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FIAT MULTIPLA Pinion shaft failure in Multipla gear box at 48000 miles.

Does anyone on this Forum know of other instances where a pinion shaft failed in a multipla gear box at about 48000 miles The car has been regularly serviced was owned by fiat originally and has been sensibly driven. fiat have viewed the failed parts and stated they were not able to find any specific area of concern

From what ur sayin mine might be the same had the clutch changed after chiping my jtd now about 8000 miles later it judders doesnt wanna go in some hears in the moring and hates reverse and still slips in every gear apart from 1st so do I have this prob or not trying to follow threads of how to blead the clutch and so on job by job to see if it is that could do with a deffo though any certain ways of noing if oil getting in to clutch

Get yourself down the garage I ignored my jumpin out of gear problem and blew the gearbox up they aint cheap.

Is it worth paying out for gearbox if it is that or just getting one from scrap yard and fitting it

FIAT MULTIPLA Drive shaft oil leak part one.

I had some oil that looke like it was coming from the NS driveshaft so I thought Id better try and sort it out. It looks like it might be one of those ongoing jobs though... Since ive looked through the forum for help in the past I figured Id join up and post a few bits and bobs to try and give something back so here goes First was to jack up of course I used the mounting for the torsion bar (feel

Cheers i just ordered a seal for mine today...turns out my recent wishbone breakage goosed the seal aswell.. Ive done these on other cars....All ive had to do before is undo the strut from the wishbone at the ball joint...and that coupled with full lock is usually enough to pop the driveshaft out of the box. Also if you remove the bottom turbo hose to intercooler(2 minute job) it makes a much easier job of topping up. Great photos and post. Thanks Marty.

Thanks for the tip for poping out the drive shaft Ill definately be giving that a try when I get the proper spares. As for the turbo mines the 1.6 petrol so its all coolant pipes in the way I got the oil in though with a bit of manoevring

View Shaft position sensor for FIAT MULTIPLA

FIAT MULTIPLA vibrating knocking noise from front drive shaft

Hi Have a 2001 1600 multipla with 58000 on the clock. A few weeks ago a vibrating knocking noise starting becoming apparent from 35 mph onwards coming from front of the car. Sounds worse at 40 MPH and then after this it gets less noticeable. Its obviously drive shaft related because it happens at the same speeds regardless of gears revs and probably is less noticable at higher speeds because the vibration

FIAT MULTIPLA gearbox or drive shaft prob

when i pull away in my 1.6 sx2000 petrol multi i get a grinding noise like its not in gear it all so does it on full lock when u pull away and some times when u start the car u can feel a grind vibration i have had 2 new wish bones and drop links and dont wanna get the diagnossis wrong and fork out a bomb so if some one has a ideaof a tell tail sign............... have a bit of fluid on drivers side

CV joint...its clicking on full lock yeah Have a look at condition of boothgaiter on sriveshaft on that side.... Chances are its perished and cv joint subsequently dried out and worn. Easy enough to replace if your into diy. Marty.

i love me diy but where do i get a 27mm socket for the centre hub on the cheap

Be worth buying a socket set. One that goes from 10 mm to 30 mm is common enough and would payfor itself in no time. Did u check out cv condition If you cant change it straight away pack it up with grease in the meantime. Marty.

Email me mate if you want to meet somewhere or come to harlow i can lend you one..

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla - changing dashboard bulb

Hi having read older threads on here I am trying to get to the bulb(s) behind the air conditioningair flow dials on the dashboard. I think the one nearest the steering wheel (air flow directiontarget) needs replacing as it keeps going off (could be a wiring fault I guess). I have had the multipla since new November 2000. 1.6ELX. I removed the central knob (air speed) and undid the alan type screw but

Ive just done a post on how I did this job in the Yahoo groups multipla group another useful source of stuff on the Multi. Ive copied it below. Hope it helps. Ok. Just had to replace a fascia lamp. Was sick of not being able to read the heater temperature dial. There are instructions on the forum on how to remove the panel and do this but I found them a little disjointed so here is how I did it. You

FIAT MULTIPLA Fixed My Multipla today .... )

hi My fiat multipla 2000 x reg JTD has been off road for 11 months due to a problem of it keep cutting out every 5 minutes after finding this forum and the help from a few members today i have successforly fixed my fiat multipla it was the crank shaft sensor which cost me 30 pounds from fiat and it took less than 1 hour for me to fit with very little macanicle experience little bit of a aquard job

Originally Posted by T14086 Your post could refer to any make of car not just fiats . This is true however of all of the cars I have owned and driven (only one prior to the multipla was a fiat ) I have never once had a catastrophic failure of an alternator and shaft and yet now am aware of at least one other occurrence in the same model. I assume you do not think this is a common fault with modern

FIAT MULTIPLA Clutch change

Well started the clutch change on my 1.9 JTD boy what a pig of a job so fardid not know what i was letting myself in for.Most of the nut and bolts have been a right pigif not rusted or seized. The battery tray was a right jokeand the starter motor back boltboy the cuts on my hands.The enginegearbox back mount can not even undo thatthe whole rubber mount just turns and can not find a way to stop it.

Cheers JTDMan you sure know your stuff.I can not really afford 2 cars lost my job just before xmas.No jobs local and we need a car for family so sold bike to get the alfa why fiat off the road.Love my bikes so it was hard to see her gobut once fiat back on road can look further for job now have a car for transport. Well had a little play with multipla this afternoontook the os wishbone off and the

You talkin about the drivers side shaft then yes undo the 6 bolts swing the shaft over like on the pass side (i know its tight that side i may have jacked the engine up to do this) then the stubby bit thats left in the box i just undid the bearing retainer that goes around the shaft on the drivers side then tapped on the flange (oh err) where id just removed the allen bolts from . So you knocking from

Originally Posted by bikes-for-me Cheers JTDMan you sure know your stuff.I can not really afford 2 cars lost my job just before xmas.No jobs local and we need a car for family so sold bike to get the alfa why fiat off the road.Love my bikes so it was hard to see her gobut once fiat back on road can look further for job now have a car for transport. Well had a little play with multipla this afternoontook

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla Driveshafts

Okay Im new here so if this has been covered before I apologise. I have a 1.6 multipla with crunchy CV joints so Ive bought 2 used driveshafts and plan to fit them myself (rather ambitious for someone who has never even changed a spark plug). Anyway despite there being no Haynes manual for this car I think Ive amassed sufficient info (and tools) to attempt the job. I have just one query though. The

FIAT MULTIPLA A fond farewell.

Due to the huuuge bill that would come from putting the multipla back onthe road shes gone to the scrap yard. Her replacement is a 2000 Saab 9-5 Estate with 139k backed up by servicing and MOT. A comfy ride ample space 2.0l Turbo FSH and only 5k done since last service. Granted Ive essentially bought a posh Vectra but its niiice. Thanks for all your help support and advice over the last 18 month.

Originally Posted by widemouthfrog What did you think of the Croma Not a fiat as you know it but a Vauxhall Vectra C with a fiat body. So many parts are GM That I started a sticky thread. The car themselves are for comfort and are spacious Mjet engines powerful either a 120hp 1.9 8v or a 150bhp 1.9 16v or the storming 200bhp Alfa 5 pot engine the 2.4 20v engine. Suspension is weak tyre wear electrical

Hello again Folks The continuing story... nearly gave up on the clutch repairlost my bottle this weekend when the NS drive shaft bolts appeared to be seizedsolid and I couldnt get the starter motor undone. Saturday I was freezing my a off as there was an icy wind blowing right up my kilt... However all was not lost as shall be revealed below... Progress so far at the end of the second weekend (about

FIAT MULTIPLA Increasing RPM when in neutral

Today I took my dads multipla for a drive.. but suddently when I pushed the clutch the RPMs went up. For example when you drive 100 in 5th gear push the clutch and it will go from 3000 to 4000 to 5000.. untill you drop the clutch. At first I thought I was pushing the gas with my right foot but I stopped to check it out I turned of the car turned it on again in neutral and the RPM was 1000 2000 3000

Is there a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust when it does this If not read this thread httpwww.fiatforum.commultipla27...-controll.html If there is a lot of smoke it could be a problem with the turbocharger shaft seals.

I unbolted the alternator this way I could nearly face them to myself and see what I was doing. As I unbolted the alternator the top spacer fell out I heard it but didnt see it never mind Ill make another and maybe glue it in place on refitting a new alternator. I didnt need to shift the engine on its mounts or mess about with the drive shaft. Attached Thumbnails     __________________ fiat

FIAT MULTIPLA II Help JTD Runs Ok Then Cuts Out Will Not Restart for 10 Minutes

Hello all you clever people pulling my hair out I have a 2001 multipla JTD (Diesel) which has always started ok. Over the last few weeks it has started cutting out usually when stopped at traffic lights initially it resarted after a few cranks but now when it happens it takes at least 10 minutes before it will restart but then runs ok until it cuts out again. I have just changed the fuel oil air filters

exact same problem as i had its the crank shaft sensor mate they cost you 29.95 from fiat brand new and takes around 1 hour to fit i have no macanical experience and i done mine although it was a bit tricky but got there in the end and my multipla runs fine now mine was off road for 10 months because we didnt know what was wrong with it untill i joined this forum lol

FIAT MULTIPLA Gearbox oil change - how

Hi Can anyone post details or a link to how to change the gearbox oil please (2002 1.9JTD ELX) Manual says to use 75W80 but a thread on here says 75W90 synthetic. Any particular reason to go for the heavier one Wish there was a Haynes for this thing. Thanks

Originally Posted by multipete ZC 75 synth[from fiat ] or sae 7590 ep .you will need 2 lts. remove 12 mm allen key at front of gear boxlevel plug next to reverse lamp switch and check the oil level.if very low cure oil leak if any.[oil should be level with bottom of threads with plug out].under neath passenger drive shaft is the drain plugfacing the passenger wheel again 12mm.remove plugdrain oilrefill

FIAT MULTIPLA Oil leak on 54 JTD (new style) - wheres it from

I recently aquired a new-style 54 plate multipla 1.9JTD. Very happy with the space & drive but it leaves an oil stain wherever it is left. About 10cm diameter after an hour. Looking underneath its coming from a join in the engine slightly off to the passenger side. Theres also oil on the outside of a concertiner hose towards the front of the engine but its not dripping onto the floor from there. A

FIAT MULTIPLA worn clutch fingers after only 22k miles

Well managed to get the gearbox off What a pain The os driveshaft wouldnt budge Plus it was pidding it down... Anyway the clutch fingers have a define score where the release bearing this right

I think its a bit of a design fault. I had to replace my last clutch after 25k miles. Not good . There could be something in what pb says but Im not sure how you check that input and output shafts are aligned . Ive always had clutch judder when pulling away at low revs even after fitting a new DMF and clutch. Remember this thread httpwww.fiatforum.commultipla32...nal-notes.html After my current work

FIAT MULTIPLA Newbie with accelerator judderstutter

Hi I am new here and the proud owner of 2 multiplas (1 is the wifes) and a 110 Land Rover. They are both Petrol 100SXs and think both year 2000 ish. We love them - funnily enough. I have an issue on one where when hovering on the accelerator at around 40 or under loaded acceleration (i.e. in too high a gear) at around the same speed the engine stutters quite dramatically. Seems like it is missing but

[quoteCoastcard1264254] Is there a Throttle position sensorpotentiometer on these If so where[ quote] I dont know. If the petrol multiplas got one logically it would be on the same shaft that the throttle cable carrier is mounted on pulling the cable turns the carrier which opens the air intake and operates the potentiometer. A fiat agent could check the diagnostics but quite a few independent garages


Can anyone help with this bizarre problem. Had a fault suddently develop with our X Reg 105 JTD Multi. It stopped wanting to go into 1st and reverse gear. The car had a full clutch change less than 20k ago. Took it to a local garage that turned out to be a mistake as they wernt very good. They changed the master and slave cylinder on the clutch (it took them 5 days to do this). The car drove home from

At the risk of being repetitive. Look from under the car at the top of the gearbox. You will see 2 selector levers each with the cable terminal on top. This is a swivel joint held on by a spring clip. Just check and see how looseworn these are. If they are very floppy then be suspicious. This is just the case of a member on the multipla owners forum with identical problems. Variations of performance

Can you post a picture of the leak Unless theres been some severe damage to the gearbox casings (i.e. from hitting something) the usual places to get a leak are where the three drive shafts emerge - namely the input shaft (from the engine via the clutch) and the two output shafts where drive goes from the gearbox to the front wheels (one on each side of the differential housing which is part of the

Originally Posted by widemouthfrog Can you post a picture of the leak Unless theres been some severe damage to the gearbox casings (i.e. from hitting something) the usual places to get a leak are where the three drive shafts emerge - namely the input shaft (from the engine via the clutch) and the two output shafts where drive goes from the gearbox to the front wheels (one on each side of the differential

(in effect sending the power train via another route between the two shafts through other meshing gears) gets slack and cant hold itself in. An alternative would be to get a scrap gearbox. You might be lucky and get a box from a 2-3 year-old car or at least a low mileage one and then all you will need is a days labour to pay. But also replace the clutrch whilst you are in there. A lady on the UK multipla

FIAT MULTIPLA Multipla DriveShafts

Hi All Two week ago i changed both front suspension arms due to one of them failing its MOT on bush deterioration. Bit of a job doing it on your back but managed all looked fine. Then at the weekend i jacked up the nearside to do a oil change. After this i started to hear a noise when pulling away best described as a knockcreak. Then today on pulling away the near side Passenger side drive shaft sheared

Hi All Just a quick update the noise that was left after i had fixed the drive shaft was due to one of the wish bones bolts shredding the threads. I replaced the wish bone with a new one and the no noise since. The multipla has now well over the one hundred thousand miles on the clock.

FIAT MULTIPLA new multipla owner...loads of problems and questions

hi everybody i bought a 2001 multipla 110 elx jtd in may so far im loving the car beautifull engine and drives really well some things thought are buggering me 1st) glow plug light stay lit flashing after starting car and then goes off... engine runs spot on and mpg are good so what is it 2nd) there is a noise coming from engine only from lock to like a vibrating rattling noise and to me

Originally Posted by turbo_pib hi everybody i bought a 2001 multipla 110 elx jtd in may so far im loving the car beautifull engine and drives really well some things thought are buggering me 1st) glow plug light stay lit flashing after starting car and then goes off... engine runs spot on and mpg are good so what is it 2nd) there is a noise coming from engine only from lock to like a vibrating

FIAT MULTIPLA Steering problem on Multipla

Hi i am a newbie to this site. The other day i was driving my 2002 1.6 petrol multipla to work when going round a roundabout i heard a little pop and the steering went really heavy. I pulled over and had a quick look cos i thought i could have a flat but nothing Drove back home and when turning left it was clunking underneath and trying to pull to the right. Jacked it up and put on stands checked all

Cheers Momoe You dont know where i can download a full manual for the multipla 2002 do you please and i think i am going to get a new cv boot and bearing and try that aswell i have towed on the drive shafts and there is no play at all it feels as tho the wheel is going to fall off when cornering

FIAT MULTIPLA multipla cam belt mark

multipla 1.9 jtd help help today car was making funny noise sounded like belt slaping removed top cam belt cover and all was ok so though it may have split a bit off the edge so wound the nut on the end of the cam shaft to move the belt around a bit to have a look and the bloody belt jumped anyway cut a long story sort it was the crankshaft pulley rubber fell apart and thats what the noise was The

FIAT MULTIPLA multipla alternator light

I have an 03 multipla 1.9jtd with about 110k on the clock. My battery seemed to be running down as the car is left for a week at a time. I put a new battery in and then the alternator light came on. Booked it in for replacement and when I started the car up to go to the garage the alternator light did not come on. So i did not get the alternator changed. Car has been fine for a few weeks battery staying

FIAT MULTIPLA New owner multipla woes

Hello everybody Ive just bought my first multipla and every thing was peachy untill about 300 miles from where i bought it when the gearbox was getting a bit stiff to opperate. When finaly getting home the gears were crunching I gave the keys to my wife the next day and much the same happened but worse still it wouldnt go into any gear So please someone hellp mee Maybe its the clutch but i thought

Aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh These multipla clutches are pure bastards to change ritenough Things have obviously changed since the last time i did one Jeez i must buy some decent tools on monday like some allen key sockets for the drive shafts . And when did seperating the lower ball joint become such a Lord i thought i would have removed the gearbox by now HAim not even near Hmm i wonder if ive got any bushmills left

FIAT MULTIPLA New Multipla Owner with some repairs

Hi I just bought a rather tired multipla 1.6 from 1999 with 175 000km on the clock. After a full wash outsideinside and engine compartment the car looks decent and have a great potential. Im pleased and it was a bargain even though it has some repairs on the list Faults Clutch does not fully disengage. Trouble getting it in first and reverse now and then. I have bought a new clutch set and are planning

You will have to take the gearbox off when changing the clutch then it should be no problem changing the inner CV boot. The only special tool I needed was to release a 36 mm nut which releases the drive shaft. I started to hear the bearing noise from the clutch area after six weeks the clutch was unable to engage and I changed it. The bearing had then sized and the pressure plate fingers where worn badly. Here you can find a useful guide to the clucth change

FIAT MULTIPLA Gearbox mount failure - Help

Yesterday my 2003 1.9 JTD had to be recovered due to what I think is a failed gearbox mount resulting in the whole gearboxengine dropping and the driveshaft ending up resting on the suspension arm. What a noise it made after it went. The car is now safely at home but I need to purchase a new mount and get it fitted ASAP. Does anybody know the best place to get one or is it a fiat only part What do I have to remove to get access to the mount Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

If I understand Shepherd correctly this mount is sprung-side (i.e. not part of the unsprung drivetrain) so things like speed bumps shouldnt affect it. Thats why Im a bit alarmed by the picture - that failures been caused by the enginegearbox moving on its mountings Still I suppose it shows that those mountings definitely serve a purpose. My JTD always fires up with a hell of a clunk. I suppose you could get end loadings transmitted along the line of the half-shafts as the suspension travels (are the shafts splined to accommodate this) but that would be pretty poor geometry design by fiat if true.

FIAT MULTIPLA Swap various from 115jtd to 110jtd

Dear Everyone - Another query (sorry) - possibility of purchasing a 115jtd I wondered if I would be able to exchange items from that to my 110jtd (ie gearboxshafts) OR from my 110jtd to the 115jtd - then I would probably change rear drive shaft cw wheels (as I have new tyre shoes & cyls on mine) spare holder as well front wheels re reasonable pads new tyres (though exactly how Im going to do this I

FIAT MULTIPLA I 186 How do I change the clutch

Can anyone tell me how to change the clutch on my 1.9JTD 105SX. Cant get 1st or reverse most days. have changed the slave and the internals of the master cylinder as per this forums suggestions (thanks). Have bled the blasted thing several times and it gets better for about a minute and then goes back to being difficult. Usually cant get any gears in a crisis. . Now contemplating changing the clutch.

Thanks for the pic. Went to local dealer for a diffgearbox input shaft seal for drive shaft and a couple of bolts but got the Im not the usuall guy who works for fiat ... it is Saturday come back Monday and they will order it for you So a weekend of the car sitting on the drive and probably there all week until I get some time in the evenings to put it back together... . got any ideas of the part

FIAT MULTIPLA Annoying rattle from timing belt area

I have an annoying rattle from the timing belt end of the engine on my wifes 2002 multipla 1.9 JTD 115. Belt and pulleys were replaced 3500 miles ago. The rattle only occurs at low revs. Anyone come across this one before. Ive done roll bar bushes clutch rear suspension bushes wheel bearings and all the other things that need attention on a Multi but this ones got me stumped.

Also a used to not like fiats now own one. A pleasure to drive. Exept for cam belttensioner and idler fan belt &tensioner that has been replaced what can it be The only ones left are alternator and power steering pump. How do I get the alternator drive pully off the shaft to replace the bearings. I is a pully that only grabs in one direction. Does it screw off the shaft or pull off.

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