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fiat multipla side window I 186
fiat multipla side window I 186

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FIAT MULTIPLA Drivers side electric window

My drivers side window doesnt work Ive replaced the switch but hasnt helped ive checked the fuses and all seems fine.. Not sure what else to do.. any advice Thanks Michael

Stuck up or down Mine was stuck down and I found that pulling (hard) with my fingers on the glass whilst pushing the button got it to go up again. The problem was a filthy window and window seal. I cleaned them really well and the problem went away. The motor is probably undersized for the huge windows on the multipla. Dry grit dust and filth really puts a drag on the motor pulling the pane against

Originally Posted by Jimbo34 Stuck up or down Mine was stuck down and I found that pulling (hard) with my fingers on the glass whilst pushing the button got it to go up again. The problem was a filthy window and window seal. I cleaned them really well and the problem went away. The motor is probably undersized for the huge windows on the multipla. Dry grit dust and filth really puts a drag on the

When I bought my multipla I noticed that in the bills that came with the cars history that there had been a airbag reset and not long before I got the car. The airbag light came on again about six months later and I found that if I arranged the plug in a certain direction with its velcro loop under the seat the problem would go away until my missus came and moved the seat because she is shorter. The

It works I got a switch from a fiat bravo at the scrappy and it works fine not sure what was wrong im guessing the switches i had where for a different multipla or something and the wires were a different way around.. who knows My only other problem now is the radio.. i dont get much of a reception even on the radio stations in the same city as me.. would there be much point in my trying to trace the

FIAT MULTIPLA Near side window lowers by itself Help

Hi all have been happily running a 04 reg multipla 1.9 jtd for around 4 months and all of a sudden the front passenger window lowered itself without any input. Some time the window will go back up straight away and on others we have to wait up to a minute for it to be raised. Any suggestions would be grateful Thanks

Faulty switch on one of the door panels springs to mind. Try thumping the door panels to see if you get a reaction. Failing any disconnect switches and then inspect wiring particularly where it runs from body to door. Peat

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FIAT MULTIPLA electric window passenger side help

Guys Can anyone help me.The electric window on the front passenger side no longer works.I have changed the switch and it worked for 2 days.Then my wife told me that when she used the drivers side switch to control it the revs went up and the window would not open.I have checked the fuses and all are intact.Is there a relay somewhere that has blown.I have checked whether there is power to the switch and there isnt any. Thanks Paul

best to check for power at motor

FIAT MULTIPLA I 186 New drivers door but now i have window and mirror problems.

Problem 1 A new door has been installed with new second hand window and guidance and so on. The window used to run all the way down or up when i holded the buttons for a second or two. After the installation i have to keep pushing the buttons till i reach a wanted position. So now it wont run all the way down or up anymore when i push or pull the button for a couple of seconds. For as far as i know

FIAT MULTIPLA Help electric window stuck down

My rear electric window has got stuck down. the one on the other side will not move up or down so I take it that the fuse has gone or something like that. Have checked the users manual which has been a great help. Any one know which fuse it might be. The book says it is a 25amp fuse but seems very vague as to which one as the diagram does not match what I am looking at. Also is there any way I can at least shut it for the time being ie manual wind system carl

tomorrow as Im intrigued to find out which relay does what. There are only two 25A fuses on the loose fuse holders so it may be worth checking if either of these has blown. Also if you press the rear window lock button can you hear a relay clicking in and out The following pictures off the CD may help you (more than they help me). At least the electrical circuit is clear. __________________ fiatForumer.

FIAT MULTIPLA Window trimtransfer peeling and other woes

Hi First post here but I have just taken our multipla in for its 24k service. I checked the tyres and to my horror found that the inside edge of the fronts were down to the wires Known problem with the camber that the dealer did not admit to . The other woes include Sticky residue running down inside boot hatch. Airbag warning light (also common it seems ) The tricky problem is the black plastic tape

Attached picture taken from the office on a mobile but you can see that all the tape has been removed. Newly painted frames will be posted on Monday so long as the weather allows me to spray sideways view anyone Attached Thumbnails   __________________ 2004 JTD Silver multipla Eleganza . 16 Stilo Abarth Alloys.   Quote   29-06-2008   9 54 Silver multipla Nice Join Date Jun 2008 Location

FIAT MULTIPLA Passenger window

Hi all.small problem i need your help with.Just been out im my mothers multipla and the passenger window is stuck half way open. The drivers side works fine so i dont think it can be the fuse (as i understand they are on the same fuse I might b wrong) there seems to be a click as u try the passenger window with the passenger swich and the switch on the drivers door for the passenger window. Does this sound like the motor for the windowwould be very grateful for your advise

You could try putting a mutlimeter across the terminals of the window motor to see if its getting power when you press the window switch. If you havent got a multimeter to hand rig something up with a couple of bits of wire and an old indicator or sidelight bulb. If the bulb doesnt light up temporarily use one of the other window switches (from a window that you know does work) and see if that gets

FIAT MULTIPLA Electric window failure

Hi all I was warned about the charming electrical faults of the multipla.Today I wanted to lower my window. Yesterday it worked fine but today it went on strike. I can hear a click when I push the button buf nothing happends.I took a look at the fusebox but it is totally different from the manual. The passenger side works ok. Any tips Greetings Allard

FIXEDFIXEDFIXEDFIXED Ok.. so easy fix.. removed cover in middle footwell. there is a green box with 2 connectors going into it.. this houses 4 relays one for each window.. There was a single wire which was loose into the connector on the right (right side).. put in a matchstick and gaffa taped the unit up before putting all back together again.. I really hope this helps someone else -) widemouthfrog thanked for this post

both my electric front windows stop working every now and then and both at the same time... I know this is cave man style but I found a way of making them work again... if you open the drivers side glove box where the fuses are located and give it a bang they start working again lol think the main wires get moved slightly everytime the fuse cover is opened and shut so worth a try

FIAT MULTIPLA Electric Windows & Central Locking failed

Hi all searched around a bit and cant find anything relating to it. My 02 Plate multipla has lost all electric windows except the rear passenger side and all central locking has failed looking through the fuses under the dash and these items are covered by many different fuses then there are the fuses under the bonnet which are hard to remove and there is a warning in the manual about not touching them Any one had this problem before Thanks in advance Jake

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla passenger electric window

Guys Can anyone help me.The electric window on the front passenger side no longer works.I have changed the switch and it worked for 2 days.Then my wife told me that when she used the drivers side switch to control it the revs went up and the window would not open.I have checked the fuses and all are intact.Is there a relay somewhere that has blown.I have checked whether there is power to the switch and there isnt any. Thanks Paul

FIAT 500 II Passenger Side Window

I have just noticed that the passenger side window on my wifes 500 doesnt auto-shut - the drivers side one does. I assumed that it would need resetting somehow as I had this problem on a Ford Mondeo before but I cannot find any reference in the manual to this. I did a search on here and found nothing specific to the 500 does anyone here know the procedure

our multipla only has auto openclose on the drivers side. Use the aircon then you dont need to open the windows

FIAT MULTIPLA remote locking doesnt work or elecric windows

for some reason out of the blue my multipla wont unlock with the remotei can do it manually but it is so annoying also the electric windows dont work anymore.please i hope you guys can help as i cant afford a repair billcheers guys and girls

try for central locking F1 15A F10 10A bottom row 2nd 3rd from left. for windows front try F1 15A bottom row 3rd from left and F820A which is two fuses up from F1 but common fuse to both is B19 20A which is attached to the side of the fuse box with silly covers that are not easy to take off at the side of the roadwhen youve left your tools at home....try fuse B19 first as it is unlikely to blow more than one fuse at once.................................

sit in middle seat and look into fuse box.bottom left out the side fuse box is a red relay.under the relay is a blue the right of the blue fuse is a yellow fuse holder that should have a 20 amp may have the wrong fuse in it but it is the only yellow base next to the actual fuse board.I removed this fuseit stopped the elec windows and cent locking from working but the alarm still set on the remote.hope this helps....................

FIAT MULTIPLA Drivers Window

Help my car is falling apart - everyday something new seems to appear. I went to put my drivers window down this morning down it went but then came up on its own. Since then the switch will not work but the passenger side will still work from the drivers side control.... Does anyone have any ideas......please help

FIAT MULTIPLA front window fuses

last week my front drivers side window packed up and today the passenger front window has died .Ive removed the cubby hole above the steering wheel but the three fuses for the windows arent there. Am i going mad or are they hidden somewhere else help please 2000 Wreg 1.6 elx.

FIAT MULTIPLA front windows

Please help my electric front windows are stuck down 1.6 2004. All other electrics work i have check and replaced fuses under glove box checked fuses under bonnet taken battery off for 5 minutes and taken door cards off in an attempt to see whats wrong. Both sides are dead. Is there a way of manually raising windows.... i even thought may be a seperate power supply to motors at least i attempt to raise the windows. any suggestions greatly received.

thanks for that i will check out the passenger side switches.

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear Window Fuse They arent working

I have searched the threads on this problem and found one where someone said they did find the fuse for the rear windows but they never said where it was Yesterday the rear windows just stopped working (both sides) and so I assumed it was something to do with the lock button however this seems to be making the relay click on and off so I am now thinking its the fuse... but there is no fuse in the main

Thats the full extent of whats written in my handbook. No illustration and its not given a fuse number. Because its not given a number I cant tell you what the fuse is shared with either if it did it would help to tell you if it is the fuse thats at fault. The only other info given is that its (or should be at least) 25A rated. At least it narrows it down to the area in front of the driver and also

Drivers side fuse array (under Glovebox) forward-most row third from left 20A. It was the second from last one I pulled out typical

FIAT MULTIPLA Radiio and Window Problems

I noticed the other day that the radio on my 53 JTD will only work from the set itself i.e. the steering wheel controls have stopped functioning. In addition to that the electric windows and sunroof(s) have also stopped. Is this likely to be a fuse If it is can anyone guide me in the general direction of them. I can only see a small boxful beneath the bonnet and I cant see any indication which one is which. Are there other fuses on this machine KRs & TIA Patrick

has it got rear elec windows and do they it the front windows that dont workif so check the following. Looking at the fuse box in front of the drivers side glove box with the connectors upper mostthere are 5 rows of 3 fuses.Attached to this are more fuses.there should be only one 30A fuse in a GREEN base.check this fuse it controls both front windows and sun roor.if fuse ok check there is 12v

FIAT MULTIPLA electric front windows

Hi The drivers side electric window has packed up. What seems to have happened is that the plastic thingie that lifts the glass has broken and the pully at the top that carries the cable has broken. Any ideas as to where I can get the bits Thanks

FIAT MULTIPLA Electric windows and central locking not working

Hi All i am a newbie here so be gentle if this has already been covered then i am sorry i had a look but couldnt find anything on this subject. I have a JTD 115 its a great car but i have recently developed a problem with the front electric windows and the central locking. Basically the windows wont come down (the back ones work) I have checked the fuse under the oddments tray and theyre fine nothing

Check the actual fuse sockets as well as the fuses. Whilst I was looking for the cause of my heater fan fault I found that one of the fuses in the main tray was loose in its sockets (theyre basically female spade terminals). I suspect one of them is either worn or not locked into its holder properly. It would be OK if you held it to one side but as soon as it was let go the dash lights and display

FIAT MULTIPLA Rear windows switch

i intend to install another switch for the rear windows at the driver side anyone have done it before. i have checked the pillars. it seems that i have to drill another hole to let the wire to pass thru there. is there i can connect to the existing wiring connector at the pillar. tia

FIAT MULTIPLA Windows wont go up

The Back windows wont go back up on my fiat multipla 1.9 JTD the kids put them down the other day as we driving because it was hot when i parked up before getting out they stopped working a couple of days before we had rainfall and some water came through the sunroof. Has anybody got any ideas how to get them working again as we are due rain here today dont fancy a wet car

Have you checked the all the fuses in the drivers side glove compartment (under removable tray)

FIAT MULTIPLA Emmas Multipla Mission

Greetings All Thought i would start up this thread regarding my mission to own a multipla Im a regular visitor to the multipla section of late and thought id introduce myself Im Emma (obiously) im a young 30 year old and live in Cheshire (NW) I have a small family of myself Boyfriend and Daughter. We are fiat nuts and love all Italian metal . Currently we own 5 fiats a Uno MK1 Uno MK2 Uno Start Brava

Originally Posted by aeroadster Tints or not Id rather have the fiat pop-in sun shields. A friend of mine was stopped by the police for having windows that were too tinted (in the front -sides). The pop-in fiat ones are dirt cheap and you can remove them in Winter for more light. Ive never seen these sun shields any pics or links to some please

Originally Posted by Emm Ive never seen these sun shields any pics or links to some please These are identical to the ones I bought and are the original fiat ones. Essentially you get six pieces of sunshades. Four for the two rear-most side windows and two for the rear windscreen - as you can see by the pic. The two for the rear passenger windows are

Originally Posted by aeroadster These are identical to the ones I bought and are the original fiat ones. QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Essentially you get six pieces of sunshades. Four for the two rear-most side windows and two for the rear windscreen - as you can see by the

FIAT MULTIPLA sun shades for the multipla do thy exist

hi does anyone know or have any sun shades for the uglybug as standard ones are to small for the windows.....

You can buy a full set from fiat for about &16390 This has the rear window2 small side windows and 2 rearside window blinds They look really good as they are a perfect fit and look just like tinted windows from the outside. They do come up on ebay sometimes. I have known 2 people go to fiat and order them.When they are told the price they have said no thanks and then fiat have offered it to them for

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla - changing dashboard bulb

Hi having read older threads on here I am trying to get to the bulb(s) behind the air conditioningair flow dials on the dashboard. I think the one nearest the steering wheel (air flow directiontarget) needs replacing as it keeps going off (could be a wiring fault I guess). I have had the multipla since new November 2000. 1.6ELX. I removed the central knob (air speed) and undid the alan type screw but

Theres a photo here httpwww.multipla.i12.comimagesfascia.jpg that shows the panel once removed which helps reveal where the four spring clips are. (The white triangle is pointing at the wires on the back of the heated window switch). The panel in the photo has the sensor for the air con that measures the cabin temp (behind that little round grille we all have) Thats what PandaBloke warns us to avoid.

FIAT MULTIPLA Weak Heaterblower

Hi When my 1.9jtd multi is warmed up set on high and knob turned far left for centre blow position the air blasts out and is quite hot When I direct it to the windscreen it doesnt seem to blow near as much air. (dont know if its me but it doesnt seem to get as hot either) Is there a fix for this or is it typical of the car having a weak system thanks again martin

of air is dissipated somewhat (probably wrong spelling of an incorrectly used word here but you get my drift Im sure.). And just increasing the fan speed I have found doesnt really help. Its like trying to get two Margate girls through a doorway. No matter how hard you push it aint going to work the gap isnt big enough. A couple of things to try to see how quirky the heating system is on the multipla.

FIAT MULTIPLA New Multipla user. Questions.

Hello to all I am new in this forum and first i would like to apologize about my English. I have multipla 2001 diesel second hand and i am looking for solution for two problems. I will appreciate your help. 1. the AC air shuttle is stuck in open position. the button for open close is lite when pressing but the shuttle is not moving. How can i close it permanently Where i can find it in my car i didnt

Umberto thanks for your reply. I will replace the MAF . Regarding the air circulation window when i press the button it lite on and off but i cant hear the window motor operate as it was in the past. the air coming in during drive no matter the button position is. Moreover when the AC is on with the fan on max i can feel strong suction at the inlet grid next to the AC filter out side under the front

FIAT MULTIPLA How much is my Multipla worth

Im getting a new company car and intend to sell the multipla. Kids are very upset to lose a six-year-old member of the family but I want an automatic car (advancing years receding hairline expanding gut). Anyone suggest what its worth 1.9 JTD ELX March 2000 56000 miles (nearly) Rosso Ponente (metallic bronzebrown) Blue cloth trim Couple of small dents New front brake discs 2005 side airbags Alloy wheels Alarmed CD player multipla blinds on rear windows Thanks.

FIAT MULTIPLA Doors lock straight away after unlocking

Im sure there was a thread where someone had a similar problem but I cant find it. My multipla has developed an annoying problem. 9 times out of 10 when you unlock the car with the key the doors unlock and then they immediatly lock themselves again. You have to do the locking motion and locking motion several times before they stay unlocked. Holding the key in the unlock position sometimes works in

FIAT MULTIPLA I 186 How to remove rearfront door panels JTD 2001 Model

The car had been stood for a couple of years and the exterior door handles will not go back down when opened unless you push them down I need to lubricate them from the inside but dont know how to remove the door panels without maybe damaging them Can anyone please help Cheers.

Okay pop off the speaker grill (carefully fiat plastic trim is fragile Seems to be a little bit more brittle than other makes). Undo the retaining screws remove the speaker and unclip the connector. Undo the bolts holding the door handle plastic module and remove the handle from the wire locking rod. disconnect the electric window switch and this should separate from the panel. Get a very thin screwdriver

FIAT MULTIPLA Missing Relays

I recently bought a damaged 1.9 ELX JTD 2000 model and have now got it going after replacing the engine. There were three relays sitting on the dashboard (two red and one black) which seemed to belong under the drivers side storage tray on the right hand side. I replaced these but noticed that directly behind the two red relays there was space for two larger relays Can anyone please advise if there

FIAT MULTIPLA Windscreen replacement

I have had a big crack up the centre of the windscreen since the spring. I know it will get worse in the winter so today I phoned around for some prices. I didnt realise that the screens were tinted for the life of me I cant see a tint on my screen. Anyway prices are around 180 quid for a screen with a blue tint. (Multi is blue) But one company has offered me a screen with a green tint for 65 quid fitted. So being a tightarse I am going with that Anybody else notice that their screen is tinted

Originally Posted by GLA55MAN Its measured by transparency. The OPs windscreen will be tinted green (or blue is an option on the multipla). A tinted windscreen in blue or green will be 70% transparent. The legal limit is 70% transparency for windscreen and front side windows so a factory windscreen tint will be a higher percentage than that.

FIAT MULTIPLA speakers size

Hi evryone I would like to know what are the size of the speakers in the dashboardfront doorsrear doors. thanks in advance oren

about them getting wet. They are also very efficient (only 2 ohm impedence) so make the most of the factory fit head unit. I dont think the 6507C is a current model any longer but its still possible to find specifications for them on the web and this will tell you all the dimensions you need to know. They just fit - tight for both diameter and depth - but they will go in without modifying the multipla

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  • Drivers Side Rear Window Regulator + Motor. 2004 Fiat Multipla - Coventry,United Kingdom (20.00 GBP)
  • Drivers Side Front Window Regulator + Motor. 2004 Fiat Multipla - Coventry,United Kingdom (20.00 GBP)
  • Fiat Multipla 5 Door Window Switch - Passenger Side Rear - B569 - 1999 - 2004 - Bristol,United Kingdom (17.50 GBP)
  • Drivers Side Window Switch. 2002 Fiat Multipla - Coventry,United Kingdom (10.00 GBP)
  • Fiat Multipla - Driver Side Front Window Switch for Passenger Side Control 98-04 - Bristol,United Kingdom (10.50 GBP)

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