaft. Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat

FIAT MULTIPLA 4100 pcd wheels

I no the multipla mk1 is 4x98 pcd but will 4100 fit will the point 2 make a difference I no I have had a add on wheels. Before but just wanted to clear this up as vauxhaull use 4x98 and 4100 and they fit the same hub And no I havent answered my own question as fiat aint vauxhaull as other people have tryed on other cars and failed would they fit with spacers or wobbled bolts or pcd rings (plastic rings)

FIAT MULTIPLA 17 inch rims

What would fit this car nicely Im led to believe that 7.5 J x 17 are suitable. If so can any type from fiat 17 alloys fit this car

Originally Posted by the frog A member on the fiat multipla site purchased a set of Stilo rims and...............they dont fit due to the offset at Dave has pointed out. Any decent Alloy Wheel place should be able to sort you out though. could he correct it with spacers

It looks like they come in various offsets (the ET numbers) you need to find out which yours are as you may need spacers which in turn will mean you will need longer bolts.

hi just checked on invoice and ET 38 how do i know if i need spacers does et have match the one from the 15 standard ones thanks

The multipla came with factory fitted 17s. They were 75 x 17 ET 315. Your ET 38 could be a bit much as theres not much room on the inside of the wheel. I would just try to fit them and see how it works. If it doesnt rub anywhere you dont need spacers. Concerning the two bolts you have to remove - just remove them. This means that the brake disc will be allowed to rotate compared to the hub which will

FIAT MULTIPLA wheel size and ET

I have a set of 16 Alfa alloys from my sons old marea. I was going to stick them on the multipla but the ET is 41. Does anyone know what size of spacer I would need to fit the multipla properly

Most are universal as I try eBay under multipla wheel spacer there is some x7 standards from Colchester 5er each and original built for multiplas hope this helps

I think Multis standard offset is ET35 so a 5mm spacer will do it speak to richie.guy and hell sort you out with the extended bolts as well. httpwww.fiatforum.comclassifieds...t22172&cat17

12mm take them out they are not important they just help with a wheel change. dont get multi fit spacers get ones with correct pcd and cbore

Originally Posted by dave 12mm take them out they are not important they just help with a wheel change. dont get multi fit spacers get ones with correct pcd and cbore Yeah 12mm that was what I meant Richies spacers are the right ones and very well priced too

FIAT MULTIPLA Lets get this party started.....

Just about gathered all the bits together for my rolling restoration. This is already on and so are these Now its time for this little lot Ive also got front drop links roll bar rubbers and Im trying to sort something out for the rear subframe bushes. Subframe and front struts should be coming off tomorrow or Thursday. Hoping to get it all done in time for our hols....... martyc5674 liked this post

Another day another dollar. Todays progress Fitted new swing arm bearings. Judging by the tales of grief recounted on the forum I think I got pretty lucky with removing the old swing arm bolts and bearings. Both arms were removed and the bearings knocked out in about 10 minutes. It was a LOT easier to do this with the subframe dropped. I would have spent a lot longer p1ssing about with the subframe


Manage to get original fiat multipla alloys and I am just wondering of I could use the bolts off my steel wheels for them or dog they have to be longer or bigger shoulders ass I donte want the bolts to rip into the alloys. Thanks in advance

If your old bolts are flanged as in like a flat washer as part of the bolt they nay not work with alloys. If your old bolts have a 60 degree radius they may work with alloys if they are the correct length. multipla wheels are hubcentric anyway so you may need to fit spacers to get the alloys on anyway. - Hubcentric - means that the wheel relies on its centering at the hub - lugcentric - wheels rely on fastener alignment alone.

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear Wheel Camber

My 2003 multiplas rear nearside wheel is leaning in at the top and is rubbing on the body. Any thoughts on why and how to fix it would be very welcome.

Originally Posted by fredwlms My 2003 multiplas rear nearside wheel is leaning in at the top and is rubbing on the body. Any thoughts on why and how to fix it would be very welcome. Maybe consider spacers To push the wheels out Lol at me trying to get by in the Multipa section with a Punto P

FIAT MULTIPLA fiat multipla camper

hi guys I have read in earlier posts about multipla camper but can find no pics - been removed - or layout info............ any one out there with an interior pic or layout info please its just me and the mrs and dogs now we go camping but an interior bed would be nice for earlylate year camping we are bth in our 60s.. the post i saw was comparing the multipla to the vw. any info apreciated. the length

hi all. I wanted to see one done as lack of rear length is a major prob with these other wise marvalouse vehicles. most campers have a foot or two beyond the rear wheels which then gives you 6ft behind the front seats. looked for swivels but they only seem to be made for the vw body......perhaps they will redrill and use spacers to make fit the seat bottom properly.......... not looked at the option of taking the seat off the mounting.......... regards don

FIAT MULTIPLA Help please after wishbone change

I have finally managed to change both front Wishbones and while doing so replaced the Anti Roll Bar Bushes but during the test drive have found a new knock After rechecking i have found that on the NSF the gap between the ARBAR and the Alloy Wishbone bracket is about 10mm yet on the OSF the gap is 2mm if that So ok found the noise and after checking the driveway found a 10mm washerspacer. But is this

roll bar goes across the car and connects to the staberliser link bar the anti roll bar crosses over the rear of the wishbone bracket (nearest the driving seat) the gap is so tight the roll bar is nocking the bracket when going over bumps i could remove the anti roll bar bracker put the washerspacer i have found which i think will equal the gap to match the nearside but surley this cannot be a fiat

FIAT MULTIPLA Subframe bush replacement

Hi all Just a quick update for you all regarding the fitting of the front bush which I bought for a fiat bravo which I think is an fsm2026 part. I fitted these bushes around a year ago and would like to add to the wealth of information on this site about fitting these bushes. I followed the instructions to the letter about reaming the outer surface of the Bush to fit the mainframe better. I used some

The front Bushes due to the GeometryLayout of the Suspension Arms are subject to both upwards and downwards loading. They need to be a very tight fit in the Subframe. Im wondering if thats why fiat dont supply spares One of mine (Vauxhall Vectra items) came loose after a while resulting in a knocking over bumpsdips. I had to make some spacers to hold it in place.


Hi Guys quick question. Is there any other vehical whos rims will fit the multi.

When I got my car it had non-standard 16 wheels on. I discovered that some wheels only had 3 wheel bolts on them and the bolts were forced on. So I had to buy spacers to stop the wheels rubbing on the bodywork and spigot rings to make the wheels fit the hub and wobbly bolts to hold the wheels on Its alot of messing around. I would look for fiat wheels If I were you.

FIAT CINQUECENTO 170 Questions on wheel spacers

Hi I am looking for a set wheels spacers on e-bay but dont know which one will fit the cinq . Will that fit ok or do i need something specific type for the cinq and i see there are some universal ones would they fit ok cheers

stay away from univeral spacers these Uno Bravo Brava Mar&233a Croma Palio multipla Punto Tipo Tempra fit a cento. httpwww.performancefx.netwsfiat.htm

Originally Posted by dave stay away from univeral spacers these Uno Bravo Brava Mara Croma Palio multipla Punto Tipo Tempra fit a cento. httpwww.performancefx.netwsfiat.htm may i ask why

FIAT MULTIPLA new multipla owner...loads of problems and questions

hi everybody i bought a 2001 multipla 110 elx jtd in may so far im loving the car beautifull engine and drives really well some things thought are buggering me 1st) glow plug light stay lit flashing after starting car and then goes off... engine runs spot on and mpg are good so what is it 2nd) there is a noise coming from engine only from lock to like a vibrating rattling noise and to me

On the 17 boolahs assuming you have the correct alloys you will probably need to fit spacers I did on both my BUGs. For all the info have a look here mate

Dint think of that one the spacer size should be 5 mm if standard as sold on eBay as a refirb if any r needed can supply item numbers cheapest I found

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla alloy wheel size..

Recently fitted a set of fiat Stilo alloys with 20555 x 16 tyres but noticed the clearance on the rears was just a few mm unladen plus they rubbed on inner arch liner. fronts appeared ok but touched inner body on full lock. Would a different profile tyre help has anyone run this size combo on the multipla. Any helpadvice appreciated

Your prob catching the inner gaurd on the rears a quick bend should sort it. Or try and pick up some cheap 5mm spacers off an alfa romeo 155 ive got some on myself.

FIAT MULTIPLA Clutch alignment - multipla

Im tying to do a DIY clutch change on my multipla... after may trapped fingers and that darn starter motor bolt the gear box is finally out .. Now then.. trying to get the clutch to line up but Im having trouble the friction plate spline seem to be smaller than the flywheel only thing to align against is the small bit right inside which I think is the crankshaft Have I got a bit missing off the DMF or is this just how it is Any advice or sugestions would be really appreciated Cheers

That was the guide I refered to when removing everything a good guide I must admit but it doesnt really refer to any difficulty aligning the friction plate. As an update this afternoon an attemp was made to install the new clutch and... Ive broke the new friction plate... the spline follower has come out of the metal press on the back... Still think there should be a spacer or something behind it because

FIAT MULTIPLA multipla alternator light

I have an 03 multipla 1.9jtd with about 110k on the clock. My battery seemed to be running down as the car is left for a week at a time. I put a new battery in and then the alternator light came on. Booked it in for replacement and when I started the car up to go to the garage the alternator light did not come on. So i did not get the alternator changed. Car has been fine for a few weeks battery staying

PS I have eLearn and with all respect to whoever compiled it - it is dead wrong on alternator replacement. There is no space with the great big inlet manifold and all the mixer taps heated towel rails and other bathroom fittings in the way. It would take forever to do and is not necessary as it is a relative piece of cake getting out through the gap between the driveshaft and steering rack without

FIAT MULTIPLA I 186 Rear subframe (I think) - again

Had a loud thumping sound from offside rear when hitting potholes. Took to Kwikfix for diagnosis to be told Car unusually springy at back It could be shock absorbers It could be rear springs or even wheel bearings (even I knew it couldnt be this). So devised a cunning plan of putting blutack on the bottom bump stops both sides to see if suspension was bottoming out. It wasnt. Reverting to The Forum

Hi To help to answer your question I have replaced the front sub frame bushes with the ones for the Bravo FirstLine part FSM2026 IIRC which stopped the knocking from pot holes etc. I replaced these on both sides of the car which made a massive difference to the ride however I had to fit these with washers between the bushing and the bolt head as they are thinner than the originals but were available

If you jack the car up at the rear jacking on the chassis not on the subframe or trailing arms then look at the four bushes. Youll see a gap between the subframe and the upper flange of any bush that is loose in the subframe. Lever lightly with a large screwdriver (between the top of the subframe and underside of each bushs upper flange) to make sure theyre all tight in their bores. Edit The rubber

Hi BikeDoc Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply. There is certainly a gap between the flange abutting the chassis and the top of the subframe. Ive levered as you suggested and can move the bush downwards somewhat but am not sure how this relates to therm being tight in their bores Also you mention your temporary three spacers fix. I take it that having removed the bolt the spacers are

Wow Thanks for the explanation and the graphics. Ill test as you suggest tomorrow. Im not sure I have the mechanical competence to produce your spacer solution but admire the ingenuity. Im beginning to believe that though this must not be ignored indefinitely it does not pose an immediate safety risk or imminent catastrophic failure My regards Multplicity

FIAT MULTIPLA Multi road wheel

In April Im driving to Transylvania and back (hopefully) via most of the EC member countries. Not for any particular reason - just because. I dont feel very happy just having a skinny spare wheel and have been looking around for a normal size steel one. Without success... Does anyone have one for sale or can someone point me in the right direction Apart from Mr fiat s shop that is Alternatively is there another wheel that would fit

Hi hope you have a good time on your trip. As for your spareif you want a 15 tyre do not use a stilo rimunless you use a spacer as the wheel rubs on the body.Grande punto wont fit on to the hub.But the doblo rimstyres will fit. Zundapp thanked for this post

FIAT MULTIPLA water getting in diesel filter

can anyone help with a solution

Took my filter off yesterday. Had to remove the fitting from its mounting to get to the upper right engine steady during Alternator replacement so I thought I may as well whip the filter off to check it. Ive been getting the DIES HUMIDITY FILTER warning regularly recently along with several others (just before the Alternator died) so it could be a false alarm. The sensor in the bottom of the filter

FIAT MULTIPLA rear drum removal

started to relace the rear arm just now already ran into my first problem my multi has the drum discs at the rear how do u remove the drums from the hub i noticed 2 prongs sticking out with what looks like 12mm heads at the bottom do these hold the 2 parts together or os there something ive over looked

Sorry ive just re read your original post and realised they are what you where refaring to yep remove them. I removed mine to fit spacers for my old wheels and one rounded off so if it happens its not the end of the world just take a hammer to them knocking them up then down they should free off but dont hit too hard as they can snap off. As long as you have at least one to put back on you should be ok they are only to centralise the drum on the hub.


Ive seen a Miltipla on ebay with MGF alloys- it looks very smart but surely the stud pattern is different and they wont be safe to fit Does anybody have any info on using MG wheels on a fiat Thanks.

Look here..... httpwww.carlsalter.comwheel_fitments.html Yes they are different but you can make spacers that fit your PCD and have studs for the required PCD. hastingsmum liked this post

FIAT MULTIPLA horrible rubbing noise

new problem with my multipla. i know the rear drivers side trailing arm needs replacingrepairing as i have had some issues with the wheel leaning in and tyre rubbing etc. i currently have 17 wheels all round instead of the standard 15s but due to the rubbing i have put the 15s back on. now there is a really nasty rubbing noise coming from the back and after looking the tyre is no longer rubbing on

I too have big BOOLAHs & Alloys but I fitted cheepo spacers to stop the tyres rubbing on the inside edge catching against the plastic inner wheel water arch. The only other occurrence was when the HANDBRICK cable came adrift from one of its clips I cable tied it to test the noise while travelling - then made good the securing of the handbrake cable sheath to the underbody.

FIAT MULTIPLA Alternator Problem & Fault Finding

Hi All I have a problem with my forg whic revolves around the charging system. I hit a speed bump when it was -4C two weeks ago and the alternator faulty warning came up on the dashboard. I got the car recovered by the RAC with the man adamant about it being the alternator. With him there I pulled on the main cable which runs from the alternator to the battery and his multimeter started reading 14.5V

Right Gents As promised I have taken a couple of photos of dubious quality showing the alternator slipping through the gap between the bulkhead (specifically the power steering pipe joints) and the driveshaft. As I mentioned earlier I took the alternator out without removing the bearing of the idler driveshaft as people have advised that you do have to. I can confirm with evidence that you can simply

FIAT MULTIPLA 16 or 17 inch alloys

I want to get some new alloys for my 04 multipla. Its currently got 6.5 x 15 inch on it. I believe these are 4 x 98. I would like either 16 or 17s for it but dont wanna pay alot. Anyone know what other alloys would fit. Ive heard that alfa alloys fit ok. If I can confirm what fit I will have a dig around at the scrapped. Cheers.

see here from 2011 and here and here I used a mix of 5mm & 10mm dirt cheap alloy spacers on both of my bugs they worked fine heres a pictorial idea of what they are.

FIAT MULTIPLA help please rear subbush & rear radius arm bush

hi all please take a moment to read and help if poss i have a 1.6 multipla on a y plate the other day i noticed the back of the car sloping and the drivers rear wheel was on a tilt 1st i was told the rear bush was gone on the sub frame (it looks very warm but no play on the wheel ) then i was told the wheel tilts due to the rear radius arm bush now i tryed to locate FSM2029 to fix the rear subframe

I know thats an option but can it be done without damaging either the subframe or the radius arm The seals have a metal insertspacer piece in them so Im guessing youd cut through those as they must protrude either side of the arm by a few mm otherwise the arm would bear on the subframe. First Im going to try removing the Anti-Roll bar and putting an Enerpac hydraulic jack and bar between the two bolt

FIAT MULTIPLA wheel sticks out

hi there just wondering if any one can tell me why my wheel sticks out on an angle on multipla the bottom of the wheel is further out than the top so the top is tucked right under the arch. the passenger side is ok any help and advice is most apprieceated. kind regards. lisa.

I think some people may be misunderstanding the actual problem here. The Taper-Roller bearings in the arms are precision parts just like your wheel bearings. If a wheel has a noticeable lean then the bearings are shot not just a tiny bit worn but totally knackered. There is no camber adjustability on the rear wheels the only time it alters is when the bearings start to go. As soon as they do the seals

FIAT MULTIPLA engine swop

hi all just a quick note does any one no of a engine swop on a multipla 1.6 16v for a 20v turbo engine is it possible as my missus is adament we keep a fiat multipla and as i like quicker cars this is flat as a pancake i no its based on a bravo so my be the hgt might fit but id prefer to oped for the 20v turbo as its more powerfull so if your reading this and heard off any such op advised will be gladly

thanks for advice guys if only i spoke polish its a defo the cars staying so i would like to start enhancing kermit soon ive found some springs -30mm i no they have a problem with alloys not sure wot just yet something about wobble bolts & spacers and i need to source a arbarth kit and ss exhaust and last but by no means least the brakes not a clue if any or wot hubs i could use again then a black

FIAT MULTIPLA Need to change battery - struggling

Hi Our resident fiat engineer (he works for a fiat dealership and is a friend of the family) is on holiday. Before he left he said that we would need to change the battery soon on our car especially with the cold weather coming in as the battery is getting worse for starting the car. Once started it is fine its just the initial cold cranking. Anyway to keep this brief I bought a new battery from Halfords

Eurocarparts online battery picker gave me a choice of 9 batteries for a 2004 1.9 Multi the cheapest was a Lion 100. Id measured the old battery- it was approx 24cm wide and 17cm deep. When I got to the shop and the bloke plonked the battery in front of me a quick measure up showed it was too wide (28cm). He had a ferret round and came up with a Lion type 075 which is the right size. Its not exact-

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